Seroquel Lawsuits

The use of the antipsychotic medication Seroquel has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, pancreatitis and death. Thousands of Seroquel lawsuits have been filed throughout the United States by individuals who suffered severe and life threatening injuries.

STATUS OF SEROQUEL LITIGATION: All federal Seroquel lawsuits have been consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Seroquel settlement agreements have been reached in thousands of individual cases.


OVERVIEW: Seroquel, which is known generically as quetiapine fumarate, is an atypical antipsychotic medication which was approved by the FDA in 1997. It is approved for treatment of schizophrenia, but it is also commonly used off-label for treatment of anxiety, obsessive dementia, compulsive disorders and autism.

AstraZeneca has been accused of heavily marketing Seroquel for “off-label” uses which the FDA has not approved or determined to be safe and effective. Some experts have estimated that as much as 70% of all Seroquel prescriptions were for unapproved uses.

Seroquel has been used by more than 19 million people worldwide. It is one of the most profitable drugs for AstraZeneca, with annual sales of about $2.8 billion.

SEROQUEL DIABETES SIDE EFFECTS: Studies have confirmed that Seroquel side effects could increase the risk of weight gain, hyperglycemia and diabetes. While all of the drugs within the class of medications known as atypical antipsychotics have been linked to diabetes side effects, the risk was found to be highest with Seroquel.

Seroquel lawsuits have been pursued by individuals who have suffered any of the following side effects from the drug:

  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Tardive Dyskinesia
  • Death

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  1. Sherri Reply

    Please call me for more detailed information. I have been on Seroquel for 10+ years at 1000 mg per day. My family and friends say that I need to get off of it because it is killing me. I am lethargic, physically I have no energy and increased pain. I have recently had multiple smaller strokes. I feel that Seroquel has been the cause of most of my health concerns. I ended up in the ER. At times I do not know who I am and struggle with other memory concerns.
    My best friend of 35 years says that she knows when I am on it and can tell when I am on it. When sleeping I thrash about and scream.
    I told the psychiatrist that I want off of it, but she will not comply. She says that my body is dependent and that I cannot be addicted, but I feel that I am.

  2. Carla Reply

    About bioplor meds

  3. Lisa Reply

    I was on 400mg of Seroquel prescribed as a mood stabilizer,and to help with my insomnia and anxiety. I gained about 45 pounds, had severe sugary food cravings, and started to have trouble with my feet (diabetic symptoms) and it also was causing involuntary muscle twitches and memory problems and it caused me to sleep too much,- just to name a few horrible side effects. I finally told my psychiatrist that I had to stop this medicine, I feel that it also caused problems with my bladder or something which is still affecting me.
    After I stopped taking it, I experienced what I think were withdrawl symptoms- I itched all over and again still have bladder discomfort and problems which I now have to go to a urologist to get checked out.
    I would strongly advise NOT taking this medicine!!
    I did manage to lose all the weight because the cravings stopped and I changed my diet as well – cutting out a lot of refined sugar. But now I have saggy skin since losing the weight.
    This is very depressing for me and i already suffer from major depression. I am also very concerned about what else this terrible drug might have done to my body if anything shows up when I see my urologist. But how could I prove that Seroquel caused it.
    Please anyone out there- do not take this medicine.
    Although it is the only drug that really helped my insomnia I would rather just deal with it than take a drug that I think was just poisoning my body.

  4. Jeffery Reply

    Has seroquel ever been associated with mitral valve problems?

  5. Paul Reply

    I’ve been on Seroquel since ’07 dosing between 100-250mg/night for sleep. Last year I had two surgeries to remove bladder stones at the age of 39. It turns out I have been retaining urine for the last three years and didn’t realize it. I recently had a prostate MRI done and it came back normal, I also had a back xray done to see if I have any disc issues that could cause urinary retention. I have never had any neurological diseases that are linked to underactive bladder, which my urologist suspects I may have.

    I have urodynamics testing scheduled for early next month, and in the meantime I am cath’ing myself four to five times a day because I can’t pee. Catheters are not covered by insurance so that’s at least $60/month.

    I looked deep and hard into Seroquel side effects and discovered it blocks the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Aceytlcholine is what is sent to the bladder to start contractions, which cause you to get the urge to go, and also causes the bladder to contract in order to completely empty. I do not get the urge to go until I’m north of 600cc (normal urge for people is 350-400cc) and then I’m only able to get out 150cc max. I then cath between 300-450cc.

    I am terrified that Seroquel has damaged my bladder to the point that it’s been distended for so long I will have to cath myself daily for the rest of my life. If I had known about this consequence of taking this drug for sleep I would have never consented.

    Over the last couple weeks I have weened myself off Seroquel, and the last two days of withdraw have been hell, but I refuse to touch another pill.

  6. Paul Reply

    We have a problem here in Canada, the doctors are still prescribing Seroquel here and should be sued, I have a young friend who was prescribed this medication and showed most of the side effects, he even grew breast. He has since been taken off of it but they still use it here in Canada, the government here should be sued as well as the psychiatrics a lawyer could really make hay here in Canada.


  7. Flo Reply

    My husband just died from organ failure and signet ring cancer and he also had diabetes and was on seraquil for many years. I wonder if that drug had something to do with his condition.

  8. Mildred Reply

    I take 400mg seroquel .i have had a stroke in the pass year and was diagnosed with parkinsons. Now they want to reduce my dosage .i have been taking 200mg and feal more shakieer now then before. Does this medication cause parkinsons

  9. Jackiee Reply

    My brothers autopsy was inconclusive. He does not use Seroquel , but yet .30mg was found in his system when they tested him. I am trying to find the time of death . he was missing on fri. at 6. he was found on wed at 5 pm. we believe he was murdered the week before he could not have
    Easter with us because his stomach was upset severly.( Aresenic is a sppision )
    he did not take seroquel, he did not commit suicde . there was no napkin to have kept the pills , in his pocket, not bottle no baddie does it stop mataboilzing at death. is there a way to tell if it will tell me when he took it ? before he left the house, after ?e-mail me please, it is under investigation with a PI we hired. I also ran a drug test in about an inch of 151 rum, it was positive. we believe he was drugged then killed after it did not work, taken down to the river and had to be placed there because they said found face down legs out straight, I saw him r. arm adjacent to body rigor can’t do that. can you please help me

  10. Jeanette Reply

    I have delt with clinical depression for over 20 years. 5 years ago I was suicidle and had what one would call a mental breakdown. I was referred to a psychiatrist, who dismissed me with bipolar type 2 ,PTSD, severe depression and anxiety disorder. He put me on Seroquel. Taking this medicine was the worst thing I could have ever done. Unfortunately, it took a year and half of taking it for me figure it out! A few months into taking Seroquel, I gained 50lbs!!! I started noticing tremors in my thumb and index finger on my right hand only. The tremors became more and more prominent. I went to my family Dr. who sent me to a neurologist. After a few visits and series of test he advised me that I had Young Onset Parkinson’s desease. Shocked by this diagnoses, only 42, no family history of Parkinson’s, I did not fit The normal statistics of having Parkinson’s. By this time I was already experiencing several care characteristics and symptoms of Parkinson’s which increased over the next year. Such is no movement in my right arm when I walked, moving slow, balance was off, slurred speech, mask looking face, Not able to grasp things in my right hand,dropping things, falling at times due to lack of balance, fogginess not able to focus and memory loss. I am a mother of five and at the time my two youngest children were 11 and 14. On one of my visits with my psychiatrist when I advised him that I was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s he was shocked. None of my doctors, my family doctor, psychiatrist, my neurologist, never said anything about my symptoms possibly being affect due to me taking Seroquel. Over the next year I still continue to take my Seroquel along with several different medications used to help with the Parkinson symptoms. That year was pure hell for myself, my kids and my husband. My health affected my kids my husband, my marriage his job and even our finances. Due to the fact that I changed my careers hoping that a less stressful job would help my symptoms. With doing so I cut my salary and half from what I was previously making. My neurologist sent me to one of his colleagues, for a second opinion, due to both of our frustrations at the several different medications he was putting me on would only help for a little while or not at all and my so-called Parkinson’s was rapidly increasing as if I had had this for many years and with the age of 60! I went through all the same test again with the new neurologist he had mentioned that he asked me if I had considered stop taking the Seroquel I responded with no why he said it possibly could be making my symptoms worse, not causing them but making them worse. My mental state was so bad at that time I was so afraid to stop taking anything that was supposed to be helping me. The neurologist ordered me to have a DAT scan. The scan would help confirm the diagnoses. The scan came back showing no dopamine loss. Which Parkinson’s is primarily caused by low and falling dopamine levels. Your symptoms of Parkinson’s increase the lower your dopamine levels get with increased symptoms that I had that would’ve made sense. But since the scan showed no decrease in my levels the neurologist advise me for the past year that I was misdiagnosed and I do not have Parkinson’s. He then states I see in your chart that you have been diagnosed with bipolar. Implying that my symptoms and what was happening with my Health was due to mental illness!! I was furious. My life is been so affected that year and I had just come to term with excepting the fact that I had Parkinson’s and what my future held. Now I was sitting in front of this Dr. Who is now telling me you don’t have Parkinson’s, but I see that you are bipolar!!! Really! I knew that way before I even went to see him! I knew something was not right. With everything that was going on with my physical condition and the symptoms I was having there is no way I was convinced that this was all in my head. So I thought back to when the doctor asked if I had considered stop taking the Seroquel because he thought was making some times worse. That got me thinking not until I start taking that medicine did all of the symptoms come about and the longer I was on the medication the more my symptoms increased. So a Google searching I went. I found article after article blog after blog how people had been taking Seroquel and how it had affected their health and had given them was called Parkinsonism. Not Parkinson’s but Parkinsonism basically is a mirror image of Parkinson’s. I then quit taking Seroquel over Time my symptoms did get better. Unfortunately it appears that Seroquel caused permanent damage. Although my symptoms are not as severe, I do still experience trimmers stiff painful muscles and loss of balance, short term memory loss. I am now almost 48 yrs old, but thanks to Seroquel my body feels and reacts like I’m 58. This drug that I thought would save my life has done nothing but the opposite.

  11. Debbie Reply

    I was on Seroquel for about 1 yr. This was back in 2008 I believe. I was about 150lbs and it made me gain weight. I topped 375, I have lost some weight on my own, but it really hard. It is 2016 and I still have not lost the weight. I had gastric bypass before the Seroquel, so I should not have gained this weight and not be able to take it off. It is so depressing. It makes me even more disgusted with myself. I hate how I have become! I wanted help with my BiPolar, not make it worse.
    Do I have a case?? Can someone email me and let me know, please.

  12. Warren Reply

    My heart goes out to everyone that has suffered permanent damage caused by this medication. As for me, severe Tardive Dyskenia is the end result of taking the wrong prescription for the wrong reasons.

  13. Gretchen K Reply

    I gained a lot of weight on Seroquel, I lost over half my hair, ,y memory is horrible. I told my psychiatrist about the Seroquel and she took me off of it and my hair stopped coming out. About 6 months later or so my hair started falling out again, come to find out my psychiatrist had put me on the generic of Seroquel. My blood sugar was staying at 300- 547 the whole time I was on Seroquel. It was awful.

  14. marilyn Reply

    at one time i was taking 12,000 milgrams a day i was takeing seroquel rx and at night i was taking 600 milagams at night some ons stoll my pills did not have them for to weeks ended in the hospital becase in did not have them abd i found out my kidnese shut down went to the hospital and they said i would of die if i waited so when i got out i had to ween myself off of them and now i have to go back to the doctor because i have kidney problems

  15. t0nya Reply

    I took for approximately for a year 10 years ago, during sleep I was told that my body twitched and jerked, of course I was not aware, although I had severe soreness. I then started an embarrassing movement in my chest. It’s not gone away. Now there is commercials warning of uncontrolled body movement. It’s awful, embarrassing and ” talked about”

  16. phillip Reply

    I believe seroquel which I’ve been on for over 9 yrs has caused me to have diabetes. that so far has caused me erectile disfunction and to expect other severe complications . For over 15 yrs I’ve taking seroquel off and on as prescribed by a multiple of doctors for anxiety and for the last nine yrs I’ve taken it on a daily basis. Nine yrs ago the erectile disfunction came on me and i have not been able to have an erection since. I was told it was caused by my diabetes and there is no treatment for it. this was confirmed by an entercromolagest, a urologist , and many other MD’s. I wasn’t told till my current psychiatrist whom I’ve been seeing for only 2 mo. that told me that seroquel can cause diabetes. Maybe if I had been told this long ago the ED and me being insulin dependence may have been avoided. This has caused me great pain in relationships and are now non existent. please can you help ?

  17. Bill Reply

    Mom was taken to ER CHOMP, Monterey CA 93940. Her legs were flaring up and shortness of breath. Diagnose with problem with heart, lungs, and kidney. She was given all kinds of medicine. Morning and in the afternoon. Admitted June 1, 2018 her activities are eat and sleep. Mi and my brothers pulls watches Morning noon and night. From June 1-12 all nurses and assistance we’re watching her without any problems even though she talk to herself asking for her mom and sisters. All nurses did no mind about what she was muttering about. June 13, 2018 everything changes when the night nurse started started to notice about my mom mutterings and diagnosed her to have anxiety and agitated. So he called the night doctor and the nurse and doctor made their decisions that she needed to put her to sleep. That night the night doctor prescribed her Seroquel. The night nurse gave it to her. The night nurse wad yelling at her and not giving her blankets
    After taking Seroquel she became distorted, groggy, fatigue, vrimaci g, tongue protrusion lip smacking, puckering and pursing of lips and rapid eye blinking
    Diabetes, shortness of breath gain weight high blood pressure, anxiety, and not responsive and alert.

  18. Jim Reply

    Bad stuff – on it over a decade and dr agreed i could stop and go to another drug. Stopping it suddenly seems to have given me severe permanent tinnitus. I quit my engineering job of 180k It also reacted with my z pac antibiotic and nearly gave me heart attack. on bp med for nearly year before all returned to normal. I am scared to get off. I was relalliated at by individuals that got me on the med. Now away from the situation and lithium ruined my kidneys and seroquel gave me life long tinnitus and ruined my career – people who invent snd prescibe have no idea the unrelenting suffering this stuff causes

  19. Steve Reply

    I took quetiapine for 2 weeks. 100mg/day for explosive anger disorder and bi-polar symptoms.
    My body ached and was spastic, I was lethargic, and disoriented, my anxiety was through the roof and ended up beating up my now ex-fianc√© in a 2hr tirade that I don’t remember! NO! I’m not bragging!!!.
    This was supposed to prevent this behavior!!!!
    Since then, I’ve had 4 meltdowns that landed me in suicide watch and multiple fights! My body keeps cramping and I’m losing time (memory gaps). I feel helpless to this drug! WTF???

  20. Lorri Reply

    I was put on 900mg of Seroquil every night and I was waking up in the middle of the night completely thirsty and afraid to get out of bed with the fear of falling because the Seroquil made my brain twist around in my head and my body felt so weak I couldn’t even speak when I did finally get enough strength to get out of bed. I’ll be honest I’ve had no positive side effects of my Lithium/Seroquil combo since I’ve been out of the Psychiatric inpatient. My mood has not been stabilized, at all, in fact I’ve been so more depressed now then ever in my life. I’ve quit the lithium because it was not helping and for the Seroquil, 900mg per bedtime for a 100lb girl was way over the limit, so I split a 300mg in half at bed time, 150mg, seems even to much still because I’m sleeping in way to late, and with that said, even makes me feel more depressed, because I feel like I’ve wasted my whole day sleeping, when I know if I wasn’t even taking the Seroquil, I’d be able to wake up earlier in the morning. I’m discontinuing all these psych med’s due to all these dibilitating side effects.

  21. Brenda Reply

    I was on Seroquel along with many other meds for years. I gained 100+ lbs, lost hair, lost most of my teeth, was diagnosed with parkinson’s, restless leg syndrome, had gall bladder surgery, a cyst of my liver removed, now i have horrible stomach issues, a third hernia resulting from surgeries, i was suicidal, depressed all the time, i lost my family as well. I dont know what drug did what, but i lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of mania. I was in constant physical pain as well. My health was dwindling. I have since been off all medication for 1 year and my life has changed 360 degrees for the better. These drugs are bad and need to be destroyed. The risks are not worth it. Companies need to be held accountable.

  22. Anonymous Reply

    I have been taking it for 14 years. Its has caused hypoglycemia and extreme weight gain. I’m still fighting and terribly miserable from these permanent side effects. I wish I never took them, every day of my life.

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