Seroquel Diabetes Settlements Now Total $350M: Report

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AstraZeneca has reportedly agreed to pay another $150 million to settle Seroquel diabetes lawsuits, bringing the total amount of reported Seroquel settlements to about $350 million. 

Earlier this week, sources at AstraZeneca told Bloomberg News that the drug maker has settled about 6,000 more lawsuits that allege inadequate warnings were provided about the risk of diabetes and other side effects of Seroquel. The average payout will be about $25,000 per plaintiff according to Bloomberg News sources.

It was previously reported in August that AstraZeneca agreed to pay almost $200 million to settle about 17,500 suits.

According to a company regulatory filing, the latest AstraZeneca settlement came from cases that were part of the Seroquel MDL (multidistrict litigation), which is centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida under U.S. District Judge Anne Conway.

Last year, Judge Conway issued an order to remand thousands of Seroquel cases back to the courts where they were originally filed for individual trials. However, she had that order reversed last summer once it became clear AstraZeneca and many plaintiffs were making progress in talks to settle Seroquel lawsuits.

The company had faced a total of about 22,500 Seroquel lawsuits. Most of the remaining 4,000 cases that have not yet been settled are in state courts. 

Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate) is an atypical-antipsychotic that is a top selling drug for AstraZeneca, generating nearly $5 billion a year in sales. Originally approved by the FDA in 1997 for the treatment of schizophrenia, it has also been frequently prescribed off-label for uses that were not approved as safe and effective at the time, such as anxiety, obsessive dementia, compulsive disorders and autism.

As of December, AstraZeneca has paid $738 million in legal costs for Seroquel diabetes litigation. The company also paid an additional $520 million last year to settle criminal allegations by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that it illegally marketed Seroquel for off-label uses.

While doctors are free to prescribe approved medications for non-approved uses, drug makers are barred from promoting or encouraging such “off-label” use. Since it was approved, Seroquel has been used by more than 19 million people worldwide, and some people have estimated that at one time as much as 70% of all seroquel prescriptions were for unapproved uses.

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  1. aleshia Reply

    i was just diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor wont take me off it.i’ve been also having pain on my sides also

  2. Bonnie D Reply

    I am tired of these drug makers treating the general public like their guinea pigs-especially the mentally ill. When is the FDA going to wake up and realize what is happening to people?

  3. MR.T.L.C Reply

    My Comments on this day is as follows. You hear on the Internet or Your Computer That ASTRA ZENECA Has Decided to start setteling all of Their Lawsuits over SEROQUEL. You hear that the Average compensation will be $10,000 one day & $25,000 the Next WHICH IS IT.??? Say that A PERSON or The Plantiff has suffered one or all the side effects Seroquel has to offer. What Would The COMPENSATION Be for the person or PLANTIFF Gettinf Diabetes from Seroquel That and say That Person Had his Little TOE & THE SIDE OF HIS FOOT Amputated. Wouldnt that call for way more COMPENSATION from az then a pitty $10,000 or $25,000 Thousand Dollars In COMPENSATION. Personally I Would say NOT/So Wouldnt you.That and The Doctors say In the future more than just a toe and the side of ones foot will be amputated say most of ones leg will have to be amputated from the DIABETES SEROQUEL Has Caused THE person to have to DEAL WITH AND THE Pain & SUFFERING HE OR SHE HAS TO DEAL WITH. How can you put a price on one life when it deals with any part of one body having to be amputated from the DIABETES Caused from SEROQUEL. So Please Those that are all updated on SEROQUEL LAWSUITS PLEASE TELL ME that what they az are offering the plaintiffs is just CHUMP CHANGE To Them./When they make Billions we get pennies on the Dollar from them ASTRA ZENECA In COMPENSATION From Their Mistakes on the makeing of any drug they make and we the plaintiff has to do the suffering from their HARMFUL PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Im just about done writing my COMMENTS. Say my last comment would be I HOPE & PRAY EACH & Every one in Their Seroquel lawsuit Get The Most COMPENSATION They Can Get. Even one BETTER ALL HARMFUL PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ONE HAS SUFFED AND PUTTING UP WITH THEIR PAIN & SUFFERINGS. IM DONE. THANK YOU: FROM /MR.T.L.C. – W.Va. – Date – 03/20/2011 – Today First DAY Of SPRING – Time/Now/ – 2:50/AM/EST/ – USA – (PS) – M.G.T.U.A. – MAY GOD TAKE US ALL – THANK YOU: MR.T.L.C.&/Family

  4. MR.T.L.C. - W.Va. Reply

    My shared Comments for this Day 04/04/2011 – Time – Now 1:14 – AM – EST – USA. Can”t really think of a lot to write about now. But the topic that always comes up is Lawsuits Prescription Drug LAWSUITS. The people or Plaintiffs are still waiting and hoping to get their Lawsuit Compensation from each and every one who is in a lawsuit. Be it CLASSACTION Thousands of people or One on One with their lawsuit. I hope we all here from are Lawsuits and what we will be seeing in COMPENSATION from are Lawsuit or suits. One thing one should know not to try and get you compensation from a get my money now DEAL. If you/ve waited this long you can go ahead and hold out for the out come of your lawsuit or suits. Besides I tried that all it got me was my lawyer dropped my lawsuit case no names spoken of. But as soon as I said I want my Money NOW THE LAWYER I had dropped my case or lawsuit like a super HOT POTATOE. Not got to ever do that trick again all it got me was a great big pyle of——— fill in the blank. (NOTHING). But I do hope and pray each and every one with a lawsuit against a drug company that has made them dependent on insulin or anything that will keep them alive and well. That and They get their COMPENSATION Here in APRIL/2011… Like I said try to stick with your lawyer and let him or her get your Compensation coming to you. Don”t go on the outside and try to get your money from a company that wants to buy your lawsuit or suits. besides you wont be getting what you truelly deserve. The ones that want to buy your lawsuit or Suits. Only want to give you PENNIES on the Dollar for your lawsuit that and you and your family deserve way more what they have to offer you for your classaction lawsuit or suits… They are like the Drug companies who make Billions from the people or Plantiffs and when it comes time to Annyeee up from a Prescription Drug gone wrong lawsuit They The Drug Companies want to just give You PENNIES On the Dollar as well. So stick to your Guns and let your Lawyer and their firm do the cow/ropen for you thats a figure of speach same as let him or her Run with the BALL for YOU.Until your lawsuit case is over with and hopefully you come OUT the WINNER in your lawsuit or suits… Well i”m done now with my Comments now for the Plaintiffs and their families. I hope you all see you big COMPENSATION CK OR CKS HERE IN APRIL 2011 FROM ALL THAT HAVE A LAWSUITAND FROM ALL THAT DERSERVE WHATS COMING TO THEM THEIR COMPENSATION $$$$… I Wish all a Good night and a Good morning as well. That and a better day tomorrow. THANK YOU: FROM MR.T.L.C. & FAMILY HERE IN WV – MGTUA – MAY GOD TAKE US ALL (Heaven) Thank You – tlc

  5. sherry Reply

    I recently spoke with the people a the Miller Law Firm and was told that the packages have not been sent out yet ant that they hoped it will be out in two months, I then asked once we send the packet back how long will it take to get a check and I was told that the checks might not get out at all this year and she could not give me an answer on how much it would be.

  6. Tim R. Reply

    I recived an E-Mail back on 03-30-2011, and my Attorney stated that the settlements would be sent out withen the “next thirty days”. I have not contacted the Firm, as it would probably be pointless, nobody saying to much of anything. I have not asked what compensation I will recieve, as I decided to let them surprise me.
    I was prescribed Seroquel in the Fall of 1999, a year later I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I am Insulin dependant, suffer from “Restless Leg Syndrome, have difficulty swallowing, and now have the first onset of Tardive Dyskenetsia. I am 60 years old, and now I have to live with all these problems. I do not know how much
    longer I will live, but the future looks very dismal to me.
    I am totally disabled, and it’s hard for me to get around much. my Father, who is 96 years old lives with me, and I have to make sure he’s taken care of, and if something happens to me, he will be in dire straights. The compensation that AZ is giving us is no more than a slap in the face, as they say “adding insult to injury”. They have made by all accounts Six Billion Dollars on Seroquel, LOL, their not suffering on bit, in fact they are laughing all the way to the bank, their Liability Insurance people have have had to carry much of the burden, but they to will make it up by raising their premiums to the other corporations they underight. So basically, we are the ones who will be swept under the rug.
    The only recourse we have from here on out is to make sure we, as the consumers, know what these drugs we are prescribed, can effect us down the road, and quiz our Physicians about the side effects they may have.

  7. john Reply

    What is the most unbelievable thing to me is they are admitting guilt off all the allegations against them. i was on seroquel for ten years (started at age 20).i feeel that the amount of damage done to thhe plantiff and there age should be taken into account , amongst other factors. i feeel the younger you are and more ailgments that person contracted should recieve more compensation due to the longer life span they have to go through which affects alot of things.,what jobs you can take,healing,fear of amputation hypothyriodism ,65lbs weight gain ,low sperm count,kidney damage,peripheral neuropathy(nerve damage in legs feeet and arms, in all reality this drug probably or i should say definitly cut all our lives short due to the fact of the lifestyle changes and precautions and more medications to keep the diabetes etc. under control.and the best part is i was diagnosed by an md that i was bipolar,yet when i went to a certified board psychiatrist after seeing two they both said i was NOT bipolar,but by that time i was on it 9 im now injured for life and am forced to take 6 more medication ,i feel the only wy they should compensate peole young like me with the only thing that hurts them …….there pockets…25,000-40%-whatever else they”ll deduct itll ad up to about 3000 dollars more than the first dispicable offer of $10000……thats what i think

  8. sherry Reply

    I dont even think everyone will receive the 25.000 dollar offer I think that is for the ones that were recently settled , the first ones only settled for 10.000 minus %40 laywer fees and minus if you owe medicare or medicad. Now tell me how you think that is fair both offers are a smack in the face.

  9. leona Reply

    First of May I was told by law firm I would recieve a packet letting me know what my settlement would be and papers to fill out and return. I want to know how long after returning paper work will it will be to get paid. I started in this lawsuit January of 2009. Im the one who suffers not anyone eles.

  10. Nancy Reply

    I received my check last week and it was a slap in the face and an insult. Turned out to be just short of $5k after attorney fees and other fees. I was diagnosed in 2008 with Type 2 diabetes after taking Seroquel for about a year to help with a sleep disorder. I was never advised that there might be a blood glucose problem and now I have to worry about losing my sight or losing a limb or in a worst case, my life. I signed a gag order regarding talking about my part in the lawsuit but I’m going to break it and talk to anyone that will listen. I don’t like being bent over, screwed and left without even dinner.

  11. Paige Reply

    I can’t get a straight answer: I’ve been on Seroquel about ten years, and I can’t go off it, because the withdrawal causes schizophrenic sysmptoms I have never had before ever taking such a deadly drug.

    I have prediabetes, hypertension, and my right leg is numb. I didn’t realize Seroquel could also cause people to get limbs amputated.

    What is this drug stuff on mentally ill peopel anyway; some type of genocide or punshment for having depression. I can’t even tell whethe ror not I”m really mentally ill anymore.


  12. Paige Reply

    I’m too worried to even ask for help: I don’t trust doctors anymore> who would. The ones I see keep trying to cover their asses. I try to get seen for a numb leg, and the doctor wigs out thinking I’m saying I have PAD. Well, I don’t blame her. If I have PAD< this would be a bust for them for coninuting me on Seroquel and not really giving a shit as my right leg begins to go bad.

    They offer me DBT therapy, then when I go to join the class, I'm told I can't start it. Why? They say I'm too unstable to. BS. I was at my best. I'm not unstable, and I realized the reason why they didn't want me to start DBT therapy, is the fear I'd get better and able to go off Seroquel, and then whoeverf makes 500.00 per month through Medicare off my seroquel usage, would lose this money? Am I really crazy? Who knows.

  13. Missy Reply

    I have been trying to get answers from my Lawyer about the settlement and get nothing but a run around that they are still waiting for the courts to settle. Yet I read here and other forums people are getting their checks! Can someone tell me how to find out whats really going on? My husband is convinced the lawyer got the money and is lying…kinda funny but not really.
    Is that possible?
    And how do you find out whats going on with the settlement?
    I’m tired of calling my lawyer and gettng no replies or answers otherthan we’re still waiting, we’re getting ready to mail out letters…
    This is so frustrating! Any help appreciated!
    I’m in North Carolina my lawyer is in NYC

  14. michael Reply

    my motherinlaw died because seroquel made her diabetes uncontrolable,they settled with my wife for a mesley,7000,this was her life that this drug took,and shes not worth more??? bpb law firm gets half that.WHY???they get theirs ot of the alloted 180 million plus half ours,can we sue bpb?plz someone help us get the comp that we deserve.

  15. Jamie Reply

    serquoel gavee me type 2 diabetes and i want if i can be conpensated for that

  16. Dylan Reply

    I had really bad anxiety and was prescribed seroquel. About 7 months later, I developed diabetes. I’ve been hospitalized 8 times since being diabetic. I have a huge medical debt, and can’t afford medical insurance. I’ve read up on the drug and its supposed to be used for schizophrenia and bipolar. NOT ANXIETY!

  17. darell Reply

    after taking seroquel i found out four years and ten months later that the doctor was percribing me a twenty four hour sleeping peel . I was sleepy all the time and was told I had type diabetes . I almost lost my job from it . Why would any doctor give a twenty four hour a day sleeping peel to a person who drives over fifty miles a day to work and back and has to preform his work when he gets there ?

  18. Heidi Reply

    I Have been diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 within the first 2 years of taking seroquel. I am interested in becoming apart of the settlement awarded. I would also like contact info.

  19. Sallie Reply

    I feel you Darell, I also slept 24/7. I spoke with a few lawyers about Seroquel lawsuit, I believe it’s to late to file a suit.Does anyone know? My grandson taken seroquel before the black box waring, for years. He taken it for 5 years now 16 and have diabetes. I also suffer from Seroquel . Darell want to share a story. The pharmacist gave someone else my Seroquel and gave me their antibiotic, when he said he gave my medicine to someone else and didn’t know who I could’ve died, wondering did that person died after taking the SEROQUEL. If that person tried to drive, yes someone died.

  20. Jerry Reply

    Been taking seroquel for,and now I’m type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and high blood sugar.
    Please help.

  21. Robin Reply

    Seroquel made me a type 2 diabetic n. Pay me only 5000 we all deserve more than chunk change

  22. Leslie Reply

    This medication should be removed from the market it does more harm than good.

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