Settlement of Avandia Lawsuits Reached in About 10,000 More Cases

GlaxoSmithKline has reportedly agreed to pay $460 million to settle Avandia lawsuits filed by about 10,000 more people. The agreement comes as two FDA advisory committees have begun meeting to debate whether the controversial diabetes drug should be recalled from the market. 

The Avandia settlement was leaked to Bloomberg News the same day as the committees of independent advisors to the FDA were hearing evidence about the heart risks of Avandia that were the subject of the injury suits.

The settlement would resolve the majority of the outstanding Avandia lawsuits that have been filed against GlaxoSmithKline alleging that they failed to warn about the increased risk of heart attacks and other potentially life-threatening heart problems with Avandia.

Avandia (rosiglitazone) was approved in the United States in 1998 to treat type 2 diabetes by helping control blood sugar levels. The drug has been used by millions of diabetics, but sales have plummeted in recent years as concerns have mounted about the risk of serious and potentially life-threatening heart risks with Avandia. Some experts estimate that Avandia has caused between 60,000 and 200,000 heart attacks and deaths due to cardiovascular problems in the U.S. from 1999 to 2006.

Speculation regarding the likelihood of an Avandia recall has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks, as more and more information about the Avandia heart problems has been released in advance of the FDA advisory committee meetings. Last week, the FDA released data showing that agency drug reviewers were conflicted over the drug’s benefits and risks, with some of them indicating that data Glaxo has touted as establishing Avandia’s safety is unreliable.

The proposed settlement of Avandia lawsuits allegedly range between $46,000 to $70,000, depending on the particulars and severity of the claims.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC currently faces about 13,000 Avandia lawsuit claims filed by former users of the drug who allege that the drug company failed to adequately research their medication or warn users about the serious side effects. Therefore, the reported settlement would resolve the majority of cases currently pending. However, some Avandia lawyers are continuing to investigate and review new cases for individuals who continued to use the medication in reliance on GlaxoSmithKline’s misleading reassurances that the diabetes drug was safe.

In recent months, GlaxoSmithKline has reached Avandia settlements in about 5,700 other lawsuits, with reports suggesting that the value of some Avandia cases averaged about $86,000.

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  1. margen Reply

    Been waiting now some six years for GSK to settle my husband’s claim. He was approved, for which were we grateful. He died before he saw any money. After his death, I re-signed papers with the law firm 21/2 years ago. I was told – me and our 2 children would been getting our checks last year, but to no avail. I have called many times and was told the same waiting story lines. I have been following this blog to keep up on what’s going on. So last week, again, I called, and was told that it was up to the court to issue the checks, that it had nothing to do with the law firm any more. Is that right? and if so, where do I call the court to see when they will be releasing the 1st check? Thanks for any help …

  2. Josh Reply

    Hi Margen, I’m sorry to hear of your bad news too. Seems many are waiting on first checks. Who is your law firm? Mine is G & K…you can always google the judge(s) who are handling the case, and try to call.

    Please let us know what you find out?

  3. Starr Reply

    This drug should most definitely be removed from the public. My Father DIED taking this evil avandia crap, in 2006! I filed my claim 3 and half YEARS ago…Why is it taking so long for them to send out the settlement packages??? My Family has and is still suffering from MY Father’s death; our aftermath has been hell! I want my settlement ASAP, IMMEDIATELY NOW for My Family’s Incalculable loss!!!

  4. celia Reply

    I agree with Christina, this is the most stressful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.My mom died in 2004 from taking Avandia, I’ve been dealing with this for more than 8 yes.
    Being lied to by attorneys, They tell you….Oh yeah your check will be mailed in 2 ~ 3 days…well needless to say NOTHING……. The stress is taking its toll on me….My health isn’t the best….All this is, is a hurry up and wait game & I’m sick of play in’.

  5. avandia plaintiff Reply

    I need a legal malpractice lawyer can anybody help me find one EMAIL ME

  6. Margene Reply

    Josh – thanks for your response to my previous post. Where do I go to find out what judges or courts are handling my law firm’s cases in the Avandia law suits? Google what names? A little confused here. Thanks for any help …

  7. no name Reply

    call the call center in calf they had no idear as too what is going on I beleave they are t0ld what too say I called the center about the first check they me they did not know when the checks would be coning out the same day when the mail man came around he too the house with a letter I had too sine for its was my first check the call center is a joke

  8. Trudy Reply

    I filled the Avandia in 2011 and never received a first check and two weeks ago I got a letter in it was on July 1st 2014 saying that they closed the case and not paying anyone for it.

  9. Tommy Reply

    I would like to know is anyone else case is in tort. I did not settle on my case, my lawyers were terribly upset that I didn’t accept GSK offer. I don’t think they have my best interest at heart., Let me know if anyone out there has taken their case to court.

  10. Laura Reply

    Hey I haven’t been on here in a while. Is everyone still waiting for their second check? We called GSK Last week and were told that now United Health care is getting involved in the lawsuit as of a couple of months. Was told that medicare and medicade already got their money and they were waiting for the private insurance to get their’s. My question is my husband was working and had United Health care at the time. He paid in to the insurance so how can they then get any money?

  11. Josh Reply

    Trudy, I don’t think anyone else received a letter claiming the case was closed. Just that they refused to continue paying out w/o a court order to do so. The lawfirms would lose out on too much money if they simply closed the case.

  12. Avandia settlement Reply

    When I asked WC what’s taking sooooo long to receive my 2 ck, was told well you have a will don’t you. Also told me I was delaying the payments because I was inquiring about what’s going on.Blaming us for the delay, this is BS.

  13. Danny Reply

    Avandia Settlement, how long have you been waiting for 2nd check?

  14. Avandia claimnant annonymous Reply

    Soooo, I too am waiting for the 2nd check. for me, its been 2 years and still waiting. When I called Garretson Res Gr this week, I was told they r done but no check has been issued…(I was a bit confused, so called my attorney) Called my attorney and he said they are waiting for the private health insurance (United Health).. So, if they r waiting for private health ins. why did Garretson say they were done?????/Still confused and no money…At this point, I just want the 5 year old case settled and closed. For 5 yrs I have been giving the “running around”. Stop with the BS and settle with us Today Garretson…You got your money so give us our measly pennies……..

  15. Josh Reply

    Second check? Some of us are STILL waiting for our first check. This is ridiculous. I haven’t heard/read any updates on here, or elsewhere as to what’s going on. I wish an attorney from one of the firms would come on here and try to explain things, but that’s wishful thinking I guess. We’re all at a standstill for some reason, I also don’t believe that the lawfirms are working on this as much as they claim they are, or there’d be some sort of resolution.

  16. Danny Reply

    Josh, have you received any paperwork stating the amount you are going to receive? What type of insurance did you have?

  17. Josh Reply

    Hi Danny! Nope, never received any paperwork telling me what I’m supposed to receive. I’ve asked and asked(about 10 times) for it, but they refuse to give it to me. I can barely get any responses from them at this point on anything, and when I do, it’s the same old BS they’re shuffling. Last paperwork I received from them was about 2 months ago, and it said something about how supposedly GSK stopped paying out, and refuses to unless they get a court order to force them to. Yet, folks were STILL receiving checks after that letter.

    I’m beyond frustrated. I even called the Bar Association to ask if anything could be done, they basically said “nope, sorry”. Can’t fire the firm either, as it’s too far into the case at this point.

    What about you?

  18. margene Reply

    Hey guys – I was wondering if we could hire a attorney to talk to the attorneys we hired to settle our Avandia cases? Maybe they could call our attorneys, the courts, or whoever, and find out why we aren’t getting our money? Maybe Lawyers talk to Lawyers. What you think? It has been so long now and many have died waiting for their settlements that never came. What a crying shame. I’m still waiting and my husbands been gone 2 1/2 years. And still no word, letter, or first check. Been six years total now.

  19. Kat Reply

    My mom too Avandia for years. She died in 2011. She had multiple strokes and congestive heart failure that caused her to become bedridden and completely disabled. I was her full time caregiver. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this settlement money. We filed a claim for her in 2007. I have a letter that states that I was going to be receiving a first installment check for 10k dated in January of 2013 promising to be disbursed sometime around June of the same year. No first check, When I called in August, they said it was delayed and would probably be later around the end of the year, that didn’t happen either. Now, all these months later after waiting and waiting I decided to get a loan. So I called the office to ask about it and was told that they won’t allow anymore loans. Why? Isn’t it our money? And guess what? Surprise all of a sudden my mom has a $6400.00 medical lien from Kaiser? Huh? No one has ever heard of it or been told anything about it.. I don’t believe it. How is that when they have a 640.00 pharmacy payment due me for over payment? Regardless where’s the rest of the money then? We were supposed to get 10k last year and they were going to keep 10k for themselves and keep 10k aside in case of any medical liens. Well, I should have 1360.00 coming to me then right? Where’s my checks? How can we do anything about it?

  20. cracked nut Reply

    I am now told medicare is sueing to recoup .

  21. Josh Reply

    Cracked Nut- Who “told” you this, and what do you mean?

    Has anyone heard anything else about when (if) we’ll get paid?

  22. Laura Reply

    Talked to GSK last week and they said they are still waiting for the private insurance to settle and to agree to their offer. They said for us to call back every week until it is settled. They did say the ressolution checks are almost resolved and they should be all rapped up by the end of the month.

  23. cracked nut Reply

    It was in information letter from attonery

  24. Josh Reply

    Laura, What do you mean? What are “resolution checks”, and(not that i don’t believe you), but GSK really said that to you? holy moly. The lawyers have painted them out to be the bad guys here, and it seems as if they might not be. Do you believe they’ll pay anything more out to people, or do you think this is nothing more than lip service from them?

  25. Josh Reply

    Laura, What do you mean? What are “resolution checks”, and(not that i don’t believe you), but GSK really said that to you? holy moly. The lawyers have painted them out to be the bad guys here, and it seems as if they might not be. Do you believe they’ll pay anything more out to people, or do you think this is nothing more than lip service from them?

    Also, mind sharing the number you used to talk to GSK here? I’m sure many folks would welcome that info….thanks.

  26. Josh Reply

    Laura, What is a ‘Resolution check’? Does this info mean that they could be close to settling/paying out more cases?

  27. waaynee Reply

    Are any of yu from Kentucky if so have any of you been paid anything . I filled my case in 2008 not received anything. I was told in 2013 I had been approved for settlement by the judge who vied my case and should receive a check in spring of 2013 then in June 2013 I was put off again then in Told be Dec.2013. Sill nothing and in 2014 was told spring that come and went then was told money by end of year. Talked to attorneys this week and told No it be at least Jan 2015.
    This is a run around .

  28. gina Reply

    I was just told by g and k that Providian was still looking into liens then that have to have a judge decide how much to give on the supplemental check! doesn’t sound like anytime soon.

  29. Josh Reply

    Waaynee, it’s that way with pretty much everyone, has nothing to do with geography or where you are. Was told the exact same thing in 2012, then 2013, then 2014. Who did you call to get that info about 2015? You can bet come Jan 2015, there’ll be MORE excuses, the ONLY ones who are making any money off this, are the attorneys. They don’t care whether these cases get settled, today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now, they still get paid.

    Sadly, none of us can afford to opt out now, as we risk being sued by the law firms for dropping them for new representation(I’ve called to check). Plus, that will delay the process even longer, we’re basically stuck right now.

    I don’t think any of the firms are working as hard or as much as they claim thy are on these cases.

  30. waynee Reply

    Josh I was told this by my personal attorney. She also said you would not get full amt. then . Some would be kept or any claim against your medical bills . Which I don’t have and were not paid by Government.
    Like you said I been told this since 2013.
    Gina I was told the Judges have decided on this and they are waiting to decide how much each person will get based on the disability.
    The hardest thing for me to understand how some have been paid and others have got run around and nothing

  31. Debra Reply

    I’ve been waiting for over two years,not no first person,much less second payment.
    What do I need to do to receive settlement. Is someone our there knows about the Avandia Case. Please advise me on what to do .

  32. Debra Reply

    I’ve been waiting for over two years,not no first person,much less second payment.
    What do I need to do to receive settlement. Is someone our there knows about the Avandia Case. Please advise me on what to do .

  33. Laura Reply

    Josh, Sorry I haven”t been on for a while. The resolution check I am talking about are the check that you get for what is left over from private insurance or medicare and medicade. Medicare and medicade already got paid. We are just waiting fir United Health care to settle with GSAK. We already got our first check back in June of last year. They hold back 20% for lien resolutions. If you don’t have any liens, then you get all of it back. If you do ,then they deduct that out of your hold back money. Alot of times you don’t know if you have any liens until GSK negotiates with them. They send you a letter for you to sign just like they did with the first one. If you agree to the offer, then you sign it and send it back to them. I have found that you get more out of GSK then you do the lawyers. We didn’t have any liens, but United Health care decided to get on board. They held back 11.000 out of us and United Health care agreed to settle for 2,000. At the time my husband was only 42. They take away points for him being over weight and for smoking, but he gat more points for being young. He only had one stint put in his heart. They go by a point system to see how much you get.

  34. Josh Reply

    Laura, No problem. Any more updates? I thought I read that this is all coming to and end? Maybe we see something afterall before 2015?

    Also, you’re right that GSK has been more informative than any law firms have, which is sad.

  35. Danny Reply

    How does one go about contacting GSK to find out the progress of your settlement? Will they tell you how long your wait time is, or how far it has progressed?

  36. Laura Reply

    the number to GSK if anybody want’s to know is 1 866- 694-4446. Anyone that know’s they are getting a check, you can call them. They seem to know more of what is going on.

  37. Hunter Reply

    I called GSK today and it appears that G I KEESE are not using them for the lien resolution process. So they do not have any information on me. G I KEESE could be handling the lien resolution themselves.

    Thanks for the information.

  38. Danny Reply

    Laura, the number you gave is for Garretson. They were helpful when I called them. Thank you for posting the number, but everyone please be advised that it is Garretson

  39. waynee Reply

    I have a question does anyone know what kind liens are they talking about is what your insurance paid or is it what Medicare paid. my bills were paid for from my health insurance that I had at the time I got sick . Since then am now on S.S but at the time I had private insurance that I paid part of and my employer paid part of. Are they saying if you had insurance they will take part of the settlement to pay back the insurance company?
    thanks to you .

  40. Josh Reply

    So any updates recently? Anyone gotten any checks or heard if they will and/or when?

    Also, will Garrets on be much help if you’re with G&K?

    I’m hoping this is all finished before the end of the year.

  41. Antonio Reply

    Someone said to me at the end of the year l’ll recieve a packet but never saw anything about an amount. This report was better , actuall numbers.

  42. Josh Reply

    Antonio, What year? what packet, and are you happy with your amount?

  43. waynee20 Reply

    I got message from lawyer today and was told that any expense Medicare or Private Insurance that was paid for our care was considered a lien on any amount we received from our settlement. If this is true then our settlement wont be much . The lawyer also said that we should receive a settlement amount after the first of the year. I have been told this since 2012 that this would be year at the first of the year but never saw anything, But my lawyer said that I had been approve for a settlement and that was good. Hope this helps us all.
    Antonio what did you mean by What year? what packet ?

  44. cheryle Reply

    I had lawyer on a Avandia case for my daughter it never went any where not even when the lawyer were doing mycase they even went so as moving my to calif. an then all or sudden they want to close my case that over 3to4 year they had my case my daughter die at the age or 23 justimagine watching yourchild take her last breath

  45. Shirley Reply

    I was contacted by my lawyers on a settlement all I needed to do was sign all the papers and return. I am on Medicaid, Problem was that if I received the settlement I would lose my Mediciad until the settlement amount was used up and then I would have to sign back up for my Mediciad.. The problem is I did not know that I would lose the mediciad check. I am a disable person because of the Avandia. This does not sound fair, I am sick because of the medicine.

  46. Angela Reply

    Yes I received the packet and it do tell you the amount but by the time the lawyer get their fee you are not getting much at all. I hope this helps.

  47. lorraine Reply

    On 12/17/14 I receved a settlement packet from Garretson resoulation group. On the very first page of this packet it stated, you must return these documents or hey must be postmarked not later than 12/17/14. It further states that 65% of the patients that qualify must release their Avandia based claims. The issue is I left for vacation on 12/17/14 prior to receiving this packet. I returned home on 12/31/31 to find this packet in my stack of mail. Now the question is what should I do at this point,? why would they sent something dated 12/10 to arrive on 12/17 the same date it is to be postmarked.

  48. David Reply

    Does anyone know how the point system works.

  49. Kathy Reply

    My husband was disabled for 3 years before he passed away from the side effects of this awful drug. He did receive one check but it was half of what they said it would be at first. I received a letter last summer from GW that said the second check would be sent out soon. Still waiting. Does anyone know if they are getting any closer. It sounds like the insurance company is using our money. Why haven’t the courts told them to give it to the families that need it?

  50. Danny Reply

    I received my first check last April (2014). I was advised that the second check would be released in 4-6 months. Today is March 17, 2015, and still no second check. I called my lawyer, and they told me that Garretson was still working on the private insurance lien. I called Garretson, and they told me my law first decided to do the private lien resolution themselves. One of them, if not both, are lying. If I do not hear something soon, I am calling my states bar association, and I am going to write a letter to the judge that is hearing the Avandia cases.

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