Side Effects from Some Popular Bath Salts May Include Hallucinations

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Health officials from across the country are sounding an alarm over potentially dangerous hallucinogens that being sold as “bath salts”. 

In just the first few weeks of 2011, poison control centers in the United States received 373 calls regarding bath salt side effects, according to a press release (pdf) by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. That is in comparison to 234 calls regarding bath salts throughout all of last year.

The reported problems with bath salts have come from at least 25 different states and involve packets of bath salts being sold at rest stops, convenience stores and on the internet that use a number of potent chemicals that may work as hallucinogens and amphetamines.

On February 1, White House Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske issued a warning about the products, saying they posed a serious threat to health and well-being of users. A bill has been drafted by Sen. Charles Schumer of New York that would add the main active ingredients, 3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), and mephedrone to the list of federally controlled substances.

The bath salts, which sell for about $20, are unregulated and are currently legal in most states. They are sold under names like “Cloud Nine,” “Ivory Wave” and “Vanilla Sky” and are sometimes sold as plant food. Although they are marked “not for human consumption” health officials say there is a growing trend of the bath salts being injected, crushed and snorted like cocaine or put into beverages.

Officials say abusers of the bath salts may be in for a rude surprise. Not only can they kill with just one dose, but some officials said the psychotic side effects of the bath salts incorporate some of the worst side effects of drugs like LSD, Ecstasy, PCP, cocaine and meth.

In one case, a bath salt user planned to surgically remove their own liver with a mechanical pencil. In another incident, a man who was experiencing hallucinations from bath salt side effects barricaded himself in his attic with his rifle in preparation of an assault by monsters, which he vowed to kill before they could get him.

One Louisiana man reportedly tried to slit his throat with a butter knife while high on “Cloud Nine” bath salts. When that failed, he continued to suffer psychotic episodes for three days before he finally shot himself in the head with a rifle while his parents slept.

Louisiana is the state that has reportedly been hardest hit by what some poison control experts are calling a growing epidemic. However, reports of incidents have been spreading since the first reports there last year. Some states, including Louisiana, Florida and Kentucky, are moving to ban the bath salts, but health officials say that doctors and lawmakers in most states have never heard of the problem and are unprepared.

Currently, the bath salts are being sold under the names Red Dove, Blue Silk, Zoom, Bloom, Cloud Nine, Ocean Snow, Lunar Wave, Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, White Lightning, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie and possibly others.

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  1. Joseph Reply

    Well do I have a Bath Salt Story for you….I myself and a few of my friends tried bath salt and i continued buying for almost 4 months. Boy were we caught unaware. I spent 2 of those nights checking my door for people that a swear i heard out there but when i opened the door there was nobody. My brother came in contact with a schitsophrenic whom was accused of a triple homicide. This drug makes the user watch everything and in my words “think out everything and every thought. My brother is my twin and he was so convinced that this guy was gonna kill his girlfriend and their family that he psychotically called him out on his murders which even he was a murder should not have been done.My bro is my twin and i dont want him mixin us up 🙂
    My brother tore a whole in my apartment cieling swearing that the killer was up there and that my farm apartment like his girlfriends where the killer was he claimed were game houses and killers sit in the cielings. Everything always seems to fit together on what ever your tweekin on…. you fall into dellusions. I myself lost all my fat got webbed fingers and would have ended up like smegal form the lord of the rings if id of continued. Now when i try just one line its instant paranoya and I tend to fall into stares. To me in seems like the 3000 dollars worth of salt we snorted did something to my brain that now it takes a mere one line and shit dont comprehend right, I can hear what someones saying, but it takes 3 to 5 seconds for it to comprehend.I dont have a lawsuit i thought id just inform you on what bathsalt did to me. Im experienced with illegal drugs and i bath salt has showed me true addiction which i wish upon no one. this is my salt story and everything above were dellusions and im not seeking legal actions

  2. jesse hudson Reply

    my brother was using bath salts and killed himself on february 28 2011 this was in farmerville louisiana

  3. Kathleen Reply

    I have a step son who became so agitated at everyone around him, he is cutting himself all over his forearms and burning himself with cig’s. I;m afraid he has been using bath salts for some time now. He leaves trails of burnt howled out cig’s and I find bottle tops every where in his room with forks as to pack the substance into the cig’s. He denies doing any drugs, but his attitude has changed so much. I find butcher knifes in his room tucked under his pillows. I find cut off straws all around his room. He is only 16 soon to be 17 in 2 weeks. We were forced to put him on probation for his strange actions at home. He coughs a lot after coming from the bathroom. Could this be sign of bath salts abuse? What should I do to inform his probation officer. She claims his urine test are clean. I fear for his life. Should I have him tested for mephedrone & methylenedioxypyrovalerone? Please help!!!!!

  4. bonnie Reply

    Get your step son to his docter like now– before you have to start planning his funeral. he needs rehab and a docter’s full attention,you will be saving his life. i would’nt inform his probation officer until you get him admitted into a facilty that can keep him and help him through this.and pray pray pray. i wish you luck. and my prayers are with you.

  5. Jan Reply

    Bath salts – my adult daughter snorted bath salts in March 2011. For a week she was in a stupor,stood around house running hands thru her hair constantly, hardly talking, not eating much, listening to motor sounds and being paranoid, forgetful, and if you asked her something, you would have to ask at least 3 times, very distracted, in some other world mentally. For a day or two she seemed ok but then in that stupor again so she must have taken more of it. This is the worse stuff that I have seen the effects of–it is now six weeks later and she still is not right and I don’t think she takes it anymore but stuff like Stacker 2 affects her as if she took more serious drugs like Meth. IT REALLY MESSES UP THE MIND AND IT MAY BE IRREVERSEABLE. I am still waiting to find out if she’ll ever get better.

  6. Lisa Reply

    My husband as far as I know only took it twice, the first time he was very active like he was on speed, the second time took it to a whole new level 3 weeks later and he is still paranoid, thinking that people are in the woods behind our house with infrared binoculars watching our house. He will be normal for a day or so and then all of a sudden it is back to thinking our house is being watched. I have spent many a sleepless night over the last three weeks and wonder if this drug did permanent damage. This stuff needs to be off the shelf, if the government can take eggs off the damn market on a whim shouldn’t they be able to take this dangerous drug off the market?

  7. Pamela Reply

    My son has been committed into the mental unit twice due to use of bath salts. He just got out yesterday after spending five days there. I’m not sure if he’s using allready again or not. He’s 26 so there’s not much legally I can do. My husband and I have tried to help him get back on his feet, and I’m at my wits end. He has had heart test and from what he’s saying they seem to think he needs a pace maker, due to his rapid heart rate. I’m not going to go into what all we’ve been through with this legal drug. I would like to know if it causes pupils to dialate? And what are some other signs to look for, the hospital told me they pace the floor when their using, is there other signs I can watch for. If he was in the hospital five days is that long enough for the symtoms to stop? He still doesn’t seem to be sleeping, but from what I understand he slept three days in the hospital, I can’t believe anything he says. I don’t want to loose him to this crazy drug, it’s insanity, and LEGAL. I am a mother who’s heart is breaking in Lima Ohio

  8. kile Reply

    I”v recently tried bath salt but not the names that are showing up on every page i look at or read up about it. I just asked for it ata gas station and they pulled out the white or brown kind and now i want to know the diff? I compare it to ridaline or aderale when snorted it keeps me working the 12hr. days with know problem but i do it earlie in the morning around 6 a.m. i do think it has side affects like stutering, and excessive talking and not getting your words to come out how you want to say them. No i am not sticken up for this product but i am recovering from a pill addiction and its helping me so far.

  9. scared to death Reply

    My fiance used this crap on friday. i called 911 because he seized on me and this was the first time he tried it. he had to have brain surgery to have a blood clot removed as a result of this. He is in icu RIGHT NOW FIGHTING FOR HIS DAMN LIFE!!! We have 2 small children and any of you that are considering taking this DONT DO IT PLEASE!!!!!

  10. kramwerd Reply

    ok iv been on salt now since thursday night i like to no if i might be haveing side effets to it also i have not been asleep now for over 68hr now i cant sleep dont want to eat but drink lots water and drinks iv had back akes since thurday my back it been killing me its real tight it throbs and the pain wont go away im still awake as im typing this so can some 1 help me with this ? my mouth hurts also no tast very dry i think im going crazzy

  11. Paula Reply

    My daughter is 29 yrs old. She is currently in jail because of the things she did on MDVP. She has been, of and on, pretty heavely into drugs for 14 yrs. The last time she did this stuff, she injected it. That was 10 days ago and she is still having side effects from it, bad. Not sure if she is permenatly dammaged from this. This is the worst drug that I have ever seen. Apparently, give a cocaine type high but then days of hallucinations and deep paranoia. Dispite this, people do it again. Not sure what is to become of my daughter but she has a long road to hoe. This drug is truly the devil..

  12. Sasha Reply

    My husband and I have been smoking spice for a while but the guy in the head shop suggested drone iv, the strongest supposedly bath salt. He gave us a tube to sample which would have been $30. We tried it out and have had only 6 hours of sleep since Thursday and it’s now Monday and on our third tube. I believe that one tube of drone iv is equivalent to .5mg for a total of 1.2 so far shared upon us. Is that too much for us to have done? I can’t eat or drink but definitely need to since the salt has evaporated all the water in my body. It’s been 5 days of doing it. We take a bump an hour if not longer but I have back aches and now the veins in my body are rising to the surface of my skin and our feet get swollen. The burn is really intense. It burns so bad that my eyes starts to water on the nostril side I snorted a small bump on and it feels as if my head is gonna explode. My husband has been doing bigger ones than me. Last night his veins under his eyes were bulging and discoloration of skin also a swollen tongue and sore throat. I believe this drug is highly addicted and should have done research before doing so. I have had a coke addiction before and this high is similar but doesn’t clog ur nose up as bad. And coke doesn’t have all the bad salts in it. No, I’m not saying coke is okay cause I’m excited to be off it. The bath salts are not a good substitute either. They recently took the drone iv off the counter at the local head shop but he then stated that it’ll be real soon before they tweak the drug and put it back on shelves as they have spice, now known as herbal poppouri.

  13. Oddlyfried Reply

    I highly recommend this drug if you have self control.Ive been a alcoholic for over ten years.I first tried bath salt 4 month ago.since then i am on a very healthy daily diet.Ive left alcohol in that dark room for 4 months 9 days sober was my best before the bath salt.I haven’t smoked a cigarette or pot in 4 months.i enjoy my life again.its cured my depression.I can taste food again.I am living proof that this drug if not over used can help you if used like i have done.when i started my usage on bath salt a 20 dollar container would last 1 week 7 days.
    i would ingest a very small amount in the morning and all day was like a brand new me.i would be asleep by 10 that night.No cravings for beer or pot or anything all day. i buy a 20 dollar container and its not even being open for 2 weeks.BATH SALTS HAVE GIVING ME THE GIFT OF SOBRIETY.IT GAVE ME THE START I NEEDED TO QUIT.
    im sorry about the bad storys.but there are to many stupid people out there that just do to much of something and make a bad name for a good product.I must say its just poison for anyone without a clue on how powerful it is .if you can try a bump and leave it alone all day thats the way to be.if you cant get the shit out of your head after one bump.please understand you really need professional help.
    One side affect i noticed is that my body sweat smells interesting,not bad to myself and others and i no longer use often asked what is that smell you have on you?

  14. mary Reply

    my coworkers husband is dying from chemical menigittis he has brain damage that will leave him in nurseing homes for the rest of his life he will never take his 2 year old son to a movie or tell him he loves him he will never hold his wife in his arms he is only 30 and his crime was buying bath salt in a store balth salt is still leagle in 50 states but there is so much more that is to come out of this leagle drug that will only lead to more death and heartbrake help put and end of fast money and stand up for anyone who will ever have to watch a love one die or even worst seeing your son,daughter,mother,father,wife,husband be confined to a bed,feeding tube,bedsores,contractors i only want to make some good come from such a waste of human life.

  15. zachary Reply


  16. nikki Reply

    im a mother of 5 and i recently had a child who was given those damn “bath salts” as they call them. my baby was clawing at their face and flipping out say stuff like i cant b here i have to go home and they were standing in our drive-way. my babies only 13 and it was a family member who gave it to them. would i b wrong if i took care of this myself? ive pressed charges on them for giving that crap to my baby. to me it dont seem like enough punishment for him. i want to do more than watch him go to prison cuz he will get out and do it to someone else. im very angry right now and i still believe in eye for an eye!

  17. Paula Reply

    My husband was on the stuff since April and he tells me he isn’t anymore but I have my doubts. My entire summer was a living hell for me and my three kids ages 11, 8 and 2. He has us in financial ruins because of his addiction. Our credit cards are so high right now its disgusting. Our children’s mental status as well as mine is horrible because of the lies he told us, the days of not coming home, his hallucinations of seeing ‘mice’ everywhere in the house, the list goes on and on. Our lives will never be the same again. He ended up in a behavioral center and at that point I wanted to leave him for good but he pleaded with me not to leave him and promised never to touch the stuff again. Well of course he did, this time leaving me and kids for 4 days and went through over $3000.00. I went to a laywer to file for divorce papers and then he decided to come back home after totalling his vehicle. I did not file the papers and decided to give him yet another chance. I am very resentful toward him now and I am emotionally and mentally destroyed. I have lost weight over this and am continously worried about the effect it had on my children’s emotional and mental well-being. The days he left us my children did poorly on their tests and my middle child is having some behavior issues. My oldest child is also having issues. My husband is depressed all the time which I think is a long term side effect of the salts. He was off of work several weeks from April-October and my house is more of a mess than ever. He just mopes around all the time and blames me for everything.

  18. kandice Reply


  19. ttny21 Reply

    Ok this stuff is bad yes. Why? Because it has the effect of cocaine or mdma or meth. Is it the most horrible thing that has ever come out that we have abused and misused for our own entertainment and addiction? No. I say this because SWIM (if you dont know what that means it is someone who isnt me for reasons of no being able to self incriminate.) Is currently on bath salts (white lightning) SWIM has done pretty dam close to every drug that is out there including: heroin, extacy, marijuana, xanax, loritabs, valium, viccodin, roxycodone, oxycotton, etc… Its really just like everyother drug the only thing is that in some places its legal, and its cheap and easy to get. But it will be just like going to the doctor eventually and this will be labled as an antidepresent or god knows what else so making a big deal about it right now will not do anything it will still be legalized they will just change a few chemicals here and there and it will always be on the shelves. And quite honestly this stuff isnt that hard to make, if some people can make meth they can definatly make this… But they will make it stronger and with chemicals that arent known to us and they will sell it on the streets… Now honestly which would you rather have something that athorities have no control over because a single person is making it, or something they can give you a ticket for because you are on it while youre in a public place or driving your car so they can get you with a dui and possesion and intent to sell. But if it is a drug they know nothing about and you made yourself you can comepletely deny whatever it is and whatever it does no charges and you go free to make more. So please people just leave it be if SWIY (someone who isnt you) is using this stuff then take care of them some people can function perfectly fine on it and do like to do everyonce in a while and dont constantly abuse it like SWIM. Have a great halloween everyone. 🙂

  20. jimmy Reply

    i dont think that anyone is lyin bout what they say about this shit i shoot it up and do it every way u can. iv read all the side effects to the bath salt i do 8 ballz and iv witness them all. me and my buddy did them for months and we stayed up for days untill i got tierd one morning and went home. then i didnt hear anything from him for a cuple days untill i seen it on the news 100mph police chase in prescott valley az 86323 now hes in doc for 15 long years. so to all the pepes out there just be martian and stay away from the goblins,

  21. Jesse Reply

    This is a life altering drug not just four the user but the famely sa well. An Aney one who makes or distribute this product should be heald accountable leagle and finatuely.

  22. ernie Reply

    my brother shot up bath salts and missed the vein he is in severe pain and his arm is swollen he cant move his arm at all he is also a diabetic he doesnt control it very well his sugar is very high he is refusing to go to the hospital what can i do

  23. Buckwald Reply

    Well “ernie” how did that go? Did you ever think.. perhaps I should call the police? Perhaps you are all cleansing the populace. Thanks.

  24. WTF Reply

    WTFFFF…… ok i have nothing against ppl who do wht ever type of drug thats their choice or how they do it because im a recovering addict (5 years clean) any ways…. but forreal a diabetic shooting up bath salts? thats just fucking retarded bro seriously retarded. its different if the average person misses a shot or doesnt…. body have a better chance of handling the chemical. but if a diabetic misses/doesnt WTF idk what could happen. you dont even know what exactly is in those damn bath salts. MDVP or mephedrone… i get it.. but whats the filller? thats not pure shit other wise there couldnt be any sugar scrap left on the spoon.

    so yeah how did that go ernie?

  25. sherm Reply

    i tried these bat salts the other day being told it was cocaine. it was a very small amount but it made me very paranoid and i coudl\’nt sleep for 2 days. it was only about .2 of a gram which is a veryyy small amount. it also causes me to stutter which has been happening for 3 days now. i will NEVER touch that crap ever again.

  26. Tripp Reply

    People take in moderation, and sleep if you do this and eat. y’all complaining like you don’t know alcoholics kill people everyday! Eat and follow the previous comments I made and you will live. I do the shot all the time. its like drinking 20 energy drinks and that is just one line. have self control or don’t do it ..people just got issues and it takes this drug to bring it out!! everybody on here is over reacting I’m on it right now and I’m good. no appetite but I’ll live and hopefully everybody else will too. and I smoke medical. and spice and I’m. fine

  27. Kayleigh Reply

    About two months ago me and my boyfriend were looking to get high we ran into someone from town who said he had this great stuff he said it was like doing a tab of acid. Me and my bf are very experienced with psychedelic drugs and usually it takes me two tabs to feel a full acid effect but what we didn’t know then we were actually snorting 2cb a bath salt mixed with heroin. I’ve never tripped so hard on my life I literally thought I was in a whole new universe. We snorted the powder and we knew something wasn’t right from the amount of pain we experienced while snorting. Up to three minutes later it started to kick in hard. I thought the tree had come alive and it was breathing I could see every detail on every surface even through the air. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was like they became better. My ears felt like they were connected to large speakers all of my Senses became so heightened. My body felt cold and sweaty even though it was 80 degrees out and i was very shaky like my body was having a bad reaction.We started to throw up and I started panicking thinking I was poisoned I thought I was having a near death experience i thought we may of accidently overdosed.everything felt like a hazy dream and my perception became messed up it was hard for me to move or walk my body felt like it had disappeared into another demension. I sat on the ground examining every grain of dirt while my mind was going into millions of thoughts at once I was having the answers of life being thrown at me I became very confused I couldn’t concentrate on just one thing. Trying to grasp words I couldn’t I couldn’t start my words felt soggy and no one understood how I felt. We had a sober friend with us and he tried getting me to walk and drink a bit but I felt like I was covered in the particles I was seeing in the air. The guy who sold it to us said it would last only four hours…well 12 hrs later were sitting in my room thinking we will never come to sanity again we watched Alice in wonderland 6 times while talking nonstop. I stared up at the night sky and the stars were moving it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. The come down have me the biggest headache and I lt was hard to fall asleep. The next day I felt like I had lost something so beautiful I wanted it back I wanted to be in those worlds again but I didn’t go get it I knew that was something that was extremely addictive and I wanted to stay away from it The experienced was a good thing for me because i realized I shouldn’t be going out looking to get high and trusting people I barely know with substances like that. I havent done any drugs since and I got more perspective on life you can’t take anything for granted because you never know how long your going to be here and how lucky I am to be living on this planet. I wouldn’t recommend it but it did help me gain more perspective on my life

  28. Paul Reply

    I tried coco bath salts a few times. Insufflation gave the best effects. Trippy visual hallucinations that were no challenge to reality testing and were better in the dark. They were similar to, but different from the psychedelic hallucinations of LSD of 40 years ago. Some op-art type stuff, but more likely color splotches, or a parade of cartoon animals not resembling any real animals going by the visual field. Also, motorcycles going by, some with drivers, some unrode, and even a few tumbling through the air. This was a frequently repeated theme.
    Occasional auditory hallucinations. Sometimes, when I knew my wife wouldn’t return for a few hrs, or even the next day if she was with her family for the night, I heard her outside the front door yammering angrily to my next door neighbor about the worst of what she had ever complained about before, compressed into 1 episode, while his calm voice was trying to console her. 5 times, I opened the door expecting to see them. No one there. Working in mental health, I was starting to suspect auditory hallucinations. Went next door to the neighbor’s. He was sitting there reading, obviously oblivious to what I thought I heard. Accepted the state of auditory hallucinosis, and ignored it. Another auditory hallucination, or maybe more properly pareidolia was hearing chanting accompanied by either violins and violas, or trumpets, french horns and trombones. This always took the form of male voices chanting in descending major chord arpeggios down to about an octave below the lowest human voice, then starting in again about middle C. As the voices reached an octave lower, another set of voices would start in in accompaniment an octave higher. This only happened when the refrigerator compressor motor was on, and would stop immediately when the motor shut off. These voices would come from the shower head when the water was on, and my computer modem, too. It sounded rather pleasant, so I wasn’t alarmed from this.
    Other effects from snorting these “salts”
    (1) Prostate swelling

  29. Paul Reply

    (2) Total loss of depth perception.
    (3) Unsteady balance
    (4) Difficulty lifting a foot to take the 1st step.
    (5) Usually, a feeling of peacefulness and calm
    (6) A much increased libido with a short refractory
    period after orgasm.
    (7) Contact skin lesions. If the substance could be
    removed within minutes, a row of either red
    circle lines with a red dot in the middle, or a
    set of lines forming a square with a line forming
    a circle in the middle. These could usually be
    rubbed off. If it was on the skin too long,
    something resembling a purple crystal would
    be stuck tightly to the skin and would leave a
    bleeding sore if it could be dug or pulled off, and
    sometimes, would be stuck to the skin as tightly
    as the surrounding skin. Then I would shave it off
    , as best I could, with a razor. Obviously caustic to
    the skin.
    (8) A mild change of consciousness in terms of
    getting a buzz.
    (9) Loss of orientation to time and place.

    Smoking it caused more of the “buzz”, but less of the other effects.
    Putting maybe 100 mg in a gel-cap and swallowing it had no effect except for frightening congruent
    tactile and visual hallucinations. I perceived that teeming swarms of mite-like tiny insects were entering into the red lesions on my skin from previous insufflation. The lesions seemed to be getting rapidly larger and deeper. Some research on the internet found that this has happened before, mostly in Africa or SE Asia, and only occurs to immune compromised people like those who are HIV+ or on cancer chemotherapy, neither of which describes me. Anyway, I freaked out and asked another neighbor if he saw anything on my skin. He said not, and he is a truthful man not given to jocular BSing. I tried brushing the mites off. They were coming too fast. I went in the shower and tried washing them off. Didn’t work. In the shower, I saw multitudes of 2″ amber nematodes come boiling out of the sores, and started yelling stuff like “Holy shit!”. Soon, ambulance guys showed up and took me to the main community hosp., where I ended up in the psych ER. This was about 12 noon. Anyway, in the ER, the effects of the stuff wore off, and I figure the most likely diagnosis was organic psychotic disorder NOS with delusional parasitosis. At least I hope that’s what it was. By 8 in the eve, I was finally visited by a psychiatrist, who decided I was OK, and they had no reason to hold me, so I was discharged
    and got to sleep in my own bed that night.

  30. paul Reply

    Ihad a best friend that i considerd my brother that said he herd voices teling him to kill him self and he did on3-29-2011

  31. Rachel Reply

    This is a drug that is like coke and you get a euphoric feeling and also amphetamine times 10 , if it is used like so many people are using it and not used with caution then im not suprized that its doing so much damage. I think people should learn more before using this drug, a little goes a long way and people just really do not know much about the proper dosage, and horrible things happen. I have binged on this drug and felt the bad affects like muscle aches, hallucinations, and feeling a crappy come down. I never felt that way when i used it with control. If people dont use more self control with this drug then seek help, i never had any negative affect from it as long as i used it properly. Sounds like its caused a lot of pain and done much damage so i would say its best people dont use this.

  32. Kristi. Reply

    I had an experience with bath salts before and not by choice. I’ve always been one for natural psychedelics and marijuana. Well one summer day I was in the woods with my boyfriend some of our friends and there was two guys there who we did not know. We were looking to get psychedelics through out the summer and were u a le to find anything. The two men we didn’t know said they had some psychedelic that was natural called 2cb. We agreed to get it. It was $10 each for one pill. The guy said they the trip would last 4 hours ( IT LASTED NO JOKE 14 HOURS)My boyfriend got one, I got one, and one of our close friends or one. He said it works better snorted. I’ve never snorted anything before thought it was strange and without thinking I did the whole powder. My nose, face, neck, and head was in the most excruciating pain moments later. The pain reduced as my eye and nose dropped with water. And I was tripping moments after snorting it I felt like the trees were breathing like they were alive. Then I started puking and lucky me I had cotton candy icecream before hand so I puked this insane blue color and well as my boyfriend. Im experienced with natural psychedelics and knew something wasn’t right and panicked I was overdosing on whatever it was I took. I started walking and I felt like I was in some dreamy hazey like state I saw particles in the air every detail on every surface as I walked I felt like all the trillions specks of dirt moved with me. I started to forget where I was and became confused and I couldn’t move anymore I started moving into all realms of consciousness. I could here everything see everything and feel everything. It was hard to look at anyone’s faces it looked like they were moving mingling with other particles. I felt like I had lost all sense of reality like I had left my own body I couldn’t move I couldn’t talk. I layed on the dirt examining the specs of dirt and how we are all connected we are part of dirt. Friends tried getting me up but I didn’t want to move. I felt like i was onto much more important things. then kept feeling amd hearing like someone would be right behind me I’d look and no one was there. We got out of the woods and walked to my house layed on the floor turned the black light on and watched Alice in wonderland and talked for 12 hours straight. I would stare up at my ceiling and watch my gliw in the dark stars move in all different directions. Spinning, swirling like they were dancing. We went outside to look at real stars and the stars all shined brighter than usual like they were all shooting stars.
    It was a very intense experience and putting it into words sounds morbid but I would never do it again its scary people are putting this on the street and not claiming there selling bath salts I would of never done it if I knew. The next few days were spent craving the intense trip feeling very lost confused sad and like i had just died or been on a trip for years. i looked up 2cb and found its a bath salt usually mixed with heroin, which freaked me out. I would never talke this again and I don’t believe anyone should ( I enjoy natural things in life and more people should) Months later I tend to see specks of light in my vision and some patterns usually at night patterns occur. I always have more floaters jus from that one use which shows you how intense it really is bath salts should not be injected ever there is no way that can be good for your health. And especially mixing heroin with it. People normally have heroin overdosing when taking too much heroin and also mixing it with other drugs. I always thought for months later I died that day and how I was still lost in those woods I know its a crazy thought but I couldn’t help the feeling. I thought about thy trip very day and it took me 6 months to feel normal again.

  33. charlene Reply

    2yrs ago i injected potent B.S everyday 4 about 7 months(bliss something) i went down 3 dress sizes in 5 months my husband was a paraniod shciz thinkinking someone was after him and that i was setting him up with cops in our kitchen. he had alot of the weirdest thoughts he never went on to do any of them. now i was injecting in parts of my body that most women even on street drugs wouldn’t inject drugs,,& BS at that.i didn’t care bcause th high was a high that you could get cheaper and legally in PA at the time. 2 yrs later i have developed several knots at my injection sites & one on my arm has developed into swelling close to that area that i noticed about 6 months ago, i was thought to have a blood clot & was checked from head to toe for vein and vessel blockage but none where found. my arm at inject site has a small knot that gets red, then brown ,then almost back to my skin color.this happens i have alot and i mean alot of pain in my arm up by outside of shoulder. docs don’t know how to treat a after effect of this drug,you may be having somekind of problem and you go see a doc & are treated for whatever medical term best describes your complaints & symptoms or else they send you for mri,cat scan,xray and nothing abnormal is seen. does anyone think i may have a health issue that is directly from using bs everyday for months with the knot in my arm that started to make a large swelling near the inject site and i just developed deep major hurting pain up in my arm to my shoulder area? this part just developed in the last week and it is very very painful. my doc would say i don’t know what it could be but let me send you for a xray or mri.anyone believe some lingering and developing health problems are possible without being detected by modern medical technology??even my doc knows i did bs but most are not aware of health problems from using bs and treat you and have you believe you have and need to be treated for a medical diagnosis that may be a mask of the damage caused by bs???

  34. Travis Reply

    I\\\\\\\’m 24 years old and I have been using heroin and meth since I was 13. I slowed Dow n on the meth for awhile but recently got back into it or at least what I thought was meth. I\\\\\\\’m pretty sure I\\\\\\\’ve been getting bath salt 2 out of every three times. It has really damaged my brain. I think people are living in my attic and under the house. I start thinking that these people have set up fiber optic cameras to watch my every move. I hear people talking about killing me or setting me up. I even thought I was on America\\\\\\\’s most wanted for killing people because I was hearing voices of people that I know talking about how I killed family\\\\\\\’s and fricken ate them. It made me think that maybe I had blacked out and done all these things. I started calling family members telling them that the cops were coming and it was shoot to kill. I started to accuse my family of setting me up with the Mexican cartel. And the list goes on. I have had only a small hand full of trips from real meth and they were because I had stayed up for weeks this bath salt stuff brings on the delusions almost intantly. It is by far the worst substance I have put in my body and not to mention when I do come off these highs I can\\\\\\\’t tell if what was going on was a hallucination or reality. The long term affects are there as well since I\\\\\\\’m now over paranoid and occasionally still hear things for weeks at a time after using that stuff. Anyways if this is your cup of tea all I can say is be carful because you might not end up hurting just yourself but that of someone you care about or even some random innocent person who according to you delusion is part of some conspuracy to kill you. Please feel free to ask any question I have a lot of experience in this field. Good luck

  35. Julia Reply

    I have been injecting bath salt for no telling how long. And, believe me, had I known that it was bath salt I would never have done it. It has only been about a month since i first realized what was going on and still am not right in the head and dont know if i will ever get back to what i call normal. Now, this is what this drug does to ppl. These are ppl who call themselves my “friends” giving me this drug and telling me it was meth. I’m injecting like 30 units at a time because I’m thinking it’s meth!! In my experience this stuff has made me feel like I’m losing my mind. Now I’m addicted. After the awesome rush goes away, usually several minutes, I instantly go into skitz mode and I’m talking SKITED THE FUCK OUT!! So paranoid that I even thought my parents worked for the feds. I went as far as telling my parents stuff that should have never left my mouth. Now they look at me like I need a straight jacket and to be honest that might actually be what I need. I keep swearing that ppl have hidden cameras in my bedroom and that the guy I’m sexually involved with has hidden cameras at his place recording us having sex and doing what with the videos? I don’t know and I cant talk to anyone about it because they either think I’m crazy or they’re in on it and making me think I’m going crazy which is perfect for them that the bathsalts would make me feel like I’m going crazy. Works out perfectly for these sick motherfuckers. And are hidden cameras in my room really too far fetched, considering that twse ppl aremlkying to me about the drugs im taking???? I THINK NOT!! That being said, I no longer trust ANYONE. I’ve been with a friend (who doesn’t use drugs so he is semi trustworthy) after injecting bath salt and he said he thought I was on a bad acid trip all night long. This stuff is BAD!!!!
    I never knew how sick and twisted my mind really is until this whole bathsalts thing. There’s are some deep dark scary places in my mind and I feel lucky to still be alive. I totally believe that this stuff should not be attainable to anyone, anywhere. Parents, if u think ur child is using bath salts u have GOT to getntem help immediately. And to Kathleen u were talking about bottle tops in ur sons room, he’s probably shooting up. This stuff is highly addictive and has done permanent damage to my body. My mind will never be the same and I’m scared I will probably die of an overdose because even with the long lasting horrible side effects, I still want inject it every day. ADDICTED and can’t afford treatment.

  36. Mary Reply

    I think my daughter is using bath salts, she has a history using it. Can it cause seizures? she had hallucinations, and talks almost like she skitzo. Paranoia taking to people who aren’t there. She has an12 year old son living in same house (MINE) We have recently found she’s leaving at 1 – 2 in the morning (saw on cameras) she does good for a while then will act odd for a couple days then has a seizure. I want to put her in rehab, however, in Ohio and she has to agree to it. She has been on again off again for over 2 years. I hate to say it, but If she can’t kick this I want her out and full custody of grandson. It’s hell on him. He hates his mother *says he does) I know he loves her but hates who she is on drugs.

  37. vampire Reply

    I have just realised from this thread why I nearly ended up sectioned and losing my whole life. I was set up over a period of time by so called friends… all druggies. I started on Meth and then was sold an item that they said was meth. Sadly my meth addiction got me hooked and I could not sustain the costly daily amount so undercut the dealers and went to find a dealer that would supply me direct… 28 grams for 150 … the dealers were unhappy with me… even though I thought we had some sort of friendship. They stalked me online… followed my every move… then arranged that my new drug choice should be bath salts… let me tell you … i became a paranoid mess… checking the door every five minutes for noises outside… most of which did not exist… thought I was seeing witches in the shadows and then one fateful night … i was nearly gang raped as I was at my lowest point. I hope these scum bags get what they deserve. They made my life a living hell for over 6 months. I ended up getting out of my situation and headed to my mothers… high… scared and vulnerable. I thought my mother was trying to kill me and my family were in cohoots with the police. I was seriously impaired. Its ruined my life and I live in a state of depression now… scared and vulnerable. I became an animal… I was antisocial.. and I didn’t care for myself or anyone else around me. I have learnt a lot about friends… they don’t exist… in the drug world. The Gay Scene is rife with vindictive people… who lie about you… get people to turn on you and then celebrate buy nearly killing you. Nice people. NOT.
    I THANK THIS THREAD FOR GIVING ME INSIGHT… today is the first day of my life… knowing that I wasn’t crazy… but bathsalts made me crazy… do not inject them… you will get hooked and fucked up. Im stupid and learnt my lesson well… I hope those who inflicted pain and suffering onto me the same level of respect a lion would show an antelope. No one deserves to be treated this way. They got me hooked… they gave me my first IV to ensure this happened … then shit on me from day one… I leant them money and gave freely… to be used like an animal… whilst they laughed away at me. SAD I KNOW!! however, my family are watching my every move as I have realised I am special to them and thats all that counts… these scum bags no doubt will find their next victim.. heaven help them! God Bless and Stay Safe people x

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