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The side effects of AndroGel and other testosterone treatments may increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death. As a result of drug manufacturers’ failure to adequately warn about the serious and potentially life-threatening heart risks, former users may be entitled to financial compensation through a testosterone therapy lawsuit.  

TESTOSTERONE LAWSUIT STATUS: Product liability lawsuits are being reviewed by testosterone therapy injury lawyers on behalf of men throughout the United States who have suffered a:

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Blood Clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Pulmonary Embolism
  • Wrongful Death

The makers of Axiron and Testim have tentatively agreed to testosterone settlement agreements to resolve those cases. The details of those settlements have not been revealed.


OVERVIEW: Testosterone therapy is used to treat men suffering from testosterone deficiencies, which can negatively affect muscle mass, sex drive and energy levels. The condition, known as hypogonadism, results in lower strength, reduced energy and diminished sexual function. However, research has suggested that many men taking testosterone gels, injections or other treatments may not have a medical need for the hormone replacement therapy, and may actually be exposing themselves to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke or death.

Use of Androgel, AndroDerm, Axiron and other testosterone treatments has increased more than five times from 2000 to 2011, generating more than $1.9 billion in sales in 2012. These products deliver testosterone in a variety of ways, including:

  • Testosterone Gel: AndroGel, Axiron, Bio-T Gel, Foresta and Testim
  • Testosterone Patch: AndroDerm
  • Testosterone Injection: Delatestryl, Depo-Testosterone
  • Testosterone Implant: Testopel
  • Testosterone Pill: Striant

TESTOSTERONE HEART RISKS: Recent research suggests that side effects of testosterone therapy can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes in certain men.

A study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in November 2013 highlighted the potential heart attack, stroke and death risk of testosterone replacement treatments. Researchers from the Veteran Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System in Denver found that the rate of cardiovascular events was 25.7% among men who took testosterone therapy drugs, compared to a rate of 19.9% among those who did not. Out of 1,223 patients on testosterone, researchers discovered that within a year and a half, 67 had died, 23 suffered heart attacks and 33 had strokes.

On March 3, 2015, the FDA issued a drug safety communication calling for new label warnings for all prescription testosterone drugs. The new warning labels will include a warning that testosterone drugs may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks and strokes.

The labels will also be updated to warn that testosterone drugs are approved only for use in men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism following at least two testosterone serum tests. The FDA is also requiring all testosterone drug manufacturers to conduct new clinical trials to determine the low-t drug cardiovascular risks.

In August 2015, FDA researchers officials called for the industry to prove that the drugs help men who do not have “classic hypogonadism” without increasing their risk of heart attacks and strokes, indicating that the drug makers should work together on new clinical trials in a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Another study published in JAMA in February 2017 appeared to provide more evidence that AndroGel use was linked to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

There are also concerns about the accidental exposure of women and children to testosterone gel. Critics say that some delivery methods increase the risk that women and children may be exposed. Testosterone gel side effects may cause children to undergo puberty early, experience changes to sexual organs, increased libido and aggressive behavior, as well as advanced bone age. It can also change the distribution of body hair.

In July2017, the first testosterone lawsuit to go before a jury resulted in a $150 million verdict for the plaintiff. A second case in October 2017 resulted in a $140 million verdict for the plaintiff.

In December 2017, Eli Lilly announced that it had agreed to settle all Axiron claims.

In March 2018, the Endocrine Society released new guidelines on the use of testosterone products. The guidelines call for doctors to use more caution in prescribing testosterone replacement therapy, and calls for additional testing to confirm that men have hypogonadism before being prescribed the medications.

TESTOSTERONE BLOOD CLOT SIDE EFFECTS: Research has also established that testosterone side effects may cause men to face an increased risk of serious and potentially life-threatening blood clots, including a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism.

While warnings about the potential link between testosterone and blood clots have been known for some time, prior warnings indicated that the risk may be caused by a problem known as polycythemia, an abnormal increase in red blood cells. However, in June 2014, the FDA determined that stronger testosterone warnings for the blood clot risks were needed.

Makers of all testosterone drugs were required to update the label warnings to include information about the more general risk of venous thromboembolism, which may include clots that develop in the veins. If these clots from testosterone develop in the deep veins of the legs, known as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), they pose a serious risk if they break free. This could result in a pulmonary embolism if the clot travels to the lungs or other life-threatening injury.

FIND OUT IF YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A TESTOSTERONE LAWSUIT: As a result of the manufacturers’ failure to adequately warn about the potential testosterone side effects, financial compensation may be available for men who suffered a heart attack, stroke or wrongful death. Potential claims may also be available for children who have suffered secondary testosterone exposure.

Free consultations and claim evaluations are provided by lawyers who are reviewing potential testosterone injury lawsuits throughout the United States.

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  1. helene Reply

    My husband filled a new prescription for Andro Gell used it for a week and had a mini stroke. I read the info given in the package and did not see anything that warned about stroke. He had a few more mini strokes later but I have not been able to convince him to not use it any more so I threw it in the trash.

  2. james Reply

    I’ve been on Andro Gell and testosterone 5 % cr for about four months.And I have notice that i have a shortness of breath.I am going to stop using the product as of 2/25/2014.

  3. gale Reply

    My husband was on the shots for a year then switched over to the gel. He had never had any issues with his heart or blood pressure but while he was in the hospital for other things he suddenly started having high blood pressure and his heartbeat would jump around. At one point they thought they were going to have to shock him. I don’t know if this was the cause of it but it strange.

  4. Tommy D. Reply

    I took the shots for a few months and had all kinds of problems, I was switched to the gel and used 2 1% 5gm packets a day for another two years. Many things went wrong. Insomnia depression, heart went out of rhythm after by pass surgery and pacemaker. Now I am developing gynecomastia or breast enlargement. They ache and hurt and am not sure what I will do about it. I stopped using the gel in January of 2013 yet these problems continue.

  5. Alicia Reply

    My son was taking testosterone for at least a year. Then he suddenly went to heaven. He was at school, playing with the other boys in a physical education game, and he passed out and never woke up again. I am not sure what to make of all this. I just want to know could this be why my son went to heaven at the age of seventeen. A mother is never supposed to have to bury her only child. It is not fair, the daily pain that goes along with being without your only child.

  6. Ellie Reply

    While on Cypionate Injections every two weeks for approximately 9 months my husband had a massive heart attack while walking and died April 21, 2014. I am sure these injections played a part in his death, however because Cypionate is a generic and protected under federal law there is no recourse. In my opinion doctors and generic companies making testosterone are free to push and make money at the expense of human life. Beware of what you are putting in your body, do not trust anything or anybody. Lawyers cannot take case because of the law.

  7. Larry Reply

    I had mumps at age 15, leading to the loss of one testicle and a delayed adolescence. At age 36, my good testicle was injured at work and shut down. Four years later, I fell while working and fractured the S1 vertebra.

    2Because I was restricted to seeing only certain doctors, my pain was dismissed as bursitis or just getting old. After 3 years of working in pain, I was set-uo so I could be fired and lost my job.

    NC Vocational Rehabilitation sent me to an independent doctor who discovered the fracture and referred me to an endocrinologist who diagnosed a cascade failure of the endocrine system. he prescribed insulin, Symlin (synthetic amylin), Synthroid, and testosterone. With these medications and physical therapy, I have had a good quality of life for the past 25 years.

    If you force testosterone off the market, I will be in serious trouble. The problem is that testosterone is usually being prescribed as a supplement to give men “Male Enhancement” rather than for treatment of serious disease. Those irresponsible doctors should be sued rather than the drug companies.

  8. A. J. Reply

    I had two main symptoms of low T. Low T from a blood test and low energy and stamina. I have been on testosterone injection therapy for more than 2 years. If I have a heart attack today it will have been worth it. I am very happy that my doctor is willing to write the prescription and it is available in the drugstore.

    I am angry that the abusers of this important treatment have made it sometimes difficult for me to get my prescriptions filled.

  9. Dajin Reply

    just need to know if I need to stop using ageless male pills also.

  10. Michael Reply

    Very simple…… 54 year old male diagnosed with Hypogonadism in 2009 was prescribed Testim, Androgel and Testosterone Cyprionate finally wound up on Axiron. Just diagnosed last month with Hypertensive Renal disease with Renal failure -Status Chronic Stage II kidney disease – secondary Polycythemia mixed hyperlipidemia and Thyroid nodules. My Axiron prescription was 3 to 4 pumps under each arm per day. It was like bathing in the stuff!! Every two weeks 500 ml. Of blood is taken from me and my Hemocrit level is not falling to acceptable levels. I can’t work and have not been able to since November 2014. I am wracking up medical bills daily!! Polycythemia is cancer! What recourse do I have?

  11. Ronald Reply

    I have been taking AndroGel for 4 months now and I am experiencing a lot of side effects. My wife has had secondary exposure and has grown more facial hair. Its deprived me of her affection.
    secondly, I have suffered from hyperlipodemia and headaches. I experience fatigue and malaise everday. I have been told by my doctor that I have bone loss. Should I keep taking Androgel?

  12. L. Parker Reply

    2008 had taken testim for 30 days as my levels were low my bp went from 140/80 to 160/92 after taken drug 30 days time only and remembering the high a year later in 2008 i continued to have high bp and requested and took testim due to low energy levels only based on that fact knowing it makes you feel like superman and within three weeks I had a serious blood clot demanding two stents at age 47 and my feeling is if the drug had warning the doctor would have refused my demands for such issue mentioned about the risk factors would have made my heat issue a factor to flag me no the first time and the second time if the drug makers had known this risk was to people who had high bp…people have choices but doctors are to stop people from harmfull choices and the drug makers are to stop doctors from making harmfull choices

  13. keith Reply

    I was just hang out on the couch when i noticed this the worst pain and my heart after having a depo shot of testostone i guess anything could happen to you. Im in fear of my lofe because its 2015 im still think the pain is getting deeper and deeper. I want to settle this medical malpractice case. Because this deserves attention. Like the attention i get when people notice me struggling because my heart is feeling like it’s on its last limb.

  14. Guest Reply

    The consumer, over the counter product “ageless male” is not addressed in this article. It contains no testosterone, it’s ingredients are:
    Saw Palmetto, astaxanthin, fenugreek seeds. Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc. Oddly, Saw palmetto can decrease sex drive. (I am Not a lawyer or medical professional, my knowledge is Not “expert”, talk to your doctor.

  15. Guest Reply

    Was diagnosed with slightly low testosterone levels. Begin applying androgel 5 mg packets daily. Year latter or less developed symptoms I had never had before. Went to specialist after specialist with no diagnosis. On a trip to see my grandkids suffered a heart attack and nearly died. If you are on the drug better get off of it! Dying is not a good solution for low-t.

  16. Robert Reply

    I,m a 78 year old male that has been taking Testosterone cypionate shots by my doctor for almost four years ever since I was diagnosed with low T and have nothing but positive results. I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week workout on an elliptical and treadmill and lift weights too.

  17. April Reply

    Robert–I’m glad you’ve had positive results with Testosterone treatments. Not everyone has been so fortunate.
    If you’re suggesting exercise level would have made a difference in negative instances, you’re missing what this and other sites are attempting to do. Consumers deserve to know the true benefits and risks of the drugs prescribed to them.
    My dad went through Testosterone gel, patch, and injection treatments. He had multiple instances of DVT, and had a pacemaker implanted for heart issues. Dad died of a heart attack the night he returned home from the hospital.
    My mother isn’t a litigious person, but is continuing a claim my dad initiated before he died. It’s prolonged the grief process, but important in the cause to hold drug companies to an ethical standard.
    Dad was a Vietnam veteran who went through unimaginable horrors and survived. His life as a father, husband, son, and friend mattered, and it’s overwhelming to think a drug may have hastened his death.
    I wish you continued health.

  18. Joe Reply

    Never had a blood clot in my life. Took Androgel for 6 months 2014-2015, ended up with a very dangerous 6 inch deep vein thrombosis (dvt) in my calf that I luckily caught using ultrasound. Got rushed to emergency room, shot up with heperin and then on blood thinners for 6 months. Scary time. Still wearing compression sock today. Never had a blood clot since,

  19. lewis Reply

    it seems allthese complainant they do nit fit the criteria thata the testosterone cypionat did that much damager , that is crazy ssumption they must b ingesting Teflon pots and pants y products

  20. Rick Reply

    I’m a 54 year old male don’t smoke don’t drink I exercise daily I’ve been on testosterone injections for the last 3 years had my blood tested a few months back and the lady was very concerned on how thick my blood was. 2 weeks ago I experienced a massive heart attack complete blockage of the lad they had to shock my heart twice to bring me back and install a stent I’ve seen two cardiologist sense and no one can seem to give me an answer why this happened there is absolutely no heart disease that runs in my family. After doing my own research I am convinced I got the blockage from the testosterone injections. This experience has truly changed my life every small pain that I get in my body I instantly have a panic attack thinking I’m having another heart attack .

  21. Bud Reply

    I have been on shots since 1989 I did’nt have any problems till now i’m having left arm pain very bad don’t know if its from the shot but its always in my left arm I had a EMG done and said there’s nothing wrong but the last time they did this test they said its on both sides make up Ur Mine which one is it don’t know what to do can U help me Thaxs

  22. Aaron Reply

    My father had taken androgel for 10+ years and passed away in 2012 from a stroke and also pulmonary embolism. He was an amazing father a great person and also a friend and it hurts me sleeping everyday without him here. Androgel was the main cause of everything during the years he was taking it he started having blood clot which required him open heart surgery which he magically made it out successful and while he continued taking it his leg started swelling the doctor claimed it was carposi sarcoma he had and gave my father kemo therapy shortly after he started having heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary embolism which took away his life. I do not recommend this product to anybody and extremely sad that many people are going through what I had went through.

  23. Mike Reply

    Started taking Axiron in 2012. My testosterone levels were off the chart low. Consulted my doctor who did the testing for low testosterone. I was put on Axiron. My testosterone levels were slowly I’mproving. Nothing seemed wrong and I was happy with the results I was getting. Then in 2013 I suffered a right brain stroke. My family history showed no incidents of stroke. I have been disabled (As proved by my letter from the SS Administration). I have a case filed against the manufacturer of Axiron in Federal Court. My lawyers say it “might” go to trial in 2020. I have decided that even though my quality of life has been ruined that I will live long enough to see justice done. Even though no amount of money will give me back the quality of life I would and should have had.

  24. Mercer Reply

    I am a healthy 58 year old man who eats clean most of the time and works out a lot. As part of my preventative maintenance, in 2008, I had a heart scan done at Emory University. My Farmingham Risk Assessment Score showed only a 3% chance of a cardiac event within the next ten years. After being dispensed Testosterone Cypionate injections from a local men’s clinic for two years, I had a heart attack out of the clear blue in 2014 – a 100% occlusion of the LAD artery and had a stent placed. This happened four days after my last 140mg injection. Everyone remarked, “You’re the LAST person in the world I would ever think would have a heart attack.”

  25. donald Reply

    Took AXIRON for four years. In 2017 had a stroke. My hemocrit went thru the roof. Cut dose in half and it did nothing. AXIRON caused my stroke and this drug should be TAKEN off the market! Wrecked my life on a daily basis.

  26. Bobby Reply

    It wreaked my life to Brother, Heart Attack,quadrupled bypass surgery and now disabled for life . And the laws protect the CEOs of the large drug companies,who should go to prison for concealing the dangers,

  27. Ryan Reply

    I was born in 1978 with undecended testicles and shortly after was diagnosed with hypogonadism. I have hated that fact my whole life, knowing I’ll never be a dad but I have been on testosterone for 40 years and no problems and am very thankful that there is treatment. I do wonder about how it will effect me in the long run.

  28. Storm Reply

    I have been on testosterone injections for 2 years. Im 55 years old and on March 18, 2018 I had a Stroke. The Dr. Who treated me said she was sure it was due to the injections. I wish I never started this type of therapy, but Im fortunate to have lived to see another day. The manufacturers does not mention or tell you the dangers of most these DRUGS. I hope that future Lawsuits stop and bankrupt the companies who only care about GREED and not HUMAN LIFE.

  29. Brad Reply

    I had two strokes in April 2019. The strokes left me unable to work. I almost last my life,and was left with major issues. I was a Police Officer and I loved my career.
    I had been taking testosterone shots for ten years. Not one doctor told me of the risk and side affects. The medical personal just push testosterone without telling the public that there are life changing risk.

  30. Debbie Reply

    My husband was 53 years old and very active walking 6 to 7 miles a day. He starting on cyprionate injections after his family dr said his testosterone level was 1 point from normal range from blood work that was done in September 2018. He took his first injection late September 2018 with shots every other Tuesday with really not much change in feeling tired. Then on December 12 th 2018 was his 5th shot of the 6 series of shots. December 26 th 2018 was the first sign something was definitely wrong. He woke up in the middle of the night from a deep sleep with throbbing pain in his right lower arm below the elbow area. He said it felt like his arm was on fire. On December 27, 28th it came and went and I could not get him to go to the dr. The night of the 28th which was Friday he went all day at work his co workers later told me holding his arm to his side and saying it was hurting so bad it was on fire and was the worst pain he had ever experienced. They threatened to call the ambulance and he told them if they did he would go home. Around 10:00 p.m that evening he went to bed in the spare bedroom saying it was not hurting as bad, hiding it from me as not to have me worry. The early morning hour I went to wake him around 5:45 for work and he was laying on his side with his right arm up to his side with his fist clinch and was deceased. The coroner said he died from a heart attack. His eyes were closed so he went fast without knowing what hit him. I have no doubt what so ever in my mind he had a dvt in his arm from the pain and warmth or heat he was describing to everyone. I without 100 percent of a doubt know that shot killed my husband.

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