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The epilepsy and migraine drug Topamax, which is also available as generic topiramate, has been associated with an increased risk of major birth defects. Research has found higher than expected rates of babies born with cleft lips, cleft palates, genital defects and other birth malformations when the drug is used during pregnancy.

TOPAMAX LAWSUIT STATUS: After a string of court losses, the makers of Topamax agreed to settlements for undisclosed amounts in about 76 Topamax birth defect lawsuits.


MANUFACTURER: Topamax is manufactured by Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Generic Topamax versions have been available since 2006.

OVERVIEW: Topamax (generic topiramate) was first introduced as a medication to treat epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent, uncontrolled seizures. In 2004, the FDA approved Topamax for an additional use of treating migraines, and it has since become one of the most widely prescribed migraine medications in the United States. The drug is also often prescribed off-label to treat bipolar disorder.

TOPAMAX BIRTH DEFECT SIDE EFFECTS: In March 2011, the FDA issued a warning that Topamax side effects may increase the risk of oral cleft birth defects, such as cleft lip and cleft palate, among babies born to mothers who took the drug during the first trimester of pregnancy. As a result of inadequate warnings previously provided, many women were not aware they may be exposing their baby to a potential risk of Topamax birth defects.

The FDA has urged doctors to avoid giving Topamax to pregnant women or women who are of child-bearing age and at a high risk of pregnancy. Alternative epilepsy drugs may not carry the same risk for the unborn child.

In July 2008, a small study published in the medical journal Neurology identified a potential link between the use of Topamax during pregnancy to an increased risk of serious birth defects. Children born to women who used Topamax during pregnancy were found to develop a cleft lip or palate at a rate 11 times hirer than would be expected in the general population. The study also indicated that children exposed to Topamax developed genital defects at a rate 14 times higher than would be expected.

The FDA required new warnings in 2011 after data from the North American Antiepileptic Drug Pregnancy Registry found that children born to mothers who took Topamax during the first trimester of pregnancy experienced an oral cleft about 1.4% of the time, compared to a prevalence rate of between 0.33% and 0.55% associated with other epilepsy drugs.

TOPAMAX CLEFT LIP AND CLEFT PALATE LAWYERS: Potential lawsuits and class action claims are being reviewed by Topamax lawyers as a result of the drug makers’ failure to adequately research their medication or warn about the potential risk of cleft lip or cleft palate when Topamax is used during pregnancy.

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  1. Giovanni Reply

    O yea, I wanted to add that, my neuro told me on my last visit to take a 1000 vitamin D pill everyday because topamax does something to your bone density, weakens your bones or something like that. I was like OMG! Another side effect. This drug is very dangerous and the risks definitely outweigh the benefits. I had 2 healthy babies on topamax, THANKS TO GOD. After reading all of the dangers, Im definitely not having anymore. My nero/gyn sent me to a perinatal place that first put me in counceling to tell me what could possibly happen to the baby because of my meds. They gave me 2D/3D ultrasounds there so that they could better see and detect any malformations that could occur.

  2. Amanda C. Reply

    I suffered from migraines from the time I was thirteen years old, and they plagued me for almost nine years. With these migraines, I would get strange spells where I would sort of space out and just feel like my body was receiving shocks from the inside out. These got worse, and so did the migraines, until I ended up having a gran mal seizure a month after I turned twenty one. I ended up in the hospital with another and was prescribed topamax. I was relieved that finally, all these horrible symptoms would go away! But compared with the hell topamax brought upon me, they were a minor inconvenience.

    I was on 100 mg’s twice a day. I was losing my memory, dry heaving, having difficulty concentrating, losing my hair, getting tingling in all of my limbs… I was born totally blind, so vision changes weren’t a concern for me. But I read braille. Not possible with numb fingers! I was growing agitated, depressed, and several times thought of killing myself. I almost went through with it one time and have my best friend and my boyfriend to thank for saving my life. I lost about forty pounds, too and clothes I wore in my freshman year of high school were too big for me. I was hungry all the time, yet ironically, the very thought of food made me ill. Parts of that time period are hazy to me, like part of my memory was rubbed out. I could not sleep, I got shaky, and with all this, my parents wouldn’t believe me… I felt so alone! Oh and guess what? My seizures came back! The doc’s plan? Increase the dose of this poison I was on. I wasn’t going to have it! I was in the middle of college, this stuff was messing everything up, and I wanted off. The doc wouldn’t take me off. Instead she wanted to prescribe more medications to handle the symptoms I was experiencing. She had the audacity to tell me it was all in my mind!

    In order to get off of this stuff, I had to threaten her. I told her I would find another doctor and she would lose my business. I was promptly weened off and put on Lamictal, which has worked wonders for me. People, if you are taking this stuff, get off! Do whatever you must, but get off! Because it could ruin your life… it almost ruined mine. I would rather have dealt with anything but this crap! It needs to be taken off the market, and soon! And if there is an active petition for this anywhere, let me know, because I, and the people I love, will happily slap our names on it!

  3. lady fern Reply

    I was only on topiramate for three days…worst three days of my life.I was put on topiramate b/c of migraines, 3-4 per week. I was told that there might be some tingling in hands and feet and slight mental confusion, to drink lots of water b/c of possibility of kidney stones. That’s it. Within two days I had the worst bilateral headache of my life, painful and red swollen eyes, and it felt as though someone had jabbed a thick rod from mid-back up through my neck and into my head. I lost the use of my right hand and my right foot would not set flat onto the floor, and I couldn’t talk, only yell simple sentences. It was as though the verbal connection in my brain had just snapped. I wanted to be dead, and right now.

    When I called the doc’s office I was told to go to the emergency room not because of the other symptoms, but because I was ‘suicidal’ — The words I used were, “I want to be dead,” not that I wanted to kill myself. When I read the phone report a few days later, it was written as though what I was saying was not to be believed, not that I’d had a reaction to the medication. The information I asked to be relayed to the doctor had not been relayed.

    I stopped taking the medication (that much the doc’s office agreed with.) My PCP scolded me for my attitude (two days later and still wanting to be dead, major headache, depression, etc.) It took two weeks to begin to feel normal again. Interestingly enough — I didn’t have a migraine for three weeks. I am not going to risk mania and suicide even to get rid of migraines. As a writer, artist, and public speaker I cannot risk loss of my hands, word retrieval, or speech. Which makes me wonder why my doc thought that paresthesia would be okay, even for a few months. There is a difference (to those of you who think that knowing about the symptoms is all one needs to know) between tingling fingers to someone who does one kind of work, and loss of use of one’s hands in someone that does tactile work. (Bet a neurosurgeon wouldn’t risk that, right?) A living is a living.

    I read all of the comments here and it’s interesting to note that the people who fared best oveall were not people with seizures or migraines. They also seem to be very judgmental (or is that unrecognized cognitive impairment also?) And that’s the problem that is posed for anyone who takes a medication that can cause memory loss and/or confusion, depression, etc. People whose cognition is severly affected by this or any medication very often is not aware of what is happening or how to describe it until it is too late. Because this medication also can interfere with verbal response, effective communication can be next to impossible, and with the surge in immediate dispensing of SSRI’s when anyone expresses that they feel apathy/depression, the patient is often patronized – damned for being mentally unbalanced when the drug may be causing that. (So, Jacob, I have experienced what you have in that regard –in some circles the treatment you got is considered emotional abuse.) Even if someone were mentally ill, that is NO reason to not entertain what they are saying.

    It’s nice to say, too, to take charge of one’s health and medical care, but some people are very limited as to their choices, and in some places, medical appoitnments with neurologists are difficult to get. In my area, the neuros take zero self-referrals and the docs play for about 3-5 years with their own ideas before referring — that’s the way it is.

  4. Terri Reply

    I was given the topomax for two years,
    I had many seizures, headaches,confusion, unable to work for that amount of time.
    My emotions went down hill, depression etc.
    I did not leave my house do to fear of another seizure, no walks outside etc.
    For two years my family Dr and Neurologist fought about what was wrong with me,til finally the Neuro, said it was side affects do to the topomax I was taken.

  5. Kiesten Reply

    I think Topamax should not be allowed as an off label drug. Recently I took my son 13 years old to an accupuncturist who also happens to be a doctor for a weight loss programme. The doctor said in conjunction with the accupuncture my son would have to take Topamax, Lasix, Recreate and Oxy Elite. Seeing that the doctor was treating hundreds of people I thought the tablets must be okay (and after all he was a doctor). To cut a long story short my son became very ill sweating, shaking, he suffered memory loss, he was frightened to sleep because he thought he was going to die. Even though I told the doctor of the side effects he insisted we continued the medication and told us the symptoms were from something else.I believed him after all our aim was to lose weight and “you trust your doctor”!Finally I consulted our pediatrician who told me we have to stop the medication but gradually over a period of time as stopping immediately could be dangerous. Thank goodness my son is okay now._I feel like an idiot for allowing him to take this medication in the first place but as I said “you trust your doctor” . Since then a lot of people have come forward complaining about this doctor and the side effects they were having because of the medication. Including car accidents, suicidal thoughts, memory loss. This doctor gave Topamax to all his patients up to 800mg daily. So incase there are unethical doctors around poisoning vunerable people for the love of money, Being allowed to prescribe Topamax as an “off label” drug is like having a licence to kill.

  6. Laura Reply

    my husband had a carotid artery dissection and was on topomax for years … after being on the medication for about 6 years — it literally drove him to be a different person …. he had mood swings, began getting migraines, had memory loss, weight loss, depression …. this drug is HORRID!

  7. Amy Reply

    I have been taking topamax for about 12 years. On January 5, 2012 a kidney stone was surgically removed. There is also other damage to my kidneys which would be hard to because I also have been taking lithium since 1976. Lithium has never caused me the problems that topamax has. I am angry. Now the psychiatrist wants me to stay on it until she reviews the medical records but that is over my dead body. So now I no medication for my bipolar condition because I won’t take the chance of further ruining my kidneys. The medical doctors said quit taking topamax because that medication was the culprit.

  8. Mike Reply

    There is not enough Proof YET to support any wrong doing and the studies don’t support the multiple claims of harm done by the drug.
    I came to this site because after a year of Topamax my biggest concern has been two things that I have noticed. #1 My vision has gradually begun to deteriorate to such a degree I need glasses all the time. #2 My memory/problem solving has been affected to such a degree I am alarmed.
    As for the vision, at first I thought it was my age…43 Then I thought it was my diet…I started juicing and drinking a lot of carrot juice. I have an inversion table. When I would invert I noticed it felt like my head was about to explode behind my eyes but I thought again, it was my age and I needed to watch my bloodpressure. My Neurologist told me the only side effect I needed to worry about was kidney stones. I took the drug for moderate intention tremor and it did help. The occasionally migraine was non existent. Sure I had tingling in my feet, soda tasted weird and I dropped weight from 145 to 130 but I shook less. Shaking less was better than the brain surgery for a deep brain stimulator implant. My body has already rejected three implants with severe infections in less important areas than my brain.
    I went back to the neurologist. He wanted to titrate me up to 200 mg but I told him the drug severely affected my depression the further up in dose I went. He didnt listen to me but I knew I better watch the depression so against his advice I stayed on 100 mg. I kept my dose at 50 mg at breakfast and 50mg at lunch so I could work through the day without shaking so much.
    The vision issue has gotten progressively worse. Concentrating at work has been hard and getting harder and memory/problem solving is not what it should be. I thought it was because I was getting older. I was diagnosed with ADD so I thought it was the ADD getting the better of me. Finally, I was so alarmed I decided to do a search on the internet of my medicines to see what in the world could be causing the vision and memory problems. Nothing came up and I had been on my other medicines for years…The only thing that has changed in the last year along with my vision and memory is that I have been on Topamax. I am a health care professional. I know that side effects are rare. I know you can read a list of them and then think…yeah, I need to watch out for that and before you know it there is a psychosomatic problem that was there just by suggestion. I didn’t know about the vision or memory issues but now that more people are taking the drug there has got to be more proof of the damage this drug is causing. I was fine with the tingling, soda’s tasting bad, weight loss…just annoying. However, I don’t know if my vision or memory will ever be the same. If this drug causes this type of damage then there should be studies to support it. I can’t find any at this time and there is no class action lawsuit for this drug for the reasons people have stated. I have an appointment with the neurologist and my general healthcare practitioner.

  9. Ellie Reply

    I am on 50mgs.of Topamax,25 in the morning&25 at night.I was prescribed topamax for stress related siezures.I did have a few side effects but they are gone.This medicine has worked wonders for me&I wouldn’t want it taken off the market,I haven’t had a siezure since I’ve been on this medicine.

  10. Ellie Reply

    Even though Topamax has worked wonders for me,I do have a great deal of sympathy for those who hav!e had problems with it

  11. Anton Reply

    I don’t take the exact version of Topamax, I take the generic version Topiramate and it is 100 MG each night. I had been suffering from killer headaches all the time and went in for an MRI. The Doc gave me the results and I have a slight slope on the cerebellum which is a small case of Chiari Malformation, but not enough to result in surgery. I have no blockage of fluid so there is no harm of the slope. It could have just been a birth defect. I will be going back in February to see if any change has occurred in the slope. When going up I played physical sports and got pretty dinged up in hockey never got checked for concussions. I use to complain alot about small headaches and just took advil, I also had a pretty decent car accident and hit the head off the steering wheel and got cut open, but the doc never have me a concussion test so I do not know if the head aches or migraines today are caused from the slope from the chiari malformation or some form of a post concussion type syndrome effect. They say after one year of post concussion if it does not go away it will just last forever with lingering effects. Sorry for the long story, but the Topirmate has been a savior for me and I also have to take Meclizine for my motion sickness that I get which makes me think that most of my headaches could have been caused from a post concussion since they where like a nausea type feeling. As far as the blurred vision goes, I did get a blurred vision, but I thought it was because of my old motion sickness patch I was taking. I have 20/20 vision and have been taking the meds for a year. As soon as I stopped taking the motion sickness patch behind my ear the vision problems went away. I have not lost any weight, as a matter of fact I think I am gaining weight because I work on the road a lot as a service technician and have no problems with this pill. I have really not had a set back with this med and its been okay for me since taking it. The only time I really get an extremely bad headache is if I am sick which is rare.

  12. Elizabeth Reply

    I think this medication needs to be pulled from the market, it has serious side effects that people with migraines are not told about.

  13. Elizabeth Reply

    I need help…this medication has destroyed my life.

  14. Anita Reply

    My 18 year old daughter was given Topamax for migraines. She was on the medication for (25mg) 1 week and then 50mg for the next week. Her hands started to shake and the doctor said to step back to 25mg. The third week she started to get diahrrea and loss of appetite. I immediately called doctor and told her that she was not taking the drug any longer!!! It has been two weeks since stopping the drug and still waiting for appetite to return to normal. Please do not take this drug without knowing all the side effects FIRST!

  15. Kimber Reply

    Topamax has been a LIFE-SAVER for me. It has pharmaceutically “fixed” my suffering of painful, debillatating, chronic cluster migraines that lasted for 30 days or longer.

    Yes, I do miss words when I speak and type. Sometimes, I cannot remember where I left my car keys. I have to make sure I drink enough water daily. It’s ALL worth it to me.

    Oh….and I have not lost a pound – the one side-effect I WISH I had!

    I’m so sorry for all of you who have had such a negative experience. That’s not fair nor do you deserve to suffer by something your taking to provide you with solace.

    But, for me, it’s been a very positive, life saving drug.

  16. Pamela Reply

    I took Topamax in 2006-2007 for 10 months and throughout that time my migraines stopped. The longer I was on this medication the more I noticed a lot of changes in myself such as confusion, loss for words, stuttering, short term memory loss, horrible trouble concentration, numbness in fingers and arms, hair loss, my eye sight had changed and a strong pressure behind my eyes. My Doctor told me that she was concerned about the pressure behind my eyes and took me off of Topamax. She said that Topamax could cause glaucoma in some patients. I feel that this information was 10 months too late and that I would have liked to been told that before I even took the first pill. In the past 5 years, I have not had as many migraines however, I still have most of these side effects. The concentration and confusion is the hardest to live with. I was taking college courses during this time and I noticed a huge change in my study habits, tests, and ability to learn. Recently I took a few more classes and realized I had the same problems. It would be different if my career choice was not working with the public. I went to school for xray and mammography, this is not a job where I can fall short, be forgetful, or not be able to explain the exams to my patients because I can’t get my thoughts together. In the evening when I’m tired, my speech gets worse. I find myself giving up on any conversations because everything I say gets jumbled up as it comes out of my mouth. When I’m trying to say one word something else comes out and it becomes very frustrating not only for me but for the people that I’m speaking to. In a house where I lived for 12 years, I would open a door to go into the bathroom but open up the closet door across from the bathroom instead.
    These are just a few examples of the many things that I live with everyday. If I had known that I would have all of these side effects and that they would stay with me forever, I would have never taken it.

  17. erin Reply

    I’ve taken Topamax for migraines since it came onto the market. It has been the only effective medication. My only issue has been quite a few kidney stones.

  18. Rachel Reply

    I have been on topamx for 2 almost 3 years now and I am getting tottally scared about the side effects I am having. Let me first start out by saying I thought this drug was a miricle drug because for years and years I have suffered from migraines and tried every drug and none of them worked for me so when I came across Topamax I was so excited it took awhile for it to work I had to keep raising the dose until I am now steady at 200mg a day. I had severe side effects well one that i liked lost 30lbs but the ones that was not so pleasent is the memory loss words jumbling and mumbling together forgeting where I was in a conversation. My husband actually asked me if I was on drugs illegal drugs which I have never touched inmy life and was very offending to me.. I was on the prescribed drug Topamax. I had the numbing and tingling in my hands and feet that yes eventually went away after months of taking topamax but I want having a migraine. Through all of this I tried to stay positive with all the negative side effects and body changing things that were happeningto me hair loss was another one my hair would come out in hand fulls. It has now stabilized the side effects seemed to mellow (tingling,memory loss the smaller stuff) my aches in all my joints and wrists keep getting worse I can barely even walk some days I am 32 years old.Reading all these post I feel I have found the cause of all my problems I am going to stop Topamax and deal with my Migraines before I can not walk any more. I am going to have tests done on my muscles and bone density to see what the damage is users BEWARE! Now to begin getting off topamax wish me luck..

  19. John Reply

    my wife was given topamax for back pain.she had memory loss could not concentrate trouble walking stuttered and other problems.she was at work (in the medical field).they took her to a conselor they should have taken her to the hospital.she almost lost her job while on the medication she leftme.i was so despondent i tryed to commet suicide.i lost the dog (who was 12yrs.old)that used to be my work partner.thank god she is off the topamax now.she still has some side effects but we are back together.despite losing our home because of all that happened.

  20. Sheri Reply

    I went off Topamax, which I was taking for depression along with Wellbutrin XL. I had been on the Wellbutrin for many years and continue it and have never had a problem with it so I know my symptoms aren’t from that. I started gettting carsick about 1-2 weeks after stopping Topamax and I was the one driving! I had to pull over and get sick and then almost passed out. I knew I couldn’t drive and by the time my husband and son came to pick me up I was having some numbness in on my right side. My brother had just had a stroke less than a year ago and I was so worried this was what was happening. My husband took me to the ER. They kept me overnite and did every test you can imagina, CT, EKG, MRI, MRA , and a whole list of bloodwork. They could’nt find a thing. They ended up diagnosing it as a complex migraine. I now know after going to the ear, nose , and throat doc, that you don’t need a headache to get a migraine. He diagnosed me with vertigo. When I asked him if the Topamax could’ve caused this he said, “yes”. I already knew the hairloss I suffered was from it after reading other online talk about Topamax and now reading all of this(which I couldn’t believe the number of responses!) I know now why I drove threw a redlight and then went to the store and left my car running and went to go in . Luckily my daughter was with me and asking what was wrong with me. My memory got increasingly worse. I would stop midsentence and forget what I was saying and couldn’t think of the dumbest words. Now after being off of it for about a month and a half I am getting these dizzy spells and not always the headache that goes along with the migraine. Jus the not being able to focus. My hands get incredibly shakey and I overall am not with it. I don’t feel like myself anymore and after readign this I have cried all morning. I just started a new job and yesterday was the worst. First I babbled on the phone trying to take an appointment. My boss was watching me and I know he thinks I’m a complete idiot. I know I keep asking the same questions repeatedly and I can’t seem to grasp what people say to me . It’s like the information going into my brain is delayed so I’m concentrating so hard to hear them and then I miss parts and have to ask them what they said again, not just my boss , everyone. It’s a dog grooming business and there are at times 9-10 people working a small area. It’s extremely loud with the dryers and I broke out in a terrible sweat , and had the worst anxiety. My hands were shaking so badly I couldn’t hardly write down an appt. Someone was watching that too. I know as soon as I left everyone was probably talking about me. I know I would. I just started a week ago and I’m having such ahard time I want to quit. I don’t think it’s safe for the dogs and it just seems to get wore everyday that I’m there and I’ve only really worked 6 days in the 2 weeks. I feel awful because the managers are very nice and I’m so embarrassed to call up and quit but I don’t see how I can do it. The feeling of dread everytime I think about it is overwhelming. I also have terrible insomnia, worse although I had it on Topamax, since I’ve gone off. I called my doctors office today and asked if they could possibly write a note or letter . Anything to explain to them that this isn’t something I’m making up. I will ask them if they noticed that I was “off”. I’m just dreading the phone call. I can imagine how much I’ll stammer and forget to say. I honestly can’t believe this drug is still out there. For those of you who have had good experiences great. Mind you I was on it for a few weeks before I started having symptoms and when I lost a third of my hair in a 2 week spand I freaked ! What I’m seeing here though , the people with devastating and long lasting if not forever effects , far outweigh the positive responses. For those of you who lost someone from Topamax I am so terribly sorry for your loss. It seems like with all of this evidence (look at far back these comments started!) they would stop making it. I’m all for a lawsuit. Just waiting to hear about it.

  21. Leah Reply

    I started taking topamax in December 2011 bc of migraines & seizures. I started out w/50mg twice daily. This was an added medication to the long list of 6 others I was taking. I have Chiari 1 Malformation, seizures & Fibromyalgia.. Before topamax all my medications was fine no problems. Within 3 weeks if starting topamax I could no longer speak a sentence, could barely walk, vision jumped and could no longer remember how to spell simple words. I went from a person who missed maybe 3 days a year from work from being sick to being off work for a month & a half. My doctor would not admit to this medication being the problem so I contacted my pharmacy & told me there was a reaction & stop taking it immediately. I stopped taking it & several other of my meds that could possibly react with it a month ago. I’m still not back to work, still studder, problems walking some days & still shake. So now tomorrow I go for a brain & spine MRI because doctor now thinks its something else. But since I’ve stopped the meds I’ve slowly started to get better. I mean somewhat healthy one minute to someone who appears to have a stroke the next. Come on I took those other meds far to long & no problems. Take topamax & within 3 weeks I appear to have a stroke. Not saying for sure but will now more tomorrow.

  22. Keesha Reply

    I took Topamax for aproximately 3-4 months. The side effects were horrible! I have been off the medication for years, but still suffer memory loss, trouble with concentration, vision blurriness. Prior to taking Topamax, I never had these issues. I work for a university and literally have to write down anything to remember it. Somedays, I think my husband thinks that I am lying about not remembering conversations we have. I have trouble remembering the lyrics to a song on the radio, wat words to use in constructing a sentence and even remembering someone’s name. There are times when I will just break down and cry in frustration. It is depressing to know that you are not the same intelligent, vibrant young woman you were before taking Topamax. I am 32 years old with the memory and attention span of a 3 yr old. It’s incredibly frustrating. I am so glad to have found this page! Thank you all for sharing your stories. It is helpful for me to know that I’m not crazy and that I’m not just making this all up. I sncerely hope that we can all overcome the damage this horribly dangerous drug has done to us.

  23. Sandra Reply

    I’m sorry for the people that have had such awful experiences with Topamax (topirimate), but you can’t put all the blame on the drug maker, and/or the doctor.

    When you were prescribed Topamax did you fill your rx at a pharmacy? Sure you did. Yes, some of you were given samples, to slowly titrate you up to your targeted therapeutic dose. In that sample pack would be a list of the most serious side effects, and what to do in regards to each side effect (ex: parastethesis, blurred vision, heart burn, etc.). Did you read the paperwork with the samples?

    Eventually, everyone would get their prescription filled at a pharmacy. When you picked up that rx, you are asked if the medication you’re picking up IS NEW, or if you have any QUESTIONS for the PHARMACIST. You sure as heck better have said yes. That’s when the Pharmacist tells you allll about the side effects, especially the increase in IOP, AND suicidal thoughts. The Pharmacist is the one who knows all about medications, not the doctor.
    It is your responsibility to educate yourself about the medications you put in your body. When you pick up your medications, if it’s new, you sign a document stating you’ve been offered counseling and understand this is a new drug; you will also most likely sign something in regards to HIPPA.
    If you get your meds through a mailorder pharmacy, depending on the pharmacy, you will either get a drug printout for each and every drug you get, regardless if it’s new or not, or you’ll get a phone call, in addition to the printout.

    It irritates me when people say “the doctor didn’t tell me all the side effects”. It’s not your doctors job to know allll the side effects, the drug interactions, dosage forms, of a drug. It’s the Pharmacist’s, but it’s your responsibility to educate yourself about a drug before putting it in your body. No one can do that for you, except under very restricted circumstances and I don’t think we are talking about those.

    I just have to add, in regards to vision disturbances, vision changes, and vision changes. THESE ARE ALL SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS AND YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR PHARMACIST IMMEDIATELY.
    Topamax can cause an increase in your InterOccular Pressure, also known as IOP. When your IOP is greatly increased, is is called Glaucoma. It is recommended to get an eye exam, and have your IOP checked BEFORE, or at your last eye exam, so you have a baseline IOP, before starting Topamax.
    At the first sign of any VISION DISTURBANCE, you should be calling your PHARMACIST. Your PHARMACIST can safely recommend a decreasing titration schedule for you, if you need to come off of Topamax. You should NOT just stop taking Topamax (topirimate). It’s like many, many other drugs in that you have to slowly work up to a therapeutic dose, and you have to slowly work down from the therapeutic dose.

    I’ve been on Topamax for over 12 years. In the beginning I had parastethesis and trouble with word recall and my head was in a fog. Considering I was taking it for migraines, I was okay trading the head fog/word recall for a migraine free life. I also lost 50lbs in a year.

    I’m now migraine free and the happiest I’ve ever been. I see no reason to get off Topamax.

  24. adriane Reply

    Was on topamax and was told by the doctors i need this dont even suffer from seizures. took 2 years out of my life couldnt function was very depressed. saw a new doctor and the doctor said why are you on this took me off feeling better but now have to try to do small steps from being out of the world its hard to get back into it. dont reccomend topamax felt like i was going to die.

  25. Ashala Reply

    I took topamax for 10 years at a dosage of 200mg a day. . . whilst i was on it – i can only say great things. .

    yes i did occasionally have tingling sensations – and i lost a phenomenal amount of weight. . .(although it piles back on when you stop nearly as fast as it came off). ..

    but I want to know if anyone came off topamax and had problems getting pregnant . I’ve been trying for 2 years now – even with the help of IVF. . and i’m concerned that this drug caused major issues 🙁

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  26. Ryan Reply

    Share information Well I been on this drug for over three years and I went from 180 to 132 and I thought it was great until my doses was increased and within six months had many side effects I had eye pain and redness and when I finally went to the eye doctor my presser was 28/29 and with the high amount of this drug I have acne which I had been clear since I was a teen also in this time period is when I lost the most weight
    about one year after taking this drug also had gailstones

    For me this drug was use to treat migraine and I was not told about the side effects I would have not known about the side effect until this week when I went to the company website and saw all the warning about the drug .
    you wish to be published on this page…

  27. Smith. K Reply

    I have been on it for two doses. You have all given me good reason to question my choice if not stop. I wonder if I can just stop taking it..

  28. Max Reply

    To SANDRA (from feb)

    you are sorely misguided in your beliefs about who to place responsibility in. you, it seems, have not faced many seriously adverse side effects from topamax or else, I strongly believe, your story would be different.

    What I believe you fail to consider is that the doctors and manufacturers who dispense topamax are on the supply of supply and demand. They are just trying to push a product with the least amount of possible damage. Contrary to what you say, doctors should know what all the possible side effects are of any drug they are prescribing. I mean, come on, are you kidding me? A doctor is supposed to know what the ramifications of their treatments are so they can handle their cases responsibly. You utterly speak nonsense. You’re clearly in your own little world.

    I suffer from bipolar I and am really overweight. My psychiatrist prescribed to me topamax, saying it would work wonders for me. He downplayed the side effects, saying I would most likely experience weight loss, tingling, and other insignificant common side effects. He also said I should drink more water. I went to pharmacist with no real concerns; I asked if I should change my diet or take any precautions; I was just told to drink more water. I checked out the side effects on the information sheet of the medication sheet and was pretty concerned but I TRUSTED my psychiatrist. After all, I thought, HE’S THE EXPERT, I’M NOT. 200mg. After 2 weeks, I was no longer manic, or my mania was subsiding. I began to feel very strange though, it’s almost indescribable. I began reflecting upon my whole life (I’m 23). I began to have new perspectives on my life, like I was waking up from some deep slumber. I began becoming severely depressed after sometime, a month or so. I continued taking topamax because I felt that I would rather be depressed than manic, having barely controlled my mania.
    Anyway, this whole time I had been taking abilify at 5 mg. my psych decided that topamax was good enough to handle my mania, so he decided to take me off abilify and suggested I monitor my mood and increase my topamax accordingly. Long story sort: I increased my dosage because I was becoming manic again and this triggered a very severe depression. I became suicidal, planned out how I was going to commit suicide, I have been having personality/identity issues since I started this drug and now I feel so flat and detached from my emotions that I’m terrified of continuing another day off treatment. I feel so blank and out of touch with myself, almost like spock from star trek.

    What angers me the most is how my psychiatrist treated this drug so so lightly despite indicating to me that it is causing severe depression. I am also extremely upset at the way that he downplayed the side effects and I’m extremely upset by his treatment adminstration. He is very disconnected from me.

  29. Brenda Reply

    I only took Topamax for 7 months for migrianes. During that time, I would suffer from restlessness, disorientation, confusion, fatigue, short term memory loss, shakiness in my arms and hands, felt as though my skin was crawling or better to describe, falling off my body, twitching, altered taste of everything that i ate or drank. I never suffered weight loss, I accually gained 40 pounds in two months while taking this medication. I was also perscribed Zoloft for depression during this time, in turned caused my depreesion to worsten significately. I told my doctor off this and she told me to continue taking the medication. That the side affects would wear off. I almost wrecked my car due to complete disorientation while driving. I felt lost in a place i was familiar with. I have been off the medication for 4 months now and I still suffer from short term memory loss all the time. I’ll forget myself in the middle of a conversation. This is difficult when you have kids and you can’t remember what was talked about 30 minutes after something was discussed. I also don’t sleep well. I don’t think there is anything I can do about it that would fix this problem. My doctor has now moved. I don’t wish to go back to a doctor for this problem because I live on base and military doctors will only give you 15 minutes of their time, so I don’t feel like they care or are reaaly listening to what your saying. They just dimissed the first time.

  30. April Reply

    I was on topamax for my migraine/cluster migraine for only a week and a half. I’m a mother with 7 childern in my home in which my husband was deployed.The unthinkable happened. I lost my sight. I couldn’t see hardly anything. Looked like I was in the middle of a heavy cloud and could only see color blob. I had severe eye pain, lost weight, had dizzy near fainting spells and depression. The drug had induced me into glaucoma in both eyes.
    This drug has effected me in more ways than one. The drug had taken important moments in my life that I will never get back. I lost my sight a day before my husband came back from a year long deployment. I was not able to go to the welcome ceremony. Lord only knows how excited I was about going. My husband had to meet me in the ER the day of his return. Then my grandfather passed away the following day. I was not able to attend the funeral being that I couldn’t see I couldn’t fly.

  31. Ashley Reply

    At first I had the weight lose like everyone, then the memory lose, it was just like grasping at straws and then people thought i was ditzy, the tingling came, the worst part would be about 3-4 ago when I woke up to sever pain in my side. I had to rush myself to the ER to find out that I had 6 kidney stones, I the water drinker has kidney stones. As of today I am researching this wonderful medicine that I was put on for my Bipolor 1, migraines and to help with my weight (which I have put some if not all back on) that is causing me to loose my right kidney. My kidney stone count is now up to 10, #6 of the original is causing a blockage because it is so large it is joined by one more and I have 3 more in my left kidney.

  32. Tesha Reply

    Share information you wish to be published on this page.. I have a question for the topamx users. I was on topamax for 9 years, although migrane free and other issues, my main issue was my sex drive. I have no sex drive anymore. I have been off topamax for 4 years now and still have no desire. Has anyone else experienced this? After getting off topamax my migranes continued, until one day we had a guest speaker at work, it was a chiropractor. At first I was sceptical but I have been migrane free now for 2 1/2 years it is wonderful. I still have no sex drive, also have tendinitus in the elbow, but the suicidal thoughts and severe fatigue have gone away.

  33. Natasha Reply

    It’s not your doctor’s job to know the side effects? Is this person serious? In fact, most pharmacists do not tell you anything, and when I’ve asked about or reported my side effects, I was told to call my doctor because they could not give advice regarding my medication. Doctors also routinely ignore concerns or complaints regarding side effects because they receive kick backs from pharmaceutical companies. I have also asked and been lied to by physicians, or told those side effects never happen or are not permanent.

    I am on this board because I stopped taking Topamax over 2 years ago and have not seen an improvement in the cognitive impairments that I experienced almost immediately after taking Topamax. The hand tingling and funny tastes subsided; the worrisome side effect is apparently, permanent. I am 26 and cannot remember anything for more than 75 seconds. I mix up words. My reflexes, which used to be lightening sharp, are non-existent. I used to consider testing for MENSA (I know that sounds inflated), and my academic record and abilities seemed to support my own considerations; now I sometimes have trouble formulating sentences that are clear and concise due to confusion and forgetting words. I fumble when I speak, and I find myself having to look up words that were in my regular vocabulary. I just feel slow, and my intellect was one of my greatest and most treasured assets.

    Topamax isn’t the only drug I’ve experienced devastating side-effects with. The FDA is a joke; they are bought and paid for by companies like Johnson and Johnson, and most doctors are their puppets for 2 reasons:
    1. Most people in this country become medical professionals for profit, rather than out of compassion. Shelling out RXs like candy is very profitable, and minimally time consuming. They can get kickbacks for prescribing 100 medications a day, instead of treating 8 people a day for only 100 a pop.
    2. Even the legitimate, well-intentioned doctors have hundreds of thousands of school loans to pay off, and simply being a doctor is not as profitable as one would think if you’re not part of what I described above.

    Of course, there are legitimate reasons for prescribing and taking medication, but the benefits should outweigh the risks and some things are just not suitable for market. No, non life threatening illness would be worth the side effects I’ve experienced. To top it all off, while I do suffer from pre-menstrual related migraines, I was prescribed both drugs that caused such horrible effects for a different illness, and it turned out to be a misdiagnosis (I was diagnosed and medicated after only 10 minutes). I have approached lawyers, but have never heard back.

    I am just grateful my experiences were nowhere near as bad as some of the others I have read.

  34. Melonie Reply

    They do need to look into another type of suit becouse eventhough im still on my topamax I want off but last time I went off I got put in the hospital my nuro says I need it now I am waiting to go to the mayo clinic for nurolagy to see if they can help me becouse on this med im either goi.g to hurt myself or my neighbors becouse I cant remember the littlest things lie turning off the stove burner after cooking and dont know how many times my husband has come home to a apartment filled with smoke and then I get into thi$ fog and just walk ou in frount of cars becouse I cant think ive taken more of my morphin then im supossed to becouse I cant remeber if I took it ive loss weight I like that but I dont like not being me ive told my doc but he just thinks its my psuedotumor cerbri but no this started with the topamx we all need to take a stand lets get our lives back we have the right and hopfully some lawyer will see that its not just harmful to pregnant women and babys this med is dangeres to all

  35. Taren Reply

    I’ve been off topamax for 4 months now after being on it for 5 years at various dosages from 50-400mg. I had all the side effects posted, the worst being the constant state of derealization that still hasn’t really left me. I relate to so many of these posts, especially Natasha, I still haven’t recovered all of my cognitive abilities. It’s so frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be any awareness from the doctors about long-term effects. I feel like such a different person after going on Topamax. Did anyone else experience increased depression and suicidal thoughts from coming off?

  36. Renee Reply

    I’ve been on Topamax for about 5 years, prescribed for mood disorder in combination to treat depression. It was a miracle drug for me at first. Amazing!!

    But after the generic came out (topirimate ? spelling) I started having problems which I did not directly relate to the medication at first. These included:
    Tingling in arms, hands
    Crawly skin feeling in legs and all over body
    Itchy skin (especially head)
    Hair loss (now at about 75% hair loss) — still going!!!
    Skin has become very dry
    Increased depression and suicidal ideation
    Weight loss
    Anorexia, no interest in food 9/10 days
    Forgetfullness, word finding problems
    Feel like I’m losing my mind
    The more reading I’ve done the more I realize my symptoms were side effects of the GENERIC Topamax. On the real Topamax, I did fine, felt fine: no headaches, no side effects to speak of. But the generic is POISON. I’m going to see a Neurologist to find a new migraine med (I’ve heard Zonegran is good) and get off this poison before it kills me.

    Oh and I forgot to mention, my special gift, of 6 kidney stones!!! Which the ER doctor said, “ah, of course, everyone knows Topamax causes kidney stones!!” Well, I didn’t know then, but I sure do now.

  37. Sherry Reply

    I was put on Topamax by my Doctor for my migrraines, I have lost almost all my hair and have memory lost, please people try a different drug before letting your doctor putting you on this drug, I used to have long curly thick hair, now it is very brittle, thin and will hardly grow, and still have memory loss, also have the shakes in my hands know.

  38. Amy Reply

    I was put on Topamax 3 years ago for my migraines. I noticed immediately a change in me. I had trouble remembering things and developed insomnia. I have been off it for about a year. I still have memory loss. My mind feels it’s like in a fog every day. I wouldn’t recommend using unless absolutely necessary. Seems the memory loss is permanent.

  39. Sharon Reply

    This is the worse medication I have ever been on. The parnoia and forgetting is the worse. I believe forgetting is one of the worse because you can’t remember to even tell your doctor about all your problems and you can’t remember what the side effects are. I don’t know about you but my pharmacy after I’ve gotten the first script they no longer include the list of side effects. I started out on 25mg twice a day. I was on that dose for two months. After the first month I told my nuro I’m having really bad panic attacks he assured me the topirmate would ease them and it hasn’t had a chance to work. The second monthly visit I told him I couldn’t concentrate on anything and was having a hard time remembering stuff, simple stuff. (I drove the the grocery store and just sat in the car couldn’t remember what I was doing. I forgot words. I forgot how to spell words I once used daily I even forgot to pay my bills and I never forget to pay my bills. I have rental property I forgot to cash the rent check had it for almost a month when I finally remembered. Who in the hell forgets they have a check to cash?!?! That was a first for me. As every one mentioned I was in a fog too. Felt like I was going crazy out of control. I couldn’t even concentrade on helping my oldest with her college applications. That upset me the most like I was failing as a mother and couldn’t do anything about it but feel helpless I told the nuro this.) He said that was a cause from my migraines and lets up your dosage “Now you can loose weight!!!” I told him I thought it was this medication he just kept saying no its your migraines causing these problems. He was really trying to sell this drug really makes me think he’s getting paid. The third day of me taking 50mg twice a day I thought I was having a stroke. On the second night I laid in bed and smelled burnt toast got up to check and see what my kids had done. Nothing. Went to work the third day. In the A.M. I seen a black spot move quickly across the floor in my office. I stared at it plain as day like WTF?!?! So I ignore it. Then later on I smell the burnt toast again. I am in a construction site trailer, I’m a government contractor. I share the trailer with only two other people. So I ask them if the burnt anything or if they smelled it. They respond with no, no one had cooked anything and they didn’t smell anything. There also was a time I came home and thought my house stank made my kids clean up I’m talking scrub the trash can. The entire time their telling me I need to get my nose checked. Makes me think it never stunk. Anyways, later that night on the third night laying in bed my vision became jiggly. That freaked me out bad. Earlier that day I did call my nuro I left a message with the staff of my symptons. He never called me back that night. I called the ER spoke with a nurse who told me I should stop taking the medication. I was scared to just stop I didn’t know how the side effects would hurt me from stopping and not weaning off. Next day I was still not right. I didn’t take my dose that night. I did take a 25mg in the morning that originally I was not going to take but had called the nuro office again and spoke with the staff person and I told them I stopped taking the medication she said “Oh, I wouldn’t do that.” so I took the 25 mg cause I was scared to take it and I was scared not to take it. I never spoke with the nuro doc cause he never called me back. I continued to have jiggly eyes and I had pain in my muscles on my left side my left arm and my left leg. There were so many problems. I made an apt with my primary doc when she came in the room I just started balling (crying) I told her I felt crazy and told her all my problems. She thought it was the medication too but sent me for blood work to check me for a chemical imbalance. She had told me to take one bill everyday for a week and then go to one bill every other day for a week and the one bill every other two days for a week then everyother 3 days for a week then to quite. She also tried to call my nuro no luck. Later that day he had a staff member call me to tell me to quite taking the medication all together. He’s a real pos he should have called me the first day I called him. I’m sure he was hoping I’d keep taking the meds and the side effects would fade because when I first started on the 25mg twice a day I called him about my lips going numb he didn’t bother to call me back till a week later on that one and that side effect had pretty much faded. Later I started having the shakes I went to the ER the doctor told me he thought I had a stroke with all my side effects. Came back normal. The doctor told me to get stay off meds and get the chemical imbalance test and told me if its normal to seek pysceatric help. He thought I was fucking crazy but so did I in away. I told my primary I feel crazy but I know I’m not. I never felt crazy before the medication. Anyway a friend of mine whose kid gets treated for mental health told me it will take about two weeks to feel normal after being off the medication. One week for it to get entirely out of your system and another week for your system to go back to the way it was. After I got off the med I did indeed feel the fog in my brain lift and go away. Not completly but I noticed a hughe difference. Also noticed the topirmate gave me headaches more headaces. I had many side effects not all mentioned in here but I did get the dry skin, dry brittle hair. My hair is still dry I started going to Wal-mart and get conditioner treatments once a month.


    I think you have to request this blood test. 25 hydroxy test. When I first went to my primary about my headaches before I started seeing my nuro she checked my blood but didn’t check this till I was a crying mess in her office. She thought I was depressed. I haven’t taken any other medications only my vitamins and its a HUGHE DIFFERENCE. Please check you vitamin levels. I came back on this site because I wanted to share that. Please don’t panic I know its scarey they way this medication can make you feel. Like I said the paranoia is terrible. Plus I think I got some kidney stones ouch my back keeps hurting I have yet to check that out. I hate taking off work cause I missed so much due to the headaches and the side effects from the medication. My nuro even blamed the increase numbness on my neck and back problem it was this topirmate the entire time. This is the devils medication. Makes you sick and you cant remember to really do anything about it. One day I had a freaky dream I was in my bed sleeping and I had a dark shadow to the right of me stareing down at me and I knew it was the devil but before I could even panic I seen GOD at the foot of my bed telling me that everything would be okay and to continue to follow him. I do believe this is the devils medication and I had everyone praying for me at church. My best friend prayed with me, for me. I have found peace of mind and am feeling normal now with the exception of memory problems but thats where I guess we have to learn again and play the card came memory with a deck of cards to strengthen the mind. I pray that everyone on here find peace and that GOD helps everyone of you find that peace and eases your migraine pain. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Also read Psalms 143. For protection of the devil/demons read Ephesians 6:10-20 You can get through this you will be okay. TRUST IN THE LORD… I’m praying for all of you. GOD be with everyone on this website and help all of you. AMEN

  40. jen Reply

    thank you all for your posts. I suffer from migraines about 3x a month. i was considering going back on topomax because when i had taken it in the past i was migraine free. I stopped taking it voluntarily both times that i was on it because of severe confusion and mood changes. I lost alot of weight too, 20 pounds from 120. i was a walking skeleton. I still have trouble with concentration and i now wonder if it is a result of the topomax use. i definately am not going to take it anymore after reading all of these posts. i have a dr appt coming up…i will have to ask about some other possible migraine remedy if there is one!

  41. Hayley Reply

    I am in a major panic over this drug, I have been on it for 12 days, the dose I am at is 100mg, I am having constant eye pain, I went to the optician yesterday, he said I have normal pressure so that means no glaucoma, Iv stopped taking topamax but worried that the pain will never go away, can anyone let me know if they have experienced eye pain that went away after stopping the drug. Thank you.

  42. Linda Reply

    I want to remind people who are suffering from hair loss, fatigue, and softening nail beds and even kidney stones, especially if you are new to taking this medicine and even those who aren’t. We all know this decreases your appetite. In my case when I first started taking it it felt like the back of my throat was swelling shut, and I couldn’t swallow food. YOU HAVE TO PUT NUTRIENTS IN YOUR BODY. That’s why your hair is falling out, nail beds soften, and fatigue, fainting when standing will happen, you’re starved. You need to drink protein shakes, and drink V-8’s. I worked with a nutritionist and I am a female, 6’1″ tall and drank 2- 42gram Myoplex Protein shakes a day and 2 V-8’s. No I didn’t like them but I knew my body needed food! And I drank a TON of water. You have to MAKE yourself do this, and you’ll see many of these side effects diminish. I hope so anyway. When I first started I did have some short term memory loss that didn’t last long and some tingling in hands and feet, that I still occasionally feel but I feel sooo much better than I did before Topamax. I hope my suggestions will help some of you. You will get to a poking where you can eat solid food, but until then, protein shakes. Careful and read labels that they’re not full of sugar. Need lots of protein and potassium, and v-8 to give you sodium, you’ll actually need that.

  43. Samuel Reply

    I took topiramate for 1 month in February for what a specialist at the emergency room called a migraine attack, but extreme dizziness doesn\\\’t really sound like a migraine to me. After about the third day on the medication when my dizziness started to diminish I started to feel off. Like my balance was off and my head just didn\\\’t feel normal. I thought it was my body recovering from the dizziness I experience for a week straight so I didn\\\’t pay it no mind. A week later when the dizziness was completely gone I still didn\\\’t feel right my balance was still off and my head still didn\\\’t feel normal, but now the back of my eyes started hurting. about two weeks in I started to get real emotional and get worked up over nothing, and to add to that I still didn\\\’t feel normal in my head or eyes, and my balance wasn\\\’t good at all at this point I found myself stumbling when I walk, and just the way I walked in general was changed. Instead of walking proud and tall like I normally would I started walking slow and unsteady, if somebody were to bump into me I probably would of fell. And to top off the emotional stuff and the balance and head issues I started to slurr my words and forgot what I was going to do or say. My mind felt cloudy and I just could not think straight, and this is a big problem for me because im 16 and was in school at the time. Severe fatigue started to kick in around this time and it was harder for me to walk and to even enjoy the supposed prime of my life. I went from hitting my punching bag and working out to just coming straight home from school and laying down to sleep. My mom didn\\\’t seem to really care about how I felt because when I would tell her the things that I would feel and how much they scared me. I told her I thought it was the medication, and she would scold me and tell me angrily \\\”Do you wanna get dizzy again\\\” and \\\”its all in your head, if you never would have read the side effects you wouldn\\\’t be feeling this way\\\”. I normally wouldn\\\’t cry and I was a pretty independent person but when I was on this medication everything changed. I was pissed off that everyone else at my school was having fun and enjoying there life so far, and I couldn\\\’t. This put me in a depressed state and I was getting very paranoid about the people around me. I was scared because my little brother went to the same high school as me, and some people in higher grades liked to start shit with him, and I felt that I wouldn\\\’t be able to protect him from them which just made me more sad. I started losing friends because i would just mope around everywhere and wouldn\\\’t really talk anymore i was so depressed all the time because of the state of physical and mental loss i was experiencing. Also i felt very uncomfortable because when i would walk my eyes seemed like they were swaying and when i would try to pay attention to the teacher my eyes sight would spin for a second then i would catch it. I am off this medication now and the dumb fucking specialist was wrong because i have never had a migraine after this whole fiasco. I had more headaches on this medication then i did throughout my whole life. I can say throughout my entire life this was the worst few months i have ever experienced. It took about a few months after i stopped taking topiramate for my mind to clear up a bit, and for the fatigue to go away, but ever since then i have not felt the same. My bones start to hurt from time to time now, and every day a wake up tired like i have not gotten enough sleep even when i sleep for 12 hours on some nights.
    Sorry to anyone reading this who thinks i sound like whining baby but it feels good to finally let out everything i have felt these past months. And sorry if reading this is hard because i just wrote this fast and straight from my mind so sorry for that…

  44. Melissa Reply

    A highly-regarded neurologist prescribed topamax to me for my migraines. I started the medication the end of July and within a month of the full prescribed dose (100 mg once daily) I was in the ER with a seizure. My left side went weak and numb and my head was tilted to the right. Prior to this episode I had times of mental confusion, word blanks, and afterwards I stammered and stuttered for a couple of weeks. Not to mention being unable to take a deep breath. As a result I was placed on medical leave for three weeks. The doctor in the ER? He simply wrote it up as an anxiety attack, gave me a pill, and told me that I could go to work the next day, even though I could not speak nor walk steadily. He did advise me to see the neurologist as soon as possible. The neurologist? He wasn’t going to blame Topamax. He assured me when he prescribed it to me that he has not had a patient ever who had side affects. And women loved it because they lost weight. The side affects in the pharmacy brochure were listed as rare. Rare because the doctors are not documenting these cases. My neurologist, of course, went along with the ER doctor and placed me on anxiety medicine and continued me on with the Topamax. The result….I was in a fog, a medicated fog while not working. I am off of Topamax now because of another doctor. The original neurologist will not see me.
    For me the drug cost me time lost at work, my reputation at work, hundreds of dollars in medical bills plus the ER visit. Not to mention feeling awful physically and mentally. This is an evil drug given to me without regard to my safety.
    What will it take to stop doctors from handing out these pills without warning the patients? And then to only give them more pills when the first pill causes damage? What kind of profit are the doctors making off of Topamax?
    Laws need to be in placed to guarantee the patient’s safety. And this medication in particular needs to be taken off the market.

  45. Julie Reply

    I have been on Topamax since 2005 and have only recently been experiencing the following symptoms: eye twitching in right eye on and off for the past 2 years and now the left eye for the past 2 months. I didn’t realize it could be related to this drug until I started reading the symptoms everyone else is listing and since this is the only drug I take have started to put this together. However, I have been battling frozen shoulder for the past 3 years, first in my right shoulder (2010) and now in my left (2013). As I am researching on the internet, I am finding those that there are a few that take this drug also have this and am wondering if others also are suffering from this and link their frozen shoulder troubles to long time use?

  46. Holly Reply

    I was experiencing severe miagraines…I was seeing the same doctor asince i was in my 20’s. I am now in my 50’s…I moved to a different area and a doctor came highly recommended…I went to this doctor and was advised to stop the fioricet which NSF been working and instead put on an anti depressant plus referred to a neurologist who did a number of test including carpal tunnel syndrome which led to severe nerve damage in both hands…I had an MRI which showed a constricted artery in my brain and a subsequent mra to focus on that artery, it ahowed further damage and I was then referred th westchester medical hospital for further testing….I have memory loss, among othe issue and the numbness and tingling in my hand and legs. I need to kno if I have any recourse in this matter. I have worked at a very stressful job for 25 1/2 yrs and I am afraid I may not be able to return to that job in the same capacity.

  47. Jeannine Reply

    I started Topamax in 2009 and took it for about a year and a half. It was a life saver for my migraines but if I would have known then what I know now, I would have tried other medications first. I had severe memory loss and would struggle just too understand what someone was saying to me. Often I felt like my mind was a complete blank. Since stopping taking the Topamax, my memory has not returned. I used to be able to remember dates, names, events clearly and now I have to write myself notes for everything. It affects my job, my family, everything. It has been almost 3 years now and I suspect my memory will never be the same.

  48. james Reply

    my wife was given Topamax for weight loss
    the problems from this drug were apparent from the first day of use.
    tried to get her to stop taking it but she said I wasn’t a doctor.
    twitching eyes, dizziness, and memory lose.
    worried about her.

  49. Daniel Reply

    I have been on topamax for the past 10 years to treat Epilepsy
    I have recently changed neurologist\’s and my new doc, suggested that seeing as though my last 2 brain scans were normal, we try weaning off the Topamax as this drug has many negative side effects.

    For years I had wondered why my cognitive functioning had slowed so much, why trying to form a conversation with people or remember simple things was so hard, but now after doing some research on the internet about Topamax and the side effects it all makes so much sense.

    The question I have is, why wasn\’t I made aware of this 10 years ago so that I could make an informed decision as a consumer and as a patient as to wether or not I want to lose all my cognitive functioning to one of the many available anti-convulsant drugs on the market?

    10 years on, and I think about university courses I have started, but not finished, things I have wanted to achieve, but haven\’t due to the effects this drug has had on my life…

    Somehow in my case the cons far out weigh the pro\’s.

    Now I know there is current lawsuits in place in regards to birth defecvts that women weren\’t made aware of…But what about all of us innocent people that has lost years of memories and cognitive function and were never warned?

    Where is our lawsuit?

  50. Susan Reply

    I can relate to all the posts on here. I have all these side effects as well. And was involuntarily committed. This drug almost ruined my family. It really took me away from them mentally and my son who is a senior should not have had to go through this the last year. (As well as my husband and other family members). The problems continue even though I\\\’ve stopped the drug. I will never recover from the effects of this medication. I took it for 8 years or so for migraines. I also took the generic and brand name. I am scared because of my ability to function at work. Please help!!!

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