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Rhabdomyolysis Lawsuit

A number of different prescription medications have been linked to an increased risk of the serious and potentially fatal muscle condition known as rhabdomyolysis. As a result of a particularly high risk associated with 80 mg doses of simvastatin that may be used in the cholesterol drugs Zocor, Vytorin and Simcor, users may be entitled to compensation through a rhabdomyolysis lawsuit.…

Rhabdomyolysis Warning Issued by FDA

  • Written by: AboutLawsuits

The FDA issued an alert on Friday to remind doctors and the public about the risk of rhabdomyolysis, a rare and potentially fatal muscle condition, which could arise from the combined use of cholesterol drugs containing simvastatin, such as Zocor, Vytorin and Simcor, and heart drugs containing amiodarone, such as Cordarone and Pacerone.…

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