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California State Files Artificial Grass Lawsuit

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The California Attorney General, Los Angeles City Attorney and Salano County Attorney have filed a lawsuit against three makers of artificial grass fields, claiming that some types of their turf contain levels of lead that could be harmful to children and adults.…

Synthetic Turf Lead Levels Safe According to U.S. CPSC

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has released the results of their evaluation of the safety of synthetic turf used at many school and government-owned athletic fields throughout the U.S. Although some older fields were found to contain lead, the commission concluded that young children are not at risk of lead poisoning as a result of synthetic turf.…

Artificial Turf Lawsuit Filed Over High Lead Levels

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A California environmental watchdog has filed a lawsuit against the makers of artificial turf fields demanding that they stop selling turf that contains lead levels in excess of California state standards, and that they issue an artificial turn recall for fields that could pose a danger to children now and in the future.…

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