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Accutane Lawsuits Scheduled for Trial in New Jersey

A flurry of Accutane lawsuits will be going to trial this year in New Jersey state court, following an appeals court decision in August that reversed a $10.5 million verdict in one case and resulted in the delay of an Accutane trial involving three other cases.…

Accutane Bowel Problem Lawsuits in N.J. Grow by More Than 50%

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There has been a sharp increase in the number of lawsuits over Accutane filed this fall in New Jersey state court, with at least 859 new complaints brought by plaintiffs throughout the country who allege that they developed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and other bowel problems from Accutane. …

Accutane Lawsuits Continue to Pile Up

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New Accutane lawsuits are continuing to pour into a mass tort in New Jersey state court, as more and more plaintiffs file claims alleging that the acne drug caused them to develop inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). …

Accutane Recall in U.S. Was Not Due to Safety Concerns: FDA

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Federal regulators have determined that an Accutane recall issued last year was not due to safety problems with the acne, despite mounting concerns about serious and debilitating cases of inflammatory bowel disease among users. …

Accutane Compensation Award of $10.5M Reversed On Appeal

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A $10.5 million verdict awarded in an Accutane lawsuit over inflammatory bowel disease has been reversed by a New Jersey appeals court, which ruled that Roche was wrongly prohibited from introducing evidence to the jury about the number of individuals who have used the popular acne medication over the years.…

Accutane Lawsuit Over Colon Removal Headed to Trial This Week

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The trial of an Accutane lawsuit is scheduled to begin this week in New Jersey involving a case filed by a Hollywood actor who alleges that bowel problems caused by the acne drug resulted in the removal of his colon, destroying a promising movie career.…