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Supreme Court Clears Way for Zicam Investor Lawsuit To Proceed

The U.S. Supreme Court has indicated that a stock fraud lawsuit can move forward against the makers of the cold remedy Zicam, whom investors say misrepresented their company’s growth potential by hiding the fact that some users were reporting problems with loss of their sense of smell from Zicam. …

Zicam Settlement Reached in Some Lawsuits Over Loss of Smell Risk

  • Written by: Staff Writers

A settlement has been reached by Matrixx Initiatives to resolve Zicam lawsuits filed by a group of plaintiffs who alleged that the company misrepresented the safety of their nasal sprays and gels, which federal regulators have indicated may cause people to lose their sense of smell. The company continues to face hundreds of Zicam injury lawsuits filed on behalf of consumers who have actually suffered loss of smell after using the cold remedy.…

Zicam Recall: Manufacturer Says FDA Not Changing Stance on Zicam

According to Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., maker of Zicam cold remedy, the FDA is not going to reverse a prior stance that prevents the company from marketing the over-the-counter homeopathic remedy due to reports of consumers losing their sense of smell after using the nasal gel.…

Zicam Recall Will Not Lead to Reformulation for Return of Cold Remedy

  • Written by: AboutLawsuits

Following a Zicam recall issued earlier this year for nasal gel and nasal swab versions of the popular cold remedy due to a potential risk that they may cause users to lose their sense of smell, Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. indicates that they have no plans to reformulate and reintroduce the homeopathic product. They continue to maintain that Zicam did not cause the smell loss reported by hundreds of users, and are trying to convince the FDA to allow them to bring the products back as they were.…

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