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Femur Fracture Suits Against Fosamax Generic Manufacturers Dismissed

  • Written by: Staff Writers

As part of the continuing fallout from a recent Supreme Court decision that prevents consumers from holding generic drug makers responsible for dangerous and defective medications they sell, all federal lawsuits over femur fractures caused by Fosamax generic equivalents will be dismissed.…

Hepatitis C Damage Awards Against Teva, Baxter Continue to Pile Up

Teva Pharmaceuticals and Baxter International have been hit with a massive punitive damages award for a third time as a result of their role in causing a hepatitis C outbreak that occurred after two Las Vegas endoscopy clinics reused oversized vials of propofol sold by the drug makers. …

Supreme Court Finds Generic Drug Lawsuits Pre-empted

  • Written by: Staff Writers

In a devastating opinion for consumers, the Supreme Court has ruled that generic drug companies can not be held liable for failing to warn about known side effects of medications they sell, so long as their labels are identical to those of the original brand-name product.  The ruling may have an impact on thousands of generic drug lawsuits filed throughout the United States, involving problems with generic versions of drugs like Reglan, Accutane, Darvocet, Zocor and others.…