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Hepatitis C Damage Awards Against Teva, Baxter Continue to Pile Up

Teva Pharmaceuticals and Baxter International have been hit with a massive punitive damages award for a third time as a result of their role in causing a hepatitis C outbreak that occurred after two Las Vegas endoscopy clinics reused oversized vials of propofol sold by the drug makers. …

Generic Seroquel Held Off by US Appeals Court

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The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has rejected attempts by generic drug makers to invalidate AstraZeneca’s patent on the atypical antipsychotic drug Seroquel, meaning that generic versions of the drug will not be available until the patent expires in September 2011, with pediatric exclusivity extending through March 2012.…

Tardive Dyskinesia Lawsuit Filed Over Reglan in Arkansas

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An Arkansas woman has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Reglan over her development of tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder that causes uncontrollable movements or ticks, which she alleges was caused by side effects of gastrointestinal drug.…

Reglan (Metoclopramide) Lawsuit Consolidation Being Considered Today

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The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation is scheduled to hear oral arguments today about whether to consolidate all lawsuits involving Reglan and generic metoclopramide drugs, which have been linked to an increased risk of a serious movement disorder known as tardive dyskinesia.…

Generic Reglan Lawsuit Appeal Request Denied in Vermont

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Four generic drug makers named as defendants in a Reglan lawsuit pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont have been denied the opportunity to pursue an immediate appeal the Court’s decision not to grant their motion for summary judgment, which was filed on the basis that they did not develop the drug’s warning label.…

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