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Emory University Hospital Tuberculosis Warning Issued for 680 Patients

Emory University Hospital in Atlanta is warning about 680 patients treated between November 2010 and April 2011 that they may have been exposed to tuberculosis (TB), a potentially life-threatening infectious disease that can be spread through the air when someone with an active infection coughs or sneezes. …

Enbrel Lawsuits

The arthritis drug Enbrel has been linked to an increased risk of fatal infections, incluing tuberculosis and fungal infections. In May 2008, a “black box” warning was added about the risk of tuberculosis. In September 2008, the FDA added information to the “black box” warning about the risk of potentially fatal fungal infections, which were often going undiagnosed.…

Enbrel side effects could include risk of serious infections, tuberculosis

A new “black box” warning has been added to Enbrel regarding side effects which could increase the risk of tuberculosis, bacterial sepsis and other infections. The warning indicates that Enbrel side effects could lead to a risk of serious infections which may require hospitalization or possibly lead to death. (Link: FDA MedWatch).…

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