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Zicam Recall: Manufacturer Says FDA Not Changing Stance on Zicam

According to Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., maker of Zicam cold remedy, the FDA is not going to reverse a prior stance that prevents the company from marketing the over-the-counter homeopathic remedy due to reports of consumers losing their sense of smell after using the nasal gel.…

Zicam Lawsuit Consolidation Hearing Scheduled for Next Week

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The U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation is scheduled to hear arguments next week over whether all federal Zicam lawsuits should be centralized and consolidated in one district as part of an MDL, or Multidistrict Litigation.…

Zicam Class Action Lawsuits Filed Over Loss of Smell

Matrixx Initiatives, maker of the recently recalled Zicam Cold Remedy, faces class action lawsuits in California and Missouri that allege they failed to adequately warn consumers that the nasal gel and nasal swab versions of Zicam could cause damage to the sense of smell.…

Zicam Warning Leads to SEC Inquiry

The Security Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an informal inquiry to Matrixx Initiative, Inc. in the wake of a Zicam warning issued last week by FDA about users losing their sense of smell. The company’s stock has plummeted since they were forced to recall their most popular products and disclosed that at least 800 reports of Zicam problems were received from consumers that they never turned over to the FDA.…

Zicam Lawsuits Filed Over Loss of Smell

More than 100 people have filed Zicam lawsuits against Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. in the wake of a recall issued last week for several versions of their cold remedy over concerns that they may cause a loss of the sense of smell.…

Zicam Problems Reported to Matrixx by 800 People

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Matrixx Initiatives admitted Thursday that 800 consumer complaints about Zicam problems were received by the company, but they failed to turn those over to the FDA. A Zicam recall was issued earlier this week for nasal gel and swab versions of the cold remedy after the FDA warned consumers to stop using the products due to reports involving users who lost their sense of smell.…

Zicam Recall Issued After FDA Warns About Risk of Loss of Smell

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Matrixx Initiatives, the makers of Zicam, have announced they will comply with a FDA order to stop marketing nasal gel and swab versions of their over-the-counter cold remedy, voluntarily withdrawing two products from the market amid concerns that they could cause permanent loss of ability to smell.…

Zicam Side Effects Linked to Loss of Sense of Smell: FDA Warns Against Use

The FDA is warning consumers not to use several versions of Zicam Cold Remedy after receiving more than 130 reports of people losing their sense of smell. Though the action has not been termed a Zicam recall, since the homeopathic product was never formally approved by the FDA, the popular over-the-counter nasal gel and swabs will have to undergo federal review before they can be sold again in the United States.…

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