Toys “R” Us Tonka Dump Truck Recall Issued After Report of Fire

  • Written by: Russell Maas

A Tonka toy dump truck has been recalled from Toys “R” Us store shelves just before one of the largest shopping days of the year, after one of the toy trucks reportedly caught fire, engulfing a consumer’s vehicle in flames. 

The Toys “R” Us Tonka truck recall was announced by the manufacturer, Dynacraft, on November 21, following a consumer report out of Washington state. To date, the incident appears to be isolated, and no other reports of fires have been identified. However, Toys “R” Us has pulled the Tonka truck from store shelves pending an investigation.

According to the report, a 12-volt Tonka Mighty Wheels dump truck toy caught on fire while being taken home by Roxsane and Delmond Harden, of Washington state. They had just purchased the truck from a Toys “R” Us store in Bellingham, Washington for their grandson. Before they could make it home, the toy erupted in flames, catching the bed of their Ford Ranger on fire.

Reports from local law enforcement indicate that the fire sent flames as high as 15 to 20 feet in the air before the local fire department could arrive.

Following the incident, the manufacturer of the Tonka toy, Dynacraft, released a statement on their cooperate webpage on November 21, indicating that production of the 12-volt Tonka Mighty Wheels dump trucks would be halted and all of the toys would be removed from store shelves pending an extensive investigation.

The toy recall includes Tonka Mighty Wheels dump trucks that are equipped with a rechargeable 12-volt battery. The recalled toy trucks feature two passenger seats with adjustable play seat belts for children to ride up to 4 miles per hour with a working dump bed at the back for “realistic action and authentic Tonka sound effects to add realism.”

Dynacraft announced that the reported fire in Washington State appears to have been an isolated incident. Dynacraft has announced they are working closely with Toys “R” Us management and their suppliers to pull the toys from stores shelves and from online sales at until the root cause can be determined.

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  1. jannell Reply

    What do you do if you already have one?

  2. Pat Reply

    I also have the tonka dump truck. I will not let my grandson drive it even if it’s an isolated incident. I do want reinbursed for this truck.

  3. Scotty Reply

    We have one bought at Toys r us . Quit working about a week ago. Only used it a few times. Is ours recalled. How do you know if it’s recalled.

  4. Kathy Reply

    I bought the Tonka Mighty Dump Truck for my grandson’s 2nd birthday in August 2016 from Toys R Us. Since my grandson was to young to ride it, we put it in our storage building for him to use this Spring. We charged it the other day for him to ride. After 10 minutes of use the truck stopped working. We charged the battery and it’s still doing nothing. After searching online I see that there is a recall on the dump truck. What do I do to get my dump truck fixed or a refund? He’s heartbroken because he likes big trucks and was so excited to be big enough to ride it.

  5. Felicia Reply

    I bought this truck last summer for my grandson. The steering wheel has broken off. How can I have it replaced or are these still being recalled? I bought it June 2016 and has only been used a couple months, before it got too cold to ride.

  6. Luis Reply

    lost the battery charger to my son”s truck but this is the first time i heard of the recall. What should i do. i do not want my son to ride it if its unsafe. But he’s waiting for me to charge it. On hold, what to do. Please reply

  7. Miguel Reply

    Problems charging power wheel , no longer can charge after a few times riding . Not sure if I can trust the ride after hearing all the bad stories.

  8. Kaycee Reply

    We bought our son one in September of 2016 for Christmas. We charged it on Christmas Eve night that’s the only time . Considering it was cold out due to the winter we did not allow him to ride it until this past Sunday . Sadly we charged it again for a good 12 hours on Sunday but it still acted like the battery was dead and would not move. What can we do about this. My son is so disappointed!

  9. Nubia Reply

    I also bought my grandson a dump truck . Has anyone had an answer on what yo do this this truck? His has been sitting in the garage for sometime now, we won’t let him ride it from fear of the truck caching on fire.

  10. Caitlyn Reply

    We have had multiple problems and have called the company several times and they say they will send an email.. but we never receive one. I do not know what else to do

  11. Rhonda Reply

    I bought this dynacraft dump truck for my Grsndson and have had a problem keeping the battery charged! I see there’s a recall and I need to know what to do…do I take it to toys r us or what do I do? I do not think this is worth the money and also it’s dangerous if there was a recall!!

  12. Steve Reply

    I bought Tonka truck for Christmas at a Ross store.i charged it. With limited use the first year It held a charge until the following Christmas. I was amazed. It ran for an hour. I then recharged it overnight. I parked it for a few months. I was wheelbarrowing mulch when my grandson want to help. So we got out the truck. Again to my surprise, it had held a charge. It run for over an hour before the battery shows signs of weakening. We have charged and recharged the truck many times now with no incidents. The truck is over 3 years old now, and runs just fine. I check all connections and monitor battery while charging. Stil not 1 issue with it performance. Only issue is we broke a rubber tread on a wheel. Would like to find a replacement part. Anyone with a truck not being used that would like to sell the rubber tread on even a complete wheel can contact me please. Thanks

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