Court is Establishing a Website for Avandia Lawsuit MDL

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According to a Pretrial Order issued by U.S. District Judge Cynthia M. Rufe, who is overseeing the federal Avandia lawsuit MDL, the Court will establish and maintain a website that will post information and orders from the multi-district litigation.

Last year, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated and centralized all federal Avandia lawsuits before Judge Rufe in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The cases are being coordinated during pretrial litigation under a federal procedure known as an MDL, or multi-district litigation. This process is designed to avoid duplicate discovery and inconsistent rulings in cases spread throughout the federal court system. If the cases do not settle or resolve during pretrial litigation, they will be remanded back to the original court where they were filed for trial.

According to the current scheduling orders, the first trials in the Avandia litigation are expected to begin in June 2010 on cases filed directly in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The discovery plan calls for 100 of these cases to be designated for early discovery, which will involve case specific depositions by the parties.

A subset of the early discovery cases will later be selected for the initial trial pool, which will be the first Avandia trials to be heard by a jury.

The Court indicates that a website will be established for the MDL to make information and orders from the Avandia lawsuit “readily and publicly available.”

It is not uncommon for courts assigned to oversee an MDL to create a dedicated website, or an area on the Court’s main website, to post information specific to the MDL. Similar sites are currently available to the public in the Digitek litigation in the Southern District of West Virginia, the Levaquin litigation in the District of Minnesota and Kugel Mesh Hernia Patch litigation in the District of Rhode Island, to name a few.

Judge Rufe’s order indicates that the Court intends to establish the Avandia MDL website with the input and participation of the parties’ Steering Committees and Liason Counsel.

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  1. ramiro Reply

    I have had 9 strokes and quadriple bypass…i told the doctor its the avandia stupid!!!!!!!!!!

  2. heather Reply

    i too lost myhusband . 14 days after his doctors appointment. my husband was on avandia for approx. 6 months. he complained of pains in his chest for 4plus months. the doctor told him to continue to take the medication, he said it was safe. on august 25,2007 my husbands heart gave out at the age of 46, i live in arizona and that year it was really hot. i tried to give him cpr. it did not work, i forgot to pinch his nose. what i thought was blood getting in my mouth and on his face turned out to be decomp. the fire dept. came and they tried everything and nothing worked and via phone he was pronouced dead within 15 minutes or so. his death was caused by avandia and the experience i have been thru has traumatized me for the rest of my life. no one should have to experience this, forgot to add what the doctor said. while complaining about the chest pains he said ” i take it and i am fine”.

  3. Larry Reply

    Since my first heart attack in Jan 27th 2008 my doctor kept me on Avandia for almost a year until the i almost died less than a year ago I had the on set of another heart attack and had 4 more stints put in still living with heart pain every day I now live in fear of what is next I do have an attorney but do not get any information or up dates I guess we just wait for answers its sad that big medication companies can do this to so many people and think they can hide this for ever they do not care about the people it is just about the money Larry

  4. Lucille Reply

    I too lost my husband, he was diabetic, was on avandia for a long time.
    He had bypass surgery in August 2006. Didn’t know he had a heart attack
    because the diabetices he had no feeling in his heart. He passed away
    Dec 2009.

  5. william Reply

    i…too have had 2 heart attacks because of avandia and have atty to represent me… but have never recieved any info at all of how the compensation works or how any of the conditions are given a dollar value….does any one know? and if any one does please share this valuable information

  6. james Reply

    I just contacted a lawyer. I have been a heart pt. since I was 34. I became a diabetic about 10 years ago. I have been on Advandia since 2003. I was taken off the drug a few weeks ago. I was told I now have CHF. Over the last 3 years I was told that my heart is inlarge and my output E.F., is now only 25%. I am now 59 and find it very hard to do my job. How much does a heart go for.

  7. Steve Reply

    I am trying to info on the latest happening with the avaindia litigation I had a massive heart attaxck after being on avanidia almost died three times on the way to the hospitial.I took me almost two years to ge6t over it. Although I am left with a mountain of effects from it.I would like some news on whats going on I hete to both my attourney’s.

  8. Carol Reply

    I have been on Avandia for years. I recently was hopsitalized with congestive heart failure (severe); fluid arund the heart (severe) among other. What should I be doing? I don’t want a group (or lawyer) who is disreputable handling my case. How can I verify the legitaly of these?

  9. Annette Reply

    I was on avandia for 4 years. I was rushed to the hospital in Feb. of 2010 I had an ejection fraction of only 15 I also had leaky valves and dilated cardiomyopathy I’m in heart failure. I need to go to see an surgeon.

  10. Jose Reply

    My husband Jose De Jesus Jr has been taking avandia for the past 6 years. And he started it with 8mg and his heart was ponding real hard and he informed his doctors and the medication was cut down to 4mg but it was still to strong for him that he suffered a stroke from the medication. He also lost his eye sight on his right eye and has problem which he has backouts and shortness of breath and weakness in his legs. This medication cuase him a lot of harm and agony for the past years. I’m 48 yaers old and going through all this heart ache. I just want some news from my attorneys and what is going on

  11. robert Reply

    took avandia from 2003 til 2006 when i had to be hospitalized for chf. dr came into room and quietly said to stop taking avandia but the damage had been done. can no longer do any of the things i could before starting on that poison. what is a settlement heck my life is ruined forever.

  12. robert Reply

    after reading these comments i am amazed that i’m still alive. at one time or another while taking avandia i had just about every problem i have read about.CHF, edema,stent,pneumonia,macular edema,hell driving at night,panic attack,forgetting what i’m talking about in mid sentence,apenia,legs weak(no breaks) how in the world can one small pill wreak so much havoc? gsk should be made to take their own poison.they poisoned everyone else why not themselves.i hope they are made to pay and pay and pay.

  13. Martin Reply

    I was on Avandia starting in approx 2003-4. Not long after Dec 2004 I started to experience heart problems that lead to 16 heart caths with ,the insertion of a heart pump, 8 stents, cardiac bipass, a number of TIA’s and stroke,edema,pacemaker……

  14. Steve Reply

    I have now been told by my Attourney that the first cases will be tried in October. Which I thought mine would be one of but now he says my case probably wont come up untill after the first of the year. IHope this mess will get over Its been five years now since I had my congestive heart failure while taking Avandia. I am still having problems,Last year I had some Aginia pain I thought I was havong another heart attack I went
    to the Emergency room waited for about 3 hours and they had me stay over night which by that time was only a couple of hours.
    They ran a couple of tests and my bill was out of this world.
    I still have a eight hundred dollar bill after my great social security disability Medicare paid what they were suspose to pay. I hope they will either go to court or pay me a settlement I could live the rest of my life on since now having one lung after my quadruple by-pass I cant work and Disability only pays me 1/3 of what I used to make working.
    I have a ton of Medical bills. And all the co-pays with deductables
    I’m going broke very quickly. Someone get this Avandia stuff over it almost killed me It took away my salary,my,job,my life, sex,ability to breath, and any Vacations I could have taken. Someone help!!!!

  15. robert Reply

    i personally consider the avandia lawsuits a waste of atty is already telling their clients to take the money, whatever is offered. after reading this online it made me realize that gsk has won.they say it is too hard to prove guilt if you already had diabetes. someone tell me what was the point of the last four years.clients will still suffer,but bet the attys will get paid more than people who suffered.almost like getting away with murder.dont waste your time expecting a lot of will just be disappointed. if you ever even see any. may they all rot in hell.CROOKS

  16. Sarabeth Reply

    The avandia cases are starting to settle, from what I hear. NO, they won’t make you rich and won’t make up for all the agony this pill has put us through, but it’s something like justice. I am so far into debt from my husband’s medical bills I had to find a case funding company to get an advance on the settlement – thank god for that, at least I won’t lose my home. I just want this suit to be over, I’m hoping at least it will give me some resolution.

  17. Sue Reply

    My husband started taking avandia when it first came out we didn’t even know anything bad about it until 2006. That was because he had 100% blockage that caused him to have a stroke. The doctors said he was suppose to of died from that stroke; but instead he has brain damage, kidney damage, seizures from the brain damage and is paralized on the left side. Not to mention the depression he suffers and all the bad mood swings he goes through. When he first started taking it he gained weight like crazy now that he is off of it he has lost alot of that weight, but he will never be the man I married he is now another one of my children that I have to take care of. Now he needs my care 24/7 so not only did his life end that day so did mine. He now also takes more medication all because of that one bad one, pills for the kidneys, seizures, depression, diabetes still just different ones, which now that he is off avandia his sugar is good. No amount of money can give us back what was taken. This year makes 25 years we have been together, last 4 of it has been the hardest. We almost lost our home but kids helped to keep it, we just lost the car we had that was almost paid for; which makes it hard on me to get him back and forth to doctors because we still can’t afford another car since we had to have them take that one back no one will let us make payments again unless hugh down payment which is more than his SSI check.

    So if you know someone still taking this bad drugs I would plead with them to have their doctor give them something else and also have them a full check up to look for blockage and every thing else that it causes.

  18. Lizette Reply

    My mom was on Avandia for about 18 months. She was treated for a heart condition at the best hospital in the US, and was released with only the Avandia and walking. Within 4 months of the annual check up, she died of heart attack. Family has been struggling since 05 with her death–did not know Avandia could have been a significant influence until the recent info about the FDA. I am very angry–there were other options she could have used, and she would still be with us today.

  19. S CONNER Reply

    Does anyone know the website set up by the Judge?

  20. EVETTE Reply


  21. Linda Reply

    Does anyone have the website to go to for information about the disposition of payments to settled cases for Avandia? I cannot find anyone who has received a dime! Pleasel let me know.

  22. McKinnon Reply

    My type 2 diabetes was in control when my Doctors decided to switch me to Avandia. Right away I began to have issues of edema of the lower extremities. After my Dr. contacted SGK about this they were in denial. I continued on Avandia but when my edema continued to worsen my dosage was cut in half. I had a heart attack followed by a triple bypass and angina and partial paralysis of my right hand. I was disabled with exxtreme SOB and on oxigen. I was and remain over 5 years as invalid. My Doctors, both Personal, Cardiac and Surgeons all agreed that with a clean history (no family heart disease) that Avandia was the leading cause. Loss of wages, bodily injury, disability and suffering caused me to seek remedy through the courts. SGK was not forthcoming and downright dishonest regarding the discoveries which have been made public as of late and should suffer monetary punitiveloss for the pain and suffering they caused while lining their pockets!

  23. nicholas Reply

    I hate to see folks suffer, but I think it’s time we get a clue. Do any of the millions of you who have suffered ill health ever stop to think that you could ever be to blame for what has happened to your body? Do you think you can watch tv, eat fast food, eat 100’s of extra calories every day and never end up with diabetes? And what is diabetes? If you think it is just a sugar disorder and the meds you take to fix it are to blame for your complications, think again. Try not taking your meds and see how far you get. You will be blind, have no legs and will be in renal failur before you know it. So sue the companies who are trying to make meds to help you live a longer, healthier life. Or maybe we should just take more ownership of our problems and stop blaming everyone else!!!!

  24. Rick Reply

    At 14 I walked into my dad’s house to find my father died at 53 of what the coroner describe as “unexplained heart failure.” After a lifetime of good health(except for diabetes) and excercis. He was taking avandia for some time. Haven’t heard of this until these last few weeks and I don’t know where to find out the information. Anyone know the court established web page??

  25. james Reply

    After having a heart attact at 46 years of age had stints put in 5 1/2 years ago when i got out of the hospital my primary doctor put me on pill called avandia every 6 months i would get my blood work done and it was always the same high colestro and other things i always felt wierd i exersize ate wright but i never felt good no energy short of breath so after 5/12 years of takeing avandia my doctor told me to stop takeing avandia i felt good again then i had another heart attact becouse of takeing avandia i now have pernament heart heart damage i wish my doctor would have listen to me for all those times i complained now i will suffer for the rest of my life not knowing how long i have to live

  26. heather Reply

    ii too losst my husband in 2007 he was on avandia for almost one year. he had aa massive heart attack. he did so sitting in front of the t.v ss his was a gruesome death and it really took its tolll on me. i was hoping the government would pull this off the market. how many more people need to suffer or die. i could go on about my husband death but i do not want people to get sick over it.

  27. Colin Reply

    I started Avandia in June of 2003 , in August of 2006 I enetered the hospital with severe Angina pain. The doctor said I needed some stents while he was doing the angioplasty he dissected my Aorta and resulted in me having to have Open Heart Surgery and thus the pain over the last few years. I have been told that i have lost the functionalty of nearly 20% of the left side of my heart. Oh by the way I still need more surgeries and can’t get insurance for my family…..

  28. Howard Reply

    I read the opening statement from the Judge that she did not want this dragged out and delayed. That is all it has been, guess I will never see this settled. And then people wonder why we talk about lawyers being lower than whale s*** and why people do not trust the courts.

  29. John Reply

    I have read all of enclosed Blogs on this page and have empathy with most of the contributors. I was prescribed Avandia back in FY2001, maximum dosage of 8mg/day. I thought that most of my physical pain and suffering was due to growing old (presently 68 years old). When I worked in Louisiana, approx 3+ years, I read an article about Avandia and some of the symptoms it caused. Since FY2000, I had been visiting MD’s every 3 months to monitor my sugar and blood tests. This was a total of four MD’s, in five States. None of these apprised me of the Avandia fiasco. I had cut out the negative Article and gave it to my Primary Care Physician and he told me not to worry. It hadn’t been documented by the major medical journals. I continued taking the 8 mg of Avandia. After I was downsized by BASF, supposedly because of Economy, we moved to Ohio. One day after
    arriving,I experienced a phenomenon where I wound up crawling on the floor of my bedroom, not knowing where I was and couldn’t raise my voice loud enough for my wife to hear me trying to call her. When she did hear me she called the EMS and they treated me for a low sugar count (53). I went to the Hospital where they performed tests and mentioned I had suffered a Stroke (but couldn’t give me time period, which did a little damage, They mentioned I needed triple by pass heart surgery. I suffered most of the symptoms listed in this blog. After surgery (Cleveland Clinic) I couldn’t walk for four months because of gout-like pain in both feet. Three months after Surgery, leg pain, prompted me to see my Cardiologist and he admitted me to the Hospital for seven days because of a blood clot in my leg. My short term memory is defective and my speech pattern has slowed down and often times I forget the subject that I am talking about. I’m irritable, legs still swollen after 1.5 years and been on a diuretic for the past 9 years . My weight gain jumped 40+ pounds over the years and now have little appetite and have lost 60+ pounds. My Medical Insurance (COBRA ,Medicare Part A and Cobra) keep sending me notices that I still owe $$$. I have to call back and forth to Cleveland Clinic, Medicare and Cobra to explain to them that Medicare was my primary provider during that time. I have stopped trying to explain this and am ready to go to Court for non-pay. I am broke and the bills and phone calls keep coming in. With all that pressure mounting I am expecting to experience another cardiac problem. I have an Attorney for the Class Action but will never get back 6 years of six figure income that I had worked for all those years.
    God Bless and help all of you.

  30. harris Reply


  31. jeff Reply

    I am fully lost in any understanding of the Avandia settlements. I continually read where people are being paid $25,000.00 to $86,000.00 as compensation for their lives.

    I also understand that a set of guidelines are being used to assess the money due a person. I cannot believe our country has fallen so far from humanity. As others, I have suffered horribly due to Avandia. Many days I wish I would have died. It would be easier on myself and my family. Yet, justified compensation for all the pain and suffering is deemed to be worth a meager amount. It doesn’t even cover the costs of meds and drs. visits.

    It should be considered by all to unite and sue the government and any other that has made this decision that our lives and those of our families are worth so little. It is another case where a large non-American company illegally and maliciously treat Americans and our government assists them in doing so. Shame to all of those responsible.

  32. D.L. Reply

    I have an ongoing lawsuit now for over two years against GSK. My attorneys are keeping me informed and its a slow process. The only fault I see is GSK holds out to last minute. They are not the ones who have been injured by their product, AVANDIA! The big business gets away with murder, so to speak, and the little guy has to bear the brunt of their mistakes! They should have to pay ASAP. If they or who or whatever is responsible, I say SHAME, SHAME! What goes around, comes around. A lot of older and some young people are in need of help. Please GSK and federal courts, just do it! Lots of folks will be grateful…..

  33. josh Reply

    So, has anyone gotten any decent settlement from this thing? I was told the settlements vary, but that there are people getting over $100,000+, but obviously certain circumstances have to be there for that to happen.

    Anyways, anyone care to share any settlement amount news? you dont have to give the amount, but, was it better than the projected ‘$45,000-$85,000″?

  34. rita Reply

    i suffered a tia while on advandia does aanyone have the mcEwen law firm if so what can you tell me about the cases pending for thier law firm curious

  35. bob Reply


  36. Josh Reply

    Bob, WTF are you talking about?

  37. Josh Reply

    Bob, WTF are you saying dude? Speak english……

  38. mary ann Reply

    ive wated for 7 years for my money and still not here what can i do im now 73 yhr old and hace a bad heart and am now on haert med and asp
    every time i call my lawyer he tell me another 2 to 3 week so i wait and call again and getthe same answer

  39. raymon Reply

    what ever happen to the cases that were to be settle in 90 days,did,t the judge cynthia rufe order 85pct of the cases settle by then,somebody help me with ruleing.. has antone ever receive any settlement?

  40. Josh Reply

    My father took this stuff for a short period of time and when he was prescibed it we did not do the research. I really wish i had because he died in 09 at the age of 53, I haven’t done anything yet, I dont even know if I can but after reading what these people have done and all the people they have hurt I will now. They drag on the case so they dont have to pay. Well i beleive in karma its somthing my dad taught me, He was a great man. I was with him when they gave him this drug and they said nothing of the side affects. I beleive they will pay with more than just money.

  41. Steve Reply

    I think these lawyers are out for nothong but money thier pockets. they all they do is sit aroumd their desks amd dont do anything except charge for doing nothing. The longer they drag things out the more they charge. The people who really need the money. Lawyers dont care about anythimg but thier pockets.

  42. richard Reply

    My attorney led me on for awhile then said that they couldn’t prove that l had a case even though l took the drug and had a cardiac event on 2006 so they dropped me

  43. kevin Reply

    I took Avandia for several years and suffered 3 heart attacks during this time. In 2008 I was informed that Avandia caused serious heart and other health related problems. I contacted an attorney and they took my case immediately. The makers of Avandia were ordered by a jury to pay a substantial amount of money to claimants in 2010 but it took 3 years just to receive a partial payment. The attorney’s involved in the recovery of money for damages are holding this money as long as possible under the premise that lean checks are being handled! I have been long cleared of any leans and my attorney’s are still talking in circles and drawing interest on the money that they are holding for their clients. There must be a statute of limitations on the amount of time they can hold this money. I need the website PLEASE! I’m am sick and tired of being jerked around…

  44. Randy Reply

    This whole thing is B.S. … they know they killed us and don’t give a damn … make them take thier own drugs … see how that works out … watch the Erin Brockovich negotiations scene in the movie when she hands a glass of thier water to them … lousy bastards … all about the almighty dollar … ask on of them what it:s worth to blow thier damn head off …. like to see that figure … we should be getting MILLIONS and shutting them down …. this is such a B.S, situation

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