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Published: October 11th, 2008

The Kugel Hernia Patch and other types of hernia mesh manufactured by C.R. Bard, Inc. and their subsidiary Davol, have been associated with design defects that could cause severe and life-threatening complications after hernia surgery.

STATUS OF HERNIA PATCH LITIGATION: Over 2,000 hernia mesh lawsuits have been filed as a result of problems with the Kugel Patch mesh. The federal hernia mesh litigation has been consolidated in the United States District Court of the District of Rhode Island.


MANUFACTURER: C.R. Bard, Inc., and their subsidiary Davol, Inc.

LAWSUIT OVERVIEW: Kugel Hernia Mesh Patches are sold in a variety of sizes for repair of ventral or incisional hernias, which may develop at the site of prior surgical scars.

The Kugel Patch contains a memory recoil ring around the perimeter of the mesh which allows the doctor to fold it during the hernia repair. It is designed to spring open once in place to lay flat. However, design defects may cause the plastic ring to break, resulting in serious internal injury, such as:

  • Intestinal Pain
  • Bowel Perforation
  • Intestinal Fistula
  • Additional Surgery
  • Death

KUGEL HERNIA PATCH RECALL: Bard has issued three separate Kugel Patch recalls involving different sizes of their hernia mesh. The recalls were issued in December 2005, March 2006 and January 2007, involving the following mesh products:

  • Bard Composix Kugel Extra Large Oval (8.7″ x 10.7″, 10.8″ x 13.7″, 7.7″ x 9.7″)
  • Bard Composix Kugel Oval (6.3″ x 12.3″)
  • Bard Composix Kugal Large Oval (5.4″ x 7.0″)
  • Bard Composix Kugel Large Circle (4.5″)

Approximately 750,000 Kugel Hernia Mesh Patches have been implanted annually throughout the United States.

OTHER DEFECTIVE HERNIA SURGERY MESH PATCHES: In addition to the Kugel Patch, a number of hernia patch lawsuits have been filed by patients who received other types of hernia mesh manufactured by C.R. Bard and Davol.

In January 2008, the U.S. District Court Judge who is overseeing the consolidated Hernia Mesh Litigation that has been centralized in Rhode Island, issued an order expanding the scope of the multidistrict litigation (MDL), to include several other products manufactured which contain similar technology.

Some of the other types of hernia surgical mesh which have been associated with alleged injuries in lawsuits filed throughout the United States include:

  • Ventralex Hernia Patch
  • CK Parastomal Hernia Patch
  • CruraSoft Patch
  • Composix Mesh
  • Composix L/P Mesh
  • Composix E/X Hernia Mesh
  • Other Kugel products that have not been recalled

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  1. [...] products manufactured at their plant in Puerto Rico, which is where the company manufactures the Kugel Hernia Patch mesh that has been the subject of thousands of lawsuits in the United [...]

  2. I has had three hernia surgerys.I am constantly in pain with my stomach area.MESH or the PATCH was inserted in my stomach.I am in pain on a daily basis.

  3. My husband had a hernia repair on the 14 of July in 06. The surgeon and hospital used Bard Composix e/x mesh. In May of 07, he had another repair. Another doctor from the same practice took pictures of the mesh from the lst surgery that had come apart and was integrated with the bowel. He cut out what he could. Now we are having problems with what they suspect is bowel obstruction.

  4. I had my second hernia surgery a year ago. The site of my hernia is about 4 inches from my breast to the right. A mesh/patch was inserted into small openings in my abdomen. Within weeks after the surgery the patch failed and the hernia returned to it’s original condition. A year later, I took a fall and suffered some lower back pain. A few days later, after reaching across my lap from left to right, I experienced a severe stabbing in my right side. I could barely move. I was in the emergency room for eight hours, had several xray type tests with no negative results. The diagnosis was torn muscle. Although the severe pain has subsided, I still experience severe stabbing in the area when I lay down on that side. No muscle movement causes the pain, only pressure against the kidney area. I sense the existence of something foreign in that area of my abdomen and I believe it to be the patch that came loose from my hernia area. The foreign object is 4 inches directly to the right of my hernia.

  5. I had 4 hernias removed in 04, I became very ill, my wound wouldn’t heal, I was in bed for the year, my immune system shut down, I had to have it removed in August or else i would die, I had lost 75 pounds- not a good way to lose weight. The mesh came out in pieces and not all of it was even there. We still didn’t know it was a bad product. in April o5 I had bad pains again – I had gotten another hernia, same manufacturer but different type was inserted. I healed but still have bowel digestion issues and pain on both sides on a regular basis, I am on pain meds and alcohol- also not a good combination- I found out today that my new mesh is also on the list. This has run my life for the last 4 years. I am a single mother and cannot afford to see the specialist on a regular basis, activities are little to none and I have never gotten my strength or energy back. I found out in 2006 about the orginal mesh recall and have had an attorney in Rhode Island for over a year. I am having to file bankruptcy. I wish I new of other alternatives to this mesh. my same scar has been cut open 6 times.

  6. I had my first hernia surgery in the April or May of 200, which recurred and I had a second hernia repair with mesh in Dec 2007. I have had some problems with pain, but nothing that I sought medical attention for. Perhaps I should get my medical records and just see if this type patch was used to repair my hernia. It was a large repair the second time around.

  7. I had my first surgery performed in 1990, and Just this past jan 2009 I became extremely ill running high fever consistley and I had a pertrusion on my stomach, I lost 19 pounds in 2 weeks, went to my Dr and told her i msut have a hernia where the old mesh was, thet performed a CAT Scan and found the mesh had balled in a knot tore the lining open once again and torn the small bowel I had multiple fistulas in the stomach, Emergency surgery was performed . The body had made sterile pockets in the stomach area, but the Dr told me if any one had broken open I would not be here today to tell this, the infection was raging and once they removed the mutilpe pockets of infection, they found I not only have one infection bug but there was 3 different types of infection bugs. I am very thankful for the great Dr I had, without him acting quickley as he did, I would not be here today. Listen to your body and don’t put nothing off any more, I had many signs and didn’t have a clue as to how sick I was because the only time I hurt is when I was up and at work for several hours the pouch on my tummy would start hurting me.

  8. I had surgery about 13 years ago, to repair a hyadle hernia. I ended up with about an 8″ scar that ran from navel to just below my rib cage. 5 years ago that scar began to herniate. The whole incision was reopened and a mesh was inserted to keep it from herniating again. I immediately started to experience stabbing like pains in numerous areas of my abdomin.

  9. My original abdominal incisional hernial repair was in 02. 7 Years later, this past 4/09 I had flu like symptoms-body aches, fever,chills.This lasted about a week. Then the hernia site became red and inflammed. I went to Thomas Jefferson hosp in Phila. E.R. They operated that night. my temp was 104. 2 days later ther operated again because I had a perforeated bowel and they had to do a 2 inch bowel resection. 8 days in the hospital. Lost 15 pounds.

  10. i had my first abdominal hernia 2000,i have had four sergeries sins then.i had an open wound in my side for 18 months with drainage .it became so infected i had emrgencie surgerie and almost didnt make it.i have a large mesh patch now and i have herniated again.

  11. i had a bi linguinal hernia and stomach hernia in 2007 14 months later i had major testicle pain and my right leg would go out. 1 month ago i had a nerve stimalotor put in.the problem is still there when i had the stimolator put in the hospital .when i woke up i noticed the surgeon was there. i think the doctor that put in in is covering up something how do i find out what kind of mesh they put in.i am very worried.i still have alot of pain and my pain doctor is trying to say that i am lying and i all want is money.

  12. In April 27th this year I picked up a heavy backpack, felt a tear in my groin, and pain up and around my hip to my left flank. Ever since then my entire world has been crumbling around me.

    This happened at noon just as I was on my way out the door to meet a friend, and then to attend a phlebotomy refresher course later that evening. I tried to ignore what I was saying itrapersonally: “This must be what a hernia feels like.” By the time I met up with my friend, the pain had become beime sebere enough for me to have to miss the skill refresher, and proceed directly to the ER at Kaiser in Oakland.

    While there, despite my tale of physical strain, I was diagnosed with a UTI, and profalacticly given an IV antibiotic, prescribed an additional course of oral antibiotic, and a prescription for Vicodin. It was now 2am, my friend I was to stay with was most certainly asleep , not enough money to get a hotel, and I was told I would need to leave: Until I suggested that I had consummed four liters of beverage (my favorite 1.9l 7/11 Ultimate Gulp), plus the two giant bags of IV fluids and not only had I not passed any urine, but I had absolutely no urge to pee. The doc didn’t seem like it was a concern, but orderd a nurse proceed with a catheter. That procedure didn’t go well, and even tho I had been given a fair ammount of dillauded

  13. how do i go about finding out what kind of mesh was used in a operation? my father had a hernia operation in about 1997 and the va put a mesh in him and a brother who had mesh put in a scar on his shoulder that the tissue and muscle has attached to and causes him pain daily to the point of taking strong pain meds.

  14. Rita – request the medical records from the hospital in question and it will have the product info along with the notes from the surgery. I did that recently because I’m in constant pain since mine. On me they used Davol Bard Mesh Perfix Plug. Anyone know anything about this device?

  15. Many years ago my mother had hernia surgery … they didn’t use mesh or any thing else … funny she is fine today .. never returned and she never got sick from it. Maybe it’s time we turn back the clock to things that worked before … much like a wheel … if it don’t need fixin then leave it alone.

  16. i had hysterectomy in june 2006 i am in constant abdominal pain ever since many tests done still on heavy pain meds could they have used a mesh? anyone else with same story or any ideas

  17. I had an inginal hernia that was repaired in the fall of 2004. In 2007 (February) I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I am currently pulling the OR’s records to find out what hernia patch was used for the surgical repair. The reason being, the underlying lymph node, since my PetScans and CT Scans began in 2007, have showed that this lymph node is still swollen. The two questions that I have are; can the hernia patch cause enough irritaiton to have my lymphatic system fight it? and two, are there possible links between Hernia patches and cancer?….

  18. Im just looking for updates, seems no lawyer wants to speak of the issue are they all laughing at us Kugel mesh injured because they are all taking us for a legal ride. yep I am FURIOUS WITH MY ATTORNEY.

  19. i had daily updates from this site until march 17 /10 in order to kuup up to date on the kugel mesh trials.as i am a victim of the mesh;i tried to re-subscribe but keep being told i am receiving it,NO I”M NOT but please help me get the daily aboutlawsuits back as i haven’t seen anything anywhere else about the MDL now in progress

  20. I have had two hernia repair surgeries which have been repaired with mesh. I am not sure if it is the patches that have been recalled but would like to have someone take a look for me. Since my surgeries the hernia has come back I am in terrible abdominal pain I cannot stand or lay on my stomach or left side. I cannot wear tight clothes and even the seatbelt in my car is extremely uncomfortable. I have problems with unexpected constipation and or diarreah. My last surgery was in the latter part of 2007. Around three months after surgery I began having problems. I went back to my surgeon who refused to fix it again saying that I wasn’t a good candidate for surgery. My stomach constantly stays bloated and or swollen looking causing many people to inquire if I am pregnant just because of the way it is shaped. My incision is infused with an enormous amount of scar tissue causing it to not be flexible which causes problem with being able to bend over. Probably most important is that I cannot lose any weight in my stomach which in turn is causing problems in my lower back such as ostio-arthritus. I am at the emergency room at least once a month for them to look at the hernia and all they can do is give me pain meds and send me home. Due to being layed off my job I no longer have insurance to go to a regular doctor. I will be 35 years old this year and may have to file for disability because I cannot meet most job requirements of standing, bending or lifting. Due to not being able to meet those requirements I have been unemployed since July of last year.

  21. I have had a total of 7 hernia repairs all using mesh, I have had continued pain and problems with the hernia repairs… I have gone back to the doctor’s to find out the reason for my pain and am being told that the mesh is irritating the scar tissue…

  22. I’ve had a total of 14 surgery’s. the first 3 with bard kugel mesh patch. I;ve been put on diability for the last 6 yrs lost almost everything from relationships to job. As i write this im awaiting another surgery. ucsf in SAN FRANCISCO. i hope and pray that nobody goes through this ever and the people or company responsible for this are held responsible. ive also gained so much weight with all the pain meds and not abkle to do anykind of physical activity. in closeing everybody out there thats going through this i wish them well

  23. I have had problems ever since my patch was installed, many of the same problems people that have posted a comment has had and then some.

  24. I had a large ventral hernia repair in 2007 with a Bard mesh. I had continueing problems with drainage and infection and ended up with exploratory sugery to find the source of the infection. Nothing significant was found. I came home from the hospital and developed a huge infection called morgaella morganii that took 8 months to get under control only to be left with a staph infection. My doctor finally decided that the mesh had to come out and 2 doctors were present during the surgery to remove the mesh only to find it balled up in my abdomen,full of staph. It was removed and I had to have my incision left open to heal and avoid more infection which meant that the hernia still needed repair. Pathology in the hospital found that the mesh was compromised and that it was in two pieces when they examined it from the balled up state. Since then I have had another hernia repair using other materials and seem to be healing well without the problems from before. I contacted a lawyers 14 months ago after the removal who said he would take the case. After 9 months of trying to contact him he finally stated that he didn’t want to handle it. Wasted 9 mths. of the precious 2 yrs. I have to file a claim. I found a notable lawyer who is handling the cases in Rhode Island and after 2 mths. decided he didn’t want it. He didn’t say I didn’t have a case, just to find another lawyer. The mesh that was used on me was not one of the original recalled ones but it was stated in articles I read about these cases that that didn’t mean that it wasn’t possible for the one I had to be compromised in the same way as the recalled ones. I actually have the mesh that was removed from the hospital in my care as evidence. I realize that it is more difficult to prove a case if it isn’t one of the original recalled meshes but I can’t believe that my case has no significance. Is it that the money awarded isn’t enough in each case for someone to do the work?? I realize this is wordy but my life has been on hold and the expenses since I have no insurance has resulted in us remortgaging our house and still it’s above that.

  25. I had a hernia repair in Nov. 03. Two weeks later I was readmitted to the hospital with an obvious wound infection. I was taken back to surgery and the wound was “cleaned out” I went home with a wound vac that I had on from Dec.03 to July 04. The wound drains every so often. I go get antiobotics and pain pills and the drainage stops. This yeat 2010 the wound started draining in Feb. I got the antibotics and pain pills and the draining stopped but I had a terrible pain in my stomach. The wound erupted and I went to the emergency room and was in surgery.in two hours. I was admitted to the hospital for 44 days with a major infection. I have been told that the mesh should have been removed back in Dec. 03 that once it becomes infected you will continue to have problems. The mesh was removed this time. Now the problem is getting the wound to heal. I go to the wound care center every week and they have me using multidex and aquacel for the dressing. The wound care center says that the problem is there is nothing I can do that cause pressure on the wound. I don ‘t know what to do. I can’t work because of the pain. If anyone knows of a solution please let me know.

  26. I have more herina repairs than i can count on both hands. The last 2 surgeries there was a mesh put in. Weeks after my last surgery I looked swollen and was told that it would go down. Well that was over 2yrs ago and now I look like I am about to give birth. So this has caused more problems, I have changed surgerons to see what is going on and I know that I am looking at another surgery seeing as another herina has come out on my left side. I have already had a foot of my colon removed due to a larger herina cutting it off. There has to be something to do for this to stop. Seeing as I only work at a desk and not allowed to lift.

  27. I had Hernia surgery in Oct. 2009, everything was fine until the last week in June 2010,one of the incision sites had a little knot in it I,could roll the knot arount which meant it was in a capsule, I went to my Doctor, he agreed it was a little cyst that had to be removed,but he was going on vacation for 2 weeks would do surgery when he returned, surgery was set up for July 26/2010. The site became red all around the cyst, about the size of a softball and started to get a pus head to it I was out of town for the 4th of July, my doctor was out of town, I just kept hoping it wouldn’t rupture until I got home, It was very sore and painful at times, sometimes a deep stabbing pain. My hernia was due to Gall Bladder I had in 1976, hadn’t been closed properly, hernia was right over my stomach.It started forming heads like a boil, I had about 5 of them, on the way home on Monday, we stopped to eat, I went to the bath room, looked down and my stomach and everywhere was full of bloody mucus, I panicked for a moment then realized what had happened, it ruptured in a public bath room, what a place for that to happen. It took a half roll of toilet paper to clean it up and to stop the ozzing, I held toilet paper folded several times over it under my top until I could get back in our Motor home and cleand it up and bandage it.It had been painful and sore, but after it rupurted it felt much better. Got home and called the doctors office, saw my doctors associate, which was a woman, she had very little to say, took a steril cotton tip applicator, the stick end and stuck it down in the opening of the incision, I thought she was doing a culture for sure, found out later she didn’t. She said she wasn’t going to do anything, my doctor would be back the next week and to come back to see him then, she did put me on strong antibodic. I went back the next week to see my doctor, there was still some drainage, he said it was a stitch that was supposed to be permanate, but sometimes had to be removed, set up surgery for the next week, everything went well got the stitch out and two nights later,the site became red and started to hurt, called the doctor the next morning, went in to see another associate,my doctor was in Surgery. This doctor said when ever you operate on someone with infection you never close it up completely, you leave a drain to get that bacteria out of there. He got some instruments, I said what are you going to do take the stitches out he said you can bet your life I am, and I’ll bet you pus is going to ozz out of it, then yep sure did,he did a culture, and put me on the antibodic for Staph Iinfection (whick came within a split second of taking my life in 1976 I was in ICU for 2 months) He told me to come back in to see my doctor in a week, this time the drainage had stopped, my doctor said to leave it alone, let it heal up, I tried to pull the incision open, he said no no no let it heal up. I was getting read to go out of town again on a camping trip and noticed a lump around the top of the incision, I thought it was scar tiswsue at 1st, but started to get sore, I showed it to my husband, he said, yes, it needs to drain, next day I had a physical with my family doctor, he sent me right over to the surgeon, he took a Syringe and drew about 5cc’s of fluid off , about a burgendy color, he had a name for it, said it was old blood and serum, said it had no odor, and did another culture on it, said the culture before didn’t grow anything, thought I was ok and told me to call him If i need nim, that night at the camp ground when I was changing the dressing, the incision was festeret up, I cleand it dressed it, and took a shower the next morning, it ruptured started to drain, still draining, I see him tomorrow. I told my husband I have had it, I want some answeres, there is something in there that doesn’t belong there, I want a cat scan an MRI what ever it takes tomorrow. That is my story up until now. In 1977 I had the same thing happen from surgery on my throat, I went to Mayo Clinc in Rochester Minn. had surgery there, found sutures and foriegn material, surgery after surgery and draining in my throat for 8YEARS, where my brain was I don’t know I was just thankful to be alive, and didn’t want to fight, I am over that, where do I go from here?????

  28. Guess this is more of a question than anything else.
    Was a Navy Corpsman and part of 1st marine group deployed to Operation Desert Shield (Aug1990 2/5 1st mardiv). While in desert warfare training, I ended up getting a left venteral hernia. By October, I couldn’t take the discomfort anymore and reported to sickbay. I had surgery the same evening and some convelesant time off to heal. 45 days after surgery I was on leave enroute to an oversea duty station and ended up being admitted into a civilian hospital with internal bleeding however the doctors could never find where I was bleeding. I had mentioned to them about my recent hernia repair and asked if that could of posed an issue and was told it wasnt likely. Needless to say I spent 15 days and was transfused with 5 units while an inpatient.
    I finally stopped bleeding and was released and passed a fit for duty and then redeployed.
    Since then I have had at least 20 bleeding episodes between 1990 and 2010 (both in and post service) and was just recently admitted again for the same scenario. all together I’ve been transfused 13 times. I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, chrones disease, ulcerative colitis and diverticulosis over the years. All of which I’ve been told could not have been the cause of my bleeding events.
    I happened upon this page and the recall of this product but an not sure what was placed in me during surgery. I still feel that this could be my issue and a result of many years of life altering events.
    As I mentioned, I just bled again and now am being told that I should have a total lower intestion resection even though they can’t find where I am bleeding from. I am very hesitant about having this procedure done without a 100% confirmation of where I am bleeding from. Plus the fact that I now know that I dont have all of the diagnosed issues that I had been told I had i.e. ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, chrones disease. I was told though this time, that I did have Diverticulosis, but that I could not have bled like I did from the site. Yet again, they couldn’t see where I was bleeding from via CT with contrast tests.
    My question I guess, is how would I find out if the mesh that was placed in me was one of the recalled products?
    And If so, what do I need to do about it ASAP, as I am about to go under the knife to have a procedure (total lower intestine recection).
    Thanks in advance for any input.

  29. Hi im not sure if what type of mesh the doc put in me but had 2 grapefruit size hernia in my abdomon i had emerg. surgary in 07 in mich. after wards the doc said he put something from a pig in as mesh.. 2 yrs later in 2009 i was having pain and uncontrol bladder problems.. went to a doc found out i had two more hernias one was arround my belley button the other one under the mesh from the last surgary which was pushing up and against my bowals and small intestants.. the doc infiormed me that the last doc really messed it up… that it was not good…so now 5 months after the second surgary im still in pain and i can feel cyst like lumps in that same area..and feels like the same befor the first surgary… help me please

  30. Had mesh hurnia repair done Oct 22, 2010 got out of hospital Oct 24, 2010. Started having high fever (102) on Nov 1, 2010, called doctor Nov 2, told me if I had high fever again to come to er, well Nov 3rd came went to er and was given antibiotics and stronger pain killers and sent home. The drainage looked like dirty pond water with fish scales floating
    on top, no one from er wanted to take drainage to lab to get tested, could feel heat from insision and red, doctor gave me appointment to come in Nov 4, soon as I was seen by doctor he put me into hospital, he was in er on 3rd but wouldn’t come see me and they sent me home.
    I had surgery Nov 5th. woke up with hole size of football in chest with electric drainage hooked up by sponge. Have to have this changed 3 times a week at hospital because can’t find nurse to come to carrollton, OH to home. Feel like shit, have talked to plastic surgeon that says I will have this going for the next couple months, shouldn’t have hole where doctor cut all infection out, took me 8 years to get brave to get hurnia surgery after back surgeon screwed me up in 1999 and 2002, with 4 screws, 2 connection plates, 2 connection rods for a back surgery that shouldn’t happened. Feel like lab rat……

  31. A friend of mine had a hernia operation late 80′s. In June started feeling really ill. Noticed what appeared 2 be a bug but on his stomach. It got worse so his wife took him 2 the doctors. It was puss filled. The doctor referred him 2 another doctor that sent him 4 tests + right away scheduled him the same day 4surgery. Turns out the mesh from the surgery had broken apart + cut his small intestine. His blood was being poisoned + he was hours from death. He has had multiple surgeries + was near death twice. He has lost his job, that he loved and is in constant pain. He currently is sporting a wound vacc. He is getting another skin graph next week 2 help close up this wound. His wife is an amazing women + has cared 4 him thru it all. He cannot drive, barely walk and is very limited. What advice can I give him? Thankfully he has great insurance so his doctor bills are paidn however the other expenses add up quickly.

  32. I too have had 6 hernia repairs and that does not include the one I need to have done in January. I just dont know if anyone is giving me the correct information. I ask questions but all the doctors seam to be covering each others _ _ _ ! I dont know what the real truth is. I do not know what is being put into me or what was taken out of me! I am not sure if any of these products that have been recalled are causing my problems. Nothing has worked yet. The docotrs just say, “its a 30% chance that i will need to have this done again. This is what I hear. Is it that the doctors are affraid to be suied? Does anyone know a good lawyer that is willing to help me? LAst time I investigated this process the atturney was asking me to do all the work for him. I dont speak this language. I dont know who is telling me the truth. Does anyone know an ethical Lawyer that is willing to help me to see if I am being taken advantage of? Any info whould be greatly appreciated, I am trying to put my life back together and no body seams to know anything, or is willing to share the truth. All i know is that I have gained 30lbs and dont even eat that much. It seams like my body is holding alot of fluid?

  33. I have had a total of 5 mesh patch replacements. I received my first one in 1997 and then every one to two years after that. The last replacement was in 2007, but since I have no insurance I have to teach myself pain management. When I am able to see a doctor or general surgeon I am told to go back to last person who performed the procedure to which with out insurance of office visit funds I am not able to do so. I’ve had repairs because I had 4 c-sections and was told I have a lot of scar tissue build-up. Not happy about the outcome but happy about my children.

  34. I am a 32 year old female. I have had 6 hernia repairs and still have another operation planned for this spring. Before this last surgery I had 7 open and draining abdominal wounds that would not heal. I have so much scar tissue that it is painful everyday just to do anything. I have been out of work for almost 3 years and have been denied disablitly twice. I cannot stand for more than 30 minutes because of the constant pain and cannot go back to work. I had gatric bypass in 2003 that almost killed me. I was in ICU for 4 weeks. I have been in ICU twice with my hernia repairs and I am scared to death to have another surgery.

  35. cn you list the shield that had a recoll ?

  36. I had a hernia repair in 2008 where they inserted a peice of mess as big as a notebook sheet of paper. I have a big bulge at my navel and stabbing in my stomach and pelvic area. What can I do? Can this be removed?

  37. I had hernia surgery about 13 months ago and now my
    stomach looks like I am pregenant. I am a man. I have a small piece of something sticking out of my belly button and my stomach is very painful. the surgery was done at the VA and they did use a mesh type repair I had a couple hernias repaired at the same time. my groin area is still painful even after the surgery and it takes GOD to move the VA to see a DR

  38. my son had a parastomal hernia several months ago. it did not work and came back.today he had a large bowel movement after pain since surgery in june 2011.the mesh came out in bowel july 23rd which iis today.dont know what to do

  39. i had three hernia operation in 2005 and or 2004 all i know is like everyone else i have had constance pain in my stomach and i dont have a belley button they say my surgery was needed and they put the mesh there thats what they told me but i have been in pain since this is the second time things like this has happen i dont know if i want any more surgerys because i feel worst off then better can someone help me with this lawsuit stuff also i said i would have to find out what kind of mesh did they use on me but they said i might need surgery again i said no thank you

  40. i for got to let you all know i was a little embarrass but i have had problems with my bowels every since and i have been in the hospital because they thought that they were twisted now they say i have diverticilitis

  41. I had a hernia repair in 1994. They put a mesh just not sure which one. Well in 2004 I had bleeding in the are where i was cut so i went to see the doctor and he said it was a collasped stich did surgery and found i had infection in the area. Wound had to heal for six weeks. It needed to drain. Doctors did not know how this happened never seen anything like this. well now i have pain the area a swollen leg and foot from the surgery. Well I have nerve damage in my leg. Not sure if it is from the mesh would have to get my records. can anyone help me!!!!!!!!

  42. I have had 4 surgeries all in the same scar. This last one was a incisional hernia. It didn’t hurt untill afterwards. Sharp pains started occurring around the incision. They don’t hurt if you press the area but do all on their own. This has been since April 2011. I too look like I am pregnant. I have seen 2 pain doctors and am waiting for an appt. to see another. Pills and the TENS machine. I don’t want to take any more pills and the machine doesn’t work. I am also without a belly button. I don’t know which mesh I have either. Why can’t we get these issues fixed? I am so tired of pain and operations.

  43. I had a diastesis recti repair and a hernia repair in july of 2010. My Dr told me he put in a mesh net that covered my entire stomach from top to bottom, and put spiral screws or whatever he called them to further secure the net. I also have a huge bulge from the hernia and it has since gotten bigger. A couple of months ago I started to get severe pain around the top of my stomach, and I could also feel the net or whatever was bothering me when I layed or sat a certain way. Is that normal? The pain on a scale of 1-10 is on average a 9! I can’t live like this anymore, I have a 2yr old to take care of, and my dr told me it would fix everything! Im not sure what can of net I have, but does anyone have any advice for me? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  44. My name is Gloria. I had same day surgery for a bilateral hernia repair, where mesh was used to cover the holes from the hernia. Three days later i was in the emergency room due to extreme abdominal pain, the inability to move my bowels, and vomitting exorbant amounts of bile (green and brown liquids). A tube was inserted in my nose and removed. Then inserted again and removed. I underwent emergency surgery Nov. 7th where another tube was put down my nose to drain bile and the mesh was removed. I was told the mesh was responsible for the bowel obstruction. I suffered during this ordeal, pain, dehydration, the inability to eat or drink. I was released from the hospital on Nov. 17, 2011. I will never forget this experience.

  45. My fiance had hernia surgery in 2007 w/in 6months,if not sooner,of having the mesh put in the daily pain started.We went to er & all they could tell us is the mesh must have adjusted.Well then you could start ro feel the mesh under the skin.Now the pain has worsened he can barely move.Ive looked at different sites & haven’t seen the Atrium mesh patch but is it recalled? & is there anything I can do?

  46. I have had 3 hernias. First one was surgically repaired. The next time i had a hernia on each side. I often have bad pain on my lower right side that was not present before and trouble with urination.

  47. had a umbilial hernea repaired in 2007 Now when I sit with my feet up I get alot of pain in the area where the surgery was done is this do to the patch that was used please advise

  48. I had hernia surgery three years ago and been having pain in the same areas ever since so bad they did explory surgery last summer they are telling me they can’t find any thing I’m telling you there is somthing there no one should live in this much pain they just keep giving me pain meds.How do I find out what kind of mesh was used

  49. carla you should be allowed a copy of your medial records from hospital thats how i got the name and size of my patch .i went to medical records signed paper gave id and got mine .im having same problems everyone else is im swollen ,cant eat but few bites at atime, stay so tight in upper ab and chest hard to breathe and still have a hernia pushing up into my esophagus,stay in constant pain around liver area also have terrible pain with bowel movements .last time i saw my surgeon he wanted to scope me again i said no

  50. i went into hospital to have anaorta graft done they opend me up down my stomach when i woke up i was told they couldnt do it because of a hernia repair i had done 15 years ago with a mesh had started leaking so they removed the mesh and in 3 months i have to go back and have both operations done opend up again meanwhile i am in constant pain with stomach aches feeling sick and find it hard to eat

  51. Had 3 hernia repairs between 1999 and 2004, all used mesh, the last one was a “plug” instead of patch?
    The operative reports only named the brand, not the batch numbers.

    After one, there was prolonged drainage, but the Doc let it close up and said things were fine–it looked OK from the outside?
    I took his word on that and made the best of the situation.

    Later dates, sought advice/treatment for discomfort of lower abdomen, was given antibiotics, which solved nothing.

    8/2012, after a few months of extremely inflammed lower abdomen and more antibiotics, it spontaneoulsy ruptured to let out very old infective matter.
    Emergency surgery to remove as much of the mess as possible, showed it was absolutely related to the bad patches, and that the infection ahd been slowly getting worse since those hernia patches were installed.

    Now, L& I is trying to refuse the claim, stating they were not informed before 60 days after event.

    The Doc has informed that there will be on-going difficulties, not the least of which is twice daily deep-wound dressing changes as infection continues, and could involve further surgeries to pick away at the bits that had to be left alone during the emergency surgery.
    Pre-aged gray hair, bone loss of at least 2″ height, extreme fatigue, pain, discomfort are daily struggles.
    Had to take early retirement, losing at least 4 years of owrking income, because can no longer work at job with this condition.

    Where is the help for people in these situations?!?

  52. i had a hernia repair in nov. of 2011 ever since then i hurt,just in that spot.it wakes me up in the night.(im hurting now), still have a knot there , not as big as before, loss of appitite,cant lean against nothing on that side,because it hurts,but not sure if its mesh or not, but pain is sure from that area an i know they used somekinda mesh HELP!!!

  53. Same here. Had hernia surgery done in June 2010 and for a while I was fine. Then, out of nowhere ended up in the hospital with intestinal blockage and close to death experience. Now, for the past 4 months I am having pain in the repaired area. The pain is severe and wakes me up at nights. More importantly, the same bulge that caused me to opt for the procedure is not back with more pain and discomfort.

  54. I had gone in to the emergency room on Halloween 2011 with what turned out to be a gall bladder incident which ended up requiring surgery the very next morning. While the surgeon was in there he noticed and repaired two hernias. All I know is he used some kind of mesh. It starting hurting yesterday and I am very sure it’s the mesh but I don’t know what he used.l All I know is they were both bigger hernias.

  55. I actually had an emblical hernia surgery with mesh (some kind) on March 25th, 2011. And I hate to admit but I actually had to turn myself into jail the same day for a couple months. My pain started while being there, I started bloating and having stomach cramps. The doctors there said it was all natural and had me taking 800mlg Ibprofin every 4 – 6 hours. So i’ve grown to be use to the mild pain. The ibpropfin stops the swellen. But now once in awhile I have real striking, stabing feeling right in my belly button. And my boyfriend happen to see the end of a commerical about recall mesh patches, so that brought me here. With confusion and questions

  56. I had an Inguinal hernia repaired using the mesh about July 2011, after having 4 C-sections and a over hang tummy, i tried losing weight but tore into the scar tissue and ended up with the hernia. I am STILL in alot of pain 8 months on :( I had a CT scan and it showed it seems to be just scar tissue, but i also had my GP get me to do xrays which i am seeing him about tomorrow, i am starting to think perhaps the mesh didn’t work, hearing all these stories :(

  57. I had the Kugel mesh with the memory ring to repair an abdominal hernia in 2004. The ring busted and the mesh balled up. The mesh and ring were explanted in 2010 in an emergency surgery. I am part of the alleged settlement by Davol and Bard but have yet to receive any compensation!

  58. I have had ventral hernia repair a total of five times so far with the last one being done on March 7, 2012. I am not sure what type of mesh was used but I do know that mesh was used each time. These last four repairs were done by two different surgeons and before this last one Iwas told that I had another new one (been told that each of the last four times) and that I was what they called a hernia producer or grower. After reading these posts I have to wonder if the mesh is the problem and not me. Is there something I am not being told???

  59. I had a ventral hernia mesh surgery in February, 2012, now my incision feel like concrete in the incision and my stomach is very swollen.

  60. Sounds like we all got some of the same problems with these damn patches. Mine feels like double ice picks in the groin. Such fun. Bottom line is Its not our fault they put these things in our bodies. So fix them and pay us. I’m not shy fuckin pay me, it may make the pain seem less. I wanna know how much I can expect.

  61. anyone who has has a memoy ring mesh exlanted from them, PLEASE, let me know how you are doing now, after surgery. I am scheduled for surgery may 16. I am the class action lawsuit, and they want me to settle for 5000.00 before my surgery. then they say iam able to get more in a separate limited fund ( devided by 156 claiment in my attorneys office., and them, of course.) I call bullshit! 10 years of suffering and in a wheelchair in exscruitating pain,,,sure ill take 3500.00 and sign away my rights to further litigate. If they cant wait 4 days to see the outcome of my surgery…doesnt seem like they have my best interest. I am out…Please respond with your explant stories..Mine is poking my bladder right now ..that we know of….scarres shitless

  62. In augst. of 07 I had a 6″x8″ sepramesh by genzyne corp. put in to repair a hernia. A week after getting out of the hospital I woke up in great pain in my abdoman. I was rush to the ER by ambulance with red light and sirings because I was in bad shape. They did a CT and found fluid in the right side, my feavor had went up to 103 and blood presure was very high. I was put in ICU And my abdoman was huge by now. All of a sudden the staples let go and a brown fluid shot out of the incesion site. I mean shot out, IT HIT MY FEET and had a foual smell. I freak out and the nurses called the DR. and 45 min. later I was in the OR. The screen mesh had cut in to my small intesten and filled my abdoman with bile and what I had ate. needless to say I got very sick, spending 7 days in ICU and 7 in a normal room. that number 1 In march of 08 due to mutipl. hernias along the scare from the first surgury they had to put another screen back in. This one is a bard composix mesh with goretex and it 8″x12″ oval and I have had nothing but truoble scence it was put in me . I have scarp pain on the right side in three spots lower rt. middle rt. and upper right below the right nipple below the rib cage. I have trouble eating, standing,sitting, walking for to long and going to the bathroom. I have complaned with pain proplem right after it was put in, I was told it the sutures pulling or now it scare tissue or it your back. With all the trouble and pain I have and how bad it gets I’ve been taken to the ER for heart problems or the pain in my abdoman gets so bad Igo to the ER . One DR did a CT and said I have another hernia, other have done CT and said nothing. I have had full heartstudys done in in the last 6 mo. and been check for colen cancer and thier nothing wrong with eather. Im tired of living in pain and I know it has somthing to do with the large mesh screen they put in me because I have been do a lot of research and all so readin storys of people in the same boat I am.

  63. I had a double hernia repair in November 1994 in which Ethicon Prolene Hernia Mesh was used. In 1996 a piece broke off and punctured my bladder the size of a quarter. In 2001 the mesh became entangled and my colon was twisted around it. In 2003, while lifting thirty pound boxes at work, my intestines dropped down into three different sections of the mesh. I was told that I had another hernia, but it turned out to be a triple blockage and I had to have a foot of my colon removed. I became obstructed from the surgery and developed two abcesses.

    This one surgery cost me six additional surgeries and lots of complications. If anyone knows of an attorney handling cases prior to the year 2000, involving the Ethicon Prolene Hernia Mesh, please let me know.

  64. I had a Herina removed on June 25,2012 I have alot of pain and when I cough or sneeze .I get bloated real bad.Ive been sick at my stomach The pain is so several it wakes me up in the night Ive woke being all wet from where my kidneys has went and it is embrassing.And ive had lots of surgerys and never have done this before.I have take to a pillow with me everywhere i go cause if I cough or sneeze it feels like my inside r going to fall out I wake up crying cause the pain is so bad. A friend of mine said it could be cause of the mesh.So i found this web site on the computer. How do i find out if all that is happening from the mesh. I dont know what to do i want the pain to go away.I dont know for what kind of mesh they used.If you got any advice please email me thanks its been misable

  65. need help from a surgeon who is capable of removing two layers of
    the recalled mesh. Can’t work, sick continually, losing large amounts
    of weight, need help immediately. I don’t have any insurance due to
    the fact that I can’t work, single mom, losing everything, but most important
    my health. 660

  66. Was told in February that I had an umbilical hernia and needed to have it repaired immediately. The doctor told me that he would make 1 or 2 small incisions and that would be it……Same day surgery. Well, when I woke up from the surgery, I had 8 incisions and was in excruciating pain. I was told that the mesh was 19inx21in. I went home and the daily pain was unbelievable. I lost my job because I could not return back to work after 2 weeks. As of today, 7/29/12, I still have pain, I can’t bend down properly, I get pulling sensations when I move certain ways, have trouble sleeping….It’s been a nightmare. I am also a single mom. I can’t get to a doctor because I no longer have insurance, due to loss of job. I don’t know what type of mesh that was used and also don’t know what to do. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

  67. had Bard kuegel mesh placed in my abdomen after failed hernia repair, three mos after surgery was unable to eat any type of food without getting sick. Went to see a gastroenterologist and was told first i was lactose intolerant, that test was negative; then i was told i was lutent intolerant that test was negative; during this time i started to also have severe painful bowel movements then i was told i had an autoimmune disease called Chrones disease’;tested for Chrones that was negative. It was at this time i started to figure out that my before i was admitted to the hospital i already had an autoimmune disease called hashimoto’s thyroiditis that my body was trying to reject the mesh and it was making me sick. I called the manufacturer and was told it should have never been placed in my body. Now it is twelve mos later and i have been deathly ill ever since have lived on doulbe antibiotics fevers everyday from 99.6 to 102.7 for the last six mos no lawyer will take the case without a piece of the mesh and no doctors want to operate due to the chronic infectionj where is our protection!Where is our help i no i am goung to die in the next year from the cronic infection why are they allowing bard and the doctors still putting these products in cvonsumers bodies when it is deadly!!!!!!

  68. i had a hernia operation in 05 or06 i felt funny every since now i think it tore because i am in pain now its starting to patrude out again

  69. my sister has had 4 or 5 surgeries with the mesh. In the last few years she’s literally had and now much worse has these fibers coming out of her whole body. She’s having a terrible time getting the dr. to believe her. Noe she’s to the point where she has almost no hair and she has terrible sores with this stuff shooting out of her body everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! She too has a huge ball in her stomach. I honestly believe she is going to die. Its like they are suffacating her skin then she will accidently hit her hand or whatever and these fibers shoot across the room! I can’t beleive these drs. are more worried about a class action suit than saving her life. She can’t find anyone to help her and I’m sure if she does’nt off herself from the horrible pain first she won’t be here much longer. Can anyone hepl?

  70. Dear Kim I am sorry for ur sister and I feel for u and her. Most people exsplain their symptoms to Doctors in many ways, however if the evidence of symptoms are seen with the naked eye it is a problem and must be addressed by a professional. I am recovering from my 3rd hernia repair which surgery was done on the 17th of september 2012. I to have problem with mesh that have been put in my body to help the problem of hernia but seems to make some matters worse with the side affects of mesh usage in the abdomen and other areas in which ur surgeon feels it is needed. I will need another surgery at some point to remove the old mesh that attached itself to a muscle so my surgeon was unable to remove it 9 days ago it is frustrating to feel u r not heard and most people no their bodies and the changes that occur over the years. what I would suggest is for u and ur sister to seek help from a University Hospital with specialists and students who will look at all the symptoms and will try to help u and relieve the problems u r having times r tough people out of work no Insurance I am not sure that ur Doctors r more worried about class action suits toward them as u know the manufacturer is the one responsible for the things put out on the market they also r the ones who show surgeons how it is used and this is all the Medical field can go by until there becomes problem with the manufacturers product. I have felt all emotions most of u have posted however I truly still want to believe that the Physcian still stands by his or her oath to do no harm and to strive to heal all that r in need of their care and service, if we lose faith in our health care as of these days I can see and understand the lack of faith in the care that u recieve u still must hang on to the faith that all will turn out best for each individual that r having problrms from mesh or any other issues from foreign things in the body. Please check out ur state for a University clinics and Doctors and see if u can recieve thecare for ur sister God Bless and hope all works out and she will b helped and healed and pain free.

  71. I had an umbilical hernia repair and I am not sure what mesh they put in me. I have had problems with my stomach for years now. I was in and out of the hospital for stomach pain that they kept saying was irritable bowel movement. I eventually had my gall bladder taken out.. that didn’t help… then I had a total hysterectomy with salpingo oophorectomy…that eased some of the pain.. but my stomach pain is still there.. every so often i get this horrible pain in my right side… shoots up and around .. can’t move.. feels ugly.. It tends to come when i am going to put my pants on.. the angle i am in i guess.. I also have a hard time holding my pee in. I hate that. I am 39, have two children and have to worry about peeing or not being able to control my bowel movement. I would of loved more children and that really makes me sad. I have no idea if after my hysterectomy they inserted a mesh or not but i have no feeling in my lower abdomen, the scar is like one associated with a CSection. How do i find out if I have one of these recalled mesh inside me… can i get it taken out.. and is it been that all this time.. could i have really been misdiagnosed. I was 30 when i had my hysterectomy, that has been hard for me.



  74. well going to see another doc to find out if he can help me or just tell me nothing is wrong again. cant take much more of this i cant bend over with out having a bad time trying to breath.my life as i once new it is over. dont think the docs care about us. its all about the money thats all they want.

  75. My heart is heavy reading all of your stories I just had my 11th ventral hernia repair in may 2012 and to no avail I have yet another hernia.I am vicerated each time …..general anethesia….its too much my surgeon has,a different excuse of why I dont heal

    bs i think i have so many medical problems and always ill cant walk or lift vomit alot I too am in fear of another surgery i dont think i can live through it I will wait until i can no longer get up. I have children And A husband thats been seeing me go thru alk tgese

  76. I had breast cancer in 2004 where I had to have a masectomy. The surgeon who performed my mascetomy told me that I should wait one year or longer before I did reconstruction. He is a great doctor whom I love at trust so I waited. I went into the Hospital in 2005 and had tram flap surgery to reconstruct my breast and to have sury on my other breast so they would be uniformed. About three days after the surger was done the new breast done with the tram flap. turhed purle and black, the breast was getting infected. The surgoen who did the surgery after coming into my room numerous time with other doctors told me he had to do emergency surgery to removed the infected breast immediately. He removed the breast and later on I got infection in my stomach. I overheard him mention to another doctor something pretaining to a mesh, which at the time I didn’t know what mesh was. Needless to say I ended up in the hospital for about three months fight a flesh eating infectio where my stomach was left open to heal from the inside out. I later as this doctor do he think this mesh thing I overheard him talking to another doctor could be the cause of my problems, he said it could be. My sister who was staying with me in the hospital took pictures because she didn’t like what was going on. After leaving the hospitaL I had to have a home heal;th care nurse visit me during the wekk to change the dressing and to empty a wound pump that continuously sucked out infection everyday, twenty-four hours a day. I had to learn to clean and change my bandages on the weekend. I contacted lawyers here in Georgia but they said it would cost a lot of money to pursue my case. I asked for my medical records from the hospital. they told me it would be $800.00 to get just a portion oof my records which I didn’t have nor did any family or friends because they were trying to help me financially. After seing information on television in 2011, I tried contacting lawyers who told me the statue of limitations had run out. After doing investigating on the web, I found information on a poll law that I think states you may sue if you just found out about information about a product you can start from that date. I have records from the plastic surgeon who did my reconstruction sating he had used a mesh when doing my surgery. I alsao have the pictures thanks to my sister. I also fgound out my plastic surgery specalized in hand surgery not breast surgery and have later talked to many women who has had bad expriencing with this doctor for breast surgery. I am currntly going to the doctor with pain, and uti infection, and my stomach does not eliminate my food properly and I sometime have to take raglan to empty my stomach and this medicine interferes with the citroplam, and lorazepram I had to get on in order to be able to take test that require me to have to use a machine for the test. I do appreciate being alive even though my standard of living has decline. But I am also tired of suffering. I work in a prison and this is hard along with my health problems. I need help and I need a doctor who will listen and knows how to fix my problem and a lawyer that may also be able to help me. I have also been dianosed with PTSD. Inned help and I don’t know where to turn. I trust and believe in God and I know there is help out there some where.

  77. I had a hernia repair in 2009 , within 6 months the hernia reopened. It was repaired with a mesh patch, which again reopened about a year later, I now have had the third repair , each hernia has been larger than the last, thus surgery was done in June of this year, I have pain almost continuously at each point where the incisions were made. I also have had small particles if what I can only assume to be mesh work it’s way out of my skin, there is another spot that us trying to ” expel” this material .i also am having a lot of stomach upset and bowel problems , should I be concerned, are these things related to the surgery? Help!

  78. I had 3 hernia repairs in 2010. Also the Dr. performed a Nissen Fundiplication during the surgery. I have been in constant pain every since. Also had surgical mesh implanted because of the hernias. I experience incontinence during the night, and when I lift something. My stomach stays swollen, and hurts, especially after I eat or am on my feet for any length of time. My job requires lifting, pulling, pushing, and pulling. By the end of my shift, I am in excruciating pain. The surgeon that did the procedure has left the state. Because of his botched work on some surgeries I can’t get another surgeon to even help me. Please advise me, on whom I should talk too.

  79. My mom had Hernia surgery 3 years ago. Now she just had surgery for fishula. Witch is caused from the hernia surgery. No her mesh is infected and she is laying in hospital sick. Please help my mother. I love her so much. Thank you, Her daughter, Missy Crippen

  80. I had umbilical hernia repair surgery around October 2003 at Kaiser in Panorama City, CA; in 2005, after a slight cough, I felt it pop out again, right under my navel. The little bastard was back! When I heard of a class-action lawsuit a few years ago, I investigated the details of my surgery through Kaiser; this is what I found (according to Kaiser):

    There was no O.R. Record # of my procedure;
    There was no Lot # on the mesh product they used;
    There was no written evidence of ANY KIND to support that they had ever performed the procedure.

    I thought that was rather convenient. Here I am, some 7 years later, still doubling over in pain from time to time, still pushing it back into my abdominal wall (when it decides to go back in), and I can’t even exercise properly to get back into shape to keep the weight off. I have no medical coverage as I did at the time of the initial procedure (just starting out again at minimum wage after being unemployed for 3 years); I don’t suppose I have any legal recourse at this juncture…

  81. I have an umblical hernia for past over 15 years which has not been causing any major problems. Off-late there is more projection as the intestine get into it a bit more. It goes down on its own when i lie on back by little pressing. Should I undergo surgery as I am told hernia can recur even after open surgery and the mesh.

  82. .I tohad mesh put n too years ago ben n pain cents adomanal feels like someone stabing me I try walk it bens me over takes my breath away no doc will take it out plus it exploded n me my heart goes out everyone whos life it hurt all my prayers

  83. I have had 33 sugerys done on my stomach alot had to do with my mesh am in consent pain no surgen will touch me now.

  84. I have had a bulge sticking out of my right side for about a year. They took a CT scan and an ultra sound and couldn’t find anything,they would send me home saying it was my bowels and I need to take laxatives. I went to a specialist and he decided to do exploratory surgery on October 1, 2012 and found out that I had a hernia that was big in size. He put a mesh over it and today I still see the same bulge on my right side now its even bigger and more painful than before. I went to the emergency room and they gave me a CT scan and said it was my bowels again and sent me home. I’m still in a lot of pain. I’m a mother of nine and can’t take care of my kids because of the pain every time I move it stops me in my tracks. Can anyone help me

  85. I have had 4 surgeries for a hernia repair with a Bard mesh starting on 7/3/12. I still have an open wound as of 4/16/13. I have had an infection most of the time, but right now I do not (that I know of). I had the mesh finally replaced on 2/19/13 and have been in the hospital 2 more times for infection, one of the times was very serious and a huge loss of blood. I work part-time and do not get paid when I am off and have been off quite a lot in the past year, plus I have a lot of medical bills. I have been to a wound care clinic (no help), home health nurse (some help), used a wound vac twice (no help) and I am finally (I think) healing on my own with the help of a friend who is a dr. and knows a lot about nutrition.


  87. i haveve ve a problem i have 21 surgey and can not find a lawyer and still going through them they use doal bard composix mesh in me in 2005 and mess my life so bad i can.t work my life is a mess now am ashame of my body and it hurt each time i look at myself please help me someone please they need to pay for their mistaka

  88. These products still do not recall outside of United Stetes. Many patient will take risk for using them. The company should conduct clinical trial, and determine the long term effectiveness and safety. The other bad behavoir of Bard you should know of it. C. R. Bard also have corrupt activity in China. Please pay attention on that:
    The corrupt activity of Vice president of C.R. Bard in China.

    Bard China is a subsidiary company of C. R. BARD. The headquarters of C. R. Bard is in New Jersey. The Corporate senior vice president, name is John Deford, he had a visiting activity in hospital of China when he visits in Shanghai on 9th May this year, and he gave gifts (price more than $100 USD, that’s two of Tiffany gifts) to a physician during visiting time, and the physician immediately used the product (name Lifestent vascular stent, price above $3,000USD) of Bard Company for patient at that time. After the visiting, he gave others gifts to marketing manager of Bard China, and let the marketing manager give those gifts to the other physician. I think that his behavior violate the FCPA and laws of China.

  89. I had the mesh put in in 07 HD a few stitches but had to have it done again in 2013 with pain discomfort and 37 staples so I wanna join the law suit.

  90. I had a inguinal hernia repair in January 2009 it got infected while I was in prison and I had to have it removed and during that process I had 2 more surgeries back to back cause the dr cut something during the second time that caused me to have internal bleeding and I was in icu for 5 days and the hospital for 9 days I take medication daily for nerve pain I am constantly in pain I am not sure though what the name of the mesh is I am currently trying to find a lawyer to help me with the process.

  91. I had hernia repair in Nov of 2011 got infected in July of 2012. Took antibiotics help some as soon as they were done came back twice as bad. Went in Sept 5, 2012 for surgery to have it fixed spent 2 months in the hospital and had 4 surgeries doing that time. Won’t go into all the details here. Got out had to have a wound vac for awhile and then had to have surgery again not sure of the date in the paper work. Then had to have surgery again Nov 4th 2013. Still having trouble keeps filling with fluid. Go in about once a week to have it drained. I’m so tired of this is there anything anyone can do to help.

  92. I had my left kidney taken out and then ended up with a hernia. The repair/mesh failed. I then went to mayo in mn and they took out the old mesh and replaced it with the largest mesh they had. I have had a collection of fluid that has had to be drained twice and then they tried to tack the inside of my stomach to the mesh. still have a litter of fluid on my side, hurts all the time, can’t bend etc. they keep telling me to lose weight and maybe that will help. how is weight lose going to help get rid of the litter of fluid. they keep draining and it keeps filling back up. I look pregnant. Nobody will do anything about it because it is the mayo system. I would love help

  93. Yes I have a friend had hernia surgery the doctor put a mesh in and now he is having a lots pain and infection and taking antibiotic.Do any one know any good doctors and good lawers please email me. Thank You

  94. I had the hernia plug put in in 2006, I have had nothing but pain afterwards. The Drs. office told me it was because of the surgery, and it should feel better with time……….NOT. At times it hurts so bad I can hardly move.

  95. I had inscisional hernia repair June 2010. Nothing but problems and pain since. Two CT’s later still no help.

    Please help.

  96. I had hernia surgery .they put mesh and it got effected and open it again.I need some lawyer to talk to Iam still in a lot of pain.

  97. I had a incisional hernia from breastbone to the groin area.It was repaired late 2001 or early 2002. It was ok till last year.I started getting pain that made me double over and had fever of 104.My stomach area started swelling up and turning red.The surgeon put in a drainage tube for infection and later surgery to take out the infected mesh that put a hole in my bowel.The surgery was several hours long as the surgeon used tweezers to pull the mesh out one strand at a time,as he was afraid some of my organs might be stuck to the mesh.I now have a hernia that cannot be fixed.It is too big and difficult.I have to wear a tight binder at all times,except to take shower,and it has been hell.

  98. I had hernia repair in 2011. Been experience stomach pain since 9/2011. Been in and out of the er. It got to a point to were I end up going to the hospital to get my medical records. I have severe stomach pain everyday. I realize now I had Bard Mesh plug in me. It is scare I get where I going to die one day cause the pain get so bad to were I can’t breath. I need a solution to the problem. I call the surgeon who did the sugery the only Tell me to go to the er. Mental this is destory me.

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