Zimmer Class Action Suit Filed After Durom Cup Problems

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A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of shareholders who purchased stock in Zimmer Holdings, Inc. between January 28 and July 21, 2008. The Zimmer class action lawsuit alleges that the firm made material misrepresentations by failing to disclose problems arising from the use of the Zimmer Durom Cup in hip implants, which led the firm to suspend sales of the product on July 22, 2008.

The Zimmer class action lawsuit has been filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana on behalf of shareholders. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants failed to disclose that a disproportionate number of patients who received the company’s Durom Acetabular Component, which is used during total hip replacements, experienced cup loosening and required additional corrective surgeries. The suit also claims that the defendants failed to disclose material flaws in the quality systems at a manufacturing facility in Ohio, where orthopedic surgical products are made.

The basis of the claim is that Zimmer’s material misrepresentation of facts about the firm and its products during the class period caused their common stock to trade at artificially inflated levels. Following the July 22 announcement that Zimmer Durom cup sales were being suspended, the price of the Zimmer stock declined from $70.88 to $66.01 per share in a single day.

Since it was approved in 2006 for use in the United States, the Durom Acetabular Component has been implanted in over 12,000 Americans. The decision to halt sales was made several months after Zimmer first became aware that a large number of doctors were encountering post hip surgery loosening of the implant parts, often requiring revision surgery.

Zimmer is continuing to maintain that there are no product defects or manufacturing irregularities with their hip implant. Rather, they have stated that the technology involved in their Durom Cup requires special surgical techniques that are not commonly used in the United States. Therefore, they have indicated that they intend to re-introduce the Zimmer Durom Cup components after revised instructions are developed and special surgical training programs are implemented in the United States.

A number of hip replacement patients who have experienced problems after surgery have already contacted Zimmer Durom Cup lawyers who are investigating individual lawsuits against the company. The Zimmer class action suit which has been filed on behalf of shareholders would not provide any compensation for victims who were unknowingly given a hip implant by doctors who were not properly instructed on the correct surgical techniques.

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  1. Charles Reply

    I had a hip replacement back in August of 1993 At the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis In, I have had problems every since I have it done the things that I felt was in the winter my hip got cold and when I sit on a hard surface I feel the hip joint every way that I move. I have been to the Dr. over this several times and they said that there is nothing they could do because it was supposelly a good operation.

  2. Charles Reply

    When they first started this program I think they use us as ginny pigs to see if the implants worked and I think alot of the operatios were unnecacery. I pesonly have the same damn problems now that I had before the operation. I have even cried on my wifes shouder sometimes because it hurts so bad. the Dr. even put me on several pain pills and some of them don’t work.

  3. james Reply

    My wife’s hip was first replaced in late 2006, funny thing is the doctor who did the original surgery mover out of state immediately after wards,. in the next two years it has had to be replace each year!!! Seems like its finally better (so far). Still waiting for Zimmer to fess up to the problem and pay for the pain and suffering they have caused. Court cases take such a long time, it begins to seem like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. our attorney has taken 16 months and we are now told that the case should be filed in MDL court within 2 weeks. I guess it will probably be 6 months from then before it REALLY settled.

  4. Ms Angree Reply

    I had my metal on metal hip replacement less than 3 years ago. I was 48 at the time and had avascular necrosis. I had broken my hip and after 3 surgeries the bone did not fuse. In fact, it died.

    I was optimistic about my zimmer hip replacement. My leg felt stronger on the side with the prosthetic hip than it did on the side with my natural hip which was also pinned due to a fracture.

    I could not have been more wrong about my zimmer replacement. It is pure poison. My body is rejecting it and I will have a conventional hip replacement in less than a week.

    Metal on metal hip replacements spell disaster.

  5. hank Reply

    I used to work for Zimmer. Typically the sales force has no formal training before standing in for a hip surgery. You stand watch read tech guide for several months then you are ready to assist the surgeon. You would be surprised what kind of back ground these sales people have. That is the first line of who helps in the difficult proceedure. look into the non formal training if you want a answer to part of the problem!

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