Zocor Rhabdomyolysis Muscle Injury Warning Issued by FDA

High doses of the cholesterol-fighting drug Zocor can increase the risk of rhabdomyolysis, a serious and potentially fatal muscle disease, according to federal regulators.  

The FDA released a Zocor rhabdomyolysis warning on March 19, as part of an ongoing investigation into the side effects of Zocor and other cholesterol medications that belong to a family of drugs known as statins. All statins have been found to carry a risk of muscle injury, known as myopathy, and rhabdomyolysis is the most severe form, potentially causing severe kidney damage, kidney failure and death.

All statins currently contain a warning that myopathy and rhabdomyolysis are rare possible side effects, however this is the first time the FDA has warned that the conditions may be dose specific.

Statins are the best-selling drugs in the United States, with $14.5 billion in combined sales in 2008. They use the liver to block the body’s creation of cholesterol, which is a key contributor to coronary artery disease. Statin is used in a number of other popular cholesterol controlling drugs, including Crestor, Lipitor, Mevacor, Lescol and Pravachol.

Zocor (simvastatin) is a synthetic statin developed by Merck & Co., which is now available as a generic. Before patent protections expired in 2005, it was Merck’s best-selling drug and the second best selling cholesterol lowering drug in the world, bringing in $4.3 billion in 2005.

The FDA’s drug safety communication warns that data from a large clinical trial indicates that the highest approved doses of Zocor, 80 mg, carry an increased risk of muscle injury over lower doses. Zocor rhabdomyolysis causes muscle fibers to begin to break down, releasing a protein called myoglobin, which can damage the kidneys as they attempt to filter it out of the bloodstream.

Zocor is also used in the combination cholesterol lowering drugs Vytorin (Exetimibe/simvastatin) and Simcor (Niaspan/simvastatin). Vytorin is produced and marketed as part of a joint venture between Merck & Co. and Schering-Plough, while Simcor is manufactured by Abbot Laboratories.

Symptoms of rhabdomyolysis include muscle cramps, tenderness, stiffness, pain or spasms. The illness is usually reported in patients over 65 years of age or those who have renal impairment or uncontrolled hypothyroidism.

The connection between Zocor, other statins and myopathy has been under investigation by FDA for some time. In August 2008, the FDA warned healthcare professionals not to administer more than 20 mg/day of simvastatin to patients receiving heart drugs containing amiodarune, such as Cordarone and Pacerone.

In addition, researchers from Europe warned last month that statins can increase the risk of diabetes. University of Glasgow scientists analyzed the results of 13 different studies into the side effects of statins and found that people using the cholesterol drugs faced a 9% increased risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The FDA recommended that patients not stop taking Zocor unless told to by their health care professional. They should contact their doctor if they experience muscle pain, tenderness or weakness, dark or red-colored urine or unexplained tiredness.

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  1. dawn Reply

    i believe that i have permanent muscle damage after teking simvastatin for twelve months whilste on a blind drugs trail for squaline synthaze and under two consultants investigating several symptoms cramping legs numb arms exhaustion irritable bowel migraines ringing in ears extrem pain in lower half of body. my consultant told me to stop drugs trail and simvastatin and the burning pains in my legs and bicep went almost overnight. during all of this i was diagnosed hypothyroid and have since had an aortic stent in my decendin aorta but i still have weak les and arms and the muscles i had burning pain in i cannot seem to build up . as you can see i started taking simvastatin in the middle of a lot of symptoms and i believe that it has left me with permanent muscle damage. i believe it effected my immune system because of my immune disorder

  2. MARIA Reply

    I am in my 60’s but not 65. Every night I had very bad muscle cramps
    pain and tenderness from the Simvastatin. I was jumping out of the bed many times during the night.
    I did not take a large dose ,only 10mg. I have blamed everything but the medication for this condition. Now, I have stoped taking it and what an improvement.

  3. Tom Reply

    It has taken me almost two years to figure out myself that my fatigue and disappearing muscle mass and strength was being caused by 80mg. of Zocor per day. Despite repeated complaints and visits to my cardiologist and local MD, it fell on me to research my high CPK and make the link. I also had a 4x bypass, and as the fatigue stayed, a des stent placed inside a “occluded” plain stent (after only 5 months). Makes me wonder if the stent placement was really needed, as the fatigue/weakness issue continued. Suggestion: sell your Merck stock.

  4. kathleen Reply

    put on zocor highest dosage, told doctor having muscle problems stated to me must be low potassium, tested me for that came back fine, will not address the zocor issue what cani do?

  5. Gary Reply

    I was placed on Zocor after a very mild heart attack. My cholesterol wasn’t that high, but I didn’t know any better. Within a week, I knew something was wrong. I was very weak, couldn’t think , no concentration. A trip to the grocery store took 4 days to recover from. This was absolutely not from the heart attack, as it was so mild, the doctor even said it could not be from the attack, but were at a loss. I wasn’t able to connect it to Zocor as I had no knowledge of it. As things progressed, I got to where I couldn’t make it up stairs without exteeme fatigue. I stared at the walls for days with no thought. I stayed home and didn’t answer the phone because I couldn’t think of words to form sentences.
    After about 7 months on the Zocor, I started haing pain in my legs, shortly after the doctors increasing the dosage. After all the complaining to the docs about the sideeffects a”to something”, I was told, “you have to take them, it isn’t the medicine, maybe you should see someone in mental health”. As the pain in my feet and ankles started, it progressed up my legs. I noticed it was about 4 or 5 inches a day, until the pain was halfway up my thighs, and severe. That night, I had severe pain in my legs, tingling of the nerves in my hands, lips, tounge. At about 2 am, it was so severe, I was scared. I got on the internet and started loooking for anything I could about the meds I was on. I found a guy….Dr. Grapevine, I believe was his name. His website had an enourmaous aount of information that led me to believe it was the Zocor causing the problems.
    I called the pharmacy the next day and reported it, and told them I refused to take it any longer. Within 24 hours I noticed an improvemnent in my strength. It has been about 2 years now since I stopped, but I still have the tingling, significant loss of strength. I am fatigued easily, my legs hurt all the time. If I walk very long, I get the severe pain in my lower legs. I am on pain killers allthe time now to stop the tingling, which never really goes away. If I stop taking the pain killers, my toungue and lips and face, and hands all tingle like needles poking them, and my legs hurt very bad.

    I would suggest no one is ever put on this medicine..ever!!

  6. Rita Reply

    I took Zocor. I was limping bably. One morning I woke up and could not walk. I was in severe pain. I seldom miss work. I was in my early 60s. I missed work for almost a week. I thought that was the end of my career. I went to the doctor who put me on pain pills. It didn’t help. I couldn’t walk and was in constant pain. Before this I had been quite healthy. After several visits to the doctor he finnally realized it must be the Zocor. I stopped taking Zocor that day. My leg improved and the pain eventually went away. I went back to work. I have a slight remnant of the damage. I go to work every day. Now I am almost 65. Getting off Zocor is the best thing I ever did. I prefer natural remedies.

  7. Amesha Reply

    Hi I’m a 35 year old woman how was taking Simivastatin , the generic form of Zocor. 4months after I started taking this medication I develop severe Muscle cramps all over my body and extreme muscle pain in my calf muscles and thighs it was painful for me to walk let alone to do any of my daily chores. I complain to my dr about it and was encourage to continue taking the medication. After checking my blood work she discover that the medicine was in fact the cause of my muscle pain and extreme fatigue and headaches. After being off for a month my enzme levels are still high and still having muscle pain but much better then before. This needs to be taken off the market

  8. Kitty Reply

    Soon after taking Zocor, I awoke in the night with sever muscle pain in my upper left arm and upper right leg so I discontinued use and my leg returned to normal. After 2 months I went back to the prescribing doctor and told her of my continued pain and limited use of my left arm telling her it must have been caused by the Zocor because I didn’t do anything to injure my arm in any way. She said “It was not caused by the Zocor” and sent me for physical therapy. I have been in therapy for 5 weeks now with no improvement. I am now being referred to a orthopedic doctor. The physical therapist says I have frozen shoulder, which I may have since I cannot use my left arm without pain. Any sudden moves with cause excrusiating pain and will bring me to tears. I am a 58 year old female with no prior history of aches and pains and I know Zocor has caused all this pain in my arm. I would not recommend this medication for any treatment and hopefully will be taken off the market in order to protect other patients from the pain I now have to endure.

  9. Joe Reply

    I was on Cardizem, Lipitor, Zocor, and currently on Zetia. The eventual change over to Zetia, years ago, was due to enormous pain in both arms at the same time….simultaneous golf and tennis elbows, and eventual diagnosis of carpel tunnel. Unfortunately, the change-over happened after I blew out both rotator cuffs and bicep muscles…..I haven’t had corrective surgery yet, but it has to happen soon. There has to be a ‘connection’ with the Zocor (or other statins) creating a form of degenerating myoitis, based upon my investigations.

  10. James Reply

    I took zocor. I hurt. I stopped. I not only stopped zocor, I stopped letting my doctor do my thinking for me. Cholesterol is produced by the liver. If you consume too much in your diet, the liver adjusts how much it makes. Seldom is too much cholesterol a function of how much you eat…unless you eat nothing but cholesterol, I suppose. And very seldom is a high cholesterol count because the liver produces too much. If you have a high cholesterol count (and that number is subject to debate), it’s because some function of the body which is supposed to be using that cholesterol is failing. Shutting down a perfectly functioning organ (the liver) is not only foolish, it’s dangerous, as we now see. If the doctor tells you your cholesterol is too high, make that doctor explain to you what part of your body is not functioning properly. And don’t accept that it’s the liver. It’s probably not. Yes, a part could be diet. A good part is that the body is made to be physically used and very few people seem to get the physical activity they need. Low hormone count is another very big point. Increasing testosterone from low to mid-range can cause a decrease of 50 or more points. And makes for a much healthier and more happy lifestyle!

  11. Mike Reply

    48 year old male. Been on Simvastatin for about three years (80mg/day past 6 months), progressively over the past 6 months I started experiencing pain and burning in my feet gradullay traveling up to my knees, then my fingers, hands and now up to my elbows. Extreme pain in the knees, thought the joints were wore out. Was told that I was borderline diabetic and within 4 months diagnosed full Type 2 diabetes. Started experiencing problems walking and slurred speech. Dr. just told me today that all this may be Simvastatin related and immedaietly stop the drug. Doing CK test today for muscle loss. I pray this is recoverable side effect. Reading the Internet today has me fightened! Think twice before taking this drug. Why wasn’t I informed of these possible side effects????

  12. Buddy Reply

    Hello,I am a 52 year old man and was on simvaststatin 40 mg and felt very fatgue after walking a short distance, I did not know what was going on .Then on Jan 12 ,2010 My V.A. doctor raised it to 80mg. the pain was intense felt like crying after tring to mow the lawn and work on my car I can barley get up by my self.It hurts from my back to thighs and calves. Also made me gain about 50 lbs more weight This “medcation” is dangerous. Stop taking it April 22 2010 pain is better but I am afraid the damage has been done. I hope ther is some one who will help us

  13. Bill Reply

    I have been on simvastatin for just over three years, with an increase in strength or dosage up to 40 mg, it is doing the job and my blood pressure and cholesterol is down and manageable today.
    But I am seriously concern now, and have been experiencing ringing in my ears everyday and continuously even now. Usually starting in the morning and continuing all day and night, I think it stops during my sleep. Could it be from the medicine, where do I turn and what is worse, the risk from the medication or a heart attack?
    God Bless America.

  14. Ron Reply

    I’ve been on Zocor, Lipatore, Zetia, & Wel-Clor over the last 10 years. I finally decided the Dr’s were wrong – They kept telling me one of the medications would work without side effects – they are wrong – once one statin drug doesn’t work for you, non will, including Red Rice Yeast from the health food store – which is what they get these drugs from.
    Now I’m told these side effects will be permenant – burning feet, cramped muscles in my legs, knee pain, hip pain, & clicking muscles while I TRY to sleep. The symptoms like ear ringing, runny nose,fatigue & the inability to concentrate have lessened greatly though. Does anyone know of a Claaa Action Law Suit?? I’m ready.
    DON’T TAKE this medication if you start with symptoms or try any others. Talk to your Pharmasist

  15. Toni Reply

    I was perscribed zocor and soon after I started feeling week. I told my doctocr and he asured me it was not the meds and advised me to continue taking it. He had changed all my meds around so I couldent pin point witch one it was. I was getting weaker and weaker each day. I finlly went to a endocronoligest to see if she could explain my symptoms. Labs showed no problems she said its possible the medicine. I told my doctor and he was shooked she would say that when she dont really no me. He told me to continue with the medican but lucky for me I went aginst doctors orders and showed imidiate improvement. Now that Ive been off the meds my cholesterol has not been high. I feel it was unnessassary medication and I only have Docter Gerlad Martin to thank everytime I cant lift myself its embaricing and has made my life 10x harded because of this mussle weakness

  16. William Reply

    I had no idea that the leg cramps, spasms, weakness and pain would be caused by my medication. I’ve had by-pass surgery and it all seems to make sense now. I even get swelling in the ankles at times so I take Tylenol 8 hour to relieve the pain, but it does nothing for the spams. My best times are towards the end of the month when I run out of Zocor and have to wait for a refill, I actually feel better during those times. I had no idea.

  17. larry Reply

    My doctor put me on a trial of Zocor for 4 weeks for moderately high cholesterol (combined numbers of 215). At 3 weeks I began to have hip soreness (like dysplasia) and by the end of the week developed full blown Piriformis Syndrome. I immediately stopped the Zocor and doctor put me on Oxycodone since the pain was chronic and almost unbearable. I quit the Oxycodone after a few days and after three weeks of therapy with my chiropractor, the pain is almost gone. Never again for Zocor!!

  18. Randy Reply

    First off, I’m only 55. I had a bad heart attack October 2005 and almost died. I had clogged artiries and had stents put in. Yes my cholesterol was high, over 280. First I started out on 40mg Zocor (generic brand simvastatin) and then later it was increased to 80mg, which I have been taking that dosage for over three years. I have had severe pain in my legs, arms, and shoulders. The pain gets so bad in my legs that I couldn’t walk through the store, I had to find a place to sit down. The pain in my left shoulder is so bad I have trouble getting my arm over my head. Then the pain goes down my arm to my wrist. I told my MD and he keeps telling me I’m getting older and don’t do so much hard work, have someone help me with those things. Finally at my June appointment, he made me a appointment with vascular screening. So in July I had the test. The technician that performed the test felt that it did not have to do with my vascular system, however, the doctor will look at the test to determine if that is what my problem is. I am going to my MD this Friday and he will let me know of the results. Even as I am typing this right now, I have pain in my shoulder and arm. I will talk with my MD about this drug.

  19. Sherri Reply

    I have been on zocor for about 6 months. I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis and discovered that my legs and my shoulders, left arm and hips hurt severely now that I have been on the zocor. The dr. had vitamin D testing done on me and found that the zocor took my vitamin D down very very low so she prescribed mega doses of vit D and it helps for 2-3 days. It does NOT take the pain away but it makes it a little more bearable. I do NOT want to take this drug any longer but she told me that If I dint take it my cholesterol will go up way too high and I have to stay on it for the rest of my life. My pain is severe, I am already on disability for the Fibromyalgia. I am fatigued, more tired than usual, agitated, irritated and very depressed more than usual too. I just dont know what to do anymore. Any adivise?

  20. Deanne Reply

    I an a 58 year old woman. I was prescribed Zocor in 2005. I took it until September 2009. During this time I developed a persistent limp and pains in my legs, hips, knees, ankles. I had no previous history of muscle weakness and cramps. I had xrays and physical therapy. Some nights my feet would be on fire; I put them on ice! My balane has become so impaired that I have had many falls. I am unable to walk any distance without pain. Stairs are almost impossible. I am tired all the time. I would forget things and had to place alarms on my phones and sticky notes everywhere. After I took myself off some of the the symptoms got better —the burning feet are less frequent and the memory loss has improved. However, the muscle pain persisted and the weakness increased. I have to use a cane and had to cut back on my job duties. Those symptoms did not reverse as they were supposed to. Finally, in August 2010, blood tests showed extremely elevated muscle enzymes and my doctor diagnosed polymyositis. I had a muscle biopsy to confirm this diagnosis. The surgeon told me that there was not a lot of muscle in my thigh. The results of the biopsy do not indicate an auto-immune disorder. It appears that the polymyositis was triggered by this Simvastatin. I am now on steroids; will have new blood tests at the end of the month to check on muscle enzyme levels and then proceed to physical therapy to attempt to build back muscles.

  21. chuck Reply

    I have been on 40mg of Zocor for a long, long time. I also had a 4x bypass done back in 2003. I have never been the same since. As far as the mucle problems go, all I can say is I can no longer push a lawnmower. I can’t walk too far without mucle pain and exhaustion. Lifting any weight whatsoever produces the same results. The state of me physically depresses me to no end. Has anyone else had similar symptoms on long term lower dosage Zocor? I’m told that the bypass surgery should not have had the effect of the way I feel. Anyone willing to share would be appreciated. I’m only 57 years old, but always feel like I’m 95… Thanks for reading. I only became aware of the possible mucle effects of this drug due to an Edgar Snyder commercial. Coming to this website has also informed me of the possible diabetes side effect I have recently started treatment for too.

  22. Darrell Reply

    I have been taking 20mg of the generic Zocor for 15 years and I have never had any muscle pain or other side effects. After hearing all this bad press recently, I am a little worried. I figured anything given to so many millions of people over decades was safe but maybe not.

  23. Chris Reply

    I was on Simvastatin 40mg (after my insurance company AETNA refused to pay for Crestor) starting in Dec of 2008. By February 2009 I was so ill from Simvastatin I almost died. It attacked my liver, I got Toxic Hepatitis with the Liver ALT measured at 2500!! It took me 7 months to recover. Now I have an incredible hard time walking down stairs due to the fact my muscles are weakened. I normally walk 30 minutes daily, and I am only 62 and I walk down stairs as if I am 80.

  24. Robert Reply

    I have been taking ZOCOR for over a year. I have started to have involintary muscle movements in my hands and face, and jaw. I am only taking 40mg of ZOCOR daily. These event seem to be getting worse instead of better. I have diabetes and am on insulin glucophage,Zocor, and Pain and anxiety medications. I didnt have any of these symptoms till I was taking Zocor a few monthes. I attributed the Jaw pain to TMJ but now that I have been paying attention to the dosages and frequency it seems that the Zocor is most likley to blame. I haven’t talked to my Dr about this as of yet, but have just stopped taking Zocor to see if makes a difference. The muscle pain and involuntary movements havent stopped and have become More Apparent since Stopping the 40 mg dosage.

  25. Liz Reply

    I was active and in good physical health, except for borderline high cholesteroI. I took Zocor for about two months, then was switched to Vytorin for another two months. I tripped in an exercise class and had difficulty getting up. Thought I was just tired. Increasingly noticed extreme fatigue, extreme difficulty climbing or descending stairs, kneeling, and rising from a chair or the floor. Shortly, both knees had swelling and almost unbearable arthritic pain.

    Without exercise my weight went up and my leg muscles deteriorated so much that I could squeeze my leg and feel the thigh bone through the surrounding fat (no muscle tone!). Though the doctor never explicitly connected it to my troubles, I went off the medication – within five months of starting. Needed to use a cane, got steroid shots for the knees, explored many possibilities for continued exhaustion, pain, and weakness – no answers.

    After two and a half years of misery, two six-week sessions of physical therapy (modest improvement only), I tried water exercise therapy. Finally began to get muscle tone and balance back. No more knee trouble. Highly recommend this avenue for fellow sufferers – and the avoidance of statins for those of us who experience these side effects.

  26. margaret Reply

    I’ve been taking Simvastatin for over 2 years. After several months I couldn’t stand on my feet when I woke in the morning, my feet hurt so bad. Then over time my legs started to feel like they were being squeezed. I wasn’t able to sleep at night. Then my left knee starting to get a sharp pain in it so bad I couldn’t stand it, especially at night when I went to bed. That’s when I went to the doctor about the pains. She took x-rays, said the x-ray showed no knee problem. She sent me to physical therapy. That didn’t help. Then the pain went from my left knee to my right knee. I complained again to the doc and she gave me exercises to do. Several months after I started the simvastatin I started getting heart pluputations but several months ago they got worse and scarry. I address this with the doctor and I was put on a 24 hr heart monitor but the monitor showed no signs of any issue to worry about but the palpitations continued to happen.
    I decided I’d had enough of the leg aches and heart palpitations. I sought out a NMD and she started me on magnesium powder and fish oil. She didn’t tell me to stop taking the simvatatin but I decided to stop the second day I started taking the magnesium and fish oil. It’s been a week now and my legs and knees don’t hurt as bad. I was able to go for a walk the other day I haven’t been able to do that in a long time. My legs still hurt but I was able to handle it. I haven’t had any heart palpitations either. I’m going to see if I can keep my cholesterol down with diet and supplements.

  27. Liz Reply

    My brother is on Zocor and suddenly developed heart problems when his dosage was increased (Sept 2010). After his dose was increased he was having problems with fainting, nausea, weakness and night sweats. He followed up with check ups with his physician all lab, ECG, echocardiogram and stress tests were normal. Last night his Holter monitor recorded an arrhythmia so he was hospitalized. The following day, as I am writing this an otherwise healthy 53 year old (only problem is high cholesterol) is being wheeled into surgery for a pacemaker. The lower chambers of his heart are suddenly not functioning properly. We are wondering if the recent increase in dosage has to do with his heart suddenly becoming weak? I have read a lot of information with muscle myopathy, mostly with the legs. The heart is a major muscle, is there any chance Zocor was the culprit that lead to his current heart problems? Has anyone else developed heart problems while on this drug?

  28. Johnn Reply

    I was put on 40mg zocor,then the problems begain, nausea,weakness cramps calfs,groin, night sweating, pain in knees, legs, hips, back, so servre I cound’nt get out of beds. I was so tired I slept 16 to 18 hours a day. My doctor put me own magnesium,vitaminD3 ,flexeril,darvocet. Went to an ortgopedic surgeom for the weaknee. after xray the DR could not diagnosis why I was so weak gave me a Rx for naprosyn and said it was probably arthritis. After about six week later I had diverticultitis taken off the naprosyn. My DR took blood that was positive for high lever of enzyne in my biood,triglycerides was over 1000. Zocor had been recall for 80mg but can’t find a lawyer
    willing to take on cases taking 40mg even thought I had bad side effects. Anyone taking 40mg of zocor and had bad side affect should report to FDA.

  29. Lisa Reply

    I am a 54 year old woman and have been on 10mg of Zocor for four years. Approximately three months ago, my shoulders began aching at night so bad that it would wake me up. I went to the doctor and asked him for arthritis medication thinking that was the problem. Well, it wasn’t! The pain started to get worse daily. The pain went from my shoulders to my elbows. The only way I could explain the feeling was that my muscles felt like they were turning to stone, they wouldn’t relax. It didn’t feel like a charlie horse, more like a throbing / stabbing ache. I didn’t want to go to sleep at night because I knew that the pain was going to be even worse in the middle of the night. I felt like I had a toothache in both arms! Putting on my bra was excruciating! I also had about 5 episodes where it felt like someone punched me so hard in my chest that it took my breath away. It was a very quick sharp pain right between my breast…like no other feeling I have ever had. I went to the doctor again five days ago and told him all of this, and immediately he told me to stop taking the Zocor. I asked him for some Percocet so I could get some sleep at night, which has helped. I pray that I don’t have long term damage to my muscles.

  30. Jackie Reply

    I have been taken Simvastatin for more than a year. I recently went to the doctor for pain in my lower leg. I now have muscle pain throughout my body. I work out at least five time a week and was never sore before.

  31. Jean Reply

    I have been on 10 mg of simvastatin for about 7 months, after taking it for about 3 weeks I woke up one morning with sever shoulder pain, I thought I had slept on it wrong. I finally went to my Dr and was put on steroids and muscle relaxers, which done nothing. I was sent for an MRI of the shoulder, nothing. then X-Rays of the shoulder still nothing. and then an MRI of the spine, 3 bulging disc. However they are not the problem. After spending thousands of dollars in medical fees, my Chiropractor thought it maybe the statin drug and suggested that I talk to my Dr and pharmacist. The pharmacist said yes it is probably is the statin, and my Dr took me off of it a week ago. The pain is somewhat better, but the mobility is about the same. Does anybody know of any lawsuits or if I will ever get the mobility back? My life has changed over this and I would HIGHLY recommend they take this drug off the shelf.

  32. Leslie Reply

    i have been on simvastatin 80 mg. for over a year now and have had muscle pain, muscle spasms, swelling in my legs (especially the left) fatigued over the shortest walk and sore muscles in my legs just walking up the steps left me out of breath, working in my garden became a chore i am 61 and feeling like i am 85 i never told my dr. about my symptoms because i thought i was just getting older and didn’t want to sound like a cry baby several months ago, i started having trouble with my bowels (not being able to control them) it progressively got worse until i finally told my dr and went for a colonoscopy and found i have that micro lymphonic colitis (i think i’m saying it right) anyway, when i found out i had this, i checked it out on the internet to see what could’ve caused this and found that the simvastatin 80mg was the culprit now i’m finding out that all of the tiredness, profuse hot flashes (which i was attributing to menopause) (everybody telling me it doesn’t come back because i had already gone through menopause) was also due to the simvastatin 80 mg. i have been living off kaopectate, but now with the dr.s advice, have gone off the statin and am stopping the kaopectate for a while to see if this symptom clears up this is one ugly medication and now the fda has said it should not be prescribed i wish they had said that before we all started it my heart goes out to all of you i’m spreading the word about this medication as much as i can

  33. pat Reply

    they put me on vytorin 2004 after several weeks i started having severe cramps in my feet. told md ( WELL YOUR DAMNED IF YOU DO AND DAMNEDIF YOU DONT) ended up sleeping in recliner because could not get out of bed when camps hit. they started in my feet began getting them in back of legs,behind knees,top of thighs,back of thighs abdomen,hands,arms,neck and upper back shoulders. spent most of my night in shower. cramps arnt like regular cramps these wont let go. finaily
    stopped taking against drs. ordersnew dr. has put down that this is an allergy not to give. but now leg muscle are weak just lying in bed makes most of my muscles hurt like crazy.drs. tell me side effects dont last this long .Im glad to see your comments now I can asked for deffinit test. thank you all for sharing!!!!!

  34. Barb Reply

    I can relate to several of the comments on this page. Horrible pains in my upper arms and shoulders, it started in my thighs and the doctor told me that couldn’t be the problem because my cpk levels wern’t elevated. Research shows that cpk levels may not necessarily raise. Sleeping is awful, used to be the best thing but now it only means more pain. I was finally diagnosed with a myopathy but being diagnosed doesn’t help since they don’t know what to do to make it better. I also take pain meds, but they only help diminish the pain they do not remove it. I really wish they could develope something that could reverse the symptoms.

  35. Tom Reply

    Have been on 40mg of Zocor for about 7 years. Started to experience an off balance walk, muscle weakness, dizzyness, difficulty sleeping, tender throat,some memory loss, fatigue,breathing problem, headahes, leg cramps and stiffness, tingling of hand and feet,stomach pain among others

  36. james Reply

    put on simivastatin 40 mg. end of 2008. kept having muscle pain in legs and doctors swore statins were not problem. had heart attack 2010 and 4 stents. believe forever that statin damaged right and left ventricles. threw statins away but muscles burning pain continues. had so many tests and no answers that i am just sick of it. some doctors on internet tell how dangerous statins are but seems most m.d. and cardiologist want you to be sick to collect script money. surely God will punish these drug companies and doctors who did this to all of us.

  37. Lezley Reply

    I was put on this medication as my cholesterol was sky high. At what price!! I can’t breath, have constant anxiety, fear and depression. I can’t walk and now need a wheelchair! I have atrophy in all my muscles , suffer constant agonising cramps and spasms that have stopped me driving, socialising and having any life at all!! I very rarely go out. I’m unsociable. I have pins and needles constantly, the worlds worse tinnitus. I rarely sleep, my existing renal failure problems ( because despite constant trips to my gp no one even did a blood pressure test!) my rotor cuffs on both sides have completely disapeared!! I have had my biceps muscle on one side attached to my shoulder and I really need total reverse shoulder replacements that my consultant is trying to put back till I’m 60! (I’m only 55 now!) I have worsening irritable bowel syndrome. I have difficulties swallowing. My neck I’d in constant agony and the glands behind my ears are really painful and oftan so are the glands in my neck!! My joints are excruciatingly painful, my knees are so bad I can’t walk and stairs are impossible! I now have a cough which is especially worrying as I am also on Myfortic. to try and preserve what’s left of my renal function and lower my sky high protinuria. I suffer stabbing shooting pains and sciatica like pain down my leg. My back is screaming agony and my arthritis is worse than ever and declining a the time! I’m now awaiting an operation as they thought I had AVN in my legs (I lost my right hip to this due to steroids to slow my renal failure!) I have had MRI’s of my back and legs and a ridioactive dye test! No one will give me the results if this!) I was told I have several anomalies! I am now awaiting an operation on both long bones of the right leg first and they are carrying out biopsies and I’ve been told that they can’t rule out cancer!!! I’ve been on the net as I now suffer memory loss, fog. Mix up words, lose track of what I’m saying half way through a sentence! And, use inappropriate words! I get numb and can’t feel my hands or feet, I have skin conditions, vascular insufficiency, nausea, dizziness, lose my balance and have significant deterioration of my vision!! There are probably things I have missed! I can’t breath as I type this! It’s frightening!! I only found people’s comments on the net by chance and as I have been on 80mg of simvastatin for 4 years and have complained of symptoms to various GP’s and consultants no one has helped me! I’m having nightmares and I’m living a nightmare! My problems are horrific!! I wish I had never ever even taken ONE of these dangerous, dangerous drugs! I am planning on seeking compensation. Lezley P.

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