Acer Aspire Notebook Recall: Risk of Overheating and Burns

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A defective microphone wire in some Acer Aspire-series notebooks could short circuit and overheat, resulting in a recall for about 22,000 computers.

The Acer laptop recall was announced on Thursday by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), indicating that Acer has received at least three different reports of computers that short-circuited and got hot enough to cause melting of the external casing. Although no injuries have been reported in connection to the overheating laptop computers, this could potentially cause users to suffer burns or result in property damage.

According to the CPSC recall announcement, the computers have a defective internal microphone wire located under the palm rest that can short circuit and overheat.

Several notebook computer recalls have been issued in recent years due to problems with overheating, starting with a 2006 Dell battery recall involving more than 4 million lithium-ion batteries that were found to overheat and potentially catch fire.

In September 2008, Sony recalled more than 430,000 VAIO-TZ series laptops due to wires that were misplaced internally that could overheat. In addition, Sony issued a laptop battery recall for about 35,000 lithium-ion batteries used in Toshiba, Dell, and Hewlet-Packard (HP) notebook computers in October 2008, after the company received at least 17 reports of computers bursting into flames due to the defective batteries.

In May 2009, an HP battery recall was issued for about 70,000 lithium-ion batteries after two reports of laptops erupting in flame. The recalled HP notebook batteries were used in certain HP and Compaq laptops.

The latest recall of Acer Aspire notebooks affects the Acer AS3410, AS3410T, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ and AS3810TZG models with 13.3-inch monitors. Not all of the computers in those series are affected by the recall, and anyone with one of those models should contact Acer to determine whether their notebook is affected by the recall and to receive a free repair.

The notebooks were sold through Radio Shack, ABS Computer Technologies, Fry’s Electronics, SED/American Express, only through and from a number of other retailers nationwide from June through October 2009 for between $650 an $1,150.

The CPSC recommends that anyone with an affected notebook should stop using the recalled computer immediately.

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  1. Geraldine Reply

    I bought an ACER November 21, 2012 and it does not work hproperly and they said they would repair it for a fee. I pais $749.00 for the computer and it has no warranty. This company is located in INDIA and charge to correct their mistakes. There is no refund.

    gerri Smith

  2. James Reply

    I have the Acer Aspire 5334-2598 and my Power-cord is getting hot now. Is my model on the recall list?

  3. frank Reply

    I got acer 5741-5869 overheating so much,is my model in recall list?

  4. susan Reply

    My acer aspire one just caught fire last night.. was unplugged, turned off and hadn\’t been used in two days.. I threw it outside as the house was filled with smoke and it landed on the wet grass making the flames worse as lithium goes crazy with water on it.. it started shooting things from it in all directions.. pretty intense..Luckily it was on my glass table top and no damages other than stinky smoke.. wow had i not been home my house and pets would\’ve not survived.. i will from now on, take the batteries out and plug it in the wall ..I just a few hours ago, bought a fireproof box to help me sleep at night as i will store ALL lithium batter electronics inside the box..

  5. harold Reply

    I have a acer 5534 it has went through 1 power brick and now it keeps shutting off and the fan comes on for a min then shuts off my laptop used to crash now im worried is there a fix ?????

  6. mark Reply

    My boss had his house burn up from an acer laptop last year and $40,000 later and a year almost with a lot more work and money still to go,he and I would like to get the fault and fire damages,thank you

  7. diana Reply

    I purchase a acer aspire notebook from the college bookstore in January 2015, I plugged it in to recharge and when I came back home after a short errand the notebook shorted out and won’t turn on and, in addition, shorted the electrical outlet it was plugged into. I had to have maintance replace to repair 2 outlets on the same circuit as the one I plugged it to,
    this was a over $400 expense to me to use for college online courses and I am in a rural area and, as a result, couldn’t do all the course work the class required. what do I need to do to seek remedy for this faulty product? acer aspire notebook model #e-11.

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