Actiq Lawsuit Filed Over Tooth Decay from Fentanyl Lollipops

A Texas man has filed a lawsuit against Cephalon over its Actiq fentanyl lollipop, saying the sugary painkiller rotted his teeth. The Actiq lollipops, which contain a powerful pain medication in a lozenge on the end of a stick, have also been connected with a number of fentanyl overdose deaths.

The Actiq lawsuit was filed earlier this month by Greg Lee Minckley, in the District Court for the 419 Judicial District of Travis County, Texas. The complaint alleges that the sugar in the Actiq fentanyl lollipops destroyed his teeth and resulted in $37,000 in extensive dental treatment, according to Courthouse News Service. Minckley was prescribed the fentanly lollipops to treat pain caused by pancreatitis, which is not an approved use for the strong painkiller.

Actiq lollipops (fentanyl citrate) are designed to slowly release the potent drug over time as the patient holds the lollipop in their mouth. Minckley alleges that Cephalon developed a sugar-free version of the lollipops, but decided not to market it.

Actiq side effects have also been linked to other serious and potentially fatal fentany injuries, beyond causing tooth decay. As a result of the candy-like nature of the lollipops, there have been a number of fentanyl overdoses and deaths, including users who took too much of the medication and young children who found the fentanyl lollipops and mistook them for candy.

Although Actiq is only approved for the treatment of cancer pain in patients who have already grown tolerant to other opioids, Cephalon has been criticized for marketing the drug in a way that led to off-label sales.

Earlier this month, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by a Cephalon shareholder, which alleged the company illegally promoted the drug off-label. According to a story by BNET Pharma Blog, the company did not dispute the off-label marketing charges, which claimed that sales reps aggressively marketed the drug for other uses, but got the lawsuit dismissed because the shareholder, Jerald King, was unable to tie the actions of Cephalon marketing staff to the company’s board members.

It has been estimated that more than 80% of Actiq users received the medication “off-label” and do not have cancer. The FDA was concerned enough about the power of the lollipops and the potential of abuse that it is requiring Cephalon to alert the agency if any group of physicians who represent potential off-label use, such as doctors who are not oncologists or pain specialists, account for more than 15% of its sales.

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  1. edwin Reply

    same story, tooth loss . had it for breakthrough pain. I believe and if someone can varify, when they first came out the brochere that came in the box was different. they later realized about the tooth decay and added a clause to the brochure to try to protect themselves. the addded clause said something about use other then cancer then cancer.

  2. Terry Reply

    I have been on Actiq for several years due to chronic pain from a modified radical neck dissection as a result of throat & tongue cancer.The 400mcg lollipops have been a God send as far as relieving the breakthrough pain when nothing else seemed to work.Like most others virtually all of me teeth have been destroyed. I have spent over $10.000 out of pocket besides hat my insurance has payed. I pray that a medication that doesn’t have this horrible side effect will soon come to market.

  3. Rich Reply

    I am yet another Actiq/fentanyl citrate user that has spent over $50,000 over a period of 7 years on dental work due to this product. I have suffered from severe chronic cervical pain from an auto accident in 1977. The 1st of 2 surgeries to remove and fuse discs at two levels was a miserable failure due to the surgeon using methromethacrolate (plastic) to fuse the vertebrae. It didn’t fuse a one level and took me 3 1/2 years, and exactly twelve specialists, to diagnose the problem. Those 3 1/2 years of non-fusion left me with permanent nerve damage and severe chronic pain. The Actiq’s helped were very effective for the pain but the costs for dental repair have been financially devastating. I still need 5 more extractions with bone preservation material ($1,500) and a partial (bridge) which is an additional $1,700.00. I,ve also started suffering renal distress that adds to the problems of pain meds effecting the body over a period of long time use. I’m not “sue-happy” but I wish there the folks like me could start a class action suit against the drug manufacturer over the damage this product has caused to our teeth. If anyone has a good idea I hope they will voice it.

  4. sharahulda Reply

    I just called the company to ask what could be done. They told me to write a letter to explaining everything to:
    The Legal Offices
    TEVA North America
    4251 Privet Road
    Horsham, Pa.
    Don’t know what will happen, but if they receive enough letters they might think twice about doing something. I’m not asking for pain and suffering just to get my teeth repaired so I don’t look like a homeless person which I will be if I have to pay out of pocket for this dental care.
    Good luck to all of you.

  5. Jim Reply

    same story re; Actiq use and extensive tooth decay. have also had problems with fentanyl patches and breathing and loss of consciousness causing falls and broken shoulder and ribs. am no surprised at number of problems associated with these meds, just with lack of response from attorneys. good luck to everyone and God bless.

  6. Kelly Reply

    As it is time consuming to read these, I’ll simply add that it is the same story. Major traffic accident. Prescribed Actiq. Got off of it after about 3 years (the withdrawal was a four-day ticket to Hell-on-Earth), subsequently watched my teeth begin rotting as if I were using acid for mouthwash.

    They are ALL gone now (cut off at the gumline as if by a chainsaw), but not the infections, the extreme difficulty in eating anything solid & the overwhelming pain my mouth puts me through day after day.

    One other MAJOR similarity to so many here is the inability to locate a lawyer or lawfirm with the skill, the smarts and the determination to file a class action on behalf of everyone here and anyone else who have been victimized by the makers of Actiq. There was NO WARNING that severe tooth decay was a guaranteed side-effect. Not even a hint.

    Getting $100k per victim should be a piece of cake, and if this were only for the 100 or so people who posted here, that would put $5M in the lawyer’s pocket if he/she demanded 50% of such a settlement, leaving each viction $50k to get their teeth fixed. I actually think a jury would award a great deal MORE than that(!) once informed of all the facts. $100k per victim is truly peanuts in a case like this. So where are the brave, smart and justice-seeking attorneys? Where are you??? We may not have been killed by an overdose, but we ARE slowly being KILLED OFF by starvation, stress and the oral diseases we are now experiencing.

  7. Jim Reply

    I started using the Actiq suckers so long ago I don’t remember, but at least seven years ago. I then started on the 1200MCG but soon escalated to 1600MCG which I took 12X daily. I took this dose for five years and then my doctor said that the FDA said that these meds could only be prescribed by Pain specialist or to people suffering from Cancer. I then took Oxycontin 80MG 12X daily for my pain and Dilaudid 8MG 10X daily for breakthrough Pain. My teeth started crumbling at the gum line as everyone has said. I have had $10.000.00 in dental work done and this is really just a bandaide on the problem. I have some teeth with implants which are loose now. I have called several dentists about getting the dental work done and the possibility of litigation and needing them as an expert witness and all declined to become involved. Most probably I’m going to have to have my remaining teeth extracted and wear dentures for cosmetic reasons. I’m 59 and not too concerned about anything but the health ramifications of having rotting teeth. I have contacted several personal injury lawyers about this problem but Texas enacted a $250,000.00 cap on awards unless your damages were fatal under the guise of tort reform. The insurance companies and large corporations were behind these bills being passed. What was really done was to get them off the hook for their misdeeds past and future. Trial lawyers were vilified as thieves and robbers and shown to be getting unfairly large judgements for their clients. I am always reminded of Ford Motor Co. and the decision not to correct a $.50 part on the Ford Pinto which caused the car to burst into flames when struck from the rear. Ford decided that it was cheaper to pay the costs of litigation and damages than to rectify the problem. So if you were a passenger or driver in the car and were burned to death “TOUGH LUCK”. This is why there should be punitive damages of a magnitude that these corps. are dissuaded from making purely economic decisions based strictly on the bottom line. Of course if you can buy the courts, why worry. This unfortunately has become the case in most states and certainly in the federal civil courts. Covidian has certainly made the decision

  8. Sandi Reply

    I was in a car accident back in 1998 and I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and degenerative disc disease along with stenosis both cervical and lumbar as well as Fibromyalgia. I was put on MS Contein 900mgs per day which was way too high a dose. I went to a different doctor and was put on 60 mgs 4 times a day with 15 mgs 4 times a day for break through pain.Then due to stomach surgery I could no longer be on any time released medicine so they changed it to Morphine sulfate immediate release and I have been on morphine for over 14 years and now they have changed it to 8mgs of Dilaudid 4 times a day because the morphine was no longer controlling my pain. I went to the dentist twice a year for cleanings and brushed my teeth after every meal and at bed time and flossed everyday. I carried a gallon size jug of ice water with me everywhere I went because the medicine caused dry mouth,which was one of the side effects written on the leaflet that came with my prescription, but it never mentioned that it could cause tooth decay. I had beautiful strong teeth, never once did the doctor, dentist or pharmacist warn me about tooth decay and it was never on any information or side effects from the pharmaceutical company. then they started to rot away where my back tooth started to crack piece by piece till I had to have it pulled. Then I noticed that I was getting a black spot on the gum line and I went to the dentist and it was at that time 13 years later I was told that I had 16 cavities and they pulled 4 teeth and several fillings were done,but my insurance only covered 2 filings per year and so I paid to have 4 filings done but then my husband was killed in a car accident and being on disability I could not afford to pay to have any more work done on my teeth. Even with constant brushing and flossing my gums are always swollen and get infected constantly causing pain and bleeding.I am only 48 years old and my Mother is 73 years old and she still has all her teeth and they are extremely healthy and if it wasn’t for the narcotics mine would be the same way. I have a picture of my teeth from back in 1999 from my dentist which show how beautiful they were and now I suffer everyday with mouth, teeth and gum pain. I use the Biotine spray and mouth wash but that has not slowed or stopped the decaying. I take additional medications, and one of them that I was on for just a short time had a list of side effects and it listed dry mouth which can lead to tooth decay. So the pharmaceutical companies know that dry mouth can cause and will cause tooth decay after prolonged use, so why are the companies that sell narcotics not listing it on their warnings and side effects? I need thousands of dollars to fix my teeth so that I can smile again and try to repair and replace my missing teeth, but as long as I am on the narcotics which I will for the rest of my life, I don’t see a solution other than implants for all my teeth or dentures. I want the pharmaceutical companies to pay for implants and the other costs to repair my teeth, plus I want them to pay for all the pain and suffering I have been through, and I want it made mandatory that they put warning labels on their medications so people can try and prevent tooth decay from the start. I live in SC and I am willing to file an individual claim against the companies or a class action suit, either way I want them to be held responsible for what they have put me through and others like me.

  9. Jan Reply

    Ditto. 1) has anyone successfully sued the makers of actiq for dental damages?
    2) does anyone know if there is a class action suit pending?

  10. N/A Reply

    There isn’t any question that actiq CAUSES dental problems including infections and tooth decay. Denying this is worse than the idiots that use to deny that smoking caused lung diseases.
    The truth WILL come out. LIKE SMOKING DID!!!!!!!!

  11. Marie Reply

    I was on actiq lozenges for approximately 5 years due to sever back pain after my surgery. I was in so much pain I never realized that it was rotting my teeth. When I read the side effects it never mentioned anything about a chance of tooth decay or tooth loss. Now I lost all my teeth I look like I have meth mouth. I have a full denture plate for my top teeth and now I have to have all my bottom teeth surgically removed cause they all broke at the base of my gums. I am hoping someone is responsible for this and will foot the bill for all this dental work and the pain and suffering.

  12. David Reply

    I also lost ALL MY TEETH and also on SSDI which will pay for no dental work. I had to have surgery to have remnants of the roots removed. I did win a lawsuit but my luck MY ATTORNEY WAS ARRESTED FOR FRAUD AND WAS IMPRISONED. When I received my files both he and Cephalon conspired and altered the dates and the addendum for the cost and implant document were missing. I have NO ONE TO GO TO. NO LAWYER WILL TOUCH THE CASE. TO ALL WHO ARE GOING TO HIRE A LAWYER RECORD ALL YOUR CONVERSATIONS REMEMBER TO DOCUMENT TIMES AND DATES.

  13. ReNae Reply

    Same story here…both my son and I have a genetic bone condition which causes severe pain. Both of us were prescribed actiq for breakthrough pain. He started the lollipops about 2 years before I did. He is now 30 and has a brand new set of dentures. I have so much damage to my teeth I cannot eat. I’ve lost 10 lbs! I was skinny to begin with!
    The dental costs are astronomical! Who can help us? All anyone has to do is look at these comments that span YEARS! Do we have any recourse? We are both disabled so rely on social security, and now this? I don’t know what I’m going to do!

  14. Sami Reply

    I’m not that interested in a class action suit, but I’m definitely interested in litigation against Cephalon, the maker of Actiq Lollipops, asap. I’ve included the details of my situation in the confidential area of this page, and would like for an attorney to contact me. Thank you.

  15. Richard Reply

    Besides posting on this site about Actiq (fentanyl citrate suckers) _**see comments under Rich** I also experience a near death experience from what my pain management physician of 14 years prescribed for me. I was using Subsys 1600 mg, Morphine (injectable) Oxycontin 80mg. I never had a difficulties until the Subsys was prescibed. I ended up being hospitalized on 3 occasions in 2013 for a total of 55 days. All were for drug overdoses. Most surprising is that the prescribing physician never once sat me down and advised that maybe we should change my prescriptions. The last incident landed me in the hospital for 45 days and included the attending physician advising my family that I would never breathe again on my own and I should be disconnected from the ventilator. They pushed the forms at my wife to sign and she would not. She felt strongly that I would recover and within two days I was already showing marked improvement. I’ve spent hours consulting with attorneys and their para-legals and cannot find representation to save my life. I believe my doctor was negligent in prescribing all these medications, that the attending physician was irresponsible and plain wrong (obviously) for wanted to bury me, and, to bring this full circle, believe the manufacturers of the fentanyl suckers should pay for the (just an estimate) $45,000 additional dental work I will require to restore my dental work. Like everyone on this site I am irate and incredulous that there isn’t an attorney that will represent me in these issues. Isn’t there any recourse and justice for all of us that have suffered so terribly?

  16. Jason Reply

    I was born with a congenital heart defect which causes pericarditis type chest pain.
    From 2001-2005 I was prescribed 15 / 400mcg Actiq lollipops a day, yes 15 a day. After the first year of use, I began to experience horrific tooth decay. I have spent $40,000 to date on dental work. However the worst part of my Actiq use caused a tooth infection that went straight to my heart causing bacterial endocarditis. As a result of this infection I underwent immediate open heart surgery which I nearly died from. I was in a comma for two weeks. I’m 40 years old now and completely disabled from that infection. My total losses are $40,000 in dental work, $500,000 open heart surgery, and $1,000,000 in lost wages. I’m 100% disabled since the dental infection in 2009.
    Actiq has destroyed my life.

  17. Danny Reply

    I, like the rest of the people that have made a comment here have lost almost all of my teeth do to the use of the Actiq fentanyl suckers. What teeth I do have left are all decayed and broken off to the gum line. It is so difficult for me to eat that I have lost 60 lbs.over the past year. I had just spent thousands to save my teeth do to a periodontal disease. I had been seeing my dentist every 3 months for cleanings and we had been successful in saving all of my teeth but three. Immediately after starting the Actiq I went in for a 3 month check up and I had 8 new cavities, I couldn’t believe it. I now have lost all of my teeth except for two on the bottom and 8 on the top and these are all severely decayed and broken off to the gum line. I had the doctor stop giving me the Actiq after finding out what it was doing but it was too late the damage was too great. I now have to live with the awful mess in my mouth because I’m disabled and don’t have the money to get what’s left of my teeth cut and pulled out so I could get dentures.

  18. Jeffrey Reply

    I’m in the same boat as everyone above. Over a period of just a couple of years I lost every molar in my head. The front teeth stood up a little better because they were all crowns but eventually they went too. I now have to get a full set of choppers, upper and lower. I’m Also disabled and this is going to kill me financially. Thank you very much Cephalon.

  19. Linda Reply

    I have been using Actiq for a very long time. it had to have just come out, I’m fifty seven and I’ve had severe rheumatoid for over thirty five years. Every joint has been effected, and I can barely walk any longer. The Actiq has helped but the last six months has been a nightmare. My teeth started breaking off at the gum line one after another. Over half of my upper teeth are gone and the bottom teeth just started to crack off. Whats complicated the problem is that I can’t get my monthly infusions of Orencia for my rheumatoid if I’m having dental issues. It’s really effected the RA, but I can’t afford the dental work I need. I am embarrassed to see anyone looking like this and I can’t find an an answer.

  20. angelo Reply

    Actiq causes DRYMOUTH no defense against this. So much that you can feel and people can see and feel the drymouth. Its undenyable that Actiq directly CAUSES SEVERE TOOTH DECAY. LIKE TOBACCO. ACTIQ WILL SOON LOSE BIG TIME. LETS GO AFTER THEM HARD!!! WE ARE RIGHT. LETS ALL CALL LAWYERS OVER AND OVER!!!!

  21. Debby Reply

    Same story…been taking lollipops for over ten yrs for severe RSD/CRPS pain. No teeth. All pain patients who have used Actiq have no teeth. Actiq reps actively went after pain patients vs cancer patients. Pain patients live where as sadly cancer patients may not be a money drawing customer for long!

  22. Lola Reply

    I also have decayed & rotten teeth due to Actiq. Does anyone know if the Class Action against this has been approved or gone thru? I can’t figure out how to get some help with saving the teeth I have left. I am also on disability & can’t afford to pay for dental care. Is there anyone that is looking into this? I appreciate any response.

  23. Bruce Reply

    Nothing new here I’m sixty before fentanyl I never had a cavity! I had great teeth nice witte smile, then as time went on I started to get little holes forming in side of my teeth! This was strange to me because of always having great teeth. Well here is where the story remains the same, next thing I know I lost a front tooth next I have several other teeth fall or break off at gum line! Im now looking for help because the dentists are telling me thirty tof eighty thousand to pull the rest clean the gums out the put new teeth in!

    I’m needless to say happy nor am I able to find that kind of money my insurance basically said tough luck no help what do we do, you mean to tell me there is ant a law firm or someone out there that can all of us?i don’t believe this for a minute, PLEASE some one stand up and FIGHT for us!!!

    It is truly a crime that the drug companies can do this to us and simply walk away knowing good and well our teeth will rott out!

  24. Rob Reply

    Wont regular lollipops do the same thing without proper oral hygiene? Can I sue the makers of the tootsie roll pop?

  25. Terry Reply

    My wife was on the loli pops also and has lost all her teeth. The cost is too great to get her teeth. She has to have all roots removed before she could get implants and they want too much money…..

  26. Gina Reply

    I am also a victim of the dental damage caused by the Actiq lolly pops. I was taking them for about 4 years. I stopped taking Actiq after it was clear that it was ruining my teeth. I had no dental problems before I started Actiq. Within less than a year of taking Actiq, I was in the dentist chair for my first root canal and several small cavities. I have been suffering for the last 4 years from dental deterioration. I now need bridges, implants, and more crowns. I am disabled now and have no money to help save the rest of my teeth.Have not heard of a single successful lawsuit to help repair the dental damage caused by this medication. I am 47 years old and my beautiful smile is gone. Good dental hygiene does NOT stop the damage from this medication.

  27. Adam Reply

    I had a brain bleed in 2000. This has left me with a constant intractable pain headache that never stops. Actiq was a god send for someone like me who had uncontrolled pain under different medications. But like you I had only had one cavity before I started taking Actiq. Now I have no molars all broken off at the gum line. Eating is very difficult and ssdi doesn’t cover dental. I now am on a different type of fentanyl rapid release that works better than Actiq and doesn’t effect your teeth. All I want is cephalon to replace the teeth that are gone from use of their product.

  28. Richard Reply

    I have gone through the same thing losing almost all of my teeth.

  29. Brent Reply

    As many other users I was taking this medication for chronic pain in my lower back after taking this medication for a period of time I noticed my teeth were becoming very brittle and later started falling out I have already spent approximately $2,500 on dental work just for my upper and now my lower is completely gone with no money in hand cannot fix

  30. sharon Reply

    I have had the same things happen to me as all of the above comments about the use of Actiq. I have lost all of my teeth from the use of this medicine. I have gone to at least 4 Dentists to get prices on how much it would cost to replace my teeth and what the best solution would be. All 4 gave me different prices for different options. They all start at 15,000-46,000 dollars. Unfortunately, I lost all of my money in 2008 when the big market crash took place and I cannot afford to pay a dentist. I believe that the pharmaceutical company Cephalon should pay for my dental work and everyone else. I had beautiful teeth and a great smile before my teeth starting falling out and now I get infections and have all kinds of gum problems and I cannot eat anything I have to chew on. Please help me, I am begging you. Thank you, Sharon We should get everyone from these past comments online together and brainstorm on how we can handle our situation the best way.

  31. FRED Reply

    I went years with teeth breaking off till I only had three teeth left .It was 8 years before I found a dental plan I could afford .I had to have every tooth pulled .I had over 6 infections ,sinus problems not to mention financial disaster ….

  32. Mary Anne Reply

    I lost all of my upper teeth I need help to get implants. I was using Actiq Lollipops prescribed by three different pain management physicians because of severe neuropathic pain. I used Fentanyl Patches and Actiq Lollipops for breakthrough pain. Please Help Me get Implants Please. Thank You Mary Anne Tanner I live in San Jose, CA

  33. Dennis Reply

    My wife used Actiq for four or five years for chronic pain. Her teeth are rotten and falling out now. She just went to a dentist who said it’s going to cost around $40,000 to get post and dentures. We both are living on small pensions and Social Security. There is no way we could afford that. She doesn’t even want to go out in public now days due to missing teeth. I believe her insurance was paying close to $10,000 a month for these suckers. The makes should be paying for dental work for users of there drug.

  34. Joseph Reply

    I’m deemed Perm-Total Disabled with a Severe Back injury (14 herniated discs with nerve impingement/damage), 5 compression fractures & more.., that keeps me in excruciating pain 24/7. I was previously using 8+ 1600 Mcg. Actiq per day since 2004 after becoming Morphine Tolerant, used since 2001. My teeth have been a horrible mess over the past few years. I’ve probably had over a dozen root canals & too many cavities to count. I’ve lost 5 or 6 teeth and have multiple implants. This serious Dental Damage, my Dentist is convinced was caused by the use of Actiq Fentanyl Lozengers, I had to use daily for Severe Chronic Pain(Intractable). I currently need more Dental work, even after 14 crowns, multiple cavities & implants. It will cost almost $20,000 more to fix the damage caused by the use of Actiq. Not only have they destroyed my once beautiful teeth, they have caused me additional Severe Pain & Suffering. As a person in Severe Chronic Intractable Pain, I need the stronger pain relieving effects of Fentanyl, because the Morphine I am on (was up to 800 mg. per day) was no longer effective alone & I have tried multiple other medications that just don’t work. (I’ve since switched to Fentanyl Patches & Morphine Sulfate over 1 yr. ago)

    No where in the Actiq’s documentation did it Warn About it destroying all my teeth!! Cephlon could have used a Sugar Free Alternative like Xylitol, Truvia, Splenda, Ect., However Profit $$ meant more to their extremely GREEDY Corporate Executives!! I am definitely looking to hold them to account for their negligence & GREED, in putting their profits before consumer health. They need to compensate me and anyone else who has been severely injured by their product.

  35. Tammy Reply

    I have suffered tooth decay from taking the medicine suboxone. I had to have surgery to remove top teeth in 2013 and at that time my bottom teeth was fine. But now they have slowly decayed and broken away. I am waiting for another surgery to remove my bottoms soon. It’s so hard for me to look at myself because I always cared for my teeth and to have lost them like this is horrible. I can not afford dentures either. But I do feel suboxone is responsible for my teeth decaying away. And I am definitely interested in a class action lawsuit against makers of suboxone.

  36. Lee Reply

    Most of my teeth have also been destroyed by the Actiq Fentanyl suckers/lozenges that I was on for many years for chronic pain conditions. I have dental records and statements from dental professionals of this. I was told will cost at the very least $50,000! I don’t have that kind of money to fix my teeth! My teeth have always been very important to me! I haven’t been able to chew food now nor do I feel able to talk to people or smile! it is so very embarrassing to me! It has caused me significant distress and affected my life greatly!
    I was so outraged and upset to hear that a judge in 2009 had sided with its manufacturer Cephalon! I read that Cephalon claimed in their defense to the hearing judge that although they did not put anywhere in their product’s accompanying written literature of warning for patients that they did however tell doctors and that the patient’s doctors should’ve been the one to tell of this warning. Really…that’s a defense that is acceptable?! This is not something that should be instead of having in a medicine’s accompanying written warnings! I’m not aware of any drug manufacturer that it’s okay to not provide necessary known problems in their medicine’s accompanying written information under warning/side effects or of such anywhere! What proof anyhow can there be that Cephalon verbally told to every prescribing doctor of this consequence to their patient’s teeth? I had also read that it was claimed that only a small percentage of those who used the Actiq suckers/lozenges and had their teeth damaged from was less than 1% or less! I don’t believe that! Look at the amount of people stating of the damage from their use of on this sites alone!
    Firstly, in order for the necessary lawsuit information and true representation of how many actually have had dental damage because of the sucker/lozenge, was every prescribed user contacted by the company to inquire of any problems with their teeth because of the sucker? I wasn’t. I was not made aware about the lawsuit period! I wouldn’t be surprised that many others have never been made aware of, let alone that there was a damaging amount of sugar in the suckers/lozenges! Why didn’t the company or anyone involved with the suit make all users aware? There is certainly a record of all who had been prescribed the sucker/lozenge, especially being they are a highly controlled substance. I called several times and made complaints to Cephalon and never heard anything more back from. Did the judge hearing the case in 2009 actually receive every one who had even complained to Cephalon about? What about all those who never knew why their teeth were being damaged or those who didn’t know at that time, or those who were too ill to do much anything with such stressful illnesses as cancer and severe chronic pain conditions to know what was happening to their teeth or to discover what was going on with or why or what to do or who to call or to do anything during such a difficult and painful time of their life along with all the hardships that go with, especially as there was nothing about this warning about in their drug’s accompanying info!
    Perhaps a new suit is needed with the real numbers of users who have damage done to their teeth, as well as dental experts to state of the very real damage that is known to be a consequence of this sugar loaded fentanyl sucker/lozenge that users were instructed in the medicine’s accompanying papers to let completely dissolve between the gums and cheeks. It took at least twice as long to dissolve than what Cephalon’s instructions stated it took. For me it took anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes to dissolve, and then take that times 3-4 times a day! Many times waiting to dissolve I would fall asleep and wake up hours later with it still not completely dissolved! The first teeth to go bad were the ones located where I had most commonly held the suckers/lozenges.
    It is known and in the dental literature about the damage caused by these suckers/lozenges! Yes, there may not be a case for those who have been prescribed and used ‘after’ Cephalon finally added to their warnings about the amount of damaging sugar and great risk to users teeth but certainly all of us should who had damage before Cephalon added this in their warnings!

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