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Users of the diabetes drug Avandia face a potential increased risk of serious and potentially fatal injuries. Lawsuits are being investigated throughout the United States for users who suffered a heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure, bone fractures or death.

STATUS OF AVANDIA LITIGATION: Federal lawsuits have been consolidated in an MDL (Multi-District Litigation) in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Cases are also pending in state courts. Although several Avandia settlements have been reached, lawyers are continuing to review new potential Avandia lawsuits.



OVERVIEW: Avandia is a type 2 diabetes medication which is prescribed to help control blood sugar levels. Until 2007, it was one of the best selling medications in the United States, with annual sales in excess of $2 billion.

AVANDIA HEART SIDE EFFECTS: In May 2007, a study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine which indicated that Avandia side effects could increase the risk of a heart attack by 43% and the risk of cardiovascular death by as much as 64%. The study reviewed data from over 42 different clinical trials, involving over 28,000 diabetics.

The FDA has added a “black box” warning about the Avandia heart attack risk, as well as about the risk of congestive heart failure. Experts have suggested that as many as 100,000 heart attacks could have been caused by side effects of Avandia.

AVANDIA BONE FRACTURES: The long term use of Avandia has also been associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis and broken bones. Avandia side effects could increase bone resorption and decrease bone formation, potentially leading to weak and brittle bones that may be prone to fractures and breaks.

AVANDIA MACULAR EDEMA: In December 2006, Health Canada issued a warning that indicated that Avandia could lead to new cases or worsening of a vision problem known as macular edema. This is an inflammation of the retina caused by accumulation of fluid behind the eye, which results in blurred vision, decreased color sensitivity and poorer adaption to darkness.

AVANDIA LAWSUIT SETTLEMENTS: GlaxoSmithKline has agreed to pay millions of dollars in compensation to former users of their diabetes drug who suffered heart attacks and other problems.

Potential cases are continuing to be investigated by Avandia lawyers throughout the United States for users who have suffered from:

  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Bone Fractures
  • Vision Loss, Blindness or Macular Edema
  • Death

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  6. Leon Reply

    I wish someone had told us about this lethal drug. My wife, Diana, passed away a year ago due to the effects of Avandia. She was only 62 years old and was in good health except for the diabetes Type II that she had contracted some two years earlier. She started complaining to her doctor within a month of taking Avandia that she felt tired, short of breath, and her legs had begun to swell. Within months thereafter she began to gain weight very quickly and her eyesight started to blur.
    I took her to the Cp Pendleton Naval Hospital and they said she was overweight and that her tests were all borderline. She was having escemic symptoms that were erratic and unexplained. They kept her overnight and released her the next morning. A week later I called the paramedics to take her to the civilian hospitsl in town. She kept saying ” I can’t breath!”. On the fourth day of intensive care, she passed away. The doctor said she died of congestive heart failure, COPD, and PPH.
    I consulted a lawfirm and consequiently filed a lawsuit against GSK. This suit is awaitng trial under MDL 1871 in U. S. Eastern District Court, Pennsylvania.

  7. Manuel Reply

    I have watched on TV several times of a pending law suite.
    One of the issues was vision. I begin having some blured vision but
    never related to the medicaton I was taking.
    Just a concerned paryt that is taking this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. robert Reply

    congestive heart failure caused me to go from 210 lbs to 267 while taking that dreaded drug. now have macular edema and blockage in heart, and kidney disease. no matter what settlement they reach it cant give me my life back. as one man wrote i once was a hero, now i feel like a zero. thanks gsk for damned near killing me, and there is nothing i can do about it.

  9. Steve Reply

    I to had Congestive Heart failure while taking Avandia. I also had a quadruple by pass, and had to have a pacemaker-defibulator put in my chest that I have now been told has a bad lead and could go off anytime and shock me to death. I not only blame GSK, but also the FDA for their sloppy research and study of this drug before approving it for sale.I think someone took A LOT OF money under the table to approve this drug. When it should have been flushed down the drain. It has taken alot of my earning years away and has cost me tons other than my insurance has paid. I say electicute the FDA for they are the real killers and ones that have taken so much from me and many others like me and and all I’ll end up with is a few pennys.

  10. Angela Reply

    I lost my Mother who was also my best friend to CHF casued no doubt by Avandia her last year of life here on earth was miserable becasue of collapsed vertebra and broken hip which i now know was caused by avandia also. I know we may get some financial compensation from this company but the void in our heart will never be replaced adn those who are living with the health problem caused by the drug will never be healthy again. It is a very very sad situation as a whole.

  11. Pat Reply

    I took Avandia for quite a while (and still have lots of it!) but after stopping to use it I had an emergency life-flight to the hospital which necessitated a five bypass open heart surgery. There has never been heart trouble in my family and I consulted a lawfirm about a claim (one that advertised for clients) and was told that they could help me more than a class action suit. However, the day before the class action suit was settled I received my files and a letter from the lawyer telling me to get into the class action suit immediately but they couldn’t help me. Since I thought every-thing was already over because it was too late for me. Consequently, I have never received a penny – but have never completely recovered from the surgery!

  12. juana Reply

    Medication that gave me a heart attack 2000.I would like to have information about the law suit.

  13. Jim S Reply

    Now Glaxo is getting away with paying an average of $46.000 average when analysts say it should have been a half million per case, the crooks just keep making there billion dollars or multi billions per quarter. I just hope they will get there just reward someday. So whatever my settlement ends up, i will be refusing it and taking this matter as far as i can. I am american and I will stand up and make all the waves I can. I had to vent about the crooks a little bit. Everyone have have a nice day and God loves us all..

  14. ramiro Reply

    just take the money

  15. Josh Reply

    Jim, It’s “their”…but I get what you’re saying…..

  16. Robin T Reply

    I am very interested in finding anyone who has been taking Diclofenac and as a result has had a stroke. My healthy 71 year old father was prescribed this while living in Mazatlan Mexico and went from a 220 lb robust guy to a 150 lb feeble old man in a period of 2 years while taking this medication……which resulted in a stroke. His throat “spasmed” was how he described it and now he has extreme muscle weakness and sleeps 3/4 of the day and has to wear adult diapers because he is afraid he can’t make it to the bathroom. There are many other symptoms these are just a few. He came to live with me several days ago and I stopped giving him this medication immediately. After doing research on the meds he had been prescribed in Mexico…..I wanted to cry …and I did. In just 3 days my father began to improve and carry on an intelligent conversation, infact this morning he made the statement “Today is the first day I feel connected to my body”

  17. William Reply

    I suffered a agonizing week in the hospital after having a heart attack w/ 95% blockage in at least 2 veins. I was shocked back to life while in the emergency room and they forgot to put the jelly on the patch on my back. I was in awfull pain from the burn on my back but was glad to be alive. They put in 5 stints and was told they didnt shock me but the evidence was there. some 5 or 6 weeks later I had another heart attack and had to have another stint put in on another vein. I don’t know if I’m getting anything for this attack even though I wasn’t taking the drug at the time I had quit the year before. Now I have an enormous drug and doctor bill I will never get rid of. My Lawyers haven’t gotten me a penny yet nor can they tell me if I will. I hope this company fries for what they have done.

  18. Pat Anthony Reply

    Share information you wish to be published on this page…

  19. Anita Reply

    my husband took Avandia for 4 years before his doctor took him off of it. now, he has congested heart failure, severe blockages and no hope for recovery. just medication therapy and 24/7 oxygen. i suspect he is one of the cases that will go on to litigation as it has not been settled yet. no word from the attorneys! we call once a month and they tell us nothing. i hope they are fighting for him. any recent news regarding the Avandia settlements?

  20. Richard Reply

    My mother passed away June 2012. She was put on Avandia in May of 2006. Even though in May of 2007 the risks were published in the New England Journal of Medicine when she first showed symptoms of CHF, her doctor did not take her off Avandia until August of 2008, at which time she already was on full time oxygen and unable to care for herself. My father and mother learned of the Avandia class action suit. Without knowing the settlement outcome, she was asked to sign away her rights to file a law suit on her own while restricted to bed in a healthcare facility in January 2012. My mother died painfully and agonizingly from the effects of CHF on June 13th 2012. On June 14th 2012, she received in the mail a check for a little over $3000.00. This settlement is a reward to GlaxoSmithKline and not to my mother as trading a life for $3000.00 is a deal I am sure a wrongful business would take any day so they can get back to the business of doing business. For the rest of my life, I will never forget the results of what occurred here and to my family.

  21. ronald Reply

    my mother died of chf on july 13 2007 a lot of her illness was a result of avandia we signed a letter with a law firm out of san franciso, they got us a settlement last year[november]. they got their 40% . then we got a littel more last month they got their 40% total in all for us was 12,000 for my mom’s life for this drug. they still have a hold back from medfcare . first it was for part A&B now they have come up with a part C i know she didn’t have part C but they still looking for something to keep this money. lawyer get paid their’s up front but we have to wait

  22. Don N Reply


  23. gail Reply

    Ronald I too, am wating on the rest of the settlement from the holdback of the medicare. do you know if the lawerys will get a portion of that amount also. This has been just one big old mess, I would rather have my husband back any day than to have to go through with something like this. Glaxo has screwed our deceased loved ones and now us to.

  24. chuck Reply

    Does anyone know why there HOLDING back money for medicare C in the settlement?

  25. Eric Reply

    I also paid extra to have the attorneys check for Medicare part C, but we knew there was no Part C that paid money out on my behalf.I call my attorney regularly, but no updates. I received some money as I had a heart attack, so can’t we get this moving but the other half is still pending. Plus the cost allowed to check for Part C that I allowed the lawyers to use. This money is in limbo.

  26. joe Reply

    Chuck, this is standard practice in all lawsuits, whether medical or class action. General rule is 20% of the settlement. If you don’t have any liens, you will eventually get the 20%.

  27. vince Reply

    let me just start with 200…….over 200 operations all linked 2 that f”ked up group of them mass murders gay sk & that pill, drug, medication, killer or whatever the shit, is …. back in 2000.,only 5days after taking that trash (i dont even think real trrraaaashhh would treat her as terrible. bullshit aside this f”ked up rollercoster trip took my family & i to hell & back. hear this…. they write something about it having something 2 do with the formula that was put in avandia in mgs. my beautyful rose my mother, ROSALINDA ASTOGRA. left this earth this planet dec. 19, 2008. party with the angels mom!!!! just remember ill get there just alittle fashionably late …. how i wish i could just see, feel your being for a split sec. 2

  28. Sandra Reply

    My Mom started taking Advandi in 2000. She was never sick. She hardly took even an asprin. She was 76. All her brothers and sisters never had chf, heart troubles of any kind. I encouraged her to get checked out because she would fee alittle light headed. The Dr. Luther in the hospitalbecause he wanted to have her examined, her heart and all. They ran all kinds of heart exams, by a cardio Dr. Bloodwork, all. She was a icture of health except for her sugar was a little high. They started her on Advandi. Within 3 mnts, she was on oxygen, within one year, she was having all kinds of medical problems stemming from heart, breathing, weight gain, retaining fuilds,ext. Within 2 years, she was having heart trouble so bad, we almost lost her. Within no time, the bones in her back was fracturing she became very ill. The continued incressing the advandi. In May of2007, her Dr. Dc her advandi. Within 6 weeks my mom was gone. She fractured her arm and hip, an became ichemic, and had several major heartattacks and coded in the hospital. Several dr,s met with all of my family and told us that heart was too weak and they couldn’t do anything to help her. Cardiomyopathi. Chf. Broken bones. Ichemia. She was so fragle. All because of this drug, Advandi, my mom suffered for years and then died a horrible, painful death. I am in one of the class action suit, and from reading all the comments, I am sickened thinking how much more money my family deserves via our mom. Today is Mother’s Day. And because of Advandi, she was taken from us way too soon.

  29. genny Reply

    really, how long does it take to get the holdback back? my husband did not even have medicare and I have waited 2 years since first check was issued. 2 years is ridiculous!!!!!

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