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Radio frequency energy from cell phones could be linked to an increased risk of cancer, studies have shown. Holding or using the phones too close to the body has been linked to a potential risk of brain tumors, breast cancer and infertility.

STATUS OF CELL PHONE CANCER LAWSUITS: Product liability lawyers are continuing to review and evaluate whether financial compensation may be available through cell phone lawsuits on behalf of individuals diagnosed with brain cancer or other injuries that may be associated with significant use of mobile phones in close proximity to the body.

OVERVIEW: Cell phones are used by more than 5 billion people worldwide and there has been long debate and concerns about the potential radiation side effects from cell phones.

The World Health Organization recently classified cell phone energy emissions as a possible carcinogen, which is the same category as engine exhaust and the pesticide DDT.

Research has suggested that cell phone radiation may cause or contribute to a number of serious and potentially life threateining injuries, including:

  • Brain Tumors
  • Breast Cancer
  • Male Infertility
  • Glioma,
  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • Meningioma
  • Salivary Gland Tumors

CELL PHONE RADIATION CANCER WARNINGS: Although most consumers are not aware, the vast majority of cell phones sold contain warnings about the potential cell phone radiation risks.

These warnings indicate that consumers should not hold the devices for prolonged periods of time within 10 mm of the body, or about a half-inch.

Despite the serious cancer risks that may be associated with failing to adhere to these warnings, the manufacturers have buried the information deep within the instruction manuals or within lengthy disclaimers contained in the settings menu.

Many consumer advocacy groups are calling for much stronger warnings about the risk of brain tumors and other injuries from cell phone radiation, indicating that manufacturers must do more to educate consumers and ensure that they are aware of the risk.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set a standard limit, known as the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for safe exposure to radiofrequencies from cell phones which all manufacturers must meet.

In March 2013, the FCC announced it was re-examining potential cell phone radiation risks. The last review had been conducted in 1996. Since then, use of cell phones, and the variety of phones available, have skyrocketed worldwide.

In September 2015, a federal judge upheld an ordinance in Berkeley, California that requires cell phone companies and retailers to place visible radiofrequency (RF) warning stickers on wireless phones.

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  1. Emile Reply

    Cell phones are only the tip of the iceberg so they may not be responsible for brain cancer as much as modern compact fluorescent light bulbs, modern long fluorescent light bulbs, flat screen TVs and optical scanners. Grocery stores and department stores are saturated with radio frequency energy from these devices as I have shown on a video I created on the subject. People work 8+ hours a day under these lights and get a significant amount of radiation which could be linked to brain cancer. Some laptop computers and tablets emit more radiation than cell phones but nobody seems to give a hoot. If you are interested in viewing the video let me know and I will provide you with a link for downloading. Be warned it is 45 minutes long and 1.8 gigabites.

  2. Joseph Reply

    Cancer of parotid gland on left side of face discovered May,2015. Removed in October,2015 stage 4 cancer.

  3. Pete Reply

    DX June 2017. Right front cortex. Grade 3 Diffuse Astrocytoma. Resection completed 8/22/2017. Currently undergoing radiation therapy until mid November then on to chemo.

  4. Danna Reply

    I have had severe left hip pain and lower level right hip pain for over four years now. Dr says it is a pinched nerve. I have had those for 20 years. This is substantially different and extreme, deep bone and hip pain. In the past two months, I have been researching what could be causing this pain. I got up, put my phone in the pocket of my bathrobe (which I wear for three hours before I get ready for work) and it dawned on me, with shock, that this is EXACTLY where the pain is and where that phone sits all morning long. I delved into the body and cell phone contact research. I have contacted my PCP and am demanding a cancer test. This pain is so bad, I have been close to visiting an emergency room from extreme pain and for fear that there is something seriously wrong.
    Keep your phones out of your pockets! We need warning labels and signed papers upon purchase of all mobile phones that we have been told how to use these devices safely, health posters in all bathroom stalls and public service announcements or campaigns on billboards, shopping malls, websites, doctor’s offices, bathroom mirrors (we need the same stickers that we now have for FAS in pregnancy), that say to not store them near your body, do not sleep with any wireless device, do not use wireless in your cars, schools or work. Do not sell nor buy any listening devices (earbuds, etc) that are transmitting the signals straight to your head. Keep phones on Airplane Mode when not in use and turn off ALL wireless technologies at night. Use the speaker when talking and do not, I repeat, do not use laptops on your laps. This is only the beginning, but this just may be the end of the human race. Cell towers and 5g towers are going up exponentially, every single day, to cover every square mile of America and it is silently cooking us. This needs to stop NOW. Schools: 30 children, 30 classrooms equals 900 cell phones in ONE school beaming all of that wireless emf into the bodies and brains of every student and faculty. No wonder there has been a decline in pregnancy in recent years. We are being fried from the inside out, at the cellular level.

  5. Jane Reply

    Had right jaw pain for over a year. Nine specialists missed it till finally I made my PCP order an MRI of the parotid gland and neck. Showed parotid tumor on the right, the same side I’ve been holding my cell phone for 20 years. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Guy Reply

    I have been treated for an Acoustic Neuroma. I’ve lost all hearing in my left ear and have maddening tinnitus in its place.

  7. Karl Reply

    Worked for cellular store for 3 years 2008 to 2011 testing and replacing peoples phones, always put phone on the left side. Some phones were damaged some were malfunctioning. 2015 I was diagnosed with Anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 tumor in the speech center which is on the left side just above my ear . Had cranitomy, radiation and 18 months chemo treatment. Still on anti seizure Rx and anxiety depression rx.Unable to return to work. on said. Have difficulty with vision and high pain constantly, Doctors did not identify what caused tumor.

  8. Mel Reply

    Worked in industry from 1990 to 2014. Wore Motorola flip at waist in right side. Developed tumor. Cancer. Rental Cell Carcinoma

  9. Val Reply

    I use to carry my cell phone in my sports bra and now I have a mass deep in the tissue of my right breast. More testing to come to see if it is cancer. Would I be able to file a lawsuit against the phone manufacture?

  10. Arya Reply

    Cell Phone Radiation from an I-Ball Slide Tablet ruined my life (almost) back then some 4 yours ago. I developed intense brain fog and tinnitus. Had to drop out of high school due to that. The tinnitus is still with me, ringing 24/7 in my right ear. Horrific experience.

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