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Patients who received a DePuy ASR hip replacement face a high risk of hip failure or other complications due to problems with the design of the metal-on-metal hip implant. This could cause thousands of people to experience devastating hip pain and potentially require additional surgery to replace the DePuy ASR hip implant.

DEPUY ASR LAWSUIT STATUS: A recall for the hip implant was issued in August 2010, nearly a year-and-a-half after the first lawsuit over DePuy ASR hip problems was filed. In November 2013, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $2.4 billion to settle thousands of DePuy ASR hip lawsuits.


MANUFACTURER: DePuy Orthopedics, a unit of Johnson & Johnson

OVERVIEW: The DePuy ASR Hip System is a metal-on-metal hip replacement device, which has also been used as part of a hip resurfacing system outside of the United States.

Data has suggested that the DePuy ASR hip failure rate at five years is between 12% and 13% (one out of every 8 patients), and may be even higher among women and those who received a device with a smaller head (under 50mm). With over 90,000 of the DePuy metal hips sold, this means that more than 11,000 people with likely experience problems with the DePuy ASR hip resulting in the need for revision surgery.

DEPUY ASR HIP REPLACEMENT PROBLEMS: According to FDA Adverse Event Reports, more than 400 reports involving DePuy ASR hip problems have been received by the federal regulatory agency since the start of 2008. Patients could experience a variety of symptoms, such as:

  • Hip Pain
  • Swelling of the Hip
  • Problems Walking

This could be signs of a problem with the DePuy ASR Hip, such as loosening of the hip implant, fracture of the bone around the implant, or dislocation of the two parts of the hip implant that move against each other.

It appears that the complications with the DePuy ASR hip may be linked to defects in the design of the hip implant. Orthopedic experts have suggested that the component has a narrow window for proper placement, which could explain the higher-than-expected DePuy ASR hip failure rate when compared with other types of hip replacement implants.

Problems with metal-on-metal hip implants like the DePuy ASR have also been associated with issues caused by metal particles that could shed into the body as the hip implants wear down, potentially causing complications.The metallic debris could damage the tissue and bone surrounding the hip implant, potentially causing a loosening of the hip. Last year, U.K. researchers studied 660 patients who received DePuy metal-on-metal hip implants and found that 3.4% suffered from adverse reactions due to metal debris.

DEPUY ASR RECALL: On August 26, 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics announced the recall of DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System implants, after confirming that they have an unreasonably high failure rate.

According to 2010 data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales, the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System had a revision rate of 12% at five years after surgery and the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System had a revision rate of 13%. This means that during the first five years after a hip replacement with the DePuy ASR hip, at least 1 of 8 patients can expect to experience hip failure requiring painful and expensive hip revision surgery. In addition, with more than 90,000 DePuy ASR Hips sold worldwide, over 11,000 people could require additional hip replacement surgery due to the defective design of this implant and DePuy’s failure to take steps to remove it from the market earlier.

Shortly after the DePuy ASR was introduced in 2005, reports of complications and failures began to surface early after the implant. According to Adverse Event Reports received by the FDA, there were nearly 100 reports in 2007, over 200 in 2008 and over 300 in 2009. The vast majority of these reports (over 90% of those reported in 2009) involved the need for a surgical hip revision after a DePuy ASR hip replacement.

Although many experts believe a DePuy ASR recall should have been issued earlier, the manufacturer failed to take steps to protect consumers and continued to sell the defective device. DePuy Orthopaedics did not acknowledge until March 2010 that there was a higher-than-expected failure rate with DePuy ASR hip implants, and did not recall DePuy ASR hip replacement implants until August 2010.

DEPUY ASR HIP LAWYERS: Since March 2010, the number of DePuy ASR hip lawsuits have steadily grown. However, following the recall, DePuy ASR hip lawyers expect the number of cases to increase dramatically in the coming months as patients discover that they may be experiencing problems as a result of the defective design of the hip implant.


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  1. vince Reply

    i already had 4 implants since 1994 due to loosening or fracture isnt your dr suppost to say something mostly johnson and johnson 97 till 2001 were the implant manufacturers

  2. Stevie Reply

    I rec’d both ASR implants in May and August, 2008, First the right hip, then the left. I am a cancer survivor of three times and have had 26 surgeries throughout the years. I thought this was just another surgery to make my life better. IT WAS NOT! Since the surgery, I have now lost total ability to walk on my own without a walker or wheelchair. The pain I have experienced in my hips since shortly after my surgeries is worse than the pain prior. I just attributed it “to me and my history.” NOT SO! And what is worse than just the thought of going thru possible hip revision surgeries is that if my blood tests come back with high levels of cobalt or metal, my oncologist is scared that it could possibly trigger another cancer! I am scared witless! Someone needs to be held accountable for me and other patients who are going thru this. My heart goes out to any other woman or man who has these issues and pain. My poor husband has taken on primary care giver for me, even bathing, all the shopping (or we hire someone), the housework (or again, spend money for someone to clean), everything, plus his job. I just lay in a recliner or hospital bed watching the world go by in a blur of super strong pain meds. All I want is my life back, I worked too hard to get it!
    Good luck everyone, all the best to you.
    (And I’m only a 51 year young old female, but feel like I’m 91!)

  3. CAMILLE Reply


  4. Danny Reply

    I think that i may have the implants inside of me too. I had my surgery back in 2004 and had trouble with pain still in the groin area, even more so then before I had the surgery. I’m still waiting for the doctor’s office to contact me and let me know whether or not I have the implants inside of me…I hope not!!

  5. Austin Reply

    I am very uncomfortable signing a waiver to allow DePuy to have access to my medical records in order to get blood tests done. ThIs seems like a clear violation of the HIPPA guidelines and feels very scary, especially related to the filing of any lawsuits and claims. I have been told the bloodwork cannot be done unless I sign off on that.

    How do I know what they will deem an ‘acceptable’ level of toxicity?? Any level could be toxic… Why would I want a mega-corporation who’s already shown negligence to have access to my personal medical information? I don’t trust the surgeon or DePuy… This seems way too early in the process to jump into waiving my rights to confidentiality.

    Anyone agree and/or have any information to share? Are there any good support groups for this?

  6. Camille Reply

    Austin, the way I understood the form was not waiving of rights but just starting the process of figuring this thing out and getting blood levels checked. My levels came back in the toxic range and now I’m waiting to have a MARS MRI done. Has anyone had this test yet?

  7. janie Reply

    I’ve had 5 hip replacement surgeries on my left hip how would i know if i have that specific brand or not . 1977was when i had my last surgery

  8. Guy Reply

    I have had both hips replaced using this system. I have already had one revision believe me it is a two operation procedure(6 weeks between the ops) and it is awful.I have had 5 surgeries to my left hip and dont know if I or my leg can stand two more invasions.I havent worked since November 2007 because Ican hardly get through the front door some days. Come on make yourself heard.

  9. Guy Reply

    I have had both hips replaced using this system.I have already had one revision.It is a 2operation procedure(6 weeks between ops) and ,believe me, it’s awful.I have had 5 surgeries to my left hip and don’t know if I or my leg can stand 2 more invasions.I haven’t worked since November 2007 because some days I can hardly get through the front door .come on maske yourself heard

  10. Patricia Reply

    I had hip replacement in 2008.

  11. M. Knudsen Reply

    I am a recipient of the recalled hip replacement. I have never completely recovered to the extent most people do from the hip surgery and my friends all indicated something was wrong. I kept thinking it was just taking a long time for the “cut muscle” to repair, but a year later my leg still feels odd and uncomfortable. Not unbearable pain, just a constant ache. Now I know about the recall and am not sure of the path to take. I go in for testing tomorrow. I have read not to sign the consent form for medical information provided me by DePuy/J&J. Any suggestions / advice would be welcome.

  12. Steve Reply

    I have the ASR in my right hip. My pain has never gone away. My doc called me one day. I laughed at the time. I have defective parts inside me. I have been in denial. The pain just doesn’t go away. I am now waiting for the results of the blood work. I am also back on pain pills just to function. The worst pain is in the middle of the night. It all just seems like a nightmare that will not go away for a long time. It is affecting not only me but my wife. Just like others I have heard from, ya think it is just you when I comes to the pain. Turns out its not just you.

  13. Zoey Reply

    I had my left hip replaced last Nov. my doctor confirmed Tuesday that I have the recall model, I had a couple of xrays he told me the hip joint looks as good as the day it was installed, I don’t know what to think I have groin pain daily, movement is restricted, minor hip pain( being I went 12 years prior knowing I needed it replaced and didn’t and dealt with major pain) but one thing I found odd was when the doctor reviewed my xrays he just glanced at them of 15 seconds and said it looks great…. I’m not sure on what may happend down the road but i’m very worried.

  14. Debbie Reply

    My right hip was replaced in 2006 with the defective hip. It never felt right always had pain, poped and clicked, felt like it was foing to dislocate. Never complained just thought that was what you got with a joint replacement. Until I had my left hip replace last Jan, it is a different brand of hip, there is a whole world of difference. Ever since I have wondered if something was wrong with the first one, because it gave me something to compare. I have had the blood test my chromium is to high. Had the MARS MRI but they used the wrong machine on me with to strong of magnets now I have to have another one done this Monday.

  15. Nancy Reply

    I have weakness in one hip and leg and now pain in groin area of other hip.
    Both were done two years ago

  16. james Reply

    Got my ASR in February of 2006 and was in pain for over four years. All my x-rays showed normal implant, no problems. For four years I felt like a hippocondriac, my joint was alwasys popping and grinding and the pain was a constant ache which often awakend me throughout the night causing broken sleep. Last December I took a seizure and another on the 8th January this year, I have now been diagnosed with epilepsy. On April this year I had blood test done which returned, and I qoute ” extremely high levels of Chronium and Cobalt have been found in your blood” I was given high priority to have a hip revision which I got on the 19th of November so still recovering. The reason I mentioned epilepsy I am now researching to see if there is a link to extremely high levels of Chronium and Cobalt which could cause me to suddenly start taking seizures at 52 years young. I am from Scotland so the Law here is different and I don’t know quite what is happening here in the UK as yet.

  17. CAMILLE Reply

    This question is for James and Debbie : What were your cobalt and chromium levels? I’m curious because mine are very high and I just wanted to compare results with someone else as I’m not getting much feedback from anyone else.

  18. Larry Reply

    I received the defective Dupuy ASR in my left hip in Nov 2009, and within a couple of months the pain along with clicking and grinding began. I visited the surgeon several times He x-rayed, ordered a bone scan,and all were normal. When the re-call hit the news a MRI and blood test were preformed. The MRI results were in-conclusive; however the blood test results revealed very high levels of cobalt and chromium. The re-vision surgery was completed with very good results. He implanted a different type with ceramic head/cup which matched my rt. hip implant that was implanted in 2008. Four months now following surgery, I am pain free with no problems. I had a very good surgeon that listened to me and acted accordinly.

  19. Angelika Reply

    got 2 hip replacements R and L 2006 and 2007 6 mo apart
    first hip took 4 1/2 hr second one 45 minutes.
    I do have soo much pain in left hip joint Dr says he see nothing??
    Can hardly walk with out Ibuproven 600mg 2 times a day. for pain.
    I do not know exactly which hip joint I got.
    Can you help me? I am 66 years old now and on SSI thats all.

  20. Kim Reply

    My grandmother- now deceased; Had to have hip replacement surgery about 5 years ago. She could never walk again because the pain was so severe. I don’t know how to find out if she had the Depuy or not .

  21. Lisa Reply

    my brother has the recalled hip, so he is going to go in this wed to have it fixed. i am just wondering. do they have to take both parts out? the one in his leg And hip? i would be thankful for your answer thank you

  22. Kristi Reply

    I got a DePuy left knee replacement May 25, 2010. I have felt that the replacement isn’t as great as it should be. I have had stabing pain in area, a lot of popping while walking, and continue to suffer different types iof pain in left leg not experienced prior to surgery. Am I a lone sufferer, or are there other with similar complaints. I cancelled right knee replacement until my left knee improves. How long is this going to take, if ever?

  23. Penny Reply

    FDA finally reported today, Feb 11th, that Metal-on-Metal replacement risks & problems with Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip implants.
    After 4 years, my DePuy S-Rom Zimmer Metal-0n-Metal dislocated again.(#4). All I did was put my legs against the wall in my Yoga class. It had dislocated 2 other times in Yoga doing the same relaxation exercise in ’07. It was ironic that I arrived by ambulance at Hoag Irvine Hospital to have my preop scheduled for the same day-3 wks ago. My surgery was scheduled on Feb 9th for my 4th hip implant/revision/replacement. Would you believe that the surgeon cancelled my operation within 24 hours of the date. WHY??!! He said that he needed to do more research in order to remove the 2 screws. He has only had the xrays of both hips for over a year. He did my rt hip with a Johnson & Johnson DePuy, but, not a metal-on-metal ball.
    No rescheduled operation date. My evaluation is that he did not want to clean up someone else’s mess. I had even seen him that day for final clearance. According to the MRI, there was fluid on the joint. He did not do any tests to check if it was infected. In the last few days, I have noticed unbelievable side effects from the metal toxic poisoning. Please see my previous blog for exact figures. I now have developed a hacking cough just during the nite, intestinal cramps after dinner for the past 3 days along with shortness of breath, even hot flashes at my age(69), vision problems, short term memory loss, mood changes, etc. I do not have the flu or any fever or cold. I’m convinced that it is because of the high levels of metal poisoning. My attorney said that I have one of the highest levels of Metallous.
    Please respond with other people as to their exact blood levels of Cobalt & Chromium. (Mine – 21.9 and 15.8) Having unitary & bowel problems too. Not to be too graphic, but, I have suffered from IBS for years–not almost the opposite.
    I have scheduled another appt with an ortho hip specialist next week and , hopefully, will do the surgery ASAP.
    Please also note that 90% of all hip & knee surgeons are “Paid Consultants for Johnson & Johnson DePuy. Are they paid for their consultation or are they paid to continue to use J & J DePuy implants for kickbacks??!! Please do research of your surgeon and let’s compare. Look so forward to hearing about everyone’s misery. It is working because the FDA is finally listening. Just learned that Pinnacle lawsuits are now being filed. BRAVO!!!! Unfortunately, many of us will probably die off by the time a settlement is reached.

  24. CAMILLE Reply

    Hi Penny, My cobalt is 100 and I am seeing my doctor in am to see if I have to have my ASR device removed due to the severe toxic level which sort of sucks because I am not having any pain. Mars mri and ultrasound showed nothing but blood test indicates metallosis. Well I will know soon enough.

  25. Jill Reply

    Well I got my labs back and my cobalt is 9.9 and chromium 15
    now whats our next step…I feel like s___ and need my ovr health to be much better…
    I have posted here before and saw all the people having these done so I fnally got them myself – Dr says get a lawyer and get it out!! so do I go to the ortho who did my origianl surgery or go somewhere else… which parts do I ask for this time – I have a Pinnacle cup and a summitt stem now..

  26. vic Reply

    JILL, i had my depuy asr revised in dec2010 took out metal cup and ball put in metal on poly thats the best way to go i was told.

  27. Butch Reply

    Had both hips replaced with the Depuy ASR total Hip. Got my recall letter in Aug 2010. I have had pain in my hips from day one some days worse then others. I had to limit a very active life style to little if any physical activity. My Doc did the blood work, high cobalt levels was the result, and my MRI showed pockets of fluid around the joint.
    I had my first revision surgery done Feb 2011. Had pockets of infection, that from the pictures looked like yellow cottage cheese, black discoloring around the metal on metal joint, and bone deterioration. Still have another hip revision to look forward to. I’m 56 and I feel like Im an old man. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

  28. Kathleen Reply

    My implant is not metal on metal…mine is metal with ceramic…but I have had the pain every since I had my surgery in July 2005…I have been with need of pain meds every since…still after 6 years, I have to place pillow between my legs to try to rest at night…pain is a non stopper…my implant is Pinnacle 100 Acetabular cup; Apex(TM) hole elimator-ps;Summit Tapered Hip Stem w/DuoFix (TM) HA;Pinnacle Marathon Acetabular Liner with the Biolox Delta Articul/Eze ceramic Femoral head.

    Besides the pain…loss of strength in the leg…where are the people that they show in the advertisements that get to lead a normal life…I have other health issues, but this is my main thing…can not not think of the pain…just live with it…

    And when they type up the discharge papers from hospital…after 2-3 days when u have surgery…they say can get around well…what a laugh…they just kick ya out as fast as they can..

  29. Mary Reply

    Had 1 st hip done 7 years ago, the Birmingham, excellent result! 5 years ago, the ASR was inserted in left hip, never felt it was as good, but I did have a fall which my surgeon is aware of, as i went for x ray, but x ray showed no problem. As I still get an ache in the groin, although my x ray in Dec 2010 looks ok, surgeon sent me for MRI scan ( not MARS as recommended), he said all looked well. My bloods are cobalt levels 25 ( normal up to 45 for 2 hip replacements- bilateral) and chromium 23. I feel these levels are too high, but yet am told they are ok. Has anyone an answer, I feel the surgeons are fobbing people off, as they themselves might be held responsible. He keeps referring to my fall, which I landed backwards onto a small plastic low table., not to the ground. Would love a reply. I live in Ireland.

  30. Sharon Reply

    This comment is for Penny, dated Feb.11/2011. I was so relived to here of someone having the same medical problems as myself. I had to have both Hips replaced in 2003, and 11/30/04. After my hip replacements ,pain in both hips continued as if i had never had hip replacements. I had to continue after months of pain and not being able too walk. My doctor would have me to come in for more X-rays and Cortozone Injections, and he would say everything look fine. He would say my Rhuematoid Arthiritis was the problem.After taking Methetrexate medication for a while the pain was in remission, i thought untill the pain returned. I begin to have problems with sleeping thru the night, Back pain ,Shoulder pain, both of my Legs , and all i could do , was stay in Doctors office and Emergency Rooms for years. I decided to get second and third opinions from R.A specialist and found out i did not have Rhuematoid Arthritis, minamal Osteo,and mild Arthiritis.As of today i have had several surgerys, because of tears in my joints. I recently put off another surgery for 2 tears in my right knee,and left shoulder replacement. My son asked me, is it possible, by having foreign particles in my body ,could i have blood poisoning. I decide to call the Hospital Medical Records departmen,t where my hip replacement were performed, and found out , both hips were DePuy Pinnacle Sector II and the other DePuy Summit w /Acetabular Liner. I do not know if the Hip Inplants i have are Recalls, I do know that my health went down hill since hip surgery, at this time i have severe Gastrotestinal problems and bleeding, and cannot get a diagnois from all the doctors i have seen . They do not want to refer me to a doctor, that will give me the Cobalt poisoning blood test, just another precription are X-ray. Do any one out there know where you can be tested for cobalt level testing. My doctors do not belive this test is necessary, yet my orthropedic doctor said my hips are loose and weak. I guess, if i do not do the research , i will suffer even more untill my demise. “GOD BLESS YOU ALL” I know your suffering .

  31. Tracie Reply

    To all of you who are suffering. May God heal you all and may you all get the compensation you deserve. I am a two time recipient of the Depuy ASR. My right hip was done in April 2007 and the left done in February 2008. After the right one was done, I never was pain free. It popped and grinded and my surgeon toldl me that was normal and would go away. I kept complaining of lower right hip and back pain only to be dismissed to pain management where I was wrongly diagnosed as having SI Joint Dysfunction. I received steriod injections in both joints of my pelvis, which seemed to help for a couple weeks, then the pain was back. Because of the expense of copays, I did not have the luxury to getting someone to properly diagnose my pain until this year when i got a better insurance plan. In December 2009, I went back to my surgeon and let him listen to the popping and grinding in my hip and explained I was still having pain which was keeping me awake at night for all these years. He mentioned he could do a revision, but it was not urgent and I couild have it done whenever I wanted. Of course, I put it off because I did not want to go through another hip surgery after having two already. Then in August 2010, the “Recall” came out. I received a call from my surgeon stating that I needed to come in for xrays. By the way, all this time, my xrays had been “normal”. When I went to have another xray due to the recall, it still appeared normal. I was sent for an ultrasound which showed fluid buildup in both hips. Then my surgeon ordered the blood test. My cobalt was 100.3 and my chromium was 32, both excessively high. I also had an MARS MRI which showed less than the ultrasound. I had my right hip revision surgery done in January 2011. Mettallosis was found and the surrounding soft tissue had to be removed. (Please note: There is no test that will show mettallosis. The surgeon doesn’t know until he cuts you and sees that the surrounding tissue is gray, brown and rubbery and then sends it to pathology.) Thirty days later, I was dislocated in physical therapy. I hope none of youi have to go through a dislocation – It was horrific and now I’m afraid to do anything that migiht cause me to dislocate. I lost a relationship before the recall even came out becasue of my chronic pain and inability to do anything physical. I became extremely depressed because of the chronic pain and fear of disability and am now taking anti-depressants. After the revisioni surgery to the right hip, the pain got worse. The clicking and grinding is gone, but the pain is worse and now I’m back in pain management. I had a post revision blood test 3 months post-revision and my cobalt went down to 13 and my chromium went down to 11 – still very toxic. I have my left hip revision surgery scheduled next month and I am not happy about it. I am back in physical therapy trying to build some muscle that I lost so I can recover from the left hip revision. Since the revision in January 2011, I have been having alot of new symptoms. I have double vision (diplopia) and had to go to an opthalmologist. It appears that the muscles in my eyes are not working together and I have to get prism lens put in my glasses, which insurance will not cover. OH forgot – I had gastrointestinal problems (before revision) with constant diarrea and cramping. But that has subsided now that I’m back in pain management taking narcotic pain medication. I have extreme pain in my left hip and both lower back areas while trying to sleep. I have ringing in my ears whic comes and goes. I’ve had to see a psychiatrist becasue of the depression who referred me to a neuro-psychologist for a neuro-psych eval that took 7 hours. Still don’t have the results yet. I have also had numbness in both hands, especially while sleeping during the pain and sometimes while I’m driving. Oh, by the way, I can no longer drive at night because of the double vision and sometimes I have to close one eye to be able to drive safely. The prism lens, which I needed yesterday, is supposed to help. I have extreme muscle atrophy and lately swelling in my hands and ankles in the morning. Speaking of mornings, I am so stiff and in so much pain I can barely make it to the coffee pot and to get a pain pill. It takes me an hour after taking a pain pill before I am able to start getting ready for work. I am also seeing a counselor to help me deal with the depression from the chronic pain. I am only 48 years old and I feel like I’m 80 in the mornings. While sitting for any length of time, it is very difficult to get to a standing position and to take those first few steps. Then, I’m okay (with the pain meds) to walk. If it weren’t for the pain meds, I would be disabled and would not be able to work. I have been tested for RA, but it came back negative. The opthalmologist thinks the double vision is neurological so now I have to see a neurologist too and have an MRI of my brain. And to add to all of this: I cannot have a romantic relationship since I am unable to have intercourse due to the probability of dislocation. TO SHARON – Your orthopedist is SUPPOSED to order you a blood test for the cobalt and chromium. It is his job to do so and you need to request that from him along with any other tests you feel you need (i.e. ultrasound). I am hoping after this left hip revision, that these symptoms will go away. However, I feel I have permanent damage to the right hip because of the metallosis and the length of time between the primary and revision surgeries. My pain specialist said I will probably have to deal with this the rest of my life. OH, and another thing. The new implants only have a life up to 12 years, if I’m lucky. So, I’m looking at surgeries for the rest of my life before the inevitable – the wheelchair. Sounds gloomy, but my faith and family are what keep me going. Good luck to all of you and GOD BLESS!

  32. peter Reply

    i hope all of you have a good recovery.and i am sorry to hear so many are suffering

    my wife had a hip replacement 5yrs ago.she did,nt have a depuy hip but she has got a depuy pinnacle.she has had blood test which has got a count of 80.she has also had a ultra sound scan which showed that she has got fluid on the hip.the doctor has said she is going to have steriod and pain killer injection.she was told after having the injections she would have to keep a dairy of her health.

  33. margaret Reply

    Kin all you should have to do is go to the dr that did the replacement and get the information from him. If he refuses to give that then you will have to get a court order and let him know that you are doing this sometimes taht will give them the incentive to give you the infrmation. My sister has had both hips and knees replaced. One hip has been replaced the second time. Now she has been diagnoised with ostiporossis and her bone are so thin that the doctor says the only way he will do anything else is a case of have to.

  34. Vivian Reply

    I had my 1st DePuy hip done on the L side in 2007 and the second and R one done in 2008. I started to have some trouble with weid things before I had the second one done. However I thought it was just me. I went to the doc. & he could not find anything wrong. My eyes were so bad I thought I was going blind. They hurt and watered a lot, I had sharp pains in my head,my ears had shooting pains and one night I went comp. deaf in the right ear. By morning I could hear again but there was a lump behing my ear lob on the left side. I went to the Doc. again again. Bowels and kidneys I felt just did not work right.I felt like I was a hypochondriac. There was a time before this that my Doc. would say, “I never see you do you not like me?’ But now I seem to be there all the time and he just don’t know what to do for me. My ortho. is the best guy in the world he hears me and trys to figure out whats going on. He told me to get the test done AFTER I got the letter fro De Puy. I went to Quest DiagnostIcs and found my cobalt was 120.5 and my chromium was 57.?. I went to the Mayo Clinic and they said I sould get the hips out ASAP. I had the R hip redone in Jan 20011 and the L one redone in March-2011. My counts went down just about half of what it was. Now I just do not know how to get rid of the rest of it and get it back to 2/ normal range. I still have lots of pain and now my shoulders and neck hurt so bad I have to go to a head and neck pain clinic plus I need to see another eye doc. as my eyaes are still real bad I had two set of glasses in one yrs time and they still are not right. I just can’t stand the pain anymore. I force myself to walk and I hate getting up off the bed as I know the pain will get worse. My knees also have a buildup of something on them. My Ortho said I need knee surgery now as I hurt so bad that they are turning in when I walk. Oh and when I had the redos done on my hips I was told by my doc. that the right one had so much (black/grayish) matter around it they had to suction that off before they got to the hip. That was on the R hip. On the left hip I had something like bone ? a very hard something built up so much they had to cut it away to get to the hip. 2 weeks after that surgery I fractured that L hip laying in bed doing my PT.( bending my knee up and down. So here we are today and my groin pain is back will this mean surgery #3 on this L hip? I don’t know I just called my orthoped today. NO ONE knows how to get rid of the rest of the cobalt and chromium in my body and I feel I will NEVER get better with it in me. I still have all the pains and shortness of breath, memory loss and mood chages. I feel really sorry for the Docs as this is to new for them to know much about it and they try so hard. Or at least mine do. I pray alot and this seems to be a comfort for me. I am a very ACTIVE 74yr old woman and love life, family and friends. And I want it all back and I will get it back!!!

  35. Thelma Reply

    10th February 2010 I had a TMJ Prosthic Implant – right side. I had surgery firstly in 2003, again June 2006, the Implant I thought, would relieve some of my pain. However, over the past 22months, the pain is much worse, and I am experiencing such strange feelings throughout my whole being. I watched a programme on BBC TV last week here in the UK. The problem was the Cobalt. I thought the problem would be the Titanium, now I wonder whether it is in fact Cobalt. I have read that it affects bones, muscles and brain. No wonder I am Confused. com.

  36. ASR Settlement Claim Reply

    This could be signs of a problem with the DePuy ASR Hip, such as loosening of the hip implant, fracture of the bone around the implant, or dislocation of the two parts of the hip implant that move against each other.

  37. cathie Reply

    right hip done late 2005, left hip done spring 2006..depuy due to my age 51….right side first one done continued to to cause extreme pain. left side did very well…I was at the doc often, in relation to the first one done. Was told I need to do more desentizing and phys therapy……went five days a week. felt like I was taking up docs time. however….i knew something was not right, They scheduled for what he thought was a herniated muscle…ha, ha…..when they opened me up they had to do a complete revision…this made me a very uncoperative patient….. (to say the least) replaced the ball and lining…… had brown fliud with metal shavings in and amongst bone and muscle. worst mess they had ever experienced or seen……my emotional state has not been the same, I still have pain and have spent$$$$ am not sure if it is too late to fille a claim….no one took blood tests but it was hourendis….has lessened my quality of life and affects work, activities I used to enjoy….please reply…am not sure what direction to go in…..Regards, cathie becker

  38. cathie Reply

    I basically lost three years of doing the things I loved to do in fear of causing pain. have anxiety of surprises mediicaly, caused stress with husband and has affected me at work. this has been an emoyional nightmare…..have not been to the lake in 5 years am on anxiety meds to keep all of this under control….just terriable am now just 57….advice would be greatly appreciated…

  39. Sandi Reply

    Many of the comments above resonate with me. Had double hip resurfacing in early 2007. Was clunking in my right hip from the start but the pain only started after a year. Grew more and more’useless. In pain, spent a great deal of time and money on physio, on gym memberships to try to strengthen muscles, and as above developed vision problems, muscle pain, tiredness, anxiety etc. you feel such a hypochondriac! Cobalt levels were 100 nano moles per litre, chromium 2200. Safe level is 140. Had revision with ceramic head. Bliss. However levels have been slow to come down and may need other hip revised. Feeling better though although for a couple of years my resistance seemed very low and picked up every cold going. Ended up on an inhaler! Really worried about higher chromium levels andlong term effects. Cobalt is now near normal. Based in UK.

  40. Harriett Reply

    If you don’t know what kind of replacement you have you just write the hospital where the surgery was done and they will send you copies of everything your surgeon used and did. The blood work can simply be ordered by your ortho or your internist. The minute I heard of the recall I called my hospital and than when I was told it was a Depuy I called my ortho to have the blood work done. Yes I had all of the signs and than one day just standing at a counter my hip fractured . I had the psudo tumor, all the pain and had to have the device removed. My Depuy was only in for 3 years, but you have got to stay on top of everything yourself along with your doctor. Luckily I have a good doctor and he said it had to be removed ASAP.
    I still have some back pain but nothing like I was experiencing with
    the Depuy hip. Get your hospital records and call your doctor.

  41. Dane Reply

    Short while after my replacement I could no lift my leg, They had to “release” the soas tendon. I feel like Im about to get the flu every day aches bad. Thought it was apart of aging…Im 45. BTW older folks dont lead kids to belive getting older is is all fire and brimstone. I waited 7 years to complain. ;- ) Ive had the most pain ive ever felt in my life, 2-3 inches above knee ( implant side ) outer. SUPER SHARP !! But u never know when its comming. And its worse when I take the weight off. By the way I was just out of the ARMY, 5-11 203 Lbs. with a 12% body fat, during the first year I went to 245. 33% BF. My work outs and diet are flawless. Yet body wont recover. Im now getting my Med rec. Ill I know now is it was a J&J metal on metal cobalt implant. At this point I would rather losse the leg. On the bright side its One way to drop weight and loose pain. To Soon :0 )
    Ill put the info down as I get it…WOW I can babble, Does anyone else have the flu like thing??
    Thanks for letting me Whine. Dane

  42. Dane Reply

    Wow. also is sounding like an idiot a symptom ? excuse my hot mess above. Guess that’s why the Speeeeeel check thingieeeekept flashing

  43. rhite Reply

    I had the depuy asr implanted in Sept.2009 1 days after implant had
    heart arrythima, started having pain in hip 4 months later,dr kept saying bursitis,its gotten bad,dr says Ineed revision surgery but my heart condition will not permit it I Ihave congestive heart failure,chronic atrial fib
    sinus node of the heart how will this affect me in the law suit I am almost 80 yrs old my atty.seems to busy to talk to me about thisa7

  44. cathy Reply

    Wow! Now into Feb 2014. Depuy offering a $250.000 base settlement with stipulations. Not saying anything about coverage for cobalt poisioning except for more stipulations on something called extraordinary possible funds without laying out exactly what. Not willing to talk about cobalt, long term affects. The cobalt levels were very high in me and I was dying. I w had to have 2plus years of multiple treatments to get it down. Better now but Depuy says it would have gotten down on it’s own. What a lie! Most doctors don’t even know how to treat it, Now tell me about the man who was awarded $8 million and is still alive??? Is this fair??? Lawyers think it is a good idea to settle for plan offered of $250,000 base. Plan is so full and confusing most can’t understand it. If 94o% agree it, it is because they are exhausted and Depuy knows this. Very sad for us all. Now let’s talk about the stock market and how Depuy’s losses affect it or do we dare go there??? I am still sick but can’t get insurance now to go see the doctors and after a revision and dislocation it still does not have full function and my thyroid is royally screwed up. Is Depuy considering the affects of the cobalt poision and cyst long term…I don’t see it yet. I just don’t get it and feel it is politics and all about the stock market?? Lawyers please just let us know where is the fair line in this for the people. Why do we even have these blogs…truly I am sick of them as well and this is my first time posting to one because I was asked if I had in the past. Why would they need to know that…ugh! Someone tell me how is this settlement fair??? My poor husband is exhausted, I am surprised we and others still have a marriage.

  45. Eileen Reply

    I had my revision surgery done on 2/10/2014 .I have decided to opt out of settlement of $250000 is not enough money .There was award in California for 8 million for exact problem J&J put our family thru . They do not know what problem the metal will cause in your blood in the future That is why they are trying to rush you into settling They offered $4 billon their stock did not even lose a dollar .They knew but their greed and they did not stop selling a defective and dangerous product That has caused thousands people pain and stress and dangerous problems in the future Don’t let J&J buy you off cheap

  46. hiram Reply


  47. Denise Reply

    Hi everyone, I had a hip replacement in January 2009 and pain never stop I told my doctor about the pain but he kept saying that the xray and mri looked good so why was the pain still in my groan he finally talked to another orthopedic doctor and he sew me and recommend that I have the revision that was done in Febuary 2013. Iam a healthy women with osteoarthitis but I try to keep moving. I had a knee replacement in 2010 now Iam having more pain then a little it is hard to walk it stiffens up on me and the pain is so bad that it makes me cry is the knee a recall as well?

  48. Debra Reply

    I too had a knee replacement after recieving my ASR in 2006. The knee replacement was done in 2008. I had NEVER had any knee problems until my first hip surgery.. My mother who has since passed also had to have knee surgery after her hip replacement. I do not believe this has been considered in the settlements.To this day I suffer knee pain as well as the pain in my hip thatothers was revised in 2010.How many others have had to suffer the HORRIBLE pain of a knee surgery because of the defective ASR and other M.O.M DEVICES ?

  49. jodi Reply

    I had my thr in October of 2010. I have the DePuy titanium. What are the chances that this one is part of the recall? I’m having bad groin pain and cannot walk a half block without completely not being able to walk at all due to the pain on the outside of my hip and the groin pain. I also cannot bend at the hip at all. This has just started and I cannot get in to see my doctor until the 2nd week of September. Does this sound serious or could it be I just over did it with activity. I’m a 50 year old woman with osteoarthritis.

  50. Sandy Reply

    So sorry to hear so many people suffering with pain. I am blessed to have been the recipient of a double hip replacement left hip done late in 2003 and right hip 6 months later. The prosthesis used was ceramic. I have the occasional groin ache (winter) but otherwise I am perfectly pain free and healthy. I am 49 and still active in low to medium impact sport (action cricket). Prior to the surgery my movement was extremely limited. The one thing I wish I could do is run but reading the comments above I am grateful for what I am able to do. I was hesitant to do the surgery as I enjoy ballroom and Latin American dance which I can still do.
    My husband also had his right hip replaced in 2007 with ASR device and has been called in annually for follow up with a positive “All is good” every time. He is also very active. We both had hip surgeries as a result of sport injuries. I can only put down our experience as a testimony of Gods good wok, favor and grace. Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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