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Eliquis is part of a new-generation of oral anticoagulants. However, side effects of Eliquis have been linked to reports of severe and uncontrollable bleeding due to the lack of an effective reversal agent at the time the medication was introduced.

STATUS OF ELIQUIS BLEEDING LAWSUITS: Product liability lawyers are reviewing whether former users who have experienced hemorrhages, gastrointestinal bleeding, strokes or wrongful death may be entitled to financial compensation through an Eliquis lawsuit.


MANUFACTURER: Bristol Myers-Squibb

OVERVIEW: Eliquis (apixaban) was introduced in 2012 as the third member of a new class of anticoagulants used to reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes, particularly among patients with atrial fibrillation.

Known as a “direct thrombin inhibitor” or “Factor Xa inhibitor,” Eliquis was designed to compete with Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa, as well as Bayer and Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto. All three drugs were released in an effort to replace the blood thinner warfarin, also known as Coumadin, which has dominated the atrial fibrillation blood thinner market for several decades.

Unlike warfarin, the three new drugs, Eliquis, Pradaxa, and Xarelto, lacked a reversal agent that can quickly counteract their blood thinning effects when they were first released. This has led to a number of reports of uncontrollable bleeding events resulting in severe injury or death.

A reversal agent for Pradaxa, Praxbind, became available in March 2016, however, the FDA rejected approval of a reversal agent for Eliquis and Xarelto in September 2016 until they can answer a number of the agency’s concerns.

A February 2017 study linked Eliquis side effects to a higher risk of strokes and embolism when compared to other blood thinners.

FIND OUT IF YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR A ELIQUIS LAWSUIT: As a result of the drug makers’ failure to adequately warn about the risks associated with their medication, Eliquis injury lawyers are evaluating whether users may be entitled to compensation through a product liability lawsuit.

Cases allege that Bristol Myers-Squibb withheld important safety information about the bleeding risk and the lack of an effective reversal agent. In addition, claims indicate that risk of injury outweighs any potential benefit provided by Eliquis, making the drug unreasonably dangerous and defective as it was originally formulated.

To request a free consultation and claim evaluation to determine whether you, a friend or family member may be entitled to financial compensation through a lawsuit, submit information for review by an Eliquis injury lawyer.

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  1. Sue Reply

    While on Eloquis I’ve experienced horrific hair loss and subsequent thinning. The itching on my scalp has been relentless.

  2. tom Reply

    In hospital as my head is bleeding. Took me of the Eliques. I called ambulance and went to Hospital 6 times because I was passing OUT.

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