Ethicon Prolene Mesh Lawsuit Claims Hernia Patch Carries Unreasonable Risk Of Injury

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

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The multi-layered design of Ethicon Prolene mesh increases the risk of serious and painful hernia patch complications, according to allegations raised in a recently filed product liability lawsuit.

Jamie Volquardsen brought the complaint (PDF) against Johnson & Johnson and it’s Ethicon, Inc. subsidiary on March 8, in the Superior Court of New Jersey in Middlesex County.

According to the lawsuit, Volsguardsen received an Ethicon Prolene Hernia system as part of a right inguinal hernia in April 2009. Years later, Volguardsen was diagnosed with a small-bowel obstruction and adhesions, suffering from repeated bowel obstructions, constipation, multiple hospitalizations, nausea, disfigurement and other injuries.

In April 2018, he underwent enterolysis of adhesions and treatment for the small bowel obstruction. However, the lawsuit notes that Volsguardsen is now at a higher risk of severe complications in additional abdominal surgeries, which may now not be feasible.

The lawsuit claims that the defective nature of the hernia mesh patch is responsible for his injuries.

“Ethicon Multi-Layered Hernia Mesh created an unreasonable risk of harm to Plaintiff,” the lawsuit states. “The unreasonable risk of injury and harm, including pain, dense adhesion formation, organ complications, mesh shrinkage, hernia recurrence, seroma and fistula formation, and infection, whether from a prolonged and pronounced inflammatory response caused by the multiple layers, degradation of polymers, non-conforming subcomponents, or some other mechanism, renders Ethicon Multi-Layered Hernia Mesh a defective product, unsafe for its intended use.”

The complaint raises allegations that are similar to those presented in other hernia mesh lawsuits filed in recent months against Ethicon over multi-layer hernia patch designs used in thousands of procedures nationwide.

Volsguardsen indicates that Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson failed to perform sufficient clinical trials or studies before marketing the multi-layered hernia mesh product line was introduced, which includes the Prolene Hernia System, as well as the recalled Ethicon Physiomesh product.

In addition to other Ethicon mesh lawsuits, there are also a number of Bard hernia mesh lawsuits and Atrium C-Qur lawsuits pending nationwide over complications associated with those other polypropylene designs sold by other companies.

As individuals who have experienced complications following a hernia repair continue to investigate and review potential cases with lawyers nationwide, it is expected that tens of thousands of complaints may be brought against manufacturers in the coming months.

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  1. Patrick Reply

    Had a second surgery in the same area of my groin! The patch I had was the Ethicon Ultrapro small plug! Doctor told my wife after surgery, that he never seen anything like it! In that the second hernia busted right through the Ethicon patch! Had my surgery August 15, 2019! Feels like I am feeling worse as the days go by with terrible nausea and stabbing nerve psin

  2. Tanna Reply

    In 2016 I had my first hernia mesh implant had to be revised again in 2018 now recently and December 2019 it had attached to my internal organs I was throwing up liver bile it displaced my organs I lost 40 pounds almost killed me it has been the worst experience of my life I am lucky to be alive

  3. Jacob Reply

    Had an ethicon prolene mesh implanted in July 2017 now I live in constant pain and severe issues with intamacy. I have not been able to be part of any litigation due to the 2 year law crap. I am ready to remove this damn thing myself I can barely work or walk let alone go an hour with out throwing up. Will be seeing a new surgeon soon gonna ask for a removal

  4. Lowell Reply

    i have had 2 revisions as well and now a third is needed same kind ultr pro plug . is there any attorney that is representing us that can help . . terrible pain and i have to walk tilted to the left as there is a lump in my groin .

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