Fixodent Zinc Side Effects Warning Added to Proctor and Gamble Website

Proctor & Gamble has recently added a information to their denture cream website about the potential risk of problems from zinc in Fixodent, advising users to apply as little of the adhesive as possible. However, the company has given no indication that they will issue a Fixodent recall or reformulate their products to remove zinc, as GlaxoSmithKline recently did with their Super Poligrip denture creams.

The warning follows months of scrutiny and calls for the two manufacturers to take action to address the side effects of zinc in Fixodent and Super Poligrip denture cream. For years the products were sold with no warnings or even indication that they contained zinc.

When the products are used over a long period of time, or if too much of the denture cream is applied, high levels of zinc can enter the body. This can deplete copper levels and lead to the development of neuropathy and other neurological injuries.

A number of Fixodent lawsuits and Super Poligrip lawsuits have been filed against Proctor & Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline, alleging that users suffered permanent and disabling problems as a result of the manufacturers’ failure to warn that their denture cream products contained zinc and that use of adhesives could cause zinc poisoning.

In October 2009, GlaxoSmithKline finally added a zinc warning to Super Poligrip, indicating that use of excessive amounts of the adhesive could cause “serious health effects” and last month the company indicated it would discontinue Super Poligrip with zinc in the United States due to the risk of zinc poisoning.

Although the same risk of zinc problems with Fixodent exist, Proctor & Gamble has resisted placing any warnings on their product, claiming that Fixodent does not have as much zinc as Super Poligrip and is safe for use. However, according to a report by, new information was added in recent days to Proctor & Gamble’s Fixodent website,, warning that zinc is contained in the product and highlighting usage instructions.

The new Fixodent warning reads: “CAUTION: Contains zinc (less than 4%). Some reports suggest that excessive and prolonged zinc intake may be linked to adverse health effects.” The warning recommends that Fixodent be used as directed and that consumers should consult with their doctors if they are using other zinc-based products. It is unclear whether a similar warning and usage instructions will added to Fixodent products themselves.

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  1. Susam Reply

    It feels like my bones are getting eating at,pain everyday starting to walk less & less dayly it takes awhile but I get their, working out help lots if I dont work out can\\\’t walk my musles are stiff,and I get musle spanum. seen 4 different doctors done 9.000.00 w/med. bills know one can tell me whats wrong,I say its my age but I just turned 60yr I am in my prime its all about my legs.

  2. sharon Reply

    this is the first time I have heard of this…and i .at 52 yrs…have suffered so long with arm and leg weakness…i can’t wear certain shoes anymore and I too don’t like to walk anymore because of the aches and pains and weakness in my legs…..i can;t wait to talk to my doctor about getting tested

  3. Peggy Reply

    I had the same problem only I had 3 Stress Fractures within 1 1/2 years 2 were in my left knee and 1 in my right knee and two broken toes it was the worse pain I ever felt. I could not walk without cruches. And then only when I had to. I found out that it was coming from Actos medication you can find it on line but not in a doctor’s PDR book. I quit taking Actos in Feb. 2010 and have not had a problem since.

  4. Rose Reply

    I have had a top denture since 2001. I started using Fixodent to hold the top in since it became loose & I couldn’t keep going & having adjustments.. Since 2001 I have had intense pain in my arms hands, knee joints & face. I had pains in my chest and this last 2 years have spent a enormous amount of money CT scans, MRI . I suddenly started with pains in my face head neck & had a lot of testing. I was told I had trigeminal neuralgia . The doctors have had me on pain meds for over 2 years. The last was morphine, and sent me to a physical therapist & neurological doctor. They say that I have major nerve damage in arms & hands. I don’t know what to think. I have had a lot of memory forgetfulness, but I thought maybe all the meds I was on was doing this? I do know that I have
    weakness in my arms & hands I can no longer open jars & use a can opener with really hurting myself, I am without feeling in my fingers & sometimes can’t write with a pen or pencil so there is still something wrong.

  5. cynthia Reply

    i’ve used a form of denture adhesive sence i had my teeth pulled and plate put right in after they were pulled,and that has been almost 34 years now for the top plate and about 12 years for the bottom plate. I lost all my enamel from carring babys. My reumatoligist has been treating me for the most part for psoriatic arthritis for almost 10years. I’ve had corpral tunnel in both hands ;surgery on one ,the other one i decieded to wait on till i couldn’t move it . I’ve had lymphnodes taken out because they became filled with unknown substance ,at least no one told me what it was. I have had surgery on my right arm shoulder cup just bone spurs build up they swore i had a tear! .So i have weakness in me hand and feet and have been told hip,knees are going to be next. at not yet 53 i’m falling apart and to think a lot of it has came from the medication taken over the years for pain or just using products we thought would do us no harm because of the FDA told us it was ok to use the product,now years later we learn differentlly

  6. mary Reply

    I have upper denture for ten years. I started using Fixodent cleanser a year ago. My gums have holes in them and bones protruding and a big round yellow sore on the upper right side of my gums. Never a problem until recently. Could this possibly be caused from the fixodent scope cleanser. Does anyone else have this problem. Thank you.

  7. Dennis Reply

    I had both the upper and lower teeth pulled in 1992.I would go through at least a tube and a half of Fixodent a week, mainly because of the bottom. In 2005 at work I got a hernia so I thought I was going to go back to work and I started having symptoms. I would get out of bed and sometimes just fall to the floor.Had severe pain in my legs and couldn’t walk a long distance. I had all kinds of test done and they couldn’t really figure it out so they just diagnosis me with M.S but yet I don’t have all the symptoms they have. Just recently had a MRI which showed 2 lesion in my brain but my Dr. said they were not M.S. lesions.Now he is confused again.

  8. kathi Reply

    In 2009 I had a upper denture put in and started using Fixodent. Six months later I had two compression fractures in my spine. Five months later I had a “Frozen Shoulder” that took months of therapy. That ended in 2010. January of 2010 I noticed my left leg dragging when I walked. Dizziness and balance issued followed. In june of 2010 I felt numbness in my right leg that came and went.
    2011 came the pins and needles in my hands, fingers, toes. Sharp stabbing pains in head, legs, arms and fingers.
    Starting in 2011 (April) I went to several doctors and specialist because my legs stopped working most of the time. I had to use a wheelchair, cane, and walker to get around.
    Double vision followed, Optic Neuritis, terrible headaces, and loss of bladder control at times.
    Some of the specialist think it could be MS, others aren’t so sure.
    On March 3, 2012 I read the article on Zinc poisoning so I immediately stopped using the Fixodent. Within a week I was walking better but still have alot of issues with that, and my tremors are getting better. Now tell me there is no way this product isn’t responsible for making me an invalid at 59 years old. I went from cleaning 18 houses a week to being totally handicapped in a matter of months. I want the product off the market, I don’t want to see anyone have to live the life I do everyday for the rest of my life. It’s horrible. The pain is unbearable at times. It’s humiliating to be so helpless.

  9. Shirley Reply

    I was using fixodent….I haven’t had my dentures a year yet…I am experiencing a constant sore throat…went to doctor thought it was strep throat was not. How can i get rid of this discomfort? how do i flush zinc out of my body?

  10. Jimmy Reply

    Yes my husband has been sick for 1year 1/2 has went and went to the doctor all kind of test done they can’t find out anything he did stop using fixodent and shop for another kind when we read about fixodent I just want my husband back he’ll always tried head spending can’t eat and he has been like that a long time.

  11. mary Reply

    I am experiencing neuropathy symptoms, having been using Fixodent, poligrip for many years. I need a substitute that does not contain zinc. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

  12. Ray Reply

    I’m a victum zinc poisoning)

  13. src Reply

    i have used fixodent, for about 3yrs. it was not a problem with my mouth until recently i only have to use it to keep a partial retainer in my mouth at night, just recently i started experiencing very dry throat and my jaw and remaining teeth are aching. now not to say that there could be another reason for the achy jaw and teeth but i have no cavities, the most bothersome is the very dry throat, and the reason i think it is this product is because i left my retainer out for a nite and woke up with no dry throat, but when i used it again the next nite i had the bad experience once again. this product fixodent is the best adhesive i have ever used and #1 to poligrip in which i had to use often.

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