Levaquin Lawsuit: Attorneys Disagree over Trial and Discovery Plan

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A status conference was held Friday before U.S. District Judge John R. Tunheim, who is overseeing the federal Levaquin lawsuits pending in Minnesota. In documents filed with the Court before the conference, the attorneys for the parties disagreed about the process the court should adopt for selecting the first cases for trial.

Levaquin is an antibiotic sold by Johnson & Johnson for treatment of upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, prostatis and other bacterial infections. It is part of a class of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, which have been associated with tendon toxicity and an increased risk of tendon ruptures, most frequently involving the Achilles tendon.

All Levaquin tendon rupture lawsuits filed in federal court have been consolidated and centralized in the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota before Judge Tunheim for pre-trial litigation as part of a procedure known as an MDL, or multidistrict litigation.

Under the federal procedure, the cases are all handled together to during discovery and pretrial litigation to efficiently move the mass tort cases through the court system. The MDL rules normally require that cases be returned to the original jurisdiction where they were filed for trial.

On October 15, 2008, lawyers representing plaintiffs with a Levaquin lawsuit in the MDL filed a Proposed Discovery and Trial Plan which asked the court to set initial trial dates and case specific discovery in cases filed directly in the District of Minnesota. They indicated that this would allow the Court overseeing the MDL to preside over the trials as well, ensuring the cases would not be transferred to another forum for trial.

In pharmaceutical litigation involving claims for drug side effects, the first trials scheduled are considered “bellwether” cases, which are selected to be representative of the issues which will be presented throughout the litigation, and to help establish potential values for various groups of similar cases.

On October 16, 2008, the defendants, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Research & Development and their subsidiary Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, filed a response to the plaintiffs’ proposed Levaquin lawsuit trial plan, indicating that it was premature and inappropriate to designate the cases at this time.

They indicated that parties have not had an opportunity to gather sufficient information to assess which cases would be most representative of the issues presented in the Levaquin tendon rupture litigation.

The cases allege that Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn users about the potentially debilitating side effects of Levaquin. The lawsuits selected for the first trials trial will be used to gauge various issues in the litigation, such as the impact of other risk factors for tendon ruptures, the use of Levaquin together with corticosteriods, the increased risk among those over 60 and the sufficiency of the different variations of the Levaquin warning label.

The defendants indicated that the court should allow additional case-specific discovery to ensure a proper and informed selection of cases which “will evoke the most important issues” for trial.

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  1. angela Reply

    I went to my gyn Dr. because of some irregular spotting. He thought I had an infection and prescribed Levaquin 750 for 7 days. On the fifth day I quit the medication due to anxiety ,heart palipatations,stressful breathing episodes. Within a two weeks I had my right knee begin to hurt and swell. I could hardly move it . the next thing i had go wrong was my wrist,fingers,elbows began to burn and hurt. They felt they were aching and the thing that came to mind was I developed arthritis overnight. I will inject here that I have had bursitis in my right shoulder many years prior and it was awful but this was more constant and painful than I ever remembered. Following this came the ankles and knees painful and throbbing. My Dr. told me it was probably arthritis but I feel I would have had a warning at some time prior to these episodes. I ask him about the leaquin and he said it would be extremely rare to have had these problems from it but obviously he has missed the boat! I now feel like a 100 year old woman. I am naturally depressed and even as I type this my fingers and wrist hurt or as I say ache. I have no energy . This is just not me! Where do I go from here? I want to quit hurting and continue on with life. Surely the FDA would never place something so toxic on the market and place us all in harms way!

  2. Deb Reply

    I was on Levaquin for an extended period of time due to an infection from a procedure. During the last weeks of treatment I developed extreme muscle fatigue, maliaise and gloval joint pain, but especially in my shoulders and thumbs/wrists. I notified my physician of my symptoms and concern over the Levaquin and he looked in his PDR and said there was no association with my symptoms to Levaquin. I am a nurse and mentioned that the animal literature on Levvquin did mention cartiledge damage but he felt it was necessary to contnue treatment in light of the fact that there was no indication the Levaquin was causing my symptoms. My symptoms got worse and I requested blood work and CK’s be drawn and everything was negative. Once I stoped the Levaquin my symptoms gradually improved except for the pain in my bilateral thumb joints and my left shoulder. My thumb joints were permanently damaged and will require surgery to repair them. I am interested in receiving information about the class action suit.

  3. Shells Reply

    The Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics are TOXIC to every cell in the body. Please do a search of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity. There is a Research Foundation which has been working HARD (for YEARS) toward advocacy and awareness. From their website, you will be able to click on the Health Forum which offers support. I was victimized by LEVAQUIN and AVELOX, 20 pills total for a sinus infection… I have suffered a myriad of health conditions ever since, the latest being a cyst on my kidney and high glucose. This class of antibiotic is known to cause hypo- or hyperglycemia and diabetes, as well as diagnosis of Lupus, “Fibromyalgia” the BS term that has no known cause LOL WELL NOW WE KNOW!! The drug destroys DNA. Avelox is TOXIC to the LIVER especially. And this TOXIC class of antibiotic (which is a man-made chemical conpound that works like chemo) is also being prescribed to our CHILDREN and PETS!! Make a list and put NO FLUOROQUINOLONES on all your records, incl your kids and PETS!! BAYTRIL is just ONE of the Pet FQ’s, there are others. Good luck trying to SUE the bastards. GOD BLESS AMERICA. +

  4. Theresa Reply

    First off I have just turned 70 but until now I was like a 50 year old,that is until I was given Levaquine,I believe it was early Nov. Went to a walk in clinic,but saw the Doctor that own this Clinic.I had had a sinius infect that seem to hold on and ,So I went down there and this Doctor said There was no sign of in fection,that maybe I had had one,but it was gone,He said well it is like a ball game that has been won..but now the field needed to be cleaned up.So I had never heard of that or of this Drug.. Levaquine..Years ago I had taken loads of Cipro..Anyway he gave me 40mg of Steriods for7 days then4 days of 20mgs of same.I was told on that day that I would have a RX in the pharmary that if everything wasnt completely gone for me to pick it up and taken as he had ordered,So I I had had a sinues infection for so long..Anyway on the 3 day of th Levaquine my knee began to hurt real bad ,but we had stairs in our home,And I Blamed it on the 5th day of what would have been a 7 day course I woke up in the morning with that leg,that had been hurting,and it was so big I could not even bend my toes or my knee,I called the Doctor who had given it to me and they said come in now,so I did and a nurse practiere Misspelled,anyway as soon as she saw me a few second she said I think DR.???? should see this. so he came in and said Oh! we must get a MRI now so they called around and found someone to do one right then if IO would get straight away. So we went there Immiediely. Did not hear a word from them so the next Morning,I called and the person who answered I beieved to be a R.N. anyway she said I had a torn tendon and a tumor..and that I was to see this other dr.who was a surgeon.the to doctors had talked because he said they had .. and this doctor,said there is nothing I can do to help you,So he gave me a big shot of Kencort ( steriod ) So then next day I was worst,and called the 1st doctors office and again got what I thought to be a R.N. who said I had a tumor in both leggs,and also that the Ligument had pulled away from the bone,So I ask here which was worst tendon or LIgument. She told me the Ligument was the worst but this guy would take care of all of that when he did surgeon.Which he never don..Well this is long but this is how they managed to ruin my life as I know it I had moved here from Memphis TN. And I knew lots of phycian there.So saw one there and he gave me 4 weeks of one every week shots of something they said it was from a chicken .. and her iam almost unable to walk ,and hurt all the time,from levaquin.

  5. Kandi Reply

    I have taken Levaquin several times for sinus infections, bronchitis and once for a kidney infection. I have probably taken it 5 or 6 times over the course of five years. I have also taken Cipro many times prior to that after surgeries to prevent infection as well as for sinus infections, throughout the 1990’s. Now, after reading all these posts, my medical history is starting to make sense. I am always in pain and feel much older than my 44years. I have had shoulder pain for a few years. It finally got so bad I went in last Nov (09) and was told I had some tendon issues and possibly bursitis so was prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy. I got no relief so went back to orthopaedist. THey did an MRI and it shows I have a 50% tear in my rotator cuff and some other issues w/ the bursa and one bone. Anyway, I can’t afford surgery right now, so they gave me an injection of Cortizone and it doesn’t really help. Maybe took the edge off, but not much. I have also been diagnosed w/ borderline type 2 diabetes. I have trouble breathing, expecially if I do any type of real physical activity, which they diagnosed as asthma. Hmmm, really? I think it could be the Levaquin. The bummer is, I am allergic to so many that it is (WAS) one of the only ones I could take. I also have spasms in my hands that cause my fingers to stiffen and freeze in painful positions. I can only get them to release by manually massaging them and forcing them out of the unnatural position. This they say is either tendonitis or carpal tunnel. Again, I believe this could be caused by the Levaquin or Cipro.

  6. linda Reply

    on December of 2009 I was prescribed levaquin for a chronic sinus infection I woke up on new years day and could not move my right arm it was frozen in a bent position I went to numerous doctors who did all kinds of test and shots in my arm I was told I had tendentious in my elbow it took 2 months before I could straighten my arm and I still cant lift any weight I lost my job and now I am having all kinds of issues with other joints and arthritis that I never had be for I was in management now I am working in a call center and I have to wear braces on my arm and take pain medication just to do that job and to top it off I have been told the I have arthritis in my spine I cant even sit up to do that job the med’s don’t help any more I’m out on medical leave my finger joints swell to the point I cant use my hands this is just a nightmare I am so tired of taking pills just to get some relief why should we have to live with this much pain for the rest of our lives all the money in the world can not compensate for all this pain just what are they going to do ?

  7. Diane Reply

    It’s been eight months, two specialists, and many tests to find the cause of my joint pain, muscle pain, low-grade fever, heart palps, and fatigue. No answers other than my symptoms began with tendonitis in hands and feet hours after taking my 6th dose of Levaquin. I, too, am a shadow of my former very healthy and active 43-year-old self. Why is no one listening to the people who have been damaged by this drug? Why aren’t Americans being protected?

  8. Ayzle Reply

    I think the levaquin lawsuits should include more than just tendon ruptures. I developed peripheal neropathy 2 weeks after taking this medicine and with numb legs from the knee down and pain so severe in the upper leg it is unbearable. I’ve lived with a lot of pain in my live and this is a 10. People rupture tendons all the time without taking levaquin so lawyers should include other problems this medicine causes…Good Luck to all …I feel for you….Ayzle

  9. TAMMY Reply

    I have just recovered from a respitory infection. I was prescribed levaquin. I am now suffering with numbness in my knees, heels, back of mt legs. It torture to walk at times. My chiropractor does not think it is from the illness. Now that I have read all comments, I think I know the answer. There is more to this that tendon problems. Thank you all for sharing.

  10. Robert Reply

    I was prescribed 21 days of Levaquin at 500 MG. My feet, ankles and calves burn and hurt after walking short distances. I used to work out every to every other day and now can not run at all since being off of it for two weeks. I’m scared that this is causing other issues as well. I’m praying this comes out of my body soon…

  11. Judy Reply

    I was prescribed Levaquin after having Implant tooth surgery. I had been working out every day for over two years. A week after taking this drug I was working out and felt sever pain in my left knee. After many months of pain killers unable to work out gaining back the 35 pound I had lost I finally had surgery for a meniscus tear. I feel that this was connected to Levaquin. How many people have injured themselves and not connected it to taking this drug. I feel that this drug should not be prescribed.

  12. Furman Reply

    I have returned home just this afternoon from 2 weeks of rehab after taking Levaquin for a bladder infection last month. One day after taking the first pill of Levaquin, I suffered the rupture of my left Achilles tendon. Three days later my right Achilles tendon ruptured.

    My question, Who of you has a recommendation as to an attorney that you have had experiance with the class-action suit against Johnson-Johnson/Ortho-McNeil Janssen THAT YOU WOULD RECOMMEND. I am new at this and hope that someone of you will steer me in the right direction.


  13. chris Reply

    please when posting your comments, post your age!!
    on April,1, 2010 my son which is 16 years old had to be flown by helicopter to a hospital that had a pediatric pulmonary specialist, my son had strep pneumonia so bad he was coughing up blood so bad that i was so scared i was losing track of thought except for my sons health! he is allergic to penicillin, augmentin, duricef, & keflex these 4 drugs is very life threatening to him. during his stay in P.I.C.U. they gave him 3 types of antibiotics and levaquin was one of the through I.V. Upon his discharge from the hospital they prescribed levaquin a 12 day course of 500 mg. after reading these comments i have became very concerned. i have questioned him on how he is feeling pain wise. he is doing well considering the shape he was in ten days ago. so far all is good thank GOD. 1 WONDER IF levaquin is an age issue? he still has 6 more 500 mg. levaquin tablets to take “6 more days” to go. i will monitor his health closely if he develops any of these symptoms i will post it on here!

  14. Maureen Reply

    On Feb. 8, 2010 I was given a 7 day, 500 mg. dosage of Levaquin for bronchitis from an out-of-town doctor while visiting family out of state. Nothing was said to me by the doctor concerning the drug, nor by Wallgreen’s Drug when purchased, nor was there any “Black Box Warning” on the bottle or warnings! One day four my right shoulder started hurting, worse on day five. Then on day six my left shoulder started hurting….by day seven both arms were extremely painful and I couldn’t raise either arm more than 4-5 inches from my sides! Looked up Levaquin on the internet on day seven….couldn’t believe what I read! Couldn’t dress myself, shower, etc., or even raise my arms to get a glass of water! Been on steriods, anti-inflammatories, heat followed by icing, for the last two months…..still not better! Going back to my DR once more to insist on an MRI and therapy to try and get some relief…..can’t go on living like this…..can’t do anything I could before this happened! Just worried this could be a permenant injury! I’ve always been extremly healthy and active before this happened!

  15. Julie Reply

    I was perscribed levaquin after the MD did not exam me. She was in a rush to go to surgery. She though I might have a infection so she wrote the perscription for levaquin. 2 hours after taking the perscription I was rushed to the hospital for my face became disfigured to the point I could not speak and thank God they got me on oxygen for my air-way was closing off. I am not paying the bill $12,000.00 + minimum so far. I have wrote the hospital and informed them they will have to take it as a write off because of the Doctor they have working there did this to me. My face and some of my extrmeties are still numb from the reaction and it has been well over a month. As well as my eyelids are messed up.

  16. Marilyn Reply

    After taking levaquin I became extremely paranoid.My body would get very hot,then cold,then hot,then cold.I had an excruciating headache,and I was hurting really bad on my left side.I have fibromyalgia,so I wasn’t really concerned about the pain.However, now I am having trouble even walking.My left knee is hurting so bad I can’t hardly walk.My ankle is really hurting also.My husband and daughter had to figure out what was going on with me.I had called them both at work talking out of my head.I am now worried that I am going to have long term dificulty from this drug.AND YES I think other serious side effects are happening from this drug.Something should be done before more people die from this drug!!
    I am a 56 year old female.

  17. Bridget Reply

    I was perscribed Levaquin from my Dr for a mild strep throat infection.I took the first pill before bed.I woke up about five hours later,and couldn’t breath well, had the chills,my body felt like I was being squeezed to dealth,and in pain.I called the Dr in the morning and I told the nurse what had happend and she said I might have the swine flu,so I need to keep taking my medication that was perscribed.Well I took it again that night and the same thing happened but this time shortly after I started feeling pain in my shoulder.So I called the emergency room and I told her how I was feeling after taking the med, and she said she never heard of that med causing a problem,but she said to stop taking it if I felt that way.Well I have had so much shoulder pain for months,I can’t move my arm it hurts so much.I got my MRI after five months and It showed that I have a rotator cuff injury and tendon tear.And now I have to get surgery, and Its only bean five months..Well I go to the Dr. for a mild throat infectiion and I come out with a shoulder injury.WoW and this is what I pay for.

  18. Larry Reply

    I have read many of your comments. I am going to make an appointment with an orthopedic specialist since my Dr. seems to be in denial about what Levaquin has done to me. What I want to know is how can I get legal help? Can’t we all band together since this seems to continue without any stoppage of this very dangerous drug. I can no longer walk and have been put into a wheel chair. I hope this is not permanent.

  19. Karen Reply

    Had a course of Levaquin first week of February, developed severe shoulder tendinitis within 8-10 days; my doctor thought I was nuts when I claimed the drug caused it. 2 1/2 months of PT, which helped strengthen my muscles after painful inactivity. I’m now 5 months out and still hurt when doing activities of daily living. If I do some outdoor work like gardening, I’m sore in my shoulder tendons for days afterwards; all my major joints pop and crack and feel unstable, which didn’t happen before. What scares me is that no one seems to know what will happen a year or more from initial injury from this drug and no one seems to care to do the research to figure out what actually happens when the drugs attack the tendons. I’m afraid I won’t get any better than I am now and I feel that this drug has stolen my health. The lawsuits for tendon rupture should include any major side effect, the fluoroquinilones are dangerous and are prescribed without care by the medical community.

  20. Barbara Reply

    Was hospitalized in March 2009 for possible douple pneumonia and bronchitis, Took Levaquin IV for 1 week. Approximately 2 weeks afterwards, tore a tendon in right hand, middle finger. Had surgery to repair.

  21. Barbara Reply

    I have been turned down by two different attorneys. I tore a tendon in the right hand after taking Levaquin for 1 week by IV in the hospital for possible double pneumonia and bronchits. I was misdiagnosed by a doctor and did not find out I had a torn tendon until almost 2 months after I had the injury and only because I insisted on an MRI. it was approximately 5 months after the injury that I had the surgery. So I was told becasue I waited so long, I did not have a case. I have pictures of a large red, swollen hand, and I am told, “You don’t have a case.” Very discouraging!

  22. Brenda Reply

    I was in the hospital for infectious colitis. I was given Levaquin by IV and sent home with 10 days of piills. I could not take it any loner after 4 days. It made me very sick however after a few weeks I developed Servere pain in my right hand and now have two trigger fingers. My thumb and my ring finger. I also have a lot of pain in my left shoulder( my right is healing from surgery from a fracture) I have been noticing pain in both of my ankles which have never been there before. sometimes I rub and rub them. I also get these crazy pains in my toes.

  23. Maria Reply

    My son was given Levaquin for a period of 6 years and along with the severe pain in his ankles and knees he has also developed a terrible skin rash which the dermatologist feels is due to some medication he might have taken. He was also hospitalized for a spasm in his esophogus which did not permit him to swallow at all, not even his own saliva, for a period of four days. The medication was by IV and pills.

  24. Kathy Reply

    Thanks for the warning 3 years to late. Surgery soon I hope it works. I`ve been in pain since 2007. Noone should ever be given this drug. And its still on the market, its just wrong.

  25. Mary Reply

    I was diagnosed with pneumonia and given a 10 day supply of Levaquin to take orally. After the third day I developed head and neck ache along ache in the back of my legs. After sharing this with my doctor he assured me it was nothing to worry about. After completing the 10 pills, I developed pain in both ankles and severe pain in my left ankle. I was instructed to ice my ankles and take tylenol. My joint constantly pops. After a month later my ankles still swell and I have difficulty walking and driving. In addition, the joints in my left shoulder and left wrist ache. This medication should definitely be taken off the market.

  26. Franny Reply

    I was prescibed levaquin for a sinus infection in 2006 and ended up with a full tear in the tendon in my right elbow, I was prescribed levaquin again in 2009. I was told that it is the only medication that infection was sensitive to. I was feelin pretty ill at the time, so against my better judgement, I began the 14 day course. After nine days, I couldn’t walk, my feet were so painful, I could not move them. I called the doctor thst prescribrd it and was told it must be an allergic reaction, stop taking it, and go see my primary care doctor. I told her I could not walk, and she told me to take an ambulance. Then I asked her how was I going to get home? She had no answer. I spent seven hours in the emergency room, and was told to make an appointment with my primary care doctor. This time my left thumb, forefinger and wrist were painful. My right elbow has flared up again. I have microscopic tears in all my affected tendons. My whole body aches to the point where it’s painful to move. Doctors seem to hsve s way to cover for each other.
    All my doctors hsve failed me. I see my life slipping away. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. It hurts to sleep and hurts to be awake. Lawyers have you to call them only to tell you there’s nothing they can do. They are worse than the drug.
    I feel like pulling the plug…….

  27. Franny Reply

    I was prescibed levaquin for a sinus infection in 2006 and ended up with a full tear in the tendon in my right elbow, I was prescribed levaquin again in 2009. I was told that it is the only medication that infection was sensitive to. I was feelin pretty ill at the time, so against my better judgement, I began the 14 day course. After nine days, I couldn’t walk, my feet were so painful, I could not move them. I called the doctor thst prescribrd it and was told it must be an allergic reaction, stop taking it, and go see my primary care doctor. I told her I could not walk, and she told me to take an ambulance. Then I asked her how was I going to get home? She had no answer. I spent seven hours in the emergency room, and was told to make an appointment with my primary care doctor. This time my left thumb, forefinger and wrist were painful. My right elbow has flared up again. I have microscopic tears in all my affected tendons. My whole body aches to the point where it’s painful to move. Doctors seem to have s way to cover for each other.
    All my doctors have failed me. It’s been one misdiagnosis after another. I have givrn up. I see my life slipping away. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. It hurts to sleep and hurts to be awake. Lawyers have you to call them only to tell you there’s nothing they can do. They are worse than the medication.
    I feel like pulling the plug…….

  28. Jolene Reply

    I took levaquin and the day I finished the 10 day dose I had severe reaction in both my shoulders and my knees. The left side has subsided, but comes back on occasion. The right side has been constant. I have meniscus damage and “essentially” a frozen shoulder. The doctors are trying to say it is “arthritis” although I never had any symptoms before and I guess the legal system won’t help unless there is a “ripped” tendon.

  29. Barbara Reply

    I was first prescribed Levaquin in April 2006 for pneumonia. I developed pnuemonia again later that year and again was prescribed levaquin. By 2007 the joint & tendon pain started. I thought I had pulled a muscle in my left arm and could not lift it at all, it hurt to touch or move my body. It happened again but with my right arm & shoulder. That November my left wrist and thumb began hurting and I thought I had sprained it somehow. In December my doctor ran blood tests and sent me to a rheumatologist. I was diagnosed with RA. I have one grandmother with RA and another distant relative. My doctor keeps asking, “so there is no one else in your family with this history”. I am now 41 yrs old and want to know if levequin is the reason.

  30. Diane Reply

    I want to share my experience because so many people seem to be questioning whether Levaquin did this to them or not. That is because it causes anxiety and depression along with all of the other things it does to us.
    I took Levaquin the first time 12/03 for an upper respiratory infection. I seemed to get better at the time, but by 1/04 I was on another prescription as the infection was back and now I had a terrible cough/asthma. Again, the symptoms of the infection went away, but I began getting sicker and feeling worse each day. Was prescribed again 3/04, 4/04, 6/04. Also in 6/04 I was given Med Dos Pak which should NOT be prescribed with this antibiotic. I was also taking Advil constantly, which is also not recommended (now). These are the symptoms that I had/have because of this horrible medicine.
    Dizziness, fainting, weakness, confusion, tremors, anxiety, figgety, cannot relax normally, depression (DUH), nightmares, crying spells, rotator cuff tear, shoulder/hip/si chronic pain, muscle, joint pain and weakness, gastric problems, thinking/memory problems, panic attacks, muscle twitching, spasms, elevated alkaline phosphatase (up to 272 at one point), headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, shallow breathing, allergic reactions, swollen lymph nodes in neck, hoarseness, central nervous system effects, tingling, numbness, floaters, insomnia, chemical sensitivities, food allergies, loss of taste and smell, could not walk up stairs, body ached all over, fear of dying.

    I did not realize until moving from the area that I lived (after being put on anti-depressants because I seemed anxious (again DUH), that I began to get a little better. I was then prescribed Levaquin again 7/08 and began to experience the worst again, when I, not the doctors, put 2+2 together and figured out it was the Levaquin. They still do not believe me, and to this day I am having serious problems walking, sitting, sleeping and doing normal daily activities. I have had to stop working because I get upset at the smallest things and the pain in my body keeps me from sitting for extended periods of time. If this sounds like you or someone you love, please make a post and let others know that they are not imagining it, or not to give up. Yes, it is very painful and there are days that I want to throw in the towel, but then they win. Keep fighting…I am…

  31. pat Reply

    I am 62 years old. I took two rounds of Levaquin in February and September 2009 and did not notice any side effects while on it. I was taking Glucosomine during both courses of levaquin. In October 2009 I went off the Glucosomine and immediately started to hurt. After 3 days I was in so much pain all over that I started taking the Glucosomine again and felt better within days. At the end of December 2009 I again stopped taking the Glucosomine for a few days and within a week tore my right Achilles. While in a cast for the Achilles my left arm started to hurt. The orthopedic I was seeing wouldn’t even look at my arm and said it was probably a strain that would heal by itself. My GP looked at it and made the Levoqin connection. We tried to give it time to heal and finally did an MRI and found an almost completely torn bicep tendon. Cast is off my leg, on my arm and though I still have pain from these two tears I feel OK as long as I stay on the Glucosomine. Also found out this week that there are several other lesser known side effects of this drug. Liver, intestinal an tumors. First lawsuit ended in Minneapolis last week with a jury award of $1.7 million to an 82 year old man with two torn Achilles that are inoperable. It has been appealed by Johnson & Johnson as they have vowed to fight every case and handle each case individually so it does not go class action. This and the 2800 other cases already filed will end up in court for years. My best advice is to get on and stay on Glucosomine if you are not already on it and try to keep as much of your life in tact as possible.

  32. Nancy Reply

    OMG! I cannot believe this. I went to Urgent Care 12/24/2010 for a UTI. The doctor prescribed Levaquin for 5 days. By day 4, my entire body ached, joints and muscles hurt, hands cannot grip anything and just plain hurt. I awoke with my arms and hands numb, and finally by the time I brushed my teeth to leave for work did they have that tingly feeling as “waking up”. I couldn’t figure out what in the world caused me to hurt to terribly, I have never had anything like this and am one of the most extremely healthy 58 yr old white females you could meet. I have not called the urgent care doctor yet, but you can bet I will report this to the FDA. I will give this pain a week to see if it subsides. If it does not, then I will know what the cause is. I do plan to try the Glucosomine as I usually take it anyway.

  33. mIKE Reply

    march 2010 i was diagnosed with pneumonia my doc put me on levaquin.,7 days into my 10 day prescripton i developed pain in left achilles. iwas not active at this time because i was with fever and just resting.While touching my left foot i realized there was a swelling at my heel. i read that paper that comes with drugs these day.and there it was iwas shocked. i wasw referred to to foot doc and he put me on aboot after 2 week it felt better but today i still have pai n swelling and ankle weakness ??????

  34. elleneen Reply

    I almost died from “”levaquin”.Iwas rushed to the hospital,just in time I could not breathe,my breathing was difficult!

  35. Nancy Reply

    I just got out of the hospital due to blood clots in my legs. Two days after I finished taking the prescribed course of Levaquin, I started having cramping pains in my left leg. and a very irregular heartbeat. The pain continued to move from my upper calf down my leg, then my ankle swelled up, and finally the pain hit mly foot and I could barely walk. I have become so weak that I can hardly get up from a sitting position. Sevweral days ago my right leg started hurting and I went to the Emergency Room at our hospital. It turns out I had blood clots in my legs. Now I am going to have to be on Coumadin for six months. I am very, very upset over what has happened to my body since taking Levaquin.

  36. melanie b. Reply

    Age 51—I was and still am sick from Levaguin. Rotator cuff rupture, foot muscles torn, red blotches, ringing in my ears now sciatica nerve pain sores on my head, headaches thumb locking up and more. I took Levaquin 750 for sinus infection dec.2011 After 3 days I could not walk or get out of bed. Now I have found out that 3 years ago they gave me levaquin during a surgery which I was unaware of until I just asked hospital for records.Also a surgery in 6 years ago. I have had pains and pulling in my right side and no energy since the first surgery. Many other problems. I have spent thounds of dollars trying to find what has been wrong with me. I was healthy before that and was very active. I am outraged that I was given Levaquin without my knowledge during these surgeries. Please never take any of the Levaquin type drugs.

  37. Sara Reply

    I took Levaquin about a month before the “black box warning” – just about the time the warning came out, I had 2 tendons in my Right hand spontaneously rupture. I went through a battery of tests to figure out why (they thought I may have had rheumatoid arthritis) and when all the tests came back normal, a brilliant intern looked over my chart and noticed the Levaquin. I had to have extrensive surgery on my right hand replacing 2 tendons and repairing a fraying third tendon and even a chunk of diseased bone was removed from my wrist. My right hand will never be the same. This whole class of drugs, while they seem to be prescribed frequently, seem to pose a bigger danger than they are said to cure. I won’t even give my DOGS any of those drugs!

  38. Lois Reply

    I had an upper respiratory infection along with asthmatic bronchitis and the doctor perscribed a 7 day regiment of 750 mg. of levaquin and gave me a steriod shot. By the third day my left shoulder was hurting, but just thought it might be the way I had slept on it. On the 7th day after the last pill, I had a hurting in the bend (backside) of my left knee. It felt like it was swollen inside about the size of a tennis ball. I finally got to where I could not stand on my left leg and walk until blood flow returned. My leg felt like the blood vessels were going to burst. The only relief I got from the leg problem was to sit reclined with my leg propped on pillows. I could not sleep on my left side because it hurt my leg and my left shoulder. I had spent most of a month in my recliner and finally decided I had to get to the orthopedic as my doctor told me it was not from the medicine. Of course, I didn’t believe him. I took a cortisone shot in my shoulder and one in my knee the same day. This is the 4th day since my shots and I received some relief, but now I ache across both shoulders, my knee still has the hurting when I first stand. I can’t believe there are so many people who have been affected and the doctors are still perscribing this horrible medication,

  39. Katy Reply

    Oh my gosh – I’ve been on Levaquin for years and my tendon damage is unbelievable. I’ve ruptured both post tibular tendons in my feet – tendon debilitating in fingers . I’ve had unthinkable reconstructive foot surgery on one foot, need it on the other but with the down time and rehab I can’t afford it. I am sooooo disappointed to learn the antibiotic for my sinus infection is I am sure behind this.

  40. julie Reply

    I took this medication and after 4 days I noticed I had pain in my feet and ankles when I walked I started to not pick my feet up I would shuffle my feet when I walked I also a lot of pain in my knee its been 2 months after levaquil still not back to normal going back to dr.s

  41. Suzanne Reply

    I am a 60 year old female who took Levaquin for diverticulitis. Several days after taking it I began to have right knee pain. While walking on a flat surface I felt a pop in my knee and could not weight bear or bend knee. The doctor said I had tendinitis and I quit taking the levaquin. I have continued to have knee pain and just had a MRI which revealed a torn meniscus and insuffiency fracture. I feel it was caused by the Levaquin.

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