ObTape Bladder Sling Lawsuit Filings Continue as Mentor Wins First Trial

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At least 32 lawsuits have been filed against Mentor Corp. involving problems with their ObTape vaginal mesh used during bladder suspension surgery, and additional cases are expected to be filed in the coming months now that a federal MDL has been established in Georgia. However, last month Mentor was successful in the first ObTape lawsuit which went to trial in California state court.

The ObTape Transobturator Sling is a vaginal mesh that was sold between 2003 and 2006 by Mentor Corporation of Santa Barbara, California. It is a medical device which is implanted surgically to treat female stress urinary incontinence caused by weakening of muscles in the urethra.

A number of women who received the ObTape sling during a bladder suspension surgery have experienced problems and complications, such as severe pain, vaginal extrusions, erosion and urinary tract infections. Unlike other vaginal mesh, the ObTape bladder sling is made of small-pored, non-woven fibers, which could block vital nutrients and oxygen from reaching the tissue.

Following a hearing of the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on November 20, 2008, all federal Mentor ObTape bladder sling lawsuits were consolidated for pretrial proceedings and centralized in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia as part of an MDL. At that time, 22 different lawsuits filed in District Courts throughout the United States were transferred to Georgia.

Recent reports suggest that there are now at least 32 Mentor ObTape lawsuits pending, with 29 of the cases in federal courts and another three in California state court. In addition, a number of ObTape lawyers who are investigating and documenting potential cases on behalf of women who have experienced problems, expect that additional lawsuits will be filed this year.

According to the National Law Journal, the first Mentor ObTape lawsuit went to trial last month in the Superior Court of California for Alameda County, where a jury ruled in favor of the manufacturer on December 15, 2008.

In that case, the plaintiff suffered from infection and erosion of her reproductive organs after the ObTape was surgically implanted in 2004.

The jury ruled in Mentor’s favor after finding that under the specific facts of the case, the plaintiff’s doctors were aware of the risks associated with the bladder sling and therefore, Mentor’s warnings were not found to be inadequate.

Despite the early setback, the California ObTape lawsuit ruling is not likely to have any impact on the likelihood for success in other cases pending throughout the United States and there are no signs that it will slow the Mentor ObTape bladder sling lawsuit filings.

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  1. Theresa Reply

    I had a Pelvi-lace bladder sling implanted which later had to be removed because of severe infection and fistulas which came through my abdominal wall and drained for months. I still have pain and other problems which I believe are directly related to that. Is anyone looking into problems with this type of sling as well?

  2. Andrea Reply

    I had a bladder sling implanted in July 07. It was medically nece due to a fifty percent prolapse. If I could go back and do things differently, I would. Now I am limited to 20 minutes on my feet. Any longer and I am in so much pain I can’t do anything but lay down. It feels like my bladder is sitting on sandpaper. I have had to change jobs due to the natur of my work. I have always worked in food service. Now I am having to go to school for a desk job. It is going to be really pricey and highly inconvenient. This slung has really changed my life and not for the better.

  3. Mike Reply

    My wife had a sling put in, in 2000 and since she has had it removed and another put in. she has had sutueres removed and now they can not find the bolts they put in her hip bones. she is bieng seen now in a pain clinc and we can no longer have relations it is very hard on us. She has erosion has been diagnosed with ICB, she has an infection every week and several other things from this sling surgey. we have contaced a local lawyer to help us. but our and her life has not been the same since for 10 years. does anyone out there have any suggestions for us?

  4. kat Reply

    I had a bladder sling in 2007. I recently had a pelvic u/s, which detected a stringy fatty looking substance wrapped around my bowel with inflamation in the area.Could this be the sling or a gquze left behind from surgery. Scheduled for a ct scan to determine what it is.

  5. Michelle Reply

    I had a Gynecare Prolift put in on August 27, 2007. I had to have the sling loosened because it was too tight. I had repeated UTI’s. Then I got in severe pain to find out I had scarred tissue along my vaginal cuff and bowel. Then in May of 2009 finally after still repeated UTI’s we find out I had an erosion of the mesh into my uretha. So, I was sent to the MUSC I live in Ga. The mesh was remove from my uretha but now I have to have more surgery to correct the severy incontinence I have I am only 34 years old with three young children. I now am in severe pain again I have surgery next month to remove scarred tissue again. I just wish I could find an attorney to help me. Noone in our area will take the case because they say they are to close the doctor who assistted in my surgery. I do not understand it has nothing to do with a doctor it is all about a product failing!!

  6. Pamela Reply

    I too had a Gynecare Prolift put in 2007. I complained to the dr. for almost 2 yrs, that it felt like i was being raped with a butter knife. I went to a urologist on my own to find out the bladder sling had eroded into my bladder and I had a staff infection. I’ve had 2 surgeries to remove the sling. The last one the cut me from navel down, took my bladder out, cut it in half, just to clean it all out. It’s been a year now and have to have something else put in the lift my bladder back up. I had filled out all the paperwork with a lawfirm, that said I had an excellent case, and for the past 1 1/2 yrs have been waiting on them. I just called them and they said they only represent Mentor and I had a Gynecare. I wish I had never had anything put in at all. It has cost me a fortune, and I’m still going through it. It’s destroying my marriage due to no physical contact due to pain.

  7. margaret Reply

    I also had the original J & J Gynecare mesh surgery in Sept.07. I have had 2 surgeries since to remove the mesh that sliced through my vagina. Just google “Johnson and Johnson Gynecare Mesh lawsuit” and you will find several lawyers who may be interested in your case. I found a lawfirm in NY but am hesitant to comment since it hasn’t gone to court yet.

  8. LIsa Reply

    Who do you contact in Canada for law suit informaiton. I have had 2 unsuccessful surgeries since the bladder sling.

  9. Robin Reply

    I had my bladder sling put in May 14th 2010. I have had nothing but trouble with it. The pain is so bad that it feels like my inside’s are falling out. And the burning is unbearable. I told the Dr. about the problems and he just said it was still healing. Well it’s 9 months later and I’m still having problem’s. Who do I contact about this problem. I still go to the restroom quite often also. Wished it was never put inside of me.

  10. Linda Reply

    I had my bladder sling put in in November 2009. During my recovery period it felt as if a tennis ball was falling out of my vagina, that went away after several weeks. Then one day at work I had gotten an excruciating pain in my hip area, by my pelvis, that sent me to the floor! I was limping the rest of the day, it was like I couldn’t put full weight on my leg. Since then I have been experiencing the same symptom on and off and I just have to limp till it works its way out then I’m fine. I lift weights 3 times a week and we thought maybe I had been lifting too much weight during my dead lifts and squats so we backed off of them. After 3 months I was still experiencing the pain. Then my doctor thought maybe I had bone lose and in my hip area and suggested I have x-rays done to verify. I went to have x-rays done of my hip and nothing showed up, my hips are just fine. My daughter-in-law, went online and did some research and found that I wasn’t alone. A lot of women who have had a bladder sling have the same problem. Some are even totally disabled because of it.

  11. Lynn Reply

    I had a sling put in Nov. 07 and have since had to have two more surgeries to repair the sling due to pain. Now it looks like I am up for another surgery and the bladder issues are back. Every lawfirm I have talked to says they will not represent me since it was after 06. Where do I go from here?

  12. Trinity Reply

    I also had a vaginal mesh and sling put in in 2007. @Lynn…you need to keep looking for an attorney. I have not used my real name here so that my case will not be impacted. I have an attorney in Atlanta since my case is against Bard. Keep looking for an attorney. I would reccommend contacting Roopal Lhana in New York..just do a google search for her. She can direct you in the right path.
    I have had over 12 surgeries and can still feel mesh in the vaginal wall. I still have pain and my last surgery was in 2008. I need at least 2 more surgeries I have told but since I have not worked nor have insurance I must live with the pain and knowledge that until I have these surgeries my life is on hold. My husband is a Saint. We cannot have intimate relations because of this and haven’t since 2007. I have had mesh removed from my bladder, colon, rectum as well vaginal wall and have had it actually just come out. Do not give up, I still have hope but I know one thing.. I wish I would have never had this done.

  13. Kim Reply

    I had the Urethal Support Sling put in 2006,It has never been right.In 2010 in Jan I had Surgery to remove the mesh as it fell apart in my body,In feb the second surgery to remove more mesh and ,I have been in pain all the time and in March had more removed,Not Knowing what is next,Wish I had never had it done ,I am in Canada and lookin for a Attorney,Can anyone help me PLEASE,Thank you !!

  14. Pam Reply

    I had a sling put in and it did not hold at all. I still have the same problems as I had before I went into surgery. I have also had an odor that is awful and many UTI’s since that time.

  15. Mrs. Bradley Reply

    I’m afraid. I am going in this Monday May 9th to have the sling partially removed due to erosion issues. I need to know who to talk to, who to call. I have a Monarc Sling. Is this name in the suit being brought? Please help.

  16. Johnnie Reply

    My surgery was 10-1-09 – I have never had so many vaginal irritations. It is way over a 17 months. You can still feel the mesh and irratation, extremely hot. Please let me know it there is anything that I can do as far as finding out what type of mesh. Yes my doctor did call it a sling of mesh.

  17. Jennifer Reply

    I had a bladder suspension in 2004. I kept having severe pain! My doctor kept telling me it was from the surgery the pain would go away! I ended up having a bacterial infection. I had to retire from my great job of 22 years. I believe the surgury effected my back! I have alot of vaginal pain, I constantly have blood in my urine. I have been to several doctors. No one can find the reason I am having blood. Since my surgery in 2004 my life has changed!

  18. Gail Reply

    I have had surgery x4 for vaginal slings. and one for urethra sling. I still have incontience and basically no sensation as far as having to urinate-At night it is worse as to I wake only because I have leaking. Is there any solutions other than pads?> I feel as if everything is fallen again. I need another physician but been putting it off..I don’t want to admit again I have the incontince issues.

  19. Chris Reply

    I have had the sling surgery in October 2010 and since I have pain in the muscles in my both legs and have had an MRI and the doctors thinks it’s because of my back but I have had chiropractic treatments for years but never pain in my leg muscles and it seems to come from the budducks and when I had the surgery I had pain in this area and doctor said he had to put some deep stiches and I am wondering if this is the case of my pain in my legs and the incontinence is no better then before in fact it’s worse. I don’t feel comfortable going back to the same doctor and yes the odor is terrible. I really don’t know what type I had or company name.

  20. Ina Reply

    I have had nothing but trouble since my surgery in 2005. I always have a urinary infection, back pain, and other complications.

  21. Brenda Reply

    I had a bladder sling put in at the same time in Agust 2008. And recently I have been having sharp pains in my front pelvic area as well as extreme lower back pains. And sometimes I have had sharp pinching pains in the urethra just at the area before exiting the body. I never really related these pains to my bladder sling until a friend of mine told me about it. I too have had a horrible odor since my surgury as well, I try to cover it up with feminine sprays but it doesn’t work. I have also noticed that my urine is pretty cloudy, and sometimes I have the urge to go, but I have to sit a while before I can actually go.I wonder how I would find out what kind of bladder sling and manufactorer of the one I have in now. I have a dr. appointment in a week, so these will be things I will have to bring up.

  22. debbielabee Reply

    how about this one i went into having a interstin put into my back in jan 2011.then had surgery in feb with a mess then i have had trouble ever since.i was having urine build up. i had to catheters my self for 4 weeks .with one straw.i have had baddler infecton from day one.long story i cant hold my urine .i dont leck i just go can not hold.ive been on antibiotic ever since feb.i cant not cotrol my bladder.

  23. worneance Reply

    I had a bladder sling put into about 2004 it worked for a whild but now i have the same problem i am now going to a spine doctor but i know this is the problem i took a MRI of the spine, hip and pevlis and there are surgerial chips in my pevlis when i was told the bladder sling would be taped in where did the chips come in play now i have so much trouble with my bowel and legs and nobody seem to know why .I can’t afford a lawyer but i would like to get better and find out if this is whats wrong with my legs i feel like i have big, heavy legs.

  24. gramma mar Reply

    Oh, after reading all of these comments I’m scared to death to go back in and have the sling taken out, wait to heal, and then reinsert a different material. I had surgery done Dec. 10th ~ it’s now almost the beginning of July and I have discharge (greenish yellow) and sometimes a bloody discharge. Doc thinks that taking it out, letting my body heal and re-doing it will be the answer. I had the TOT surgery ~ trans-obturator taping done. Anyone else have this surgery and can help me with their results???????? Can my body possibly be “rejecting” the materal that was used as my gyno says???????

  25. Pam Reply

    I have had 2 bladder lifts. The first one in 1999 for a prolapse bladder, then again in 2003 because it fell. I have gone from small leaks to completely emptying my bladder because of laughing, sneezing, coughing or jumping. Sometimes it is very difficult to urinate, and I have to manipulate myself in all different positions on the toilet to even having to hover over the toilet to pee…..very frustrating!
    Recently, I have noticed that my bladder is starting to get closer to my vagina opening and expect it to be prolapsed in a short amount of time. I have to wear pads every day, and hate it! As far as odor, my vagina has a very strong urine smell which is very embarrassing. Luckily, it has been 11 yrs since I have had a partner/husband, so I don’t have to worry about anyone getting close to the situation, but I still hate it! I don’t know if sex is a problem, because there is no exposure. I have no health insurance, so to have any medical treatment is impossible. I’m wondering if I have the surgical malfunction in the sling as the law suite(I don’t remember what they called my procedures), so I could get the surgery for free to lift it back up? If anyone has any suggestions or comments for me, I would appreciate it.

  26. Jodi Reply

    I had a bladder lift done in 09 and I started having infections right off the bat. I went in and had my urine checked and they told me I needed to be on antibiotics for 2 weeks. It went away until my husband and I had sex then I immediately started having pain again. I went back to the dr and they put me on a permanent antibiotic that I have taken everyday since. If I dont take it, it comes back. Now I have started to have pain in my lower back and it gets so bad that I can hardly get in and out of my car or bed. I have been really tired and pain in my right leg. I live in Arkansas

  27. vickie Reply

    I had the sling also 2007 and I have pain in my butt and in the muscle in my legs really have problems sitting for a long period of time because I have pains so bad in my legs. And it didnt even work I have the same problems probably worse than before I had it.

  28. Julie Reply

    I had a sling sugery back in 2005, I don’t recall any problems however, I find that over the past year or so, I suffer from severe abdominal cramps which cause diarrhea. I haven’t gone to seek medical attention yet but after reading all the comments, I may just do that. The cramps are similar to menstrual cramping however, I’m also post total hysterectomy, gall bladder, and appendectomy? Wonder if anyone else has had severe abdominal crampling , predominately on the left side?

  29. Margaret Reply

    ‘I had a bladder sling in 2008 inserted at in Bama. After recurrent uti’s, I consulted specialist in GA, they removed the sling. Still having trouble, I returned to GA to the doctors that did the removal. I was examined, the doctor got blood upon vaginal exam, then proceeded to tell me, they could not help me any more. I was told to order a set of dialators and given a script for Estrace Cream and referred to a pain clinic in AL. The pain is excrusciating, impossible to use dialators, and the insertain of applicator for estrace is impossible. I saw a doctor in AL this week and he said , go back to original doctor that did sling insertain and do not try to dialate, I will bleed to death. He had to use an infant spectrum to examine me. My vagina is almost completely closed . The AL doctor said that scar tissue has caused the closing of the vagina and probably was not there before the insertain of the sling. I need advice. Someone help please. Is there a surgery that can open the vagina? I feel like my life is over….Can anyone tell me if they have an answer or similar problems? I have been told by one doctor, that he doesn’t take other doctors’ screw ups…….Is there help out there?

  30. LAURA Reply

    I had this bladder sling surgery in 2003 and I am currently feeling horrible. I have bladder infections and chronic pelvic infections. What should I do to get help with all of my health issues. It keeps getting swept under the table. Help!!

  31. Mary Reply

    I had a bladder sling put in 2005 while have a hysterectomy. My OBGYN talked me into it. She said it would help me. Right after surgy I had great pain and I kept complaining that it was hurting. She advised me ( It was all in my head and it woud just take time. ) I went to a Doctor in Kansas City and he said the sling had gone through my uritha. I knew somthing was wrong, However I should have thought longer about this he put another sling in and just cut the other one out what he could. Later I have had nothing but UTI’s and problems. Still Leaking more now than ever. I went to another Urologist in Omaha and he was wonderful but he had to cut it out too and left all material inside me. Later after alot of physical therapy and time we decited to try one more sling…. This time it did not last but a couple of months and it eroded it my vagina.. I have had all sling material removed around that area and I admit what a change but I hurt all the time, sex is non existant and I still leak and have oder. This is a nigtmare.. DONT GET ANY SLINGS!!!!!!!!

  32. Jane Reply

    I had a bladder sling inserted in 2007. I have some incontinence issues as well as vaginal burning. My husband and I can no longer have intercourse due to the fact of extreme pain (burning like fire). Intermittently I have abdominal pain; unsure if it is contributed to the mesh bladder sling. I have not seen a Doctor, and decided that it is something that I need to live with.

  33. Margaret Reply

    I had surgery on January 21 2011 I have had so many problems with my
    bladder so many infections so much pain. I really do not know what to do at times. I am seeing a bladder specialist now hope to get some relief . I have never had incontinence like this before.Not to mention horrific pain !!!!

  34. Cecile Reply

    I had a bladder sing inserted in 2010 and it didn’t stop the incontinence. Sometimes I’m lying down or sometimes sitting and when I stand up the urine runs down my eg. I cannot make it to the bathroom in time. Sometimes I have this brownish discharge. I get a lot of UTI’s and take antibotics and my right side hurts most of the time. I didn’t have this pain until the surgery, it gets really painful. I have a lot of pelvic pain also and my husband and I never have sex, although before the net we was very active. I cannot stand for long, because it hurt in my pelvic area. I wished I wouldn’t have had this surgery. It has caused a lot of problems physically & mentally for me.

  35. Laura Reply

    I had this surgery done in the 1990’s and have had problems after problems and infections which has led to a bladder that I have to take pain medication for because of the terrible spasms I get daily and terrible leakage with these spasms and a bladder which does no longer work and have to catherize myself. I don’t enjoy sex because of the pain this has caused. The surgeon that has performed these surgeries have now retired but the hospital they were done still is there. I know he said he was going to insert a net type material to hold the bladder up, etc. Is there anything I can do ?
    I am now on SSDI because I can’t work with this condition it’s so bad. Hope to hear from you.

  36. kathie Reply

    i had a TOT done in december of 2010, my life has been turned upside down. before i had this surgery my sex life was great. now i can’t have sex with my husband because it hurts extremely bad. it feels like i’m being ripped inside out.
    first i went toi the dr. about vaginal dryness, thinking that was the problem. they put me on hormone pills and said try k-y jelly, THAT DIDN’T HELP. went back, they then said try vaseline, and said maybe i had a yeast infection, gave me meds for that for 7 days. went back once again, and they gave me a vaginal cream,it was supposed to be some kind of hormone cream that i had to put in every night for so many weeks. they said that would fix the problem. IT DID NOT HAPPEN. went back again they said “its all in my head” and i told the dr “wrong end sorry” i still have the incontinence problems, my legs and hips hurt all the time, my lower back hurts extremely bad. more than normal. i have trouble getting out of bed or getting into a vehicle, much less having to bend over and get something.
    is there anyone out there that can help me on this?
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

    i can give more details, but in private.

  37. Anna M Reply

    I was taken to an Urgent Care center on Oct 3rd in severe pain and blood in my urine. They sent me to an ER thinking it was a kidney stone but a cat scan proved I neither had one nor had I recently passed one. Several scans later, another trip to the ER in severe pain, and no problem evident with major organs, I began to question whether it could be the TOT done in 2006. No doctor, including a urologist would admit it could be a problem, though he did admit he couldn’t remove it because there was no way to see it on a scan or find where it may have drifted to. I’ve been in pain, difficult to walk, that extends from the right pubic area up my groin that requires Vicodin every four hours. There are also sometimes very sharp pain originating from that area. I have come to the conclusion I am not going to find a doctor who will check this out or admit it might be the failed sling causing the severe pain.

  38. Michelle Reply

    I had the mesh sling put in back in 2005 just months after that i can remember being in the bathroom and a piece of the mesh had fallen out i had gone to the drs and told him that. I strted having pelvic and hip pain when id sit for a while get up i was in inscrutiating pain and same thing with intercourse,It had gotten so uncomfortable the dr put me on percocet which only caused more problems in my life,I do remember because it was only months after the dr saying that the pain could be from me still just healing from the surgery

  39. Susan R Reply

    I myself have had three bladder suspensions — first one only lasted six months — hence the second one — then the third one six years later. Have had always blood in my urine since then — now I have cancer of the ureter — and am having my kidney removed, the ureter and part of my bladder. I am wondering if this mesh thing is not what is is knocked up to be? My first and second suspension was in 2001 and the third one was in 2009. Don’t know what type of mesh was used — but assume I could find out — since this is all on-going and am having surgery in just a few weeks.

  40. Paula C Reply

    I also am looking for whom you would contact in Canada for law suit informaiton. I have also had 2 unsuccessful surgeries since the bladder sling. I have been suffering through this for 8 years.

  41. lisa Reply

    is there any difference between sling or mesh can anyone explains?

  42. Susan in Canada Reply

    I had my bladder tacked to my pelvis about 15 years ago. It worked great for about 10 years. 2 years ago I had a hammock put in to hold my bladder up. Apparently the doctor didn’t make it tight enough so it didn’t help at all. Now that I’m scheduled to have another hammock put in, I’m worried. My sister-in-law was just in San Diego and heard about the class action lawsuits.

    Other than incontinence, I haven’t had any pain or infection, or any other problems.

    I’m going to call the doctor that put in the hammock 2 years ago and the one i’m scheduled with for January 13th (Friday). Once I find out what kind of hammock I presently have and the one my new doctor is planning to put in, I’ll search them on the internet and try to make a good decision on whether or not I should go ahead with the surgery on the 13th.

  43. JANICE Reply

    I stay in severe pain. when using the bathroom it would hurt and burn so bad. I was incontinence and a lot of infectioins. iI had three bladder surgiers and now I have a implant in my spine trying to help with the pain and infections.

  44. Carol Reply

    I had a bladder band put in dec 2010 i had a massive bleed because they pierced a vein the pain was unbearable everytime i urinated. I saw the consultant nearly every month for ten months he said it was settleling down. I had the tape removed a year later by 3 sergeons in oxford due to it erroding into my vaginal wall also into the bladder. It nearly destroyed my marrage to this tape should not b allowed on the market .

  45. deepearman Reply

    I had my sling operation Jan 2008,the bladder infections never go away.
    lower back pain also unable to have sex much.up all night cant get to sleep .because if the infections.this operation has turn my life up side down.dont talk about the smell.I need to find a good dr to take this thing out of me. please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Dalice Reply

    I had my surgery in 1996 in Red Deer, Canada. I had a tipped bladder, so was sent to a urologist, was told of this new procedure, and worse come to worse it wouldn’t help..I had spent the previous year in diapers as constant draining, so was eager for a solution.
    After the surgery I always felt like something was too tight on my left side of the incision, and urinated in a slow trickle.. had a follow up appointment and asked my doctor if I was good to return to work..(insulating in the oilfield) He assured me I’d be fine..

    One very muddy day at work I was pushing a cart of insulation through the mud and felt a horrible piercing pain from the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I went to the bathroom and found I was bleeding a lot in my urine..Now here’s where I made a big mistake, I didn’t report this incident at work because I did not want to lose my job..They tell you to make sure to report things but I’ve seen too many times what happens to you when you do..Gone….I got into see my doctor and he sent me back to urologist(took about 3 months), I continued to work through the pain and discomfort. When I got back to the urologist he did another cyscoscopy and he told me he couldn’t believe it but the mesh was in my bladder..And he said I was a first..had never seen this before and had no idea how he was going to remove it..So he sent me to a urologist in Calgary, Alberta..He used laser surgery to erode the mesh..This was to be the first of many laser surgeries..
    Now I was feeling a lot of pain on my left side of my pelvis, couldn’t have sex as it was so painful, felt like I had a boulder inside me..Complained many times to doctors but they shrug it off as my imagination..or arthritis….Before these surgeries I worked constantly had an active life, and weighed about 145 lbs..Today I weigh 200 pounds and am inactive due to the pain..haven’t been able to return to my work in 12 yrs..My husband has even done my housework for me..My life was shattered..

    To date I believe I’ve had 8 surgeries..lost count..I had been complaining about pain and odor, (remember the boulder feeling?)…well 5 yrs ago they finally did a c scan on my abdomen and found the boulder.., I had a major surgery for this removal…Lost half my bladder from it and almost my life..Ever since that surgery my stomach has been bloated..Still I have the persistant pain and stones forming in my bladder…Still hurts too much for sex..still constant pain in bladder area and back into my left buttocks and down my left leg..Too long on feet results in excrutiating pain..Had another stone removal 2 yrs ago..they tell me now that the mesh is all gone..I do not believe it…I think they need to look in my vagina again…My experience from all this is when I have that horrible odor there’s a stone somewhere….My urologist Did tell me he was very sorry for all the suffering this has caused me for over 15 yrs..I am looking for some kind of legal advice in Canada…I was led to believe we can’t sue..Is there any help for me?..Now facing my old age pension of almost nil…

  47. Latrice Reply

    I had the trans obturator sling put in dec of 2007 and since have had numerous bladder infections and a horrible odor from my urine. I was advised not to have any more children and I am now 6 mos up pregnant. My urologist will not see me because I am pregnant. I have explained to him that I had these problems way before getting pregnant. I have occasional pain when my husband and I have sex and sometimes when I urinate it feels as though my complete insides are going to come out. I have elected to have a c-section for this pregnancy and will have my tubes tied right after. Do I need to seek an attorney based on the recall of these sling products?

  48. Marthie Reply

    I complained about bladder infection for a year. A colon lift was done a year ago due to the laps of my colon. Since then I have turned into an old woman. Severe back pain. Pain in left side almost were my kidneys supposed to be. I gained 25 kilos in 5 months, even my legs pained. I am still even my belly is so stiff till under my brests I cant get in or out my car. Even to sit or get up is painfull. Severe abdominal pain, accute spasms of the stomach. I am coughing for almost a year and I am out of breath. Don’t ever have some one performe an operation where they use “pro-lift” procedures or products. Op was done vaginal by a gyno.

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