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Reglan side effects have been associated with the development of tardive dyskinesia, a syndrome that causes involuntary movements in the body extremities, particularly the lower face. In February 2009, the FDA required that a “black box” warning about the tardive dyskinesia problems be added to Reglan and other gastrointestinal drugs containing metoclopramide.

REGLAN LAWSUIT STATUS: Lawyers are reviewing potential claims for individuals who may be entitled to compensation through a Reglan lawsuit as a result of developing tardive dyskinesia. The Reglan statute of limitations in many states may be approaching, so it is important to review what legal rights may be available as soon as possible.



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OVERVIEW: Reglan is used for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. It contains metoclopramide, which works by increasing the movement of stomach muscles, speeding up the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestines.

When metoclopramide-containing drugs are used at high doses or for extended periods of time, it can increase the risk of developing tardive dyskinesia, which is associated with involuntary movements, such as:

  • Movements in the Body Extremeties
  • Lip Smacking
  • Grimacing
  • Repetitive Chewing
  • Pursing and Puckering of the Lips
  • Tongue Protrusion
  • Rapid Eye Movements and Blinking
  • Impaired Finger Movements

TARDIVE DYSKINESIA SIDE EFFECTS: Reglan tardive dyskinesia side effects are more likely to occur with long-term use of the drug, use at high doses and among the elderly, especially women.

It is not recommended that metoclopramide-containing drugs like Reglan be used for more than three years due to the risk of Reglan side effects.

In February 2009, the FDA announced that they were requiring that a “black box” warning about the tardive dyskinesia side effects be added to the labels for all drugs containing metoclopramide. The drug makers will also be required to implement a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy to make sure that patients who receive these drugs in the future are fully informed about the risk of developing the side effects.

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  1. Nisha Reply

    I have been on reglan for a month and my eyelids is starting to twitch. After reading all the comments. I’m gonna take myself off of it and let my Doctor know. He did tell me if I start havin symptoms to stop immediately. I take 5mg

  2. Tiara Reply

    I took reglan my whole pregnancy and I notice when I took it made me feel like I wad going crazy. I just slept the whole time and couldn’t wake up. Now when my son came out he wasn’t breathing and had to get oxygen. My baby was throwing up since then. He throws up all day long. I think he has reflux.

  3. Judy Reply

    I was having what the doctors thought was a heart attack in 2005 when i was put thourgh a lot of test they found that it was not my heart it was my stomach, they called it gastroprises( hope i spelled it right) my stomach does not empty our so the gastroenterogoloist put me on the metoclopramide three times a day as time went by i started noticing that my face wouldtwist for no reason I started dropping things, i could not sleep my legs and my hands started to trimmer so bad i haven’ty driven a car for almost six years. I am too scared to eventry any more I told my primary care doctor that something was wrong for a while i even thought i was getting demintra> I forget allthe time i bite my tongue until it bleeds most of the time even my bottom lip until it was pruple. i didn’t ger the warning on my medication bottle from the pharmist i was sitting in my living room one day trying to watch tv in order to get my mind off the way my legs and arms starts ti trimmer and sometime even jerk so bad and advertistment came on about the recall on the regelan and the gerntic for regelan every one of the side effects listed i was having and had been having for a few years except i am still alive that was 2010 . i have been trying to get treatment for whats wrong with me since this started. I have been to two neurologoist one says he specialized in movement disorders and because the test came back showing nothing he is trying to get me to beleive that i have a mental disorder and that i have a underline hidden mental secret that i have hidden deep inside my brain and thats what is causing the trimmers that have turned into me having some mini strokes in September on the 3rd 2011 and i was left paralized on my left side i lost my speech my swallowing has been effected i don’t sleep sometimes for two daysI spent six days in a rehab center i had to have speech thepary, physical thepary in the rehab center then six weeks of in home thepary, occupational theray an aide came to help me take shower and dress me i can do some things for my self but i still have to have help dressing and putting on shoes i have to walk with a walker because my left leg is still weak and it drags i also have to use a wheel chair. we have to pray for each other and stand up to these doctors that will not listen and can only make a diagnosis unless a test do it for them.

  4. beth Reply

    my son has been taking reglan since birth and he is three years old now the problems just started with him havin digestive problems know he has to be on a diet with only baby food.. and he was on regular foods and he is very resless during the night he doesnt want to go bed till late when he was born he had gerd but the problems he is having now is because of the reglan.. i think this medicine needs to be takin off the market because it is harming not only children but adults..

  5. jc Reply

    are we concerned with how many children we KILL or how quickly we can deceive someone,its only money.

  6. Djarrett Reply

    In 2013 my mother got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was having a lot of trouble with her food not digesting creon was first prescribed then the reglan was added 3 times a day after the first month the side affects began but I was not aware that it was the reglan at the time she was also taking chemo amazingly her chemo had worked so well that blood work and other tests had shown great improvement with the cancer but depression had set in which was the first side affect that went unrelated to the reglan I got her alprolozam from her primary care doctor after two months of taking the reglan she began chewing on her tongue I thought her denture plate was to blame I took her to the dentist it got much worse and now has more than half of all the side affects listed she has since stopped taking the reglan she took it for longer than the 3 months that is recommended we are waiting to see if the side affects will reverse but I feel I may have to contact a lawyer .

  7. Jeremy Reply

    In 2006 I was having problem with my stomach doubling me over in pain. So I went to a specialist and he put me on reglan. Then about a year later I started have very heavy thought of suicide and crying ,so I went to the dr and she put me on a anti-depressant. So I was still having the thoughts of suicide very badly, so I checked myself into the physc ward. After they did all there test and watched me for the mandatory 24 hours, the er doctor came in and told me that he was taking me off my reglan. Cause he said that is what was making me having my suicidal thoughts and depressed and crying all the time .

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