Similac Recall Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Bug-Infested Baby Formula

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Abbott Laboratories by a mother who says that the company deceptively promoted Similac infant formula as safe, despite the fact that it may be infested with small beetles, which could cause gastrointestinal problems and difficulty feeding. 

The Similac class action lawsuit was filed by Kathleen A. Bradner in federal court in New Orleans. The lawsuit came the day after the announcement of a Similac recall for 5 million units of baby formula due to the possible presence of the bugs.

Bradner claims that the company failed to put adequate quality control measures in place to make sure that Similac baby formula powder was safe and free of beetles. The lawsuit accuses Abbott Laboratories of negligence, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, breach of warranty and strict liability, among other charges.

The class action suit is asking the court to grant buyers of Similac refunds and seeks punitive, compensatory and special damages, as well as court costs and attorney fees. The lawsuit also asks the court to order Abbott to stop misrepresenting Similac.

Abbott recalled Similac infant formula last week after discovering beetle contamination, which occurred at the company’s Sturgis, Michigan, production facility. While Abbott claims that testing has shown that 99.8% of the recalled products are free of bugs, concerned parents have swamped Abbott’s website, social media, news and parenting forums across the internet with concerns and fears that their children may have consumed or gotten ill due to eating Similac with insects. The recall is having a worldwide impact, with Saudi Arabia announcing on Monday that it would ban Similac, despite Abbott limiting the recall to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam and countries in the Caribbean.

The FDA has said that the beetle contamination does not represent an immediate health risk, but could cause gastrointestinal discomfort in infants and result in a refusal to eat. Earlier this week, Senator Tom Harkin sent a letter to Abbott Laboratories asking them to confirm the FDA’s assessment of the health risk of contaminated Similac, and also asked why it appears the company waited a week after discovering the problem before issuing the recall.

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  1. Heather Reply

    I opened a new can if similac sensitive tonight for my son and just as I put the kid on the bottle and went to put the lid back on the can I notice there were two very tiny bugs that Were ALIVE!!! I am not happy at all!!! I contacted the number in the can to similac and all I was told us that they would refund me for the can because they wouldn’t want me to waste my money and they would send me coupons in the mail. My 9 month old son had been very sick for the lady two days including a temp of 102.0 and refusing to eat. My doctor says its a virus but now after what I found tonight I’m VERY CONCERNED FOrMY SONS HEALTH!! How is similac going to tell me it’s not “harmful” to him if he did get the beetle contents he “just won’t eat” REALLY?!? I will be following up with my sons pediatrician and similac will Not be getting away with this!!

  2. Desiree Reply

    Wow!! I have been feeding my baby similac formula since she was born a month ago!! I will not feed her it again, she has been projectile vomitting almost her whole bottle almost every time I feed her and she has diarrhea !! She’s starting to pull away from her bottles and she hunches over a lot as well !!!! Now I know why!! Thanks similac

  3. Danka Reply

    After all these comments you\’re still feeding your children with Similac????? Read the ingredients label first !!! Don\’t feed your children with this!!!!

  4. Ana Reply

    I have submitted a claim with Similac, FDA, and working on my state’s health department. My son got Salmonella. After 14 days of pain, Dr. visits and hospital, I came to the conclusion that it was the formula. It has not been tested yet working on it. It smells very different from my other cans. It was sealed and the expiration date is 01/2015. It’s the Similac Sensitive. This is something unbelievable. I feel so guilty. You can only smell the difference when comparing to another can. I never knew of the recall they had before. I would have never started my baby on similac. I am done with that formula. Not to mention my baby is only 4 months now, 3 and a half when he got sick. His symptoms were bloody diarrhea and constantly crying.

  5. Deb Reply

    My grandson had the tainted formula back in 2010 till this day he is having problems with his intestines and stomach he has been in Boston Childrens Hospital for over a week now and they are stumped as to what could be wrong with him. I say and think that it is from the bad formula that they recalled back in 2010. I am wondering if anyone else is having a problem with their child or children who had the recalled formula back in 2010. If so please let me know it would be much appreciated…

  6. Danielle Reply

    Similar Advance never settled on my baby’s stomach, and it always had him spitting up, and aggravated.

  7. DeMika Reply

    Throwing up, constipation, & fussiness.

  8. Dolores Reply

    I just starded noticing this on the big 1.93 lbs. cans. I thought maybe it was the bottle that was not wash well, but after washing all my bottles and sterilizing them i kept on noticing black specks. My 3 month old has been fussy, crying a lot, throwing up milk, and going poop after she drinks a bottle. Now i have not seen the black specks all the time, i dont know if there is something wrong with the formula, because the can does not expire untill 12/2016. I contacted Abbott Nutrition and I am in the process to start a claim. I took pictures and even the bottle to the store so they can see the disgusting stuff that appeared after mixing the formula.

  9. Worry Mommy Reply

    Does anyone have pictures of the bugs and or larve in the formula?

  10. laura Reply

    As I was pouring the formula into his bottle this black thing fell out. So I stopped pouring and looking into the bottle there I was looking at a whole BEETLE!! I’m utterly discussed and angry. My baby has been SO fussy lately and refusing to eat. Well. Now I know why. Really silmilac?? I’ll be posting this to every site I can find.

  11. Darlene Reply

    I am a mother of 5 and I have never experience this in my life!!My son is 6 week old and he is on Similac Advance powder milk for the pass two days my son has been rejecting this milk and I have find that very odd!!!really fussy and would only take breastmilk but anyways I went to make him a bottle shook it really good then laid it back down and waiting to see if I need to shake it some more 5 min later I pick the bottle up and look at the bottom to see if there more powder clumps and i literally freak the hell out it’s was SMALL LITTLE BEETLE BUG! SEVERAL LIKE 8 TO 10 BUGS !it was brown little bugs in my son milk!!!I literally threw his bottle across the room and check all 5 cans!! All of his can had bugs in expect 1!!!I FLUSH EACH CAN DOWN THE TOILET this milk need to be taking off the grocery aisles till this is handle!! I am very disappointed and I want answer and my money back on 4 cans this is a LAWSUIT!!!I’m so upset I was mentally and emotionally hurt cause it my 6weeks old son and god knows all these other babies all over the world!!!This matter needs to be handle now and handle FAST!!! THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK MY FACEBOOK PAGE IS Darlene Miller I’m from Brewton al you can clearly see I wasn’t playing at all I let all mother aware and father aware !!!This is ridiculous these babies aren’t safe either

  12. Elaine Reply

    I looked everywhere to find a lawyer to help me I found a bug in my baby formula

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