Similac Recall Issued After Insects Found in Infant Formula

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Possible insect contamination has led to a powdered Similac recall in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and in some countries in the Caribbean. 

The Similac infant formula recall was announced on Thursday by FDA and Abbott, the manufacturer, after an internal quality review discovered that the formula could be contaminated by small beetles. Infants who consume beetle-infested Similac could suffer gastrointestinal discomfort from the beetles or their larvae and also may refuse to eat as a result. However, the FDA has determined that the infants would not be in any immediate health risk of food poisoning.

The Similac problems were found in one section of one unnamed manufacturing facility, according to Abbott. The company has announced that it is putting in place a plan to address the beetles problem soon. No other facilities were affected by the recall and there have been no reports of illnesses from infants who consumed Similac affected by the recall.

The recall affects certain Similac brand powder infant formulas in plastic containers and offered in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans. Abbott has not released a list of the specific brands and lot numbers affected, instead requiring parents to visit the company’s website to type in the lot numbers of their Similac products to see if they are affected by the powdered formula recall.

The company has not said how much Similac is affected by the recall, but told investors that it expects approximately $100 million in sales returns.

Consumers who wish to know whether their Similac is affected by the recall should go to the company’s website at where they can input the lot numbers, which are located on the bottom of the plastic tubs or cans. They can also call the company’s 24-hour hotline at 1(800)986-8850.

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  1. Irene Reply

    OMG my two month old has been having gastral problems for the last two weeks when i figured out that our formula was on recall…at first i thought it was colic but now i know why her poop is discolored and why she has been vomiting so much!!!! What should we do????

  2. Andy Reply

    My 19 months son has been on ever since he was born. I bought the best formula(both quality & pirce) that i can found in market for him. He has had diahrea& diaper rashes for long time. I have no idea about what wrong and just thought he is my first baby, I don’t have any experience,and I should take care of him more, try harder to be a GOOD mother! I remember changed 3 diapers in 15 minutes, and I thought it is water problem, so I began to use bottle water. Also changed baby powder. Stupidly I NEVER suspected Similac. Yesterday I got a letter “urgent product recall”. I checked my home and found 15 empty can( I use it for sugar or beans, rice etc. ) and ALL WERE RECALLED! Just think what THEY did to my son! SO UPSET! Feel so upset !

  3. Rebecca Reply

    I have had our daughter on the sensative one and she has had problems with bowel movments since she was born. I could not breast feed my baby although I wanted to! Recently she has had a lot of gas and twice while feeding she has gotten red blotches all over her face. There have been numerous issues with her belly and gas. I brought the can back to Sam’s club and they refunded our money, but that still dosen’t fix the problem already caused!!! This is horrible!!

  4. tano Reply

    i just want to know how do this contamination appear in the product? really it’s a disaster….

  5. Amanda Reply

    What do you do if you throw your cans out after you use them? My baby has had problems throwing up, constipation, and lately doesnt eat half as what he use to. I dont know if he had contaminated formula and it makes me sick to think he could have got bugs in his formula!

  6. Juliette Reply

    My son is 7 months old and got a bad batch of the formula and got realy sick from it and the pediatrician said he had salmonella poisoning and now he will not eat anything from bottles to baby food he clamps his mouth shut and wont even try eventually he may have to have a feeding tube if this keeps up I am very outraged and feel like he deserves some compensation for pain and suffering

  7. Daniel Reply

    Was the retail store (Walmart) informed about the recall before the official recall on 22 September 2010 ? And if so why did they not pull the product off the shelves until the problem was investigated. Evidence has shown that Abbott knew about the issue on 16th September 2010 but waited to post a recall.

  8. Danielle Reply

    Does anyone know if recalled similac soy, could cause c-diff in a 14 month old? he has never took antibiotics, oc was ? could not figure out how he got c-diff… but then i remembered he was given a sample can from same doc, office of similac soy… Stool was positive for c-diff.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. sandra Reply

    All these recalls and death and illness stories amaze and hurt me my baby is 3 months and has Similac the blue can is it still a recall??? I use to breast feed and pump but my milk went away I wish it can come back but after 3 months I don’t think so

  10. Elaine Reply

    I looked everywhere for help and everyone says there nothing I can do about finding a bug in my baby formula

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