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David Lerner Associates Arbitration Lawsuits Filed Over Apple REITs

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A complaint has been filed by federal regulators against David Lerner & Associates, Inc. for selling Apple REIT Ten non-traded shares to customers, without regard to whether they were a suitable investment. A number of investors are now pursuing arbitration claims or lawsuits against David Lerner Associates to recover their investment losses. …

Schwab YieldPlus Investors Have Another Chance to Opt-Out of Class Action

A $235 million dollar proposed settlement for the Schwab YieldPlus Fund class action lawsuit has been resurrected, after the investment firm backed out of the deal last month. However, investors in the bond fund have been provided an opportunity to opt-out of the settlement and pursue their own Schwab YieldPlus arbitration claim to recover losses. …

Schwab Total Bond Market Fund Class Action Lawsuit Filed

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A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of investors in the Charles Schwab Total Bond Market Fund (SWLBX), which allegedly suffered substantial losses after managers deviated from the stated investment strategy by relying heavily on high-risk residential mortgage-backed securities.  …

Morgan Keegan Accused of Fraud and Reckless Business Practices

  • Written by: Staff Writers

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and four states have charged Morgan Keegan & Company with fraud and reckless business practices, saying the company caused bond fund investors to lose more than $1 billion during the subprime mortgage collapse. …

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