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FDA Warns About Use of Victrelis With Some HIV Drugs

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson
  • 1 Comment

New label warnings are being added to the hepatitis C drug Victrelis by federal health officials, who indicate that combining it with certain HIV drugs may cause both treatments to lose effectiveness.…

Some HIV and Hep C Drugs Less Effective Together: FDA

Federal drug regulators are warning that combining the hepatitis C drug Victrelis with medications from a family of HIV drugs, which includes Norvir, Reyataz, Prezista and Kaletra, may result in reduced effectiveness for both medications. …

Kaletra Side Effects Pose Serious Risk for Premature Babies: FDA

  • Written by: Staff Writers
  • 1 Comment

Federal health regulators are warning that Kaletra, an HIV drug that is sometimes used to treat infected children, should not be given to premature babies before their due date, due to a potential risk of serious and potentially life-threatening side effects. …

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