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Nestle Cookie Dough Recall and New E. coli Discovery Lead to New Formula

Nestle USA has announced that it will change the formula for its famous Toll House raw cookie dough products after two recent samples tested positive for E. coli bacteria. The same products were part of a massive cookie dough recall last summer, which was linked to cases of food poisoning in people from at least 30 states.…

Cookie Dough E. coli Mystery May Never Be Solved: FDA

After identifying three different strains of E. coli in association with Nestle Toll House cookie dough recalled last month, FDA investigators say they still may never discover how shipments of cookie dough got contaminated or what the exact cause may be for the cases of food poisoning reported in people from 30 states.…

Nestle Cookie Dough Lawsuit Filed Days After Recall

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A California woman has filed what is believed to be the first food poisoning lawsuit following last week’s Nestle Toll House cookie dough recall, alleging that she was hospitalized due to E. coli infection after eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough.…

Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough Food Poisoning Lawsuit

In June 2009, a nationwide E. coli food poisoning outbreak was associated with eating Nestle Toll House cookie dough raw. The uncooked, refrigerated cookie dough may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7, a strain of bacteria that is commonly associated with food poisoning.…

Frozen Chicken Recall: Small Pieces of Plastic in Stuffed Chicken Meals

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced a frozen chicken recall for over 6,000 pounds of Barber Foods and Market Day meals with stuffing. Small pieces of plastic were found in some of the products, which could pose a potential risk of injury if the meals are consumed.…

Melamine Levels in Contaminated Infant Formula Safe Says FDA

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The FDA confirmed on November 27, 2008, that several samples of infant formula in the United States have tested positive for trace amounts of the chemical melamine, which is the same chemical that hospitalized more than 12,000 babies in China. However, the FDA has indicated that the trace levels of contamination found in the United States were very low and the baby formula remains safe for use.…

Lean Cuisine Recall: Meals Could Be Contaminated with Pieces of Plastic

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Nestle Prepared Foods company has recalled over 875,000 pounds of frozen Lean Cuisine chicken meals because they may contain small pieces of hard plastic that could cause injury for consumers. This is the third major recall this year by Nestle involving frozen foods that were found to contain pieces of plastic.…

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