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Prolia Lawsuit

Increasing evidence suggests that side effects of the osteoporosis drug Prolia may increase the risk of hip fractures, femur fractures and other bone fractures, which typically occur following minimal or low trauma events.…

Prolia Femur Fracture Warning Issued to Doctors in Canada

  • Written by: Austin Kirk

A warning has been provided by Canadian health officials about the potential risk of sudden femur fractures associated with side effects of Prolia, an osteoporosis drug sold by Amgen. However, it does not appear that similar warnings have been provided to doctors in the United States.…

Xgeva, Prolia Bone Drugs Linked to Deadly Low Calcium Levels

  • Written by: Irvin Jackson

Individuals in multiple countries are being warning about potentially life-threatening health risks associated with low calcium levels that may be caused by side effects of the bone drugs Xgeva and Prolia. However, it does not appear that similar information is being provided to physicians or patients in the United States. …

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