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MDL Judge Recommends Remand of Remaining Zicam Lawsuits

A federal judge has recommended an end to the consolidation and centralization of Zicam lawsuits, which began nearly two years ago after federal regulators forced the removal of Zicam nasal sprays and gels from the market due to a risk that users may experience permanent loss of smell.…

Zicam Settlement Reached in Some Lawsuits Over Loss of Smell Risk

  • Written by: Staff Writers

A settlement has been reached by Matrixx Initiatives to resolve Zicam lawsuits filed by a group of plaintiffs who alleged that the company misrepresented the safety of their nasal sprays and gels, which federal regulators have indicated may cause people to lose their sense of smell. The company continues to face hundreds of Zicam injury lawsuits filed on behalf of consumers who have actually suffered loss of smell after using the cold remedy.…

Lawsuit Over Zicam Loss of Smell Reports Headed to Supreme Court

  • Written by: Staff Writers

A Zicam class action lawsuit filed by shareholders will be brought before the Supreme Court by Matrixx Initiatives, who claims it did not need to share reports with shareholders about loss of smell with Zicam, which eventually led to a recall of some variations of the cold remedy. …

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