Yasmin and Yaz Birth Control Lawsuits Mount Against Bayer

A growing number of lawsuits over Yaz and Yasmin have been filed throughout the country against pharmaceutical giant Bayer, alleging that women suffered serious and potentially life-threatening injuries after using the birth control pills.

Yaz and Yasmin, which are both manufactured by Bayer, are combined oral contraceptives that contain ethinyl estradiol, long used in oral contraceptives, and drospirenone, a new type of progestin that is not used in any other birth control pills approved in the United States.

The Yaz and Yasmin birth control lawsuits all contain similar allegations that the warnings are inadequate because they do not properly indicate that the use of drospirenone increases the risk that women may suffer a variety of side effects, such as:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Pulmonary Embolism (PE)
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias
  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Kidney Failure
  • Sudden Death

Drosprenone can increase blood potassium levels, potentially resulting in a condition known as hyperkalemia, which is known to disrupt heart rhythms and potentially lead to death. Individuals who have pre-existing kidney, liver and adrenal disease could be particularly susceptible.

Over 50 reports of Yasmin or Yaz deaths were reported to the FDA between the first quarter of 2004 and the third quarter of 2008, according to some of the complaints. The deaths involved women as young as 17 and included cardiac arrests, pulmonary embolisms and strokes, with elevated levels of potassium in the blood frequently reported.

Earlier this month it was reported that four new lawsuits over the birth control pills were filed in federal court, with three in Ohio and one in Wisconsin. This week, another 7 suits were filed in the Northern District of Ohio. All of the complaints allege that side effects of Yaz or Yasmin were a factor in the plaintiffs’ injuries.

The number of state and federal Yaz birth control lawsuits has increased this year, following a third warning by the FDA that Bayer’s advertisements and marketing for the birth control pills are false and misleading. FDA warning letters indicated that Yaz ads made exaggerated claims about the drug’s benefits, and downplayed or did not mention important side effects. As a result of pressure from the FDA and states attorneys from several states, Bayer agreed to spend $20 million on a corrective advertising campaign.

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  1. Iris Reply

    I started taking Yaz and Yazmin about 8 yeras ago, and on February 15, 2010 @ the age of 34, I suffered a cerebial stoke!! Yes, a stroke, come to fing out I have a Thrombosis Blood Clot in both my right and left carodit arteries. I really would like to research this, because I have to be on blood thinners for the rest of my life.

  2. Jaclyn Reply

    In dec, 2007 I started taking yasmin. In Aug, 2008 my insurance made me switch to ocella. At that point I started with break through bleeding in my period lasting 17 days straight. Nov,2008 I had extreme pains in my stomache when ever i ate. I went to the emergency room after a week an a half of the stomache pain. I had a ct scan they found a cyst on my ovary it was small and broke down with in the next week. December 2008 my gyno switched me to another birth control becasue of the cyst. I went through tons and tons of testing for almost a year to figure out what was wrong with my stomache. three months after the pain started I had drank a beer, and vomited green bile every fifty feet while walking the distance of a mile. It still hurts every time i eat. The doctors didnt know what was wrong but i am going to bring up this coincodince with them to see if it could possibly be because of this.

  3. cyndi Reply

    my daughter started taking yaz about 4 years ago,should have seen the early side effects.she was a perfectly healthy girl never sick.she started with headaches,then a year later got knee pains we thought it was from her basketball we are 4 years later this beautiful 20 yo who has been finally diagnosed with crohns.No family history at all.she will now have to be on humerra for the rest of her life giving herself a shot:( YAZ is bad in the long run

  4. Tina Reply

    I recieved a sample pack of Yaz from my physician to treat PMDD, I wasnt even finished with the pack and started experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains, I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, I also had several other things that may be yaz related that was found. I would not recommend anyone taking this product, I am only 41 and was in good health up to that day. I am still experiencing chest pains and hoping that my children dont end up without a mother because of this.

  5. Kitra Reply

    After i got on Yasmin, i immediately started getting sick, and was sick for several months before going into the doctors, where i found out i now have a gallbladder disease. No one is quite sure if its due to the birth control pills or if its due to something else, but there is a great chance it is beacuse of Yasmin. I recommend that everyone should stay away from these birth control pills.

  6. Jessica Reply

    I have been taking Yaz since October 2008. I felt fine and was happy until May of this year. On May 22 I passed out during church and had a mild twitching session (not a full seizure and I woke up quickly unlike people with full seizures). I went to the doctor that week and they couldn’t find any reason I would have passed out. Since then I have had headaches and nausea nearly every day. I thought at first that I might be pregnant, but I have had my May, June, and July periods. I also took two pregnancy tests (one in early July and one in late July), both came back negative. I have also been having pain in my chest, under my right shoulder blade, my right lower rib area, and my pelvic area. I have had muscle spasms (sometimes painful) all over my body.

    I have a difficult time getting into the mood when my boyfriend wants to make love. He knows what turns me on and even my favorite things don’t do anything for me. And two weeks ago I began feeling a little depressed.

    I am not ruling out the fact that some of this might be psychological, that I might be making these things happen to me. But could these be related to Yaz? I saw that a lot of women didn’t experience their symptoms until a year into the pill.

    I don’t know. I am thinking about going to talk to my doctor about the possibility of Yaz causing my pain.

  7. Mel Reply

    My aunt was taking this pill for about a year. She started having very bad pains one day and was rushed too the hospital. The next day she passed away from a pulmonary embolism at only 36. I dont like this pill and thse of you who havent had any problems thats veryyyy good to hear. If you ever change your mind and want to switch pills. Loestrin is a great pill. I gives you very light pills and you dont get cramps. I would deff consider your selves lucky. Its a terrible thing to lose some one too something you thought was helping you. Please if you stay on this pill stay aware of your syptoms and go get checked out if they get worse. I couldnt imagine anyone going threw my familys loss. 🙁

  8. courtney Reply

    ok so ive only been taking this pill for 3 months. im only 18 i have not had a period in 2 months and before that my period went for 18 days and it was heavy!!! i hate this pill! i only took it because i had a 3 pound cyst and 7 in long and now today is my 3rd day not taking the pill and ive got huge headaches and it sucks. but its better then being moody all the time and wanting to either yell at someone or cry over nothing and this makes me have more cramps and nausious… also i cant even eat some of the same foods anymore because they make me sick. i have to eat cold foods like cereal or gummies. if anyone isnt on it yet take it from everyone u had read a review from if u dont want to get pregnant and ur my age the use a condom much less side affects.

  9. Amanda Reply

    I started taking YAZ after the birth of my second child, and I didn’t notice anything for the first few months. Then I was starting to have a lack of sex drive, crying over everything, night sweats, etc. I decided not to switch contraceptives because I thought it might improve, thought it might be just the change in hormones after having a child. I took another contraceptive after my first child and never had issues. As the months have gone on, I basically have a nonexistent sex drive, I am moody, anxious, and the night sweats have gotten worse, it’s like I’m menopausal at twenty two. I started having extreme pain in my abdomen at least 3 nights a week, sometimes more. It would keep me awake for hours sometimes. I finally went to the emergency room yesterday because the pain was unbearable, and found out I have gallstones, and need my gallbladder removed. If they want to leave YAZ on the market, thats fine, but women should be warned that these side effects are obviously COMMON side effects, so that those who choose to take this are doing so at their own risk. I had obviously heard about the heart attack and stroke risk, as with every oral contraceptive, but I had no idea I could end up going through this kind of pain, and then having to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.

  10. Alaina Reply

    LOVE Yasmin! been on it for almost 2 years now and compared to other birth control pills, i have had almost no side effects! love how it makes me feel and it must depend on the person…when i first started yasmin i did have headaches for a month,but once my body got used to it..NADA..just depends on the person..

  11. Rachel Reply

    I currently have a period about every 30 to 32 days (if I count 1st day to 1st day) and usually none to mild cramping on the day before starting. I have noticed becoming moody lately the week before my period but thinking it is stress. I have also had a bit af acne problems here and there. (maybe again stress) I have been on a type of birth control once before and no side effects( other then husband said I was moody and had a low sex drive) that was years ago though and now after two kids I was considering it again. My OB/GYN has prescribed YAZ to me for birth control. I was told to wait and start the Sunday after my next period so I have been waiting about 2 1/2 weeks and was planning on filling my first prescription today to begin tomorrow. I was told that I am a good candidate since I have not had issues with birth control before (even though I have only tried one kind and only for one year) and my body has handled hormones well with having my two kids. But after reading off this site….. being blessed with farely easy periods, I feel that risking all that has been mentioned above is too much for me. I would rather risk having another child then risk creating health problems or worse die. To each her own, though! My husband and I have been using condoms and though I hate the dryness of them, I think that it will continue to be my birth control method. As for my acne and moodiness. I think I will try changing my diet first to see if that will help. I prefer to try a more natural approach to things if possible. I am sorry for the complications that you all have gone through and I am glad that I did some research before trying this drug. Just like many above have mentioned, with all drugs come risks. I just hope that anyone else will way their risks to see if it is worth it to them. Who knows, this may have been the perfect solution for me. I am a heathly 27 year old, though, and prefer not to tempt fate! Blessings!

  12. Lauren Reply

    In 2004, I started taking Yasmin to regulate me. I was on it for one year and I ended up in the emergency room due to a cyst bursting my stomach that wasnt there before. There is no pain like that pain. They found 3 more that had not yet ruptured. When removing the other 3 cyst there was trouble. The cyst wrapped around one of my ovaries and tied themselves in a knot. There was only one way to get them out. I had to lose part of an ovary.

  13. Christine Reply

    First of all i would lile to say that every time you get prescribed a medicine, you have to read the booklet it comes with it. Lets see what Yaz booklet say, just flow this link.
    Second, while reading all tbese posts, so many things botheres me. Like terrible grammar, for example. Or, oh my god, i googles Yaz, and miracle happened – i realized it was bad for me! If you read the booklet you should have known if it is safe to take yaz or not. The link above gives you a full list of things that can potentially increase the risk. Not only ypur doctor, but you yourself are responsible for what is happeing with you. You have to remember that you are taking synthetic hormones that, of course, will mess you up in one way or another. Those of you who are not experiencing any side effect – you will. Sonner or later.
    I am myself was one of you. A few days ago i stopped taking yaz, because i felt like something is not right. Not just a breast lump, or UTI, but i juat felt like i have to stop taking it. So i advise all of you, no matter what BC it is, if you dont feel right, just stop taking it.
    Every time you see a doctor, any kind of a doctor, even if it is a dentist, you have to let them know that you are on yaz.
    Watch your diet. And take care of your mental health, too. And rememeber, YOU made the choice to go on that pill. And no one ever told you not to stop.

  14. Chriatine Reply

    *Edit: sorry for typos. I was typing from a phone with touch screen.

  15. Kelly Reply

    I have been on YAZ for almost 2 months. I was prescribed it for my bad body acne.
    Since I have been on it, I have had unexplained bouts of stomach pains, muscle pains, constipation, I have been bed written for 3 days not being able to move, hard to breath and very crampy. and the worse is acid reflux.
    Has anyone else experienxed ACID REFLUX on this? I haven’t had it for about 4 years since i went off the pill DIANE 35 before trying to have a child. So now im starting to think that both these pills have caused the acid reflux. I think im going to stop this pill next month and see how it makes me feel.

  16. Lauren Reply

    My doctor put me on Yasmin to prevent future cyst. I took all the precautions. I read the booklet they gave me and I went by my doctors word. She recommended it and said it was the best idea since she previously removed a cyst and my stomach. I was clear of them and she didnt want more forming. After I learned of the new cysts, I had them taken out and immediately switched to a new pill. It’s been years and I havent had a cyst since.

  17. Cindy Reply

    It completely BLOWS me away that this “pill” is still available !!! How many horror stories to they need to hear in order to have the dam thing pulled from the shelves??? My God,are they waiting until some poor kid trying not to get pregnant dies from this??? HELLO,time to wake up BAYER !!!! A VERY concerned parent

  18. Dayna Reply

    I was on YAZ a few years ago before I had my baby, now my child is one and I am back on YAZ but am not liking it…I seem to be getting two periods a month one a lot lighter than the other and very moody. I am very concerned after reading all of everyones comments. I am going to find a new pill but what is a good one?

  19. Cheryl Reply

    Thank-you all for posting your comments. My 17 year old daughter was just about to start taking yaz, but no way will I let that happen now. She starting taking BC about a year ago and first used Tri-Sprintec which was suppose to help with her acne. Her acne cleared up but she also gained about 20 lbs. She then switched to Levora and has been taking this for approx. 6 months. On Levora she lost the weight and her acne was still doing good however she was experiencing severe cramping during her periods and the week before. I am now going to request that she be prescribed Loestrin24-FE. Which is not noted to help with acne, however I myself took Loestrin24-FE for over 20 years (before, in between and after 2 pregnancies) and never had any problems. In fact it resulted in having shorter periods with less bleeding. I also did not gain any weight on it.
    Everyone is different but I believe that many of the problems women experience on BC are related to the hormone levels being to high. It used to be believed that breast cancer was caused by the hormone levels being to high but I do not know what the current scientific data is on this topic. Loestrin24-FE was reccomended to me specifically because the estrogen level is low and therefore it should not cause the standard symptoms associated with many of the other BC pills.
    Whatever you choose to take, trust your own judgment as to what symptoms you are experiencing and follow-up if you think something is wrong.

  20. marie Reply

    I took yaz for about 2 years and probably have been off it for about two years. It all makes sense now…I started getting migraines which I still get today and I have had two serious kidney infections that i had to be hospitalized for within a year of eachother

  21. Tayler Reply

    I have been on yaz for more then a year now & it is great. but after reading all of this i have realized that i have alot of the same symptoms. Back pains , head ache, tired all the time, very bitchy , dont ever want sex anymore , recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer and now i just heard it can cause you to NEVER HAVE KIDS . I am 17 an i want kids in about a year or 2. An all i want in life is 3 kids n have a happy family. Being on yaz is a damn mistake. Doctors are to stupid to reasliz this. I also have been super depressed for no reason , cry for nothing , my chest always hurts , i cant breath from simply watching a movie , ill be happy but then mad the next minuete , i have NO energy , i used to eat all the time an now i barely do. I weigh about 120 an my weight is dropping one week an back up the next , and i tend to forget what i had done the day before. i forget what im talkiong about in mid sentence. its bulllll shit. Oh and i DO NOT SMOKE SO WHAT THE HELLL

  22. Michele Reply

    I started taking Yaz at a 18 and I loved this medicine. About a year later I started to get really really sick. I had headaches, vertigo, nausea, and I could barely get out of bed. This went on for months and my doctors kept giving me antibiotics because they thought I had a sinus infection. Eventually it got worse and I went to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor and he sent me in to get a MRI to see what was wrong. The day I got my results I went to the ER with a deep vein thrombosis in my brain. I was told that I could have easily had a stroke. I am now on coumadin for life. I have to go to the clinic to have my blood levels checked every week almost because coumadin is hard balance your levels to keep you at a safe level. This is not genetic and I do not smoke. If I ever want to have a child I have to plan it carefully because you can not take coumadin while pregnant, instead you have to take painful shots of expensive lovenox every day. Please be careful to consider the consequences of taking this drug or a drug like this.

  23. Sara Reply

    I took yaz or yazmin back in 2003 after i had my child i had the pills first but they was making me bleed way to much i had a period every other week and they were so bad i had to call my docter because i was loosing a lot of blood so he started me on the patch and the patch after about 14 days made me so sick and weak i could barely get up and i know that something was not right so i used them for like 3 weeks then i just stopped using them and felt better after that so i know it was the patch it felt like a blood clot was forming in my lungs because when i put it on my lower stomach or back it made me feel like it was just sucking my blood in that spot

  24. charlene Reply

    I was on Yaz for one year, in that one year I lost my gall bladder, i had swollen ankles for 5months, a body rash that noone could explain that came and went for one year, i had an eye inflammation, and since then i have lost my 20/20 vision–i am now near sighted and still sensitive to the sun. Doctors couldnt explain and no tests could give any answers just that it seemed as if though i had an auto-immune disease. since getting off the pill i have never felt better! without a doubt i know it was the birthcontrol. I want justice.

  25. Alan Reply

    I cannot say for sure IF Yaz is responsible, BUT my 17 year old daughter, otherwise a very healthy active young woman, has been on Yaz for the last few months for menstrual regulation issues. Last week she was on the treadmill which is usual for her, and after her cardio session, she went into SEVERE bilateral hip pain. She is now at home in a wheel chair with what the emerg Docs say is a musculoskeltal issue. She is on pain management as well, (Morphine) for this severe pain. Whats with this??? Makes No sense to me or my wife . Not impressed and very concerned here. Having read all these comments in this article, I felt the NEED to add our experience as well.

  26. Leigh Reply

    I live in South Africa and have been on Yaz for a year and a half and was hospitalized for kidney stones on 8 September 2010. The urologist that treated me was very confused, because no one in my family has ever had a kidney stone or any other kidney problem before and I got it completely out of the blue. I too have been suffering from dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitaions, chest pains and sharp pains in my lungs. I too thought I was becoming a hypochondriac until reading all the stories posted here. I asked my ob/gyn about the side effects when he first put me on Yaz and he told me that it was one of the best. Clearly he has no clue about what is actually happening as a result of taking this drug. I am appalled that any doctor would recommend this drug and that this drug is still on the market after all the controversy surrounding it. I am changing my pill IMMEDIATELY and i am going to warn every woman I know against this terrible drug. I wish everyone all the best with their recoveries from the illnesses they have incurred whilst on YAZ!!!

  27. Dorothy Reply

    I went on Yasmin August of 2004 to treat polycystic ovaries at age 40. It took care of the PCOS and made my periods very light and regular. I didn’t have any noticable side effects or problems for years until about the last 5-6 months. I think just getting older and my body accumulating the effects started me having problems. The first thing I noticed was my blood pressure got higher and actually spiked at my doctors visit to 190/90. I also noticed bouts of anxiety, anger and heart palpitations. And occasionally I had lower back pain (possibly kidney problems). After reading everyone’s posts I now can relate these problems to the yasmin. I was about to ask doc for another pill that may help with my high blood pressure when I happened on this website. I am now pill free for the past week and feel much better.

    Having the freedom of being on the pill is not worth wondering if I too will develop a serious and life threatening problem in the future. I do agree with many of the people that posted about not having symptoms and that it must depend on the person. I have read alot on blood type and figure that being a blood type O we have less problems with blood clotting. In fact, hemophyliacs are blood type O, so it would figure that we would be less likely to have a blood clot occur. Just a thought…

  28. Sharon Reply

    My 14 year old daughter had severe ovarian cysts. The dr put her on Yaz. She complained frequently of headaches, upset stomach, and moodiness on it. Went off for a while, had another cyst, so was put back on. At 16 (after a year of trying to find out what was wrong) she had to have her galbladder removed due to advanced galbladder disease. She was a healthy, active teenager and lost 20 pounds during this, looked emaciated. Dr.s kept arguing it could not be galbladder due to her good health and weight. Thank you yaz.

  29. Michelle Reply

    I am curious to know if there is a blood type link with this medication. I’ve read almost the entire page, and there are a handful of people that have had NO problems whatsoever, although they are completely in the minority. Type O blood is the thinnest, so I’m wondering if people with O type do OK, whereas the A, the B and the AB are thicker naturally, so I wonder if those that have had strokes are of the AB types…?
    I am struggling to find a medicine that will help my 16 year old daughter’s acne……this does NOT sound like it!!

  30. ashley Reply

    I have been on Yasmin for two years now and I have not had any problems. PLEASE, don’t take it off the market. The only thing is have any of you girls had weight gain.

  31. Tisha Reply

    I have been on Yaz for probably about three years…I actually can’t remember exactly when I went on it but that’s about right. Anyways I basically always feel like I have PMS. I originally went on Yaz to stop my terrible PMS including unbearable cramps (which it has not helped at all), but now I feel much more irritable and everyone has noticed it. My boyfriend and my family particularly notice it. He has also noticed my decreased sex drive which started last fall.
    After reading about Yaz and the many lawsuits and some deaths (though there should be NONE) I am going off of this birth control. I have type O blood and so far no serious symptoms such as problems with my gallbladder or blood clots have occurred, hopefully nothing happens, but the irritability and crying much more often than before for usually no reason has gotten ridiculous. I don’t feel like myself. At first I thought I had just changed or something, but I hope that trying a new type of pill will make me feel like myself, who I was three years ago. Much happier. The only positive thing I can say about Yaz is that in high school I had acne and after going on Yaz for about a year it is completely gone. I don’t think all the other side effects are worth it though and maybe I even just grew out of acne. I have an appointment on Wednesday, I am looking forward to talking to my doctor about this and getting switched.

  32. Ashley S Reply

    I was on Yaz for about a year. I had switched form ortho tri-cyclin because my PMS was extreme, and Yaz offered a solution to this. After 3-4 months of taking it I started developing severe headaches that would last all day. I had them every single day, from the moment I woke up till I went to bed, and sometimes they would wake me up they were so severe. Then the nausea kicked in, also, every day. I attributed these to other causes, but a brain scan showed nothing. My libido had dropped into the negatives, and I was very upset – I’m taking this pill to have sex, and the pill is making me not want to EVER. In the last three months I was on it, I started getting hot flashes several times a day (like in menopause) and my vision and hearing changed (more blurry, extreme sensitivity to light and sound). I was dizzy all the time, fatigued, lethargic and overall sick. I researched Yaz and found that other users had ALL of these symptoms so I stopped taking it. It has been between 1 and 2.5 weeks since I stopped taking it, and last night an ovarian cyst ruptured – I was in extreme pain and had to go to emergency, and was put on vicodin and anti-inflammatories. I’M 20 YEARS OLD. How come the FIRST time I ovulate after stopping Yaz a cyst that I did not have before taking yaz ruptured? You tell me. Do not take Yaz. There are tons of other birth control pills out there and alternative methods. This is no joke…. and I’m not a really drug-sensitive person.

  33. Ashley S Reply

    And to reply to the comments asking for this drug not to be taken off the market, you are ridiculous – there is an overwhelming amount of people suffering, and you want doctors to keep on prescribing it?? Taking yaz is like playing russian roulette….. for as long as you’re on it. Sure, maybe at the beginning you were fine but just wait… It WILL hit you. You have just been very lucky. It could also be accumulating and develop into a serious life threatening illness in the future. Get off of it while you’re still alive and healthy!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, those comments could have been insiders at bayer trying to appease us.

  34. Gail Reply

    Hi ! My OBGYN prescribed YAZ for me, after reading all these sad stories i am deeply worried and having concerns.Took YAZ before maybe for approx 3months but had no bad experiences.Just started seeing a new OBGYN and he prescribed YAZ as well.I did research my OBGYN credientals and they were 90% great.So i will be updating my experiences if i decide to take YAZ again.

  35. Lynn Reply

    My daughter Melanie, age 20, died on July 28, 2010 from the use of birth control. She was a beautiful healthy young lady attending college to become a teacher. She was on YAZ for 8 months and then switched to Norgest. She had a massive pulmonary embolism…we are heart broken. This should not happen to any one.

  36. Melody Reply

    My daughter is 17 almost 18, next month. We’ve talked about getting her on birth control to regulate her periods, length & heaviness and control some of the hard cramping she experiences, as of yet she”s not interested in sex. Lucky break there!
    She started on one type of pill (can’t remember which one) but after three days on it and experiencing nausea every day she quit taking them. Thinking she needed a more gentle pill, she went back and was prescribed Yasmin. After three days of nausea on this pill the DR prescribed an Acid reflux med. I didn’t like this easy fix and looked up Yasmin online. Boy was I blown away by what I found. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of you’re in put!
    She’s decided not to use any oral contraceptive since reading these comments! I don”t blame her. I myself took them and looking back wonder how much of my life (37) was influenced by the poison I took in oral contraceptives. Lack of sex drive, extreme moodiness (yes it can be life & heredity) weight gain, loss of ambition and focus, feelings of isolation & depression…etcetera!
    I am a firm believer in each of us having the ability to make our own choices, yet the most important part of that is being educated on our choices! We can’t expect a person whom we see very rarely (DR) to know everything about our bodies & minds that we do, if we”d only listen to ourselves! Nor can we expect them to know EVERYTHING about the medications they give us! It is OUR PERSONAL duty!
    We are happy to enjoy the life GOD has given us. We’ll each make our own choices according to was feels right for us. God bless you to do the same.

  37. denise Reply

    well alot of these side effects are already listed on the box. with every lab made pill there are always side effects and unfortunately adeverse effects. cmon now.. a small pill that you can have intercourse and NOT have any side effects is too good to be true. i just started taking YAZ and i hope i dont experience any side effects and im VERY VERY sorry for those who have or know who have experienced side effects.. and thats why i am already very paranoid about putting fake chemicals especially hormones in my body.

    my question to everyone who made a comment. SO WHICH IS MORE WORTH IT? TAKING THE RISK OF BLOD CLOTS? OR RISK BEING PREGNANT. whoever is taking birth control chose the first one. THEY CHOOSE THE RISK OF BLOOD CLOTS OVER GETTING PREGNANT. so dont be surprised if you do experience side effects. its not like they didnt tell you. THIS IS JUST LIKE THE WARNING ON CIGARETTES. it can cause lung cancer etc. etc. but smokers still smoke it… this can cause blood clots etc etc.. but you still take it.. you dont see cancer patients with lawsuits to a tobacco company… the pharmaceuatical companies already warned you. just as the tobacco companies did.

  38. Natalie Reply

    I was on yasmin for some years and did not think that I had a problem, but I was wrong taking yasmin has been mood swings always feeling tired, little or no sex drive. Its like you are on the pill and you’re entire time you are moody or depressed. I stopped for quite time and in the last month I deccided to try it again after hearing good thing about it. In the six weeks I have gotten really bad yeast infections, now sex drive and when I actually try have intercourse I don’t have the natural moistures and it’s extremely painful. This last night was my last straw because I my husband made the observation that all those symtoms and the terrible mood swings only started when I started taking the pills once again. As of today I will no longer be taking yasmin.

  39. Michelle Reply

    Im on day 5 of taking Yaz purley for the reason to avoid pregnancy & to control my period pain.

    These are my day to day symptoms so far:

    Day 1 – Moody/tired
    Day 2 – Moody/tired, irratable, headaches & nausia
    Day 3 – Very emotional, depressed, headaches & nausia
    Day 4 – Very emotional,tired, depressed, sore/itchy throat, cough, slight tightness in chest and dizzyness, lack of motivation.
    Day 5 – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

    Im aware of usual symptoms occuring in the first week or so however im confused as to whether i have the flu or are these symtoms of Yaz? Lastnight i kept waking up startled and scared of having a heart attack (FYI – Iv had 3 panic attacks this year) But is it common to suffer heart palpitations on Yaz or was i having an anxiety episode from being paranoid?

    All i want to know is, am i just being paranoid and are these symptoms common? or should i get help asap? The more i read about everyones symptoms & the fact that cardiac arrest have been reported, i have questioned Yaz every day…..

  40. Krista Reply

    I have been on Yaz for approx. 6 months now. I am 34 and started taking it for birth control as well as control mild acne. A couple of months ago I started getting headaches all the time. I would go to bed with one and wake up with it. Very tired all the time and an emotional disaster. It completely LOWERED my sex drive. I would go to bed crying for no reason and not knowing why. I started to try and figure out why I was depressed and what about my life I didn’t like. I have NEVER had depression or anxiety before. I was going to book in with my dr. to see about depression when I realized that MAYBE all this stuff I have been feeling is from YAZ. I went off it right away and I am already feeling better. After reading all these posts I hope YAZ hasnt done any further damage. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT!!! IT Should be taken off the market!

  41. Amanda Reply

    i’ve been on yasmin for about 4 years and never had nothing wrong and all of the sudden i suffer from arrhythmia for the past 3 months. it doesnt last am hour for me. ill have it all day and feel like im going to fiant or get an heart attack.

  42. Stacey Reply

    I am 34 yrs old and have been on yaz for a little over 3 years. I have talked to my docter about getting off of it because of everything you hear about it but she told me I shouldn’t worry because they hype everything up. I have a low sex drive, frequent head aches, chest pain that moves into my shoulder and arm. also most lately severe stomach cramping for 3 months. Have been to the docter several times over this and last week had blood test done. Everything came back normal except my liver enzmyes were very high. They made me a ulrasound for the next day, and those test have come back showing abnormal. Now I have a appointment with a G.I docter in 2 weeks. Now wondering if it’s the birth contol causing this. Will def. be talking to the docter about this.

  43. sharon Reply

    I am absolutely astounded by all i have read! I just want to cry! Here is my story: my daughter was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome while 23 weeks pregnant…her doctor missed all the precious grandbaby was delivered in order to save my daughters life. my grandbaby died, my daughter’s liver has just gotten back to normal just last week as delivery was just last month. Her dr starts her last week on Tues on Saturday she notices that both legs are hurting and purple from the knees down, she just told me about it this evening…she stopped taking the Yaz and by today, Monday, there is no purple, she called dr…she goes in tomorrow to test for blood clots! After reading these previous post, i am devastated & pray tomorrow does not bring more bad stupid can a doctor be??

  44. Allison Reply

    Yaz is undoubtedly the worst pill I have ever taken in my life. I first started taking Aviane but switched to Yaz after negative side effects. I also wanted to try Yaz because of it’s claim to help with PMDD. For almost three months I took Yaz. In those three months I started having numbness in my legs, rapid heartbeat and chest pain. I called it quits after experiencing my first ever panic attack (not fun). About three weeks after stopping the pill cold-turkey, I sank into a deep depression that I can only liken to postpartum-like depression. No I haven’t had children yet but I honestly suspect postpartum depression is the only accurate way to describe it. I had no interest in my boyfriend, friends, family, work, etc. All I could do was lie around and cry. I finally had to go on antidepressants just to get over that hump. And a year later, I’m still working on getting back to normal. Yaz should be taken off the market. Not just because of my particular case, but because of all the women out there who have suffered from this pill. There are lawsuits against it for a reason and I would strongly encourage you NOT to take this, and if you are taking it, find another pill! There are plenty out there. I however, doubt I will ever take BC pills again. I took two different ones, had bad experiences with both and don’t feel it’s worth it. My health is more important and there are other ways to prevent pregnancy. I have read so much about Yaz and Yasmin from the time I was on it up til now. Some women took it for years before experiencing terrible side effects and some women experienced them right away. Please use extreme caution if you absolutely must take this pill.

  45. Amy Reply

    My best friend recently died of a pulmonary embolism caused by yaz. She was 22 years old, had just graduated from college, and didn’t smoke or drink. She was perfectly healthy. There’s no better way to describe my mindset right now than – crushed.

  46. jessica Reply

    I started taking yamin after I had my first child 2007 and about a month later I woke up at 4am feeling really dizzy and sweaty I couldnt even walk right so I fell back asleep then I woke up at 7 am throwing up and I was so dizzy I couldnt walk to the bathroom right I kept running into the walls so my husband took me to the hospital when I got there they couldnt even get my blood pressure because it was so fast turned out to be 160beats they took so many test of me they couldnt find what was wrong that was the worst hospital ever I stayed in the hospital for 4 days when I left I was still a little dizzy then I went back like 3 months later for the same symtoms then another 2 months later then once more untill I finally stoped taking birthcontrol it was the worst experience ever

  47. morrgan Reply

    I dont know what all of you are talking about because I have been on Yaz for 6 months and have never felt better! My periods are lighter and shorter and its helped tremendously with my depression and pmdd

  48. Margaret Reply

    I am 46 and have been taking Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella for nearly 8 years with no problems whatsoever. It has cured my acne, regulated my cycles, decreased PMS symptoms, and smoothed out my moods. I feel better when I am on it than when I’m not. Haven’t noticed side effects of any kind. My OB/GYN recommends that I stay on it in order to alleviate impending symptoms of menopause.

    I have been on various bcps most of my adult life and some have felt great while others haven’t (nausea & weight gain are typical side effects for me).

    My blood type is O negative. Like Michelle, I’m wondering if blood type might be a factor.

  49. Kristina Reply

    I am 17 and I just got Yaz at the doctor today. We sat down with my mom and talked about all of my options, why wouldn’t the doctor warn me about any of this?

  50. carole Reply

    i was on yaz for 2WEEKS and then i was hospitalized because a strok caused by the pill it should be taken off the market i am now going to have to take blood thinners the rest of my life

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