Essure Birth Control Settlement To Result in $1.6 Billion in Compensation For Women

Bayer Pharmaceuticals officials indicate the company will pay $1.6 billion to settle most of the nearly 39,000 Essure lawsuits, resolving claims alleging the birth control device caused women to suffer painful and debilitating complications due to a defective design.

Information about the Essure birth control settlement was disclosed in a press release issued on August 20, indicating that the deal is expected to resolve about 90% of the pending legislation.

The agreement includes a fund designed to address outstanding claims, and the manufacturer is continuing to negotiate resolutions for the remaining cases. The company suggested plans to settle Essure cases in its second quarter financial statement issued earlier this month, when it indicated that $1.4 billion was being set aside to resolve the litigation.

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Essure was previously sold by Bayer as a permanent form of birth control, involving flexible coils inserted into the Fallopian tubes during a procedure designed to cause scar tissue to develop, which blocks the tubes and prevents insemination. However, the device was removed from the market amid thousands of reports involving painful and debilitating complications from Essure, including migration injuries, perforations, severe reactions and other problems.

Although Essure was recalled from the market in most countries in 2017, Bayer continued to sell the device in the United States until the end of 2018. In the face of mounting pressure and publicity about the injuries women were experiencing from Essure, the company announced in July 2018 it was removing Essure from the US. market on December 31, 2018.

Plaintiffs who accept the settlement agreement will have to drop their pending claims, and Bayer indicates it will not admit to wrongdoing or liability. However, terms of the agreement, beyond the $1.6 billion figure, are being held confidential.

The company faced a number of approaching trial dates in the litigation, coming as a series of reports were released that highlighted the problems with Essure, including interim results from a post-marketing study the FDA released last month, which found that more than 20% of women implanted with the device faced hypersensitivity reactions, chronic abdominal pain, and abnormal bleeding, and many had much higher rates of additional gynecological procedures.

Approximately 750,000 women worldwide implanted with the device, and about 70% of those procedures occurring in the United States.


  • MandyOctober 27, 2021 at 5:25 am

    My name is Mandy A. I was a healthy vibrant, new mom, when in 2007, I started having seizures that caused me to miscarry my little girl, at this time nobody understood what brought the seizures on, what was triggering them, they conducted an EEG and it concluded that I was infact epileptic and nobody knows to this day what started my issues. Fast forward several months into 2007, I received a call[Show More]My name is Mandy A. I was a healthy vibrant, new mom, when in 2007, I started having seizures that caused me to miscarry my little girl, at this time nobody understood what brought the seizures on, what was triggering them, they conducted an EEG and it concluded that I was infact epileptic and nobody knows to this day what started my issues. Fast forward several months into 2007, I received a call from a leading physician at Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida, also where I was being treated for seizures and where I had my son in 2003 before the seizures began. During this time in my life I turned into someone I still to this day do not know who she was, and most of it could have been prevented. This dr asked me would I be interested in trying a new contraceptive, because I mentioned I needed something I didn't have to take everyday And NOT the IUD, bc I did want to have children again I was a young woman, I just needed something that would stop me from getting pregnant and I wanted something that I did not have to be reminded of because I was not myself at this time. Well this doctor that I had not actually been treated by yet gave me information about the contraceptive essure. Now let me say that I was absolutely had no idea what I was dealing with what they were putting in my body I only knew that a leading physician came to me trying to help my situation and I appreciated that very much. So I went into his office and we discussed the options. That day was the beginning of my demise and I'm still not out of it even after a full hysterectomy. We spoke briefly and I explained to him what I wanted out of it and he was very detailed and very professional or so I thought. I told him that I wanted something that was not permanent that I did not have to worry about a huge bill to get it taken out that I want it to be relatively easy but have very good statistics on stopping pregnancy while in use. This doctor went on to explain that it was the best new thing in the whole world that he is trying to get this out to as many people as they can people like me. He explained that it is easily removed and even more so easily implanted I needed no anesthesia I needed no surgery nothing but a small office visit and this sounded like the perfect plan for me it stopped me from getting pregnant I didn't have to worry about taking a pill and I could go to the doctor and get it taken out anytime I wanted to or when I was ready what is there to lose right? Well that doctor lied to me only after 11 years of brutal constant pain in and out of hospitalizations stimming nothing to do with my seizures nothing. It was pain in my pelvic area and I literally could feel these coils that they put inside me that they told me that I would have absolutely zero side effects none maybe a little spotting after implantation and distracting of the devices, but other than that I was home for a but that was the furthest thing from the truth. I found out 11 years later that my great doctor they gave me this great opportunity because he was looking out for me and my best interest got paid big bucks to get me to sign up by Bayer. It was like a sign up bonus when you do a really good job with the company you know but this was lying to your patients who were already dealing with medical issues and trusted you that's what we're dealing with well that's what I doubt with anyway he lied they had absolutely no idea what putting those coils inside of us would do to us because they never tested them we were there guinea pigs and we were not asked to be one we were lied to by our doctors that's what we were we were naive young women that listen to very highly trained physicians that were supposed to be there to protect us from these things from happening and they did everything but that for their own monetary gain. He took money from Bayer pharmaceutical to lie to us and say there's no side effects that came from his mouth not there and he had no idea what he was doing he had never had any training whatsoever to put those things inside of me but yet here I was at 27-year-old mom with a three year old little boy that just needed his mommy and I just needed my son and I needed my doctor to help me so I could be there for my son that I carried to term. It was all the complete lie and even now as I'm typing this I can't very emotional and almost nauseous thinking about the things that I went through during that time in my life and how many people thought I was crazy and did not believe me but I've been crying and pain that there's something wrong nobody cared no one at shands Hospital wanted to touch me they would stick me in a room for weeks and have different people coming and poking and prodding cuz nobody could figure out but then nobody wanted to admit that the coils they put in my body for what was causing this and it was caused by a negligent doctor that didn't care that he had no idea what he was getting into all he knew was he was going to get a fat paycheck for ruining my life this is America this is what we as Americans have come to. Fast forward to 2017 I was contacted by a case for women on Facebook out of all things I seen a ad from them it said have you been implanted with the essure contraceptive if you have and you have experience complications do to it please contact us and I did. That year it was like a snowball effect everything just came into clear focus all those times that I went into the emergency room begging for people to help me at the very hospital that did it and they wouldn't help me they would send me home with pain medication that I ultimately became addicted to that was the only thing that that stopped it what was I supposed to do the doctor gave it to me he said take this it'll help so I did. Late 2018 after signing up with Motley rice the leading law firm that went up against Bayer the fake nights and shining armor that came to the rescue for us poor pain ridden women and they were going to help us they were going to get us what we needed they were going to make sure that we would never have to deal with anything like this ever again and they would also make sure that those coils were removed. Well around late October I ended up having the worst pain something beyond that I can even describe to you something that I could never describe it was worse then childbirth and instead of going to shands the hospital that put them in me I decided to go to North Florida regional medical center to their ER and it was my saving Grace going to that hospital because nobody would have took the time to care for me at shands because they wanted nothing to do with it they did not want to touch them coils they didn't want their hands dirty they knew what was fixing to happen but I didn't I was still naive up until 3 days ago I was still naive to our society and big businesses and lawyers and doctors I was naive. Thankfully I went to that hospital and they ran every test on me cuz they can tell I was in serious serious pain my blood pressure was through the roof the roof the roof, and I normally have perfect blood pressure but something was wrong something was really wrong and they knew it. I went and got an internal ultrasound and that's where it began everything started unraveling that day first it was just the general person who does that forgive me I don't know the exact term then delete came in and again looked inside me and this was excruciating pain having that inside me I wasn't able to have sex for years years and still can't because it's uncomfortable it's uncomfortable to have my husband inside of me. But I battled through because I just knew that somebody was actually going to listen to me today and he did after that lead physician came in this big huge surgeon that is like world renowned came in and talked to me after sticking that thing inside of me again he had to make sure I had a collapsed ovary a collapsed ovary that was on the verge of killing me literally and somehow this doctor Dr Stewart was able to produce something I don't know what he did I still don't know what he did to this day but he got it to where I didn't have to have immediate surgery I came back after a couple of days and he told me that not only was he going to have to take that ovary from me but because of these coils that wreaked habit inside of my body for the last 11 years that I would never be able to have a child again that doctor a chance took that right from me nobody gave me the opportunity to make my own decision nobody. So I'm here to go into surgery with my family surrounded me and everybody was so happy that I was going to be Mandy again I was going to get this out of me that everyone refused even the doctor that put them in me had to admit that he did not know how to take them out that he was not even properly trained to put them in me 11 years I did this. The surgery went great I only had a couple of cuts but I'm poor and I can't afford hormone replacement and poor I can't afford all the things that I needed after that surgery. My hormones are so bad and so out of whack that I don't recognize myself anymore but I can't afford it I can't afford an insurance I can't afford medical treatment and if you make so much the government doesn't help. During this time of surgery I signed with Motley rice but right before I signed with Motley rice a small firm the promise that they would take care of me that they would treat me like an individual because I am and every woman that had this happen to her oh face different challenges we are all separate entities and Motley rice decided for us what they thought was best and that's not what I signed up for. So even after my uterus and everything else that goes with it had to be taken ripped out of my knee my choice to be able to have children let me repeat that my choice to have more children was taken from me and Motley rice specifically Chelsea l Monroe promise me that she was going to fight for me and that that she was going to ensure that I got at least $200,000 at the very least if I decided to come with them and I listen to this moment cuz like I said I was still being naive to the fact that all of these people are all intertwined and some sick perverse way and US little people are just the victims and we really don't matter and that's why nobody even knows that the stuff that's going on right now is going on and I'm tired I'm tired of fighting for my rights as a woman as a human it's not right we have been treated we are people this was our lives. So I waited I waited and I waited for almost a whole full year I never heard from Motley rice not what time not one time but I've never been through anything like this never I haven't even been able to tell them my story yet like I'm telling you right now I signed with them and they never asked me never once that day after Chelsea got me to sign I never talk to her ever again not even to this day. In fact when I received my settlement after only after I called 2 days before Christmas because Chelsea had promised to get with me because we had settled this was 2020 would we settled for 1.6 million dollars but let me tell you we didn't know we settled not these little people the handful of people that they actually tried they knew but not us not the 30,000 of us this side with Motley rice we didn't know do you know how I found out that they settled who's on the news. December 23rd 2020 I contacted my law firm Motley rice and I said what is going on why has nobody called me why nobody kept me in the loop like I said for a whole year I never heard from them not what time I was one of the small people I guess my pain wasn't small though my memory is aren't small though my children I will never be able to have will not be small because I will not allow that I refuse to be another victim to the very people that were supposed to be fighting for me I'm tired of being the victim. They had forgot to even send me my settlement letter and I'm serious whoever I talk to I don't even remember at that time because it was so disgusting to me they here I did put my faith in somebody else and they did not care about me and you do have so many of us they're so many of us and we're being bullied by bear in Motley rice to shut up shut up and I'm not anymore what do I have to lose they've already taken everything from me they have taken everything from all of us. That same day that I called December 23rd I've notated all of this everything throughout this whole process I notated everything even when Mrs. Monroe promised me $200,000. I want to also mind this when I spoke to her Chelsea Monroe of Motley rice I hadn't had my full hysterectomy I was just in pain and I was just one of the women that knew something was wrong so one would think that after having surgery a life-changing surgery like a hysterectomy at 38 years old that would be a significant difference in the amount that I would get one would think no it didn't according to my settlement letter by Motley rice the detailed the damages and the only thing I could see in that whole small print was $100,000 that's all I seen I felt so desperate I was so angry could you imagine you're right as a human being completely violated by the very people that you trust that the government tells you you can trust these people we're the very ones including Motley rice that has taken advantage of all of us we were just a bunch of guinea pigs. After I regain my composure and stop crying long enough to read whatever this piece of paper or Google doc whatever it was I don't even remember said that we as your attorney feel like $100,000 is plenty of money for the damages that you went through and then if you decide not to take this we can't promise that will back you we can't promise you that you'll get anything if you refuse this you can't promise anything. Oh now you can't promise me anything but before I signed with you you promised the whole lot didn't you Chelsea. I sent her an email and I asked her how she slept at night and then I remembered and I told her in the nice big fat house in the nice big fat bed that you lay in every night that is paid for the pain and suffering of 30,000 women that you did not fight for that you chose what we deserved without even opening our files in court. As a matter of fact they had an even gotten the details of my case when they went to trial they only knew I had surgery and I did die that's it I had to go to shands for 4 months Monday through Friday begging for my medical records because for some reason this multi-billion dollar company that I am paying for with my pain and suffering couldn't do it and I was so naive I did it because I thought they were going to help me and again they didn't have those records when they went to court they didn't but I just do they do what they were doing and she promised me $200,000 right. Well I'm no longer naive and I'm no longer remaining silent I'm tired of being a victim and yesterday evening was the end of Mandy being naive and listening to anybody but my gut. Thursday October 21st I went around online just like I'm doing now and how I found this started poking around because about February of this year 2021 I got another letter from Motley rice telling me that I needed to sign these papers to let these wonderful people Archer systems to go fight for me because guess what my insurance provider now wants their cut of my pain and suffering because of course the victim has to pay for out of their settlement money for devices that could have potentially killed me if I didn't I was responsible for it I had to pay for that and so they are proposing that I signed with this company Archer systems because they are the best we only hire the best believe us and not only is it volatile that you do this because if not then Medicaid or Medicare or whatever it is that supposedly I have a lien on never once have had a paper come to me not one letter telling me that anybody wants money back from that surgery got one letter have I received and nobody can show me that one person has shown me that statement even to this day and today is now Wednesday is 4:15 a.m. I haven't slept in 48 hours but 3 hours in those 48 and this is my second night not sleeping because I'm so distressed by what's going on and I'm not giving up this time I'm not stopping I'm not going to shut up and I don't care what happens to me I don't I'll go to every newspaper I'll go to every news station and I will tell everyone this same story I'm telling you because it's my truth and somebody is paying for my truth and it's not going to be me. So let me back track a little bit last Thursday I got on the internet and started poking around just trying to figure out why this Archer system is taking so long why is it taking so long months months I was told on December 23rd when I signed my settlement that within 6 months of this day we are assured that you will have your full settlement what your own on Thursday the 21st 2021 I got online and looked up Archer systems cuz I was going to contact them and find out what's taking so long is there something that I can do and as I'm scrolling scrolling scrolling I run into a better Business bureau review and guess what my lawyers told me to hire a company make it seem as if I had to actually I had no choice and I'm finding out now that I can opt out of this I don't have to go this way I can deal with my lead myself and I didn't know that had no idea because my lawyer didn't advise me of that just like they did advise me they were settling for me either cuz I never said pull out at 1.6 million sorry billion as long as I can get $100,000 of it I was ready to accept that just so I can move on with my life the 100,000 which I know Chelsea my wonderful super save lawyer would never have accepted $100,000 offer if what has happened to me happened to her or someone she loved she would have thought she wouldn't have settled nobody at that long firm would have settled at the peanuts that they're throwing at us. So the 21st I find that Archer systems has had their accreditation revoked just this year before I signed with them they had their accreditation revoked do you want to know why for screwing customers and holding their money to collect interest on my pain in my suffering and I was livid I immediately took screenshots downloaded everything I could find about this company that has a failing grade of f not because of reviews but because the better Business bureau feels that they are screwing over and this is who my big hot shot lawyers make me sign with make me feel I had to they didn't hold me down now but they sure made it seem that I needed to do this just like they made me feel like I had to take the $100,000 that they offered me I was desperate completely desperate it had nobody to offer me advice because my lawyers were just as big as a snake is there is if not more because at least bear offered me something for my pain and suffering a lot more than Motley rice has the audacity to I'll get to that. I contacted Chelsea personally several times and told her how to disgust it I was with her and how horrible of a person she was and that she was a liar that everything she said to me everything she said to All about women was lies so she knew exactly how I felt and I'm praying to God right now that your system isn't going to stop me from sharing my story because three reviews that I have tried to post about this has somehow interjected and kicked me out and then never lets me go back in and I have screenshots of that and I don't know why that is happening it's never happened to me before I want people to know about Motley Rice. So after I found out that they really pressured me to sign a contract with a company that is not accredited that actually lost their accreditation for screwing customers just like me holding people's money for 6 years at times and gave women no help to get that money once it went to them probably because they're somehow in cahoots together and that's why they don't care because there's no way that a lawyer as big as Motley rise it's not aware that they were asking their clients to sign contracts with a non-accredited company that has a feeling grade for exactly what I'm telling you go look yourself Archer systems. At this point Chelsea Chelsea doesn't really talk to me anymore she knows I don't like her and she's probably a little embarrassed maybe not probably not I don't really care why she doesn't talk to me I go through mark now so I emailed mark at Motley rice and I lay it in them I tell him how dare you ask me and not give me the chance to make that decision on my own whether or not I want to sign with a company that is not accredited and the reason why they're not accredited is because why mark they screw over customers and they hold their pain and suffering after them waiting years to get they hold it for years more and collect interest off of our pain and our suffering and death and strife and relationships that are broken because of this contraceptive they let me it does not close this information to me not once or nobody else I know they didn't they told me they were good and they've been doing it for 20 years that was a lie also this business only came about 4 years ago and within them for years they've had their accreditation stripped. I had no idea when I was going to get my settlement money at this point none none because every time I called Mark or emailed Mark I haven't spoke to not one person from Motley rice and over two years I kid you not not one person in 2 years. But I guess I opened a can of worms and they started freaking out a little bit and they wanted to make me happy I think I think that this is why all this happened they were trying to shut me up they realized that I stuck my toes in a pool and pulled out a whole can of worms and they're shuffling now shuffling freaking out I know they are they got to be because you know what happened yesterday evening Monday I got a letter in the mail from Motley rice this letter was a letter detailing where all my money went or where it will go it's already gone I know it is it's already gone but it won't be for Mom. This letter stated that I was given by bear 115, 000 and change I don't remember the exact change if you want details I can get them but Motley rice was taking 57.62% of that $115,000 that bear gave me for my pain and suffering which is 64,000 in change they're taking that then this company that I had just symptom information telling them how could you have done this to me they took it upon themselves to send 44,000 of my money that I spent 14 years of my life and still to this day deal with the effects of those devices and there was a check for me there was a check so I realized right then that they knew they had really messed up because they were trying to get me to sign this check because I was so desperate I'm so desperate right now for that money because of covid and the pandemic messing up so many Americans lives and everyone just shutting the door on us like we're nobody just like Motley rice try to do to me yesterday evening. There is a brief itemization $6,000 for the $6,000 for that 2% here 6% here no real details though of what the expenses are what $40,000 that Motley rice just says Motley rice 40,000 blah blah blah and then I get to my portion I think my God I can't be reading this correctly there's no way I'm reading this correctly no way they sent me a check for $18,000 $647 and $37 for 14 years plus the rest of my life dealing with the after effects of the Essure that Bayer put on the market without any warning of any kind it was foolproof I was told. After realization the $18,000 was what they were offering me to settle in if Archer after years or whatever however time it takes for them to figure out if I have a lien or not cuz right now I still don't know if I even have one but they sent them more money than they sent me this non-accredited revoked by the better Business bureau company that they advised me to sign with. They were getting $44,000 a mine and maybe maybe not I might get that check if they find none then I'm good I can go they'll send it to me and that's if Motley rice doesn't find any other expenses that they didn't bill me for the $65,000 they didn't contact me for a year never open never cracked and that's in my settlement paperwork that they could not possibly try my case individually no way there's no way they can do that but forbid that we expect our lawyer that's getting 65,000 to go to court and mention my name! God forbid we should we should not expect that, and on top of all of this and real fine print it says if you sign this check and deposit it you are giving up your rights to question any money it says that you agree to this amount of money and you're screwed after you sign and cash this check. I immediately got online and emailed the head person in charge of my case the Fitzpatrick whatever her name is the big dog Chelsea and Mark who Chelsea passed me to when she could handle me anymore she couldn't keep lying so she passed me to Mark. So I made sure to include them all in this email and I let them know that I wasn't signing their check that they no longer held my trust that they no longer were considered the good guys I told them that bear was better people than they were because at least bear offered me something. $18,000 for 14 years of pain a hysterectomy the chance of ever having another child is what I was offered but my lawyer was taking 64,000 of that money I have no clue where that money is going to because like I told you they didn't contact me almost for two years unless I contacted them they did not have my information not everything to go to trial with they did not send me my settlement letter like they did everybody else they had an excuse of why they forgot and why they didn't follow up after they forgot to send me my settlement papers. I was just sitting in the dark and they were celebrating and cashing out on my pain and suffering and it's who I hired to fight for me it is who I hired to help take care of me and my family after a huge company ripped our whole world apart and these people were offering me 16% of 100% of my pain and suffering they handed a company that is not accredited my money more money than they handed me. Mind you know but I sent that letter on I'm sorry not letter that email to them last Thursday the 21st of October he has yet to return that email and have an explanation for me there is none he knows they have no explanation for what they are doing to me and had the audacity to send me a very vague itemization of them taking $65,000 from me for nothing for not opening my file one day in the courtroom I went and got my medical records and when I found them they finally gave them to me because they were being shady too they're everyone is involved in all this it's all a big circle of lies and I'm no longer naive to this. Last night I feel like I could not breathe as I was reading this and it just so happened that my mom was here and I had a full blown anxiety attack I couldn't breathe I couldn't see in front of me I could not believe this was happening to me I had waited 3 years of my life for $18,000 I waited from 2007 to today for $18,000. My fiance and I split up he's never had kids and I can't blame them he wants to have kids one day and because my hormones are so out of whack I'm a maniac and angry or crying and I have no means I'm a single mom to a senior in high school and at this point, have absolutely no resources to get on hormone replacement therapy something that I add themately need along with getting with a doctor for my bladder issues I mean the stuff that I deal with now and I know full well completely certain that these things that I go through every day has everything to do with that contraceptive because it wasn't like that before I put it inside me or that doctor they got paid to put it inside me this just cannot be happening. So here it is Wednesday morning at 4:47 a.m. I believe the 27th I figured out everything I figured out that Motley rice sent me a letter out the very next day of telling them how angry I was how disappointed I was for them hiring that company in my house and making me feel like that they were there to help me when they have had their license and accreditation revoked Motley rice who thinks I am supposed to pay them $65,000 dollars for hiring a company that is literally stealing interest from their customers the customers that are already victims they have been victimized by big businesses like themselves and Motley rice this is who my lawyer who thinks that they are getting 58% of my settlement that's already disgustingly too little and they thought that they could send me a check for $18,000 and because I'm so pathetic and I'm so poor that I would just take that and not care that they're taking all my money and what was left handed it to criminals. Because after all they, as we know they have fought long and hard battle for us pathetic poor people that could do it on their own so they deserve my money more than I do. I actually am an attack with a group of women like me that I just found all this out recently there's lots of us that are angry and we're not stopping we're not going to give up fighting so I hope they understand that but these women all have the same story we all do. But what I found within these groups that it is believed that Motley did what they did by only showing them so many women in cases what's the saddle quickly for their benefit not ours they didn't even ask us if 1.6 was sufficient for us were they happy where we happy with how they handled it no no sir we weren't but someone actually quite a few people are saying that they have found out that the reason why but at least settled so quickly and the way they did was because they could charge us all no matter how much money we're getting basically the same amount of money even to the women that were their bellwether cases it's just about the same amount each one of them and if they had to have individually try this it would have been different they wouldn't be able to do that this changes everything the information that I have found in the last 7 days is earth-shattering and it's going to be a sad day for Motley rice because we're coming for them and we're not giving up we're not signing there checks that they're sending to us they expected that I just would sign that check and I would shut up and I care that they are taking almost $70,000 of $115 that I was awarded which is still incredibly low for what I've been through I mean Motley rice feels like that they deserve $65,000 of my money for 3 years but I only deserve 18,000 for 14-15 years. So I'm waiting on a few things for I really start digging in the last email that I sent which was yesterday none of them has been followed up I haven't spoke to anybody since September the middle of September and that's when they told me that Archer had finalized my loan so it's going to be any day now any day he's a finalized it and did not think that I would really have to owe too much at all out for my lien, and to just try to be patient but I wasn't patient anymore after I found out who I had to be patient for which is a customer service company that steals from the customers and better Business bureau has figured that out and rejected and revoked their accreditation but my lawyer feels that they need or deserve more money 75% more money than I'm getting myself. So for 8 days now my lawyer has not returned by the emails that one call not one email not one text message and 8D days even though they realize what kind of a bind they have put their clients in just like me. They just thought that they were Going to Send me a Check and shut me up but they weren't aware that just because I'm poor doesn't mean I'm dumb just because I don't think right anymore because my brain is all out of whack and chemical imbalances and I mean I could go on and on and on with the stuff that I am going to have to deal with for the rest of my life because of bear and now the people that were supposed to be helping me are also robbing me because they don't deserve 30% plus 27% of money from people that you didn't represent they never heard my name they had no idea but they deserve three times three and a half times more money than I do it's almost comical but I'm so tired that I can't even cry about this stuff anymore it's turned into a huge ball of anger that will not be satisfied until everybody is held accountable for the things that has happened to the 30,000 women just like me. So I am hoping that you are not somehow

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