Gadolinium Toxicity Lawsuits Transferred to Various U.S. District Courts

A federal judge has ordered that nearly a dozen gadolinium toxicity lawsuits be transferred to various different U.S. District Courts nationwide, each involving similar allegations that the commonly used MRI contrast agents caused plaintiffs to suffer a painful and debilitating condition known as “gadolinium deposition disease”. 

The complaints were all filed in the U.S. District for the Northern District of California against manufacturers of gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents, including Bayer Healthcare, GE Healthcare and other defendants.

Following venue challenges, the parties stipulated to transfer 11 of 13 cases pending before U.S. District Judge James Donato, resulting in orders issued earlier this month to send claims back to districts where each plaintiff resides.

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Gadolinium is used in MRI contrast agents, such as Magnevist, Gadavist, and Ominscan, to help provide a detailed and clearer image of internal organs, allowing doctors to identify abnormal tissue in the body.

Each of the gadolinium deposition disease lawsuits raise similar claims, indicating that plaintiffs were left with serious health complications after receiving the MRI contrast injection, including nausea, pain, burning, itching, tumors, digestive disturbances, weight loss, sensitivity to medications and other symptoms caused by the build up of gadolinium in their body.

Gadolinium deposition disease (GDD) is a man-made condition, which is only known to occur among individuals who receive an MRI or MRA contrast agent. It is considered incurable and progressive, meaning that the symptoms worsen over time.

“People suffering from GDD experience symptoms consistent with the known toxic effects of retaining gadolinium,” according to allegations repeated throughout the lawsuits. “Typical clinical features of GDD include persistent headaches, bone and joint pain and clouded mental activity. People with GDD often experience subcutaneous soft tissue thickening that clinically appears somewhat spongy or rubbery. Tendons and ligaments in a comparable distribution may also be painful and have a thickened appearance. People with GDD often experience excrutiating pain, typically in a distal distribution, of the arms and legs but may also be in the torso or generalized location. This pain is often described as feeling like sharp pins and needles cutting or burning. GDD often progresses to painful inhibition of the ability to use the arms, legs, hands, feet and other joints.”

Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturers were aware of numerous case reports, studies and other data highlighting the toxicity of gadolinium when used as an MRI contrast agent, yet consumers and the medical community were not warned about the serious health risks.

The most high-profile claim to date was filed in November 2017, by action star and martial artist Chuck Norris, alleging that his wife, Gena Norris, suffered gadolinium MRI contrast agent poisoning that has left her with severe pain and burning sensations. However, that claim was not part of the recent order.

As additional gadolinium lawsuits continue to be filed in various different U.S. District Courts nationwide in the coming months and years, it is possible that a motion may be filed with the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation to establish coordinated pretrial proceedings in the claims, which would reduce duplicative discovery in common issues, avoid conflicting pretrial orders and serve the convenience of common witnesses, the parties and the judicial system.


  • Pamala LucilleMarch 29, 2019 at 10:52 pm

    This is a living hell socially physically mentally emotionally every aspect of my life and people want to question this I know for a fact my body was fine before I got this MRI stuff I had one MRI is contrast dye injection and what was the results my life doing a 360 for the worse and where do I go hell I don't know I've hired attorneys it's like looking out reaching out but really I'm not sure wh[Show More]This is a living hell socially physically mentally emotionally every aspect of my life and people want to question this I know for a fact my body was fine before I got this MRI stuff I had one MRI is contrast dye injection and what was the results my life doing a 360 for the worse and where do I go hell I don't know I've hired attorneys it's like looking out reaching out but really I'm not sure what's real what's real or not anymore because I'm in pain everyday I can't walk without a cane because of the pressure on my hip and torso when arm I cannot live over my head it's hard for me to go from my room to the restroom I cannot do any of my daily things including Financial Solutions cuz hardship and it's hard on my partner and myself as well as people around me because I need help so for anyone who has this b******* and all the people procrastinating I'm helping us that are need due to their ignorance or whatever their failure was to keep quiet and continue benefiting is ridiculously stupid these people seem to have a lot of time well at the same time you're taking away from my life everyday when I believe they have enough enough money 2 help us bye just giving us the compensation that is requested bye our counsel why wait longer when time is money value is more morally and Integra aspects Within their game is not being played buy some of us we suffer and why this is ridiculous and pathetically selfish on their part we are humans not rats we do have a life somewhere now and unlike us they'll go home after after work and spend time at home with their family have dinner maybe go somewhere maybe stay home whatever their heart desires including simple things like getting up and just walking where I cannot and to me why can I just sit here and wait in pain in my life is put on hold and spindling download when I should be climbing upward how the hell can they live without a conscience like this this world is sad and attorneys and the doctors and yes even me I just trying 2 get through this and move on so what's the problem why being denial is they're only defense so fight fight hard because we have to due to these peoples stupid the the mistakes and awareness of human error is to be human and admitting failure is okay so YB so ignorant and getting more attention when they have to know by now what is going on instead of continuing this ridiculous show of something I personally cannot respect now so hear me out I cannot because I have not the power 2 but again they say the pen is mightier then the sword so upon hiring the attorneys that will fight hard is my kind as long as they have the knowledge not the money together we will not lose because we are fighting with the naked Truth and as for suffering that's enough for all sides I just hope they understand this since they cannot hide and if I were them I would realize and look better then covering it like a Halloween mask or caked on makeup and sooner or later they will have to take that off so again I ready 4 what is a head as long as I have strength in those that will stand true solid and through it until something is done and not after we're dead LOL not really funny so imagine other people also are in my situation and it could be you thank you for your time and thought I'm sure letters from you would be a great help for our Nations strength in Justice on what's real and what is hidden let's try I mean let's do this and get on with it okay just saying love to all and even those that hate God bless

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