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Side effects of Levaquin have been linked to permanent and debilitating nerve damage, known as peripheral neuropathy, which can last for months or years after last use of the antibiotic.

STATUS OF LEVAQUIN NEUROPATHY LAWSUITS: A growing number of Levaquin lawsuits are being pursued by individuals throughout the United States who have discovered that nerve problems may have been caused by use of the medication. Product liability lawyers are reviewing potential claims for individuals diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, or who have suffered symptoms of nerve damage.


MANUFACTURER: Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

OVERVIEW: Levaquin (levofloxacin) is an antibiotic that is part of a group of drugs known as fluoroquinolones. It is one of the most widely used antibiotics, and has been used by millions of Americans.

Prior to the introduction of generic competitors, Levaquin generated over $1.3 billion in annual sales for the drug makers.

Although the antibiotic has been on the market for nearly 20 years, it appears that potential Levaquin side effects have not been thoroughly researched and that inadequate warnings have been provided for users and the medical community about the risk of peripheral neuropathy, which can cause:

  • Pain in the Arms, Legs, Hands or Feet
  • Burning, Tingling or Numbness
  • Weakness, Tiredness or Heaviness
  • Sensitivity to Light Touches, Temperator and Motion

LEVAQUIN NERVE DAMAGE SIDE EFFECTS: Scientific evidence has established a link between fluoroquinolone antibiotics and peripheral neuropathy for decades, with the first published case reports coming as early as 1992.

Concerns about the development of peripheral neuropathy after using fluoroquinolones was raised by doctors from Infectious Disease Clinic and Microbiology Laboratory at Institut Jules Bordet of Belgium in 1992, in a letter to the editor of The Lancet, which outlined a case involving a 37 year old patient.

In 2001, a published study in the U.S. examined dozens of reports involving long-term peripheral neuropathy nervous system damage following use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics, finding that over half of patients continued to experience symptoms more than a year after last use of the medication. Approximately 80% characterized the peripheral neuropathy problems as severe.

Although peripheral neuropathy warnings were added to many of the medications in September 2004, it appears that this information was false and misleading. The warnings suggested that the peripheral neuropathy problems from Levaquin were “rare” and failed to disclose that users may be left with permanent nerve damage.

Many users may have been able to avoid permanent and debilitating nerve injury if adequate information had been provided about the potential link between Levaquin and peripheral neuropathy, informing users and the medical community about the importance of switching to a different antibiotic upon the onset of symptoms.

In August 2013, the FDA announced that new and stronger warnings would be added to Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics. The new warnings remove prior claims that the nerve damage cases were rare, and indicate that the problems may affect users for years after they stop taking the drug. In many cases the peripheral neuropathy causes permanent disability and limitations for the remainder of the users life.

LEVAQUIN RETINA DETACHMENT SIDE EFFECTS: In addition to claims for nerve damage, lawsuits over Levaquin are also being reviewed for individuals who have experienced retinal detachment.

Although doctors have long-suspected that Levaquin and other antibiotics in the same class of medications have a detrimental effect on connective tissues throughout the body, the manufacturers may have failed to adequately research or warn about the risk of eye problems and vision loss.

In April 2012, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that users of Levaquin may be five times more likely to suffer a retinal detachment, which is a medical emergency where the retina peels away from its underlying layer of support.

Some lawyers are now considering whether individuals may be entitled to financial compensation through a Levaquin retina detachment lawsuit if they suffered an injury, as proper warnings may have allowed individuals to avoid the eye problems, since prompt treatment may the retina from detaching completely.

Symptoms of a developing detached retina from Levaquin may include:

  • Flashes of Light
  • Floaters or “Hairs” Visible to the Temporal Side of the Central Vision
  • Dramatic Increases in the NUmber of Floaters
  • Feeling of Heaviness in the Eye
  • Dense Shadow Progressing from Peripheral to Central Vision
  • Impression that a Veil or Curtain Was Drawn Over Field of Vision
  • Central Vision Loss

LEVAQUIN TENDON RUPTURE LAWSUITS: In 2009, the FDA required a black box warning about the risk of tendon ruptures on Levaquin, providing prominent warnings for consumers about the importance of seeking immediate medical attention if discomfort in the achilles tendon is noticed.

In the years following the warning update, nearly 4,000 Levaquin lawsuits were filed by users who experienced sudden tendon problems. By late 2012 and early 2013, Levaquin settlements were reached to resolve most of those cases. New claims for tendon ruptures are no longer being pursued by most Levaquin lawyers.

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  1. Jean Reply

    In June-2009 I was given levaquin for bronchitis. In Aug 2009 I was having such severe shoulder pain which was so bad I went to the hospital. I was medicated and told to see a shoulder specialist. The shoulder dr. told me after mri that my rotator cuff has a 50% tear. This was not from a fall or accident or injury of any kind, it just came on suddenly and at 50 years old I just chalked it up to wear and tear, but now I have my doubts.

  2. Gayle Reply

    I took Levaquin samples and part of one prescription for chest congestion three years ago. In January ’09 I developed a torn tendon in my foot, and knowing nothing about the side effects of Levaquin, have dealt with tendonitis for the past 2 years. The doctor I consulted wanted to know how I injured my foot. As I told him, I did nothing but walk on it. My doctor says it has now progressed to tendonosis. I have constant foot pain and it has limited my enjoyment of walking, dancing and doing daily things which involve standing such as work.. It was not until this past December that I developed another chest cough and went back to the same doctor. I was given a R/X for Levaquin. I filled the r/x but read about the side effects and refused to take it. I even asked for an alternate R/X but was refused. This was given to me as something which worked really well, but instead has given me a chronic tendon problem. The next step will involve surgery.

  3. Debby Reply

    I was prescribed levaquin September 2010, for a suspected UTI. Upon starting the medication, my joints became painful. My right shoulder was especially stiff and sore and my range of motion became less and less. I was prescibed a thirty day course of prednisone which helped the joint pain except for the pain in my right shoulder. I cannot lie down on my right side and cannot raise my right arm. The pain keeps me awake and even prescribed sleep meds and 800 mg. Ibuprofin is not helping. In February 2011, I had an MRI, which showed a rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder. I had no idea how it became torn. I came upon this websight while trying to research any meds that I take which may have caused the tear.

  4. Brian Reply

    In April 2008, I was given Levaquin 500mg for 10 days to treat an upper respiratory infection. Within a few days, I developed pain in my lower back which then eventually spread to my entire body. I went back to my physician who prescribed the Levaquin and he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

    I strongly disagreed with his diagnosis since the severe pain I was suffering seemed related to the Levaquin. After a few visits to my physician, he referred me to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist made the same diagnosis of fibromyalgia which I again disagreed with. I ordered the medical records of both physicians and I discovered that both of them were documenting that I had the “trigger points” related to fibromyalgia even though neither physician ever checked me for those trigger points.

    My pain grew worse and worse with time. It felt like I was being cut with razor blades all over my body. I finally contacted a friend who does alternative types of treatment. She is a D.O. and has no loyalty to the drug companies like many physicians do. She informed me that I had been affected by Levaquin.

    She proceeded to “detox” me with homeopathic treatments. Miraculously, the severe pain that I was feeling is no longer a problem for me. I guess it wasn’t fibromyalgia after all.

  5. Thomas Reply

    I had a mastiodectomy in my youth from a bad ear infection when i was fifteen. That was 1996. Over the years the hole enlarged and i became more and more prone to infections. In late 2004 the infections were so recurrent the doctors decided to try Levaquin because the were worried about me developing an infection resistant to other antibiotics. While it didnt help my infection problems all that much (and i was put on levaquin 3 times for 10 days each) i started having other problems, mainly a tendon problem in my shoulder.As time went on i started having more problems with tendons and joints and the doctors and myself figured i was overworking my body and suffering from some form of arthritis and tendonitis.As yet there have been no treatments able to alleviate the symptoms and the only joint not having tendon issues is my right knee.I dont know if this will help me or anyone else but there it is for all to read. I have no reason to be anonymous about it i am on disability now and have little to lose were i to be given a problem about it.All i want to know is two things 1. are there other problems associated with levaquin and 2. is there anyway to fix these problems.

  6. Saundra Reply

    There is no solution or cure for the damage caused by Levaquin. I’ve spent five months trying to get relief. The only help comes from deep steriod injections, under sedation and x-ray so that the pain management specialist can put the steroid directly into the site of the tears. The greedy drug manufacturers have gone too far with these particular antibiotics and they have the gall to defend what I consider a crime to humanity. I’ve given up all hope that my injuries will ever heal and look forward to a life of severe pain.

  7. Tony Reply

    I was presribed levaquin and cipro they have ruined both achilles tendons and only once I had suicidal tendencies I am to have a (ftl) on my left tendon, I went to ortopedics and a rhuematologist.The last orto I went to knew the consequences of the drug and has been very helpful. From what I am researching is that the drug co. knew of the side affects. I was prescribed these drugs in 2007

  8. Teresa Reply

    My left shoulder, elbow and arm is in pain as well as my left knee all in the muscle…I took Levaquin for a UTI because I am allergic to Penicillin, I am off of the Levaquin now but am wondering if this is some kind of side effect from the drug, I am only 43 years old.

  9. Suzanne Reply

    Levequin has caused me to be diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis in both ankles, and is causing me severe elbow pain. I won’t be able to return to my current job, and will be having to pay lots of doctor bills!

  10. mary Reply

    I too, am suffering from debilitating thumb pain in both hands, and no dr seems to know wat the cause is…i was put on levequin for sinus and resp infections a couple years back, but developed an allergy the medication. after reading the comments on here, i strongly suspect it may have something to do with this horrible condition that has afflicted me. I feel like I’m 90 as well… I ache all over and get no relief. Worst thing is, I was a pro piano player and i can barely play anymore.

  11. Brian Reply

    Was just prescribed levofloxacin in Brazil 1000 mgs per day for 12 days as a last resort for pneumonia. Finally read about it on Wikipedia after 8 days and was shocked. As soon as I finished the course the infection which had retreated to a a slime in my throat immediately dove for my lungs again. I was told about intramuscular injections of a pharmaceutically prepared eucalyptus oil and a couple of other things that are not available in this State anymore but are still available in the one below here. Got some and started it immediately. One shot knocked it 95% out of my lungs and another 24 hours later knocked all of it but less than 1% completely out. I had bought three ampules for three injections as I was told that was the course but will keep the other for an emergency. No idea why the injections are no longer available in this State other than they are very cheap.The medial mafia is very strong here just as it is in First World countries. Apparently this injectable eucalyptus oil is an old remedy down here. No information on it on the net in English and only the product insert in Portuguese is on the web. I am experiencing pains in my wrists and again an old plantar fascitis complaint popped up after the levofloxacin. Have started a complete detoxification procedure with major amounts of water and herbs to hopefully offeset any further issues. I feel this is key for everyone experiencing the same symptoms or worse.

  12. Mary Reply

    My significant other was prescribed a pill (levaquin) in the doctor’s office and then we proceeded to go for a chest Xray, he walked in and came out of the facility in a wheel chair! The prescription of levaquin was filled and one pill was given that afternoon, the next morning he had difficulty breathing, went to ER there it showed he was having irregular heart beat, I said to his doctor, “have you read the side effects?” he seemed annoyed at my question, and when they put him in a room in the hospital he had been put on an IV with that god awful antibiotic, his heart went into RACE!!! He passed away in the hospital 8-22-09 after 2 days of his gasping as if he had been running for a long distance. Something has to be done about prescribing this killer antibiotic and the doctors who prescribe should lose their license to practice. I would be suing his doctor and the manufacturer if I thought I would qualify. (two weeks prior his heart doctor gave him a clean bill of health, said he had a good strong heartbeat and to come back in a year) So much for the drug Levaquin!!!!

  13. William Reply

    It’s been a year and four monthes since I was precribed leviquin,. In the first four days, mylower legs got aso sore I could barely walk, Then I went to bed and a wheelchair. for a month i was pretty much immobile
    then I triesd cruches, The third day I found that my left achilles tendon was severed, nad boy did that hurt. Bblah,blah with the docs and in
    March I went to surgery, the Ortho doc was great and the patch has held so far, But I tell you, the right tendon is as hard as a rock, my hands,wrists, shoulders and knees are not very kind to me anymore. Some attorney in Texas says hurry up and wait

  14. Vivian Reply

    WOW!!! I really can’t believe what I am reading . I have used a lot of this med. Mostly for sinus infections . Then about 2 2 1/2 years ago I noticed an annoying pain in my right shoulder when I would move a particular way I pushed it into the back of my mind figuring be careful what I do and it will go away. Wrong it has never gone away it has only became worse. My Dr. Had me have an MRI which showed I had a small tear in my rotater cuff I have never injured myself and I couldn’t figure out how this happened. I have had some non steroidal steroid injection ( I am allergic to steroids) it did not help. The bad part is I have been continuing use of leviquin my Dr should have connected the dots. The pain is at times Unbearable. I don’t usually post anything but I feel like this really needs to be out there I wish someone would have told me sooner.

  15. David Reply

    Do any law firm know after the first bellweather trial in Minnesota, is there any possibility that there will be pretrial settlements? I trust that all of the above victims have filed a claim. All of the above complaints should be forwarded to the United States Justice Department. I revealed my situation in a comment made on 15Nov2010 and there still remains no case resolution.

  16. William Reply

    I took levaquin one month ago. After the first pill my neck was sore . I stopped right away because I read the warnings. one day later my hamstrings hurt. The next day I couldn’t turn my neck and my eyes were extremely dry .It’s been three weeks and now my wrists, thumbs, ankles,
    Shoulders,feet neck, eyes, and hips hurt 24-7. I can’t even hold a frying pan without extreme pain. I’m a 30 year old male in great shape . I haven’t worked in 3 weeks. My doctors have thrown out three different syndromes that it has caused. I’m going to loose my job and health care. I looked back 2 years ago and i took cipro for 20 days .I had problems then but never tied it to the medicine . This time I took one pill and I have tendonitis , possible reactive arthritis , vision problems and my life is over . I have been in bed for three weeks. Just filed short term disability . After that is over I have no job or health care and I will be homeless. Thanks levaquin for ruining a healthy 30 year old males life.

  17. Dawn Reply

    I was given levequin for 7 days due to bronchitis. Two days
    Later I developed rotator cuff tendinitis. I also have joint pain,
    Muscle twitches and strange skin sensations. My arms hurt at times and my toes, hands and fingers are very achy.

  18. michelle Reply

    I had a cat bite in 2001 and had to have an IV right away. Then my Dr. put me on something to prevent any further infection (I assume it was a fluoroquinolone but my pharmacy changed ownership and I couldn’t get the name because of the torn labrium tendon in my hip.) When I went back to exercising (he gave me no warning) my right hip was hurting and I was limping. I went back to tell him and he told me to go in the jacuzzi. Next an xray showed nothing. I continued to limp and get chiropractic but nothing helped. Then in 2005 I got a urinary tract infection and the Dr. at the urgent care gave me Levaquin again. About 6 mo. later, in 2006,I got another UTI and went to my own Dr. He gave me Levaquin again. I was a basket case, I lost my memeory (my husband says it’s like asteel trap) I started having anxiety and depression and just couyldn’t think. My back was hurting severly and in 3 weeks had another UTI. When I told my Dr. I didn’t think the Levaquin was working for me he said that I am getting old and I need to see a specialist and he gave it to me again. I made an appt. but by the next day my whole body was in excruciating pain and I showed up at his office crying. He said it was my back. Since then I have had a complete hip replacement, shots in my knee, shoulder and bicep surgery and continued pain in my back and knee and tendonitis in my wrists, ankles, thumbs and the top of my foot. I have filed multiple complaints with the FDA and Ortho McNeill. The orthopedist that I went to said they know about the harm thid drug can do. This Dr. was our family Dr. for years and when I presented him with the online info he yelled at me that he knew all of it. I questioned why he had given me a pain reliever and muscle relaxer if he knew the side effects. Finally my chiropractor sent me for an MRI, not my longtime Dr. I am a fit 66 year old but I am unable to lift my Grandchildren without pain later.

  19. tricia Reply

    I went to the ER with symptoms of strep throat and/or Mono. They never tested for Mono though I still feel like I have it after 2 weeks. The Dr. Diagnosed me with PNEUMONIA eventhough I have NO symptoms of it…without even examining my chest! She prescribed me 750mgs of Levaquin for 5 days. I am sooo happy icouldn’t afford this poison! I got home from the pharmacy and researched Levaquin. I think that DR. Gets kickbacks from prescribing it! She never asked if I have pre-exisiting tendon problems or irregular heartbeat- just diagnoses me with something I obviously do not have without regard! I have Tendonitis in my left thumb & am prone to low blood potassium. For all I know this drug could have killed me or rendered me unable to function. What is wrong with the FDA and doctors allowing people to take this stuff into their bodies?!? This drug should be removed from the market immediately! I wish I could file a complaint against that doctor but I was smart enough to NOT take this crap! I guess there’s nothing I can do.

  20. April Reply

    @ years ago I was given Levaquin, Cipro, and Floxin, not at the same time. All I know is that I have never been the same. Im 32 years old, with nuasea, diareahha, and vomiting, sick stomach that cant handle anything.Body aches…its awful… i feel like in 80 years bodies been damaged from medacine. I have been suffering for almost 3 years now…still trying to find out whats wrong, spending all my money and time trying to fix it so I can be a good mother for my family,my family i was and have been too sick to take care of for a long time now. This is a serious matter.

  21. K Clements Reply

    I was given Levaquin in April 2008 and I have never been the same since. I noticed the second day that I was so sore all over my body. I thought the soreness was from tilling the garden, but then I got thinking that it was strange because I do it all the time. I just got worse and so sore I could hardly walk. I got on the enternet and read the side effects of the floroquinolone drugs. That was scary enough. On memorial weekend I started taking Tahitan Noni a over all nutritional drink and I could feel it flushing through my body. It really helped releave some of the pain, but the pain seemed to settle in my knees. In July I went to the orthopedic surgeon and had shots in my knees so I could walk. That did help for about 2 months. Then I was diagnosed with cataracts and had surgery on both eyes. I then started taking both Tahitian Noni and Monavie Juice, which just seemed to help me get by day by day. Then I started having trouble with my right foot and was diagnosed with Tarsal tunnel but opted not to have surgery and limped around for almost a year and then had physical therapy for 4 months which helped the plantar faciistis. In 2009 I tryed shots in my knees again and that lasted only about 2 weeks. I suffered with a stiff neck and went to physical therapy for that. In Aug 2010 I started with plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I have stuffed with it for almost a year even with physical therapy it is still bothering me and I can’t walk very far. I also in Oct 2010 had my right knee scoped and have had physical therapy for that. I have also started having bouts of abdominal pain and bowel problems. I had quit taking the Noni and Monavie and with all the muscle pain that I have had all along and the lack of energy I have started taking the Monavie again and that has helped and I can work hard for about 3 hours a day or every other day. Since I can’t walk long distances I have gained weight and now have to take pre diabetic meds. This has been going on since Spring 2008. Some days are better than others but I feel that the Levaquin did a trick on my body and at 62 I am glad that I am not the 80 that I feel most days.

  22. Donald Reply

    Was given Cipro years ago for pneumonia. Took it for a couple days and stopped. Could barely walk from the car into the doctor’s office. I’m very physically fit and have been all my life, and that scared the hell out of me. Luckily I stopped before any long-term affects. Doctor said that I had a “rare” reaction. Yeah, right! Just covering her ass. Same thing happened when the doctor and a lipid specialist tried putting me on Statins years ago. I said I couldn’t run after taking them because the muscle cramps were so bad. They dismissed it because it was considered an “extremely rare” occurrence. Now of course it’s seen as commonplace. A big part of the problem is that the docs are in bed with the damn pharmaceuticals because they give them all the free drugs and other benefits. So doctors would rather prescribe medication than work with their patients to find alternative health solutions. What a goddamn scam and we’re their guinea pigs!

  23. Bob Reply

    I’ve been prescribed Levaquin on 13 occassions. Before discovering the drug’s harmful side-effects, I : tore my anterior cruciiate ligament in off, tore my right bicep off, required sugery on my left hand to restore free movement of my fingers due to tendon swelling, have had several surgeries to repair torn rotator cuffs, I’m now required to wear supports in my shoes (created by a podiatrist) because the tendons in the bottom of my feet have lost their elasticity, and have had recurrent problems with my elbows and knees. I’m to have total knee replacement of my left knee in September.

  24. Emmitt Reply

    Please, are you able to Pm me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of one’s weblog… gets solved properly asap.

  25. Carol Reply

    Has anyone been able to find out any information about the class action lawsuit that is against these drug companies. That I heard is that a judge approved a suit over a year ago. Whats happening with it now and had anyone been able to collect any compinsation.

  26. Lilly Reply

    My father was prescribed levaquin, took less than 8 of them (out of 10),
    and is now having problems with his achilles tendon. He can barely walk, and has to use a cane. A neighbor just told me about the relationship of this drug to tendon problems. The doctor never warned us about it.

  27. Ann Reply

    My father is right now in the hospital fighting for his life and we feel it was because of Levaquin 750 mg. Last week we brought my father into an urgent care facility because he was on the z-pak for a sinus infection and was not getting any better. He was short of breath and coughing a ton. They took a chest xray and he was diagnosed with pneumonia. They gave him 750 mg of Levaquin for 10 days. By day 5 my father could not walk and his legs were swollen and red. We rushed him into the hospital and he in in kidney failure. He cannot walk because the pain is so great not only in his legs but his entire body. He is also on his second round of dialysis in the last 48 hours. Did anyone have any kidney issues after taking this drug?

  28. Saundra Reply

    I was prescribed Levaquin for an upper respiratory infection on 11/13/10. By 11/19/10, I experienced excrutiating pain in my right shoulder, bicep, forearm, wrist. hand, thumb & fingers, along with not as severe pain in both Achilles Tendons and also my left shoulder. I was given two consecutive medrol packs which did no good. I consulted a pain management specialist and had an MRI done on the right shoulder since it was the most painful area. I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who told me there was nothing he could do consulted a law firm who said they would take my case, but today, 6/28/11, I received a letter sayIing they would not take the case.

  29. Heidi Reply

    Wow, I feel like I got off lucky! In May 2011 after several weeks of a flu going around I went to the clinic and after x-rays was told I had beginnings of pneumonia. I was given a 10-day dose of Levaquin. Aches started a couple days later, but I figured it was the illness. I also had shoulder pain and popping, my left hip hurt to lay on, joints ached and my groin/joint of my left leg hurt so bad to walk. At day 5 I felt so bad, I went back to the clinic, I felt like I had been hit with a truck, aching all over. more x-rays were done and I was told to be patient and let the drug work. It is now the end of July and I have aches through my ribs off and on, almost daily. I don’t trust my leg, so use a cane if I am out and about. It can be fine, then suddenly, I am hanging onto walls in order to move.

    When I went to my primary physician and told her about these aches and pains and what I had found out about Levaquin, she had blood test run and said that the tests said that any tendon damage is reversible. That was only mildly reassuring. I am afraid to exercise and of course, who knows how long this reversible will take.

    The irony? The doctors in the walk-in clinic I went to mis-read the x-rays and I did not have pneumonia or any sign of it according to the radiologist who sent the report to my primary! So I took this poison for no good reason.

  30. Lauren Reply

    This is in response to Stephanie:

    In September 2009 I was administered Levaquin intravenously for a dangerous cellulitis (due to a wound to the top of my foot from a feral cat’s claws) that swelled the entire foot to the ankle within a few hours and showed no signs of stopping there. The docs were afraid the pathogen might be MRSA, but the luckily it turned out to be Pasteurella. The infection was defeated, the swelling subsided, and the wound healed, all to my immense relief.
    In early 2010 I noticed a raised nodule on the back of one hand. A biopsy identified it as granuloma annulare, an autoimmune condition that has now spread of the tops of both hands. In May of 2011 I started waking up with pain and stiffness in the finger joints of both hands. Sometimes some of the fingers become locked in bent positions and I have to straighten them out with my other hand. Blood tests have revealed no inflammation or RA, but a positive ANA result of 1:160.
    Also, while I was receiving the Levaquin, my doctor noted that my fasting blood sugar, which was previously normal (~85), rose to about 115. After treatment stopped, it lowered to about 100. But the recent blood work that showed positive ANA also showed blood sugar back to 115.
    So it looks like I am developing lupus, and possibly diabetes, and it certainly looks as if both diseases may have been induced by my exposure to Levaquin.
    I am trying to prevent or reverse the progression of these ailments with life style interventions: weight loss (24 lbs so far – 30 to go), excellent nutrition (plant-based), daily strength training and aerobic exercise, stress reduction, more and better sleep.
    I have an appointment to see a rheumatologist for the first time, but I am wary of taking any standard lupus/autoimmune medications.

  31. Candi Reply

    I used Lavaquin for 7 days last week. I began by having pain and numbness in my hbds and wrists on about the 5th day with pain in my hip and shoulder. On the 7th day I woke up and couldn’t walk on my left foot due to severe pain in my achelies tendon, I also had a bright red blistery looking rash on my lips. I stopped taking the med, but am now having to doctor due to pain and discomfort as well as numbness and tingling.

  32. Virginia Reply

    Yes, I had to take the drug levaquin, this year in April / 2011 when my doctor said i had pnewmonia gave me a shot at first, from this, legs begain to get norm, one week later i was in hospital for a week . When they gave me the levaquin in hospital it burn so bad that i cried. was going through my fingers like it was electricity , call nurse to slow drip down. (8) months later still having trouble with my hands ,they get so stiff at nite and when i get up in the morning i can hardly move them its as if i have artisridius , which is what my doctor said i had , but i know i don’t this is all from the meds (levaquin) never had any of these simtoms till after taking it. my legs get numn also , my shoulders hurt ,cold weather makes hands , legs, shoulders, ack much worse. reading all the other psted comments i’ll be having this hurt and pain for some time . some i read has had this for four to five years. i’m just beginning.

  33. Bonita Reply

    I was given levoquin for something back in 2002 I think it was and after taking it for about a week I started to hurt al over I went to the emergency room and the Dr said it was reported that the drug could cause that kind of reactions and took me off of it the pain subsided but years later I have had to have surgeries to repair both knees and now I am having excruciating pain in my feet and am now going through surgeries to relieve pressure from nerves to see if I can get relief from this pain I don’t know if this is related to the levaquin or not but befor that I was for the most part quite healthy.

  34. Karen Reply

    I have taken Levaquin many times over the past ten years whenever I contracted a respiratory infection. In Dec. 2011, I was given levofloxacin 750mg. for 7 days. Toward the end of the round I developed pain in both Achilles tendons. The left being much worse than the right. I did go back to see the doctor. I was put on mo-bic for inflamation. I took the full round, with no results. Had my Dr. make an appt. with an orthopedist…I was given the choice of wearing a full boot, or they would put on a cast. I chose the boot. Very awkward. Was also put back on the mobic. I am to see the spec. again in 1 month. At 62 yrs, old, this has sure put a hold on all my activities. I was told the tendon was inflamed and needed to rest. So hopefully this will correct the problem. I am extremely cautious with walking and etc. I do NOT want to have the tendon break or rupture, which would require surgery. I have enough health problems without this occuring.

  35. Screen Reply

    I’ve been searching in bing for some items and accidentally found this site. Thanks for sharing your talent and useful information with us. You are a bright light!

  36. marty Reply

    I was given levaquin for bacterial infection of lungs–one pill a day for 7 days. On the 7th or 8th day, when getting out of car, my ankle felt like it broke. Went home, wrapped it in bengay & ace bandage & hoped for the best. The very next day, the other ankle did same thing—soo, so painful. MRI showed “complete, non-tramatic rupture of both achilles tendon. This was in Aug. of 08— I was 61, with kidney transplant 10 yrs. at the time, on steroids & instructions mentioned NOTHING about blk. box warning, steroid use, age, transplant patient etc. I was fitted with AFO’s (braces) & wore them for 3 yrs. & am now left with no balance, curled toes & using my toes to compensate for balance beside other problems. I have become a statue in my apt. –no more walking & am even leary about going anywhere. This ruined my entire life. Most of you can understand what I mean. I pray for all of us. Thanks

  37. Charlie Reply

    Here it is April, 2012 and Levaquin is still destroying peoples lives !. Levaquin is still being manufactured and still being sold [at huge profit to the pharmaceutical company !], and the devastating side effects are STILL happening daily to unsuspecting people all over this country. The FDA required a “Black Box Warning” [which consumers never see] and that absolved the manufacturers from accountability/responsibility; the pharmacies and pharmacitst began handing out teensy tiny print papers with the Levaquin prescriptions, and that absolved them from any accountability/responsibility. And that leaves the physician who prescribed the medication open to lawsuits…..most people have a good relationship with their physician and do not want to file a legal action against them ! And there have been court decisions against anyone filing actions against the fluroquinalone [generic] medications ! So where does that leave the many hundreds of people who have had their lives destroyed by using these medications ? SOL – manufacturer is absolved of responsibility, pharmacies and pharmacists are absolved of responsibility, filing actions against physicians gets no one anywhere except on a silent unpublished ban against anyone who does so they cannot find a physician to treat them when there is a need, and attorneys who will only take cases that provide them with bundles of money ! Has anyone anywhere insisted the manufacturer do the necessary research into finding out what specifically it is that causes all these tendon ruptures and other serious side effects ? No, no one has been able to make the manufacturer spend the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to get to the bottom of why all these devastating side effects are happening because the manufacturer [with bags of money at their disposal] fight tooth and nail with anyone who attempts to force them into spending all those profits from the sales of this medication.
    Quite a chinese fire drill, eh ? If you are sick and need sstrong wide spectrum antibiotic to prevent the spread of lethal bacteria and to keep you alive, you take your chances of one of the devastating side effects for the rest of your life, and no help from anywhere because everyone responsible has absolved themselves from any accountability &/or responsibility. And there is no legal help if your case isn’t so devastating it will earn the attorneys a great deal of money – not you, mind you – 35% of any settlement in fees, then off come all the expenses [attorneys do not pay those as part of normal costs of doing business, you do !], and whatever pittance is left goes into your pocket, if there is anything left at all so you can suffer the side effects for the rest of your life ! I’m so disgusted with the pharmaceutical companies and the way this whole mess has been handled for so many years. Them that gots, gets more; and those with side effects from taking Levaquin or the generic version suffer on without help forever !

  38. Shailendra Reply

    I am also a custodian of this drug. Shame to authority who have given the permission to manufacture and shame to those Drs who without knowledge prescribes it. Shame Government, you are culprit.

  39. Gregg Reply

    My wife has experienced permenant ligament damage to her knees after taking only 2 pills. She has touble walking, sleeping, and it has taken much of her livelyhood away. This medication has ruined her physical life!!!

  40. Kathy Reply

    I took one dose of Avalox two years ago for pneumonia. Within two hours my right Achilles was so swollen it bent my foot sideways. Was on crutches for weeks. Slowly got better and had no more problems until I started increasing my exercise gradually about six months ago…not talking marathins here just added a second mile to my walk every other day. Achilles swelled again and was on crutches and pt for weeks. Writing as a warning that this does not go away…it is permanent damage. Took my kids to the amusement park today and am lame again…feel 90 at 43. I feel very lucky that the warning was on the bottle and I knew immediately to call my doctor and that the tendon did not rupture at the time. For those wondering if this will get better over time like I was… the answer is no I am sad to say. My heart goes out to the many who have posted about constant pain.

  41. Lynn Reply

    I took my first 750 mg levaquin pill today after having been diagnosed with pneumonia on top of acute bronchitis I am suffering from since a week ago. I wasn’t feeling any better, 103 degree fever and I told my doctor I just want to get better! I am so glad and thankful to have read all the comments on the danger of levaquin. Why my doctor prescribed it is beyond me because I told her I want to get better. Soon after taking the first pill today, I had a strange feeling like butterflies in my stomach. I was watching TV and my eyesight got unusually blurry. I thought maybe my eyes were just tired. Then I suddenly felt pain on my right shoulder. Hmmm, that’s when I went on the web to check out this drug. Yes, why is this drug still on the market? And why are these doctors still prescribing them?

  42. Screwed Reply

    Hello everyone,

    I understand I am just another grain of sand at. The beach. I just want to throw my 2 cents out.

    I went into a Consentra they gave me Levaquin
    4 days later I couldn’t walk my job is extremely me physically demanding I did go back to the doctor on the fourth day she told me oh you can’t take levaquin I said why she mumbled something walked out of the room, she came back in after 15 minutes in referred me to an orthopedic doctorI told her I came in here for a chest cold or sinus infection now I need an orthopedic doctor she turned away once again walked straight out without saying word… made me kind of speciesx then I just thought she was being rude person…..ladies and gentleman keep in mind I had absolutely nothing wrong with me before I went into consentra besides a chest cold or a sinus infection,
    well I’ve almost lost everything on home cleaning my wife she is finally starting to believe everything now because they gave her some levaquin and in legs started hurting and I made her get off of it and after 4 week her legs got better. oh yes she said they still hurt but nothing like they did in the pain never goes away and she’s constantly having restless leg syndrome now. I am 57 years old my job is very physical I used to be able to out work the 30 year olds right before I took that antibiotic now I walk the walk of shame……
    I did as the orthopedic surgeon if you ever heard of what levaquin does. 2 tendons he said nope.
    no why nothing but a lie he just wanted to make money off my insurance. I went back to the doctor I did not have any clue the levaquin what’s causing my problem and all my pain. 1 little antibiotic did all this to me I cannot believe it……..

  43. Bobby Reply

    was on simvastatin 80mg per day for 4 yrs . september 2012 started having medical problems;muscles ached and grew weaker , back, legs ,neck, arms. went to 4 different doctors they all tried treating me for something else , no help.Finally in sept. i went to emergency room, trouble breathing. Gave me some meds and told me it was the flu.Sent me home.2 days later i collapsed on my floor. Daughter rushed me to the hospital ; where i stayed for 6 days while they tryed to find what it was. I could no longer walk or barely move without help. I sustained liver damage and both kidneys and came as close to death as i ever want to again. Finally after many tests they started treatmeatment for SIMVASTATIN -INDUCED RHABDOMYOLYSIS RENAL INSUFFICIENCY ,Where they treated me for 6 more days , along whith physical therapy and sent me home. At home i had to completely retrain myself at things ive done all my live. Now some people tell me the federal gov. wont let you sue these people. what kind of garbage is that?

  44. Shannon Reply

    I took Levaquin around Spring of this year for sinus infection. I was only on a 5day dose ‘ but started developing weird symptoms that I had never had before. I knew it caused dizziness, but I had horrible dizziness that still hasnt fully gone away. I also had all kinds of unexplainable pain and numbness, weakness, tingling and buzzing in my hands & feet. It all started when I took the Levaquin and has been on and off since. I’ve also had issues with my eye and my ears ringing. I really wish I could just feel normal again.

  45. linda Reply

    I was given Levaquin 500 mg. for 10 days for a very mild bladder infection. On day 5 started to ache all over and had muscle weakness, could hardly move. Day 6 Achilles tendon turned very bruised and ankle swelling. Very painful. Both shoulders weak and shooting pains. Popping cracking joints, insomnia nights. That started Nov.19-2012. Still in air cast boot for tendonitis and weakness in muscles. My Dr. does not take any responsibility for this. My heart med.says do not take levaquin. My foot Dr said overdosed, pharmacist says overdose for problem being treated. No black box warning given to me only no calcium. Age 63 female with prior tendonitis problems and bursitis. Should not have had this antibiotic.Same Dr for 20 years. He knew my health problems and gave no warning only after tried to justify giving it to me. Had MRI eventually showing fluid and swelling. When does pain end? WHAT TO DO???? SCARED OF FUTURE PROBLEMS SHOWING UP .Any help????

  46. Louis Reply

    I was 62 and I had a small abrasion to my right shin. It was like a srape when you were a kid and fell on cement. I was the wound and put some anti -biotic on it. and covered the wound with a large band-aid. The injury was about the size of a quarter.A day later when I went to check it out because it was very tender. I observed that my leg seemed very warm and red around the wound. I also noticed after removing the bandage that it was infected. I went to my doctor who stated it may be cellulitus . He prescribed Levaquin.and made another appointment for the following week. The wound was hurting even more by saturday my leg swelled up I couldn’t walk or stand on it. The wound was weeping and growing in size. The wound was spreading . I was watching TV when there was a ad from some attorneys about the danger of using Levaquin..I stopped using it when I saw this and that it was the same medicine I was taking. By the following Tuesday when I went back to the doctor I couldn’t walk or stand and had to actually drag my right leg to get around. The wound had grow to the size of a soft ball and still weeping.. My doctor was upset that I stopped the taking of the medication Levaquin. He started me on another medication. Nothing was working he had metioned I might loose my leg. After he had me put in the hospital he called a specialist in this was now about four weeks after I had first gone in . The specialist attempted a culture but because I had been given so many differant anti-biotics that they couldn’t get results. He the specialist put me on some super drugs and within three days I was able to walk and the wound a gone down to almost cured. Afterwards I had problems with my ankle & Achilles tendon was very tender. since then I have a very weak right ankle can barely walk with out pain in my right leg around the knee . also pain in both shoulders . I also had some of what people have said floaters in my eyes which come and go. My right hand feel weak and I drop things and cannot grasp anything with out the fear I going to drop it. I feel like I aged a hundred years. My arms and legs are weak. I know this all started after I had taken the drug Levaquin. It ruin my retirement . I wish I had pursued this right from the beginning. I should have never been given that drug it didn’t cure what I had. It made it worse. and created numerous other problems that I have. I realized this from reading what others have experianced and noted.

  47. maryann Reply

    I was put on Levaquin back in November for a sinus infection and upper respitory infection. Ended up on it again for relapse 4 days later. Explained to my physician the other symptoms that I was having, and she referred it back to menopause. REALLY… Now needed to go back on it again for a recurrent sinus infection and wala. Did the reseach and all the crazy feeling I am having is the side effects of Levaquin. Did anyone think to mention or pay attention to this? My anxiety, chest pain, sweating, dizziness etc. is from the Levaquin I am sure. Now what???? Just put a call into my Doctor to report the symptoms? Never would of thought all this would be from an antibiotic. Not right….Now I have extreme anxiety and muscle pains?????

  48. Faye Reply

    The doctor gave me Levquin for pneumonia 750 mg for about ten days. On the last day of taking the pills I started tendon pain ..I could hardly get out of bed , my chair, reach over my head, eyes had dots in them, I had so much pain until I could not sleep at night because I could not sleep on my side…I would scream with pain trying to get into bed and getting up from the bed. Now I don’t know what I am going to do.. I live alone and have been very active and now I have so much pain! I have had fibromyalgia for several years and this tendon pain is so much worse… My pain meds I take for fibromyalgia does not even touch the tendon pain. I need help!! I had breast cancer in 2009 and my ex husband stopped paying me alimony (guess he thought I would die) Now I am having financial problems and have all this pain.and burdens on me…It is hard to walk…My only answer is God said He would never leave or forsake us and He would take care of all our needs… I know it is God’s Will that we as Christians be in good health…He wishes above all things that we prosper and be in health. ..I am trusting in God to heal all of us of this pain and we can continue to live and serve Him until He takes us to Heaven where there will be on more pain and sickness.
    I know the pain and heartache you all have. Let’s pray for one another and ask God to heal us of this pain. God Bless and heal all of us!!!

  49. David Reply

    My tendens burst from use of Leviquin and prednizone, happened 2012 Dec 10th, and I still can t find a lawyer to help me. I still cant walk right.

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