CPSC Issues OmvedTherapies Baby Pillow Warning Due to Suffocation Risks

The sale of such baby pillows were banned by the CPSC in May 2022, following dozens of reports involving infants suffocating due to similar designs.

Federal safety officials are advising consumers to stop using OmvedTherapies Baby Pillows, which are banned by federal law due to infant suffocation risks associated with the design of similar products.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued an Omved Therapies Baby Pillow warning on April 4, indicating it has issued a Notice of Violation to the manufacturer, Omved Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd of India, after the firm refused to issue a recall for the baby pillows.

OmvedTherapies Baby Pillows are made up of lavender and mustard seeds, with a flexible fabric around them. The manufacturer has marketed the pillows with claims that the head support prevents flat-head syndrome in infants.

However, according to the CPSC warning, the way OmvedTherapies Baby Pillows are constructed pose a serious suffocation risk to infants. The CPSC indicates that the design allows the pillow to flatten out and conform around an infant’s face, creating a suffocation risk.

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In response to various dangers linked to infant sleeping products, the CPSC has implemented a number of new regulations in recent years, as required by the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, which was enacted in May 2022.

The new regulations included a ban on infant pillows and cushions that have flexible fabric, are filled with grain material, and can flatten; all of which describe the OmvedTherapies Baby Pillows, the CPSC notes.

OmvedTherapies Baby Pillows were available for purchase on Amazon.com and Omved.com from February 2023 to February 2024, priced between $20 and $30. They feature a light gray pillowcase with a bright yellow zipper, bearing the Omved logo—a large circle with a smaller circle beside it—on one corner. The inner pillow comes in two sizes: 7.5 inches by 9.8 inches for the small pillow and 7.9 inches by 13.8 inches for the large pillow. Additionally, the pillows were included in both the “Baby Care Kit” and the “Mom & Baby Care” kit.

In the warning, the CPSC reminds parents and caregivers that the safest sleeping environment for an infant is a firm, flat surface, such as a crib or bassinet. Only a fitted sheet should be used in the crib, which should include neither pillows or blankets. Parents and caregivers should make sure the infant sleeps directly on their back, never propped up.

In light of the significant safety concerns associated with this pillow, the CPSC urges consumers to discontinue its use and dispose of the pillows properly by separating all their contents. Any incidents involving injury or product defects can be reported to the CPSC at www.SaferProducts.gov.


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