Parkinson’s Drugs Side Effects linked to Compulsive Gambling and Sex

New research suggests that approximately 18% of patients treated with therapeutic doses of dopamine agonists to treat Parkinson’s disease could suffer compulsive behavior side effects, such as gambling and hypersexuality.

Dopamine agonists are powerful drugs that are used to control tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease. The class of drugs include medications such as Requip (ropinirole), Mirapex (pramipexole), Dostinex (cabergoline), Parlodel (bromocriptine), Apokyn (apomorphine), Neurpro (rotigotine) and Permax (pergolide).

Researchers evaluated data for 267 patients treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, including 38 patients who were taking therapeutic doses of dopamine agonists. Seven of these 38 users developed a compulsive syndrome, with two starting pathologic gambling, two becoming hypersexual and three developing both conditions.

The compulsive behaviors were not seen among those who were not treated with dopamine agonists, or 28 patients who were taking the drugs at doses that were not in the therapeutic range.

The Parkinson’s drug side effects tended to resolve when the drugs were stopped or doses of the medications were decreased. However, some of the patients required extended psychiatric treatment, lost substantial sums of money and suffered damage to their family and reputation by the hypersexual and compulsive gambling behaviors.

Several hundred dopamine agonist lawsuits are currently pending throughout the United States on behalf of users who have suffered damages caused by these compulsive behaviors.

Many of the cases have been consolidated in a Multidistrict Litigation, or MDL, in the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, where the first trial last year involving a Mirapex lawsuit resulted in an $8.2 million jury award.

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  1. Peter Reply

    I have pd and i was a gambler before i was diagnosed with pd but since i have taken my medication i cannot control my gambling , i try very hard not to gamble but it is as if there is a fight going on in my head for and against gambling with the gambling always winning.This then leads to depression and rows at home . The drug i was on was mirapexin but after talks with my consultant this was changed to ropinirole but as things are the same i wonder is it the drugs or am i just an addictive lost cause gambler

  2. Maria Reply

    Hello Peter,
    No you are not a lost cause gambler. I encourage you to seek assistance from a sympathetic doctor who may be able to help with the medication. As you can see from the article there is a noted connection between some dopamine agonists and compulsive behaviours… so you are not alone. Please seek assistance. Regards Maria in Australia.

  3. doug Reply

    I’ve been on requip for about seven years and it has cost me thousands
    For the last 6 years I’ve been addicted to lottery scratch offs, about 80 dollars a day. Last year I had to take care of my dad, 93 and I relocated to ft lauderdale for six months. I discovered the casino and slots and gambled away my inheritance. I’m 60 and have the horneyness of a school boy. I see escorts weekly and visit porn on the website. I’m depressed and I can’t control these behaviors.

  4. Annabeth Reply

    I was on Requip 2 months and blew through $10,000. I was never really a gambler before. I became suicidal, and ended up in a psyche ward. No one seems interested in my case as I did not lose enough. To me Ten grand in two months is alot. Requip nearly cost me my life, my marriage, and now I have even worse Restless Legs.

  5. Sandra Reply

    Mirapex HAS to be the drug from hell. Starting in 2004 I went totally nuts on Ebay. I must have spent WELL over $100K I had always been a saver! I was so ashamed and didn’t know what was wrong with me! In abojt 2006 a friend happened to be at my house and said “What is all of this stuff. You know there was this article about Parkinsons medications causing compulsive behavior”

  6. Alison Reply

    I am wondering if you have had any effects of a dopamine agonist, as I am also in Australia. Also are you aware of any discussion sites in Australia for people who have suffered as a result of these medications? Regards Alison

  7. Philip Reply

    I have rls symptoms + balance problems heavy feet. I WALK LIKE A DRUNK WHEN SOBER! Started out as stubbing my toe as I walked did not think much on it. I grew worse, felt like my socks were to tight and tingling in my feet. I would turn to walk and my feet did not follow. I learned to think about what I was attempting to do. No more of just stepping over a curb or walking up and down stairs without thinking first. Things that were natural before became difficult. Of course I went to my gp he said we will figure this out I just need to get you to the right specialist.

    After many mri’s and visits to specialist that check my blood flow in feet and legs, cardiologists and nuerologists I was told there are some things we just do not know. Well after all of this I described my symptoms again to my gp he said that sounds like restless leg syndrome. He suggested a starter set of requip! I was at last getting some relief from my discomfort in my legs. I was soon on 1 mg a day. I was thinking I was making progress but still had the rls symptoms, heavy legs and tingling in my feet (discomfort to put it mildly) I went to second nuerologist to get a second opinion and he said that the nuerologist that I saw before was a very reputable and respected and he pretty much agreed with her, THERE ARE SOME THINGS WE DO NOT KNOW!

    That is certainly not what I wanted to here but I know there are people alot worse off than me and you just have to play the hand that life deals you. He went on to say I had two options.

    1. Get test that I would have to pay(because your insurance will not) and if after all these test if they found out what caused my problem they would name it after me! I did not think this was funny either!

    2 Go to another specialist and he or she is a nuerologist specialist that deals with movement disorders. More doctors!


    I did contact the specialists office he referred me to and was told that I needed to fill out a questionere and then they decide if they want to see you? Well at that time I had a life a Job and mother that was in the early stages of ahlzhimers. I started taking the requip and went on as best I could with my life.

    Little did I know where I was headed! REQUIP HELL ON EARHT! This is early 2007 by October I got my gp to up my dosage to 120 1mg a month.

    I lost my mind! Gambling which I rarely did was controling and ruining my life. Started out with scratchers and lottery tickets. I started going to the casino which I rarely did and if I did it was 25 cent slots. I would go blow 40-50 bucks and that was it. Enough fun you never win at these things anyway and left feeling foolish for even going. Quickly I was playing dollar poker machine and easily going through 3-4-5-6- hundred a trip. In 2007 I had one 1099 from a trip to Laughlin on my birthday and we played golf most of the three day trip. I won 1200.00 ON MY BIRTHDAY APRIL 1ST! (i know I have heard all the April Fool Jokes)

    2008 I still have not added up all my winnings and losses! I have a dresser full of 1099’s and reciepts from cashing checks at casinos and have gone through at least 350k! WOW! I got 70k from IRA in January and that was quickly gone! Took out a 1st mortgage of 75k in March that did not last till the middle of April!! WOW! I gambled on line that started in October 2008 In early 2009 I spent over 10k on line at one casino. I was a mad man out of control.

    I saw an ad about Requip being linked to compusive gambling and started investigating the DRUG! After coming out of the fog I weaned myself off the drug just before Memorial Day.

    I have not had the urge to gamble and I have not spent a penny on gambling since I stopped using! More importantly I realized that I was not the evil person I had become. It was the DRUG!

    I went to my gp and told him of my gambling problem and he asked me if I had compusive behavior before and I said no but I am not taking Requip any more! He said I should go see my nuerologist about a drug to replace the Requip and he was not that familiar with the side effects?

    I went to see the Nuerologist today told him the same story and he put me on GABABENTIN 300MG one pill 90 minutes before bedtime, I may increase by 300mg every week if needed a max of 1200 mg a night 5 refills. He said we just try this and then come back in and evaluate.

    I should add that one of the questions on the doctors form is this visit part on any liltigation. I answered I am looking into sueing REQUIP! After some time he came to the lobby to get me and said you have not been her for awhile and did not come for your follow-up. This is true I said. A short time into my visit his associate opened the door and said “The attorney said no way” My doctor looked at me and said REAL ESTATE??

    I am sorry for rambling on but this is the first time I have written down my experience! For me REQUIP WAS HELL ON EARTH!!!!!

    I will never fully recover from my experience!

    But I have my mind back! My legs still ach and I have balance problems just as before.

    What is described as RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME has become an all encompassing term for people with far greater issues than RLS!

    Well I feel better after writing this! I hope that in some way whoever reads this gets some insight to the perils involved with REQUIP!

    I would lke to hear from anyone who has suggestions or comments!


  8. Marc Reply

    My brother and i have tried a total of 4 agonist type P.D> drugs and the results were catastrophique for all of these meds. Overstimulation combined with severe impulse control problems were prevelent in all agonist drug treatments which caused a Jeckil and Hide change in our personalities. STAY AWAY FROM THE CRACK COCAINE PARKINSONS DISEASE DRUGS CALLED AGONIST. EVENTIUALLY THEY WILL BE REMOVED FROM MARKETABILITY AND BECOME UNPRESCRIBABLE DUE TO THERE ADDICTIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE SIDE EFFCTS. THIS WILL HAPPEN SONNER THAN LATER I HOPE

  9. ROGER Reply


  10. Deborah Reply

    I have been researching this for a few days now, it scares me
    to think that this drug is still on the market and more so that I am still taking it. I have Rls, I cannot even begin to say how much money I have lost on gambling. I to use to go and spend $50. and was happy.
    I now spend hundreds and cannot seem to control the urge. I can’t explain how many times I have told myself that I will never go back but I always do. I have maxed out most credit cards with cash advances..I have dreams almost every night about gambling, winning…this addiction has taken over my life. I am now struggling to pay bills since my credit cards are so high.. I think daily on how I am going to pull out of this mess that I have myself in. is there a class action lawsuit? Can anyone help us out of this hell nightmare that this so called “medicine” has done to us……

  11. Sandra Reply

    I have parkinsons and take Requip I have accumulated debts of £25000 .Can I sue Glaxo Smith. I also have RLS but after many years of sleepness nights I found out I was enimec and iron has cured. I had research ,myself the doctors were useless!


  12. sharon Reply

    Does anyone know of a class action suit against the makers of Requip? I too now have problems which I haver never had before.

  13. Tony Reply

    I have never had a gambling problem. I started Mirapex late last year. I am now down about 10k in just a few months. My wife says there is something very wrong. I have always been a model of responsiblity. Now all I want to do is go to the Casino. And its not small bets, its 75.00 a spin. I have drianed our Checking account many times. I wont leave the casino until every penny I have has been spent or my credit card has reached its limit. I got online today and did search on medications that cause gambling. Mirapex was all over the place and of course I take 3 every night before bed and when I started taking it for RLS thats about when I started gambling. I also started buying stuff from E-Bay. Lots of stuff. HELP!

  14. G. Naquin Reply

    I have sufferred from RLS for the last 20 yrs. Initially tried a number of different medications. Found out about Mirapex and started taking it 10 yrs ago. Doubled dosage early on to keep the sleep effects at the same level. Began having terrible urges to gamble (was not a gambler historically) and over-eating compulsiions – gained over 100lbs over last 10 yrs. Knew I had tofind an alternative to Mirapex and after 10 yrs of searching, went to a local neurologist and he took me off of Mirapex and put me on a regime of Codiene Sulfate and Klonopin. I am sleeping great, no gambling or overeating urges. These drug companies produced a drug that literlally ruined the last 10 yrs of my life!! Hope the info on Codiene Sulfate/Klonopin helps someone!!

  15. JEAN Reply


  16. rena Reply

    i have looked at many sites and left comments asking one question.
    does anyone know of a case of mirapex related gambling endng in a guardianship? i have not heard of another case. if you do. please respond ..thanks

  17. Bridgett Reply

    I lost everything on Abilify, nobody believe me, but I can smell the
    Lawyers. I was just like a crack head. All I wanted was to gamble.

  18. chas Reply

    My husband confessed that his life savings were gambled away.

    This is a man so full of balance and integrity, kindness, generosity, iand love for others, that this came as a total shock to me. I called Gamblers Anonymous and when I said that he was diagnosed with PD about 5 yrs ago, the insightful rep directed me to google “compulsive gambling and PD”.

    I was astounded by all the letters, studies, and proofs about the dopamine agonists PD meds being the cause of many compulsive behaviours. This was on a Saturday but by Monday, my husband arranged an emergency apptmt with his neurologist.

    When he told the neuro that he had become a compulsive gambler and all his savings were gone, the neuro nodded sadly. I said to him that when I saw there were established scientific links between Requip (Ropinorole) and compulsive gambling, I felt 2 emotions, gratitude (that this had not come fm my man but fm a chemical), and outrage that neither doctors nor pharmacists had given warning to look for compulsive behaviour when prescribing this medicine.

    Why did you not warn us? I asked him.
    Again he nodded sadly and said, “Because it is so rare.”

    I did not say Bullshit, but “I Disbelieve You. This is not rare.”
    He agreed to reduce my darling’s Requip over a month.
    It has been a fortnight fm hell, but we are still here.

    My regard for my man fighting this devil alone for so long, has elevated. My regard for doctors and specialists, never terribly high, has further plummeted. Isn’t their sworn oath, “First: Do No Harm”?

    I want to call a press conference and protest this to the Heavens.
    All people and their families must be warned.
    God Bless Us All, Everyone.

  19. Mike Reply

    My life is in tatters as a result of these drugs. I took both drugs (not at the same time) for 7 years. For the first several years, the effects were all positive. But over time, my compulsive behavior in the form of sex addiction and spending money became so overwhelming that it wrecked my marriage and my financial stability. I had never in my life had any compulsiveness and was a model citizen. But my compulsion became so all-consuming that I did everything possible to hide it from my doctor and my family. When my marriage began to collapse under the weight of the lies I concocted to hide my behavior, I was jolted back to reality and poured the drugs down the toilet. When I finally went off the drugs two months ago, the behavior immediately dissipated and is now nearly non-existent. But the damage has been done. And I am not alone – I have met three others who suffered the same fate, and the internet is chock full of examples.

    It is not enough to be aware of the side effects – I was fully aware. But when you are gripped by compulsion, you have no capacity to stop yourself. The side effects of these drugs need to be addressed before more lives are destroyed. I went from a net worth of over $4 million to now less then $200,000. I am on the verge of bankruptcy. These drugs are poison.

  20. Mirapex Survivor Reply

    I began ‘MiraPOX’ the day I was diagnosed w/Early Parkinsons(had a tiny wiggle in my pinkie finger). In the 14 yrs I was RX’d with this potion I had over 10 car accidents. I also fell backwards down a flight of stairs, followed by two back surgeries/rods&pins. All a result of sudden sleep attacks. IN ADDITION, I suffered from the Impulse Control Disorders, ebay 1st, then came dumpster diving. Sounds funny but it wasn’t. I broke my hip falling into one. By the time I was finally titrated off last year by an observant (life saving) neurologist, the EMTs couldn’t get the stretcher on my front porch or in my house due to the items I had ‘collected’. Unfortunately, I had developed Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome which I refer to as ‘medication induced waterboarding’. It includes suicide ideation, and you guessed it. I ended up in ICU, then on to a psychiatric ward for ‘observation’. Thankfully my stay was very short. It’s still real hard to accept what happened to me and my family. Due to the length of time on it, I may never fully recover physically or emotionally, but my mind is back, no sudden sleep attacks anymore, and when I see a dumpster . . . , I want to cry. Internal documents prove the manufacturers knew what havoc their ‘creation’ could cause.They even went out of their way to deny accountability, afraid of negative market share impact. If corporations are people, perhaps this one should be CONVICTED. check out my site I write this for the many people who needlessly lost their lives because of this ‘medication’ without even realizing the cause, nothing more than market shares.
    SIgn me,
    1%, the bottom 1%

  21. louis Reply

    started requip 2002 for pd 1mg a day. as of may 1st 2012 i was taking 12mg a day. in these 10 years i lost my marriage and 3 kids and a documented 750,000 minimum dollars to compulsive shopping,gambling and sexual needs. now less than broke i do have the support of my parents financially to any means get compensated via glaxo lawsuit. these comments by people mirror exactly what requip has done to me. my folks were skeptical until they read all these stories. so, what can i or we do?

  22. Cindy Reply

    Without giving all the sad details, I have all but destroyed my marriage, our finances, and the trust of my husband of 33 years with the side effects from mirapex for my rls. The only thing that makes me feel a little bit better is the fact that I am not alone in this and that I am not going crazy. The shame from this driven me into a terrible depression and I have even been to the point where I have contimplated suicide. Although I can never get back what I have lost since suffering the compulsive gambling/shopping side effects of this drug, I want my life back.

  23. Sirena Reply

    I too have been taking requip for the past 7 years. At first I did not recognize any of the side affects as I was not informed that they could be side affects. The Requip helped with restless legs and just figured it was one of those things I could not live without…if I wanted a peaceful nights sleep.

    Becoming aware of the side affects have been a huge eye opener for me, unfortunately not for my husband. I had never had any impulsive behaviors (I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs). Shortly after starting Requip I began gambling, lying to my husband as to where I was and spending everything I could. I would stay until the ATM machine maxed me out and the Casino wouldn’t cash another check. I went to the Casino as often as I could. When I wasn’t at the Casino I was shopping and eating. About a year and a half ago I had bizarre sexual desires. I have been married for 21 years and could not explain what was going on. I was texting very explicit sexual texts. Almost as if I was unaware of what I was the to texting. A week ago my husband found the texts confronted me, said I was sick and has filed for a divorce. I had been reading about Requip especially when I saw the information about it posted on the tv. I went to my GP and told her what was going on. Showed her the texts that I had been texting, I myself was appalled and couldn’t believe that I had texted those sort of things. I am embarrassed and ashamed of the way that I was acting, so out of character for me.

    I have been off Requip now for 4 days, I feel better and do not have the desires to gamble, shop, sex or even eat. I hope that one day my soon to be ex husband understands that the person I was on the Requip is not the person I truly am.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  24. Mart Reply

    I am writing because of what I have been going through with this medication. My husband started with Mirapex around the beginning of the 2000’s. there has been so many crisis in my life because of this drug, I don’t remember exactly when he started, but the doctor who gave the scrip in Madison told him to take as much of it as he could until the feelings of his restless legs went away. From what I have read, the higher the dose of the meds the more likely the side affects and their severity. He now goes to Mayo and it is no better. He has told them they can not talk to me. I have written letters begging them to do something they don’t even have to talk to me. No luck. I am waiting to read a letter from a Neurologist at Mayo who refuses to script this to any of his patients because of the side affects. I wrote him last week and I am waiting for his reply. This drug has ruined my family. Two of my adult children doubt what I am saying and a third just wants to ignore it. The only support I have is a judge who said I was a credible witness in a restraining order hearing I had to file against my husband and my eighty year old parents. I guess I will know what money we have left when he has to disclose our finances at the divorce table. About five years ago I separated his daily money account from the bill account. I had to change the pass word in order to make sure I have enough to live on.

  25. Gwen Reply

    There should be a class action law suit against these medications. I do not believe that the FDA has approved these medications. I lost my job, my home and almost my mind. Even though I can not find a lawyer that will take my case. I will never give up on searching. We all need to file together and get the ball rolling. Im just glad Im not alone..Now I have prove that this medication is deadly.

  26. joan Reply

    I was put on Mirapexin and started gradually gambling, eating up what little capital we had. Now 70 and with husband having cancer and doesnt know the extent of our debt problems I feel so down and do not know where to turn to. I recently told GP of my problem and they are trying to wean me off the tabs and given a higher dose of another which makes me want to sleep all day, not good when I am trying to help my husband and keep going myself. The drug companies should at least try to help in some way. Any advice would be welcome.

  27. carolyn Reply

    i was diagonsed with pd in 2001 and was put on mirapex,sinement cr and sinement.when i started taking the mirapex i couldnt keep anything on my stomach .i started seeing things and when i told my dr. he said it was a side effect i had to get use to it. but then i started to do things i usually wouldn’t do go on the web ordering things, going to on line playing games like bingo and also to the casino.and then my mood when change i did this for 4 years. i told my dr. that i was not the type of person that would do that . until i started reading up on the side effect on the meds and then i seen they had took mirapex off the shelf and i am no long on it. thank god because i was on a road of destruction and these companies need to responsbile for their action because they are ruining people lives and they are not making our health any beetter. we depend on these meds to help us not to harm us.I HAVE MEDS NOW THAT ARE DOING A WONDERFUL JOB FOR MY PARKINSON.

  28. Scott Reply

    I’m now 47 years old and have had PD for almost 11 years. When I was diagnosed with PD I back in 2003 I was given Mirapex and was on that drug from about 2003 to around 2008.

    In those those years I developed an excessive gambling problem and probably lost several hundred thousand dollars in gambling. I became addicted to gambling and had to do it nearly everyday. Once I realized that I was almost broke I told my Neurologist what was going on and he removed me from Mirapex and put me on Requip, I was on Requip from around 2008 to 2012.

    This drug had the same side effect of gambling, but it also gave me sexual urges. I became hooked on massage parlors and would visit them nearly everyday. My gambling slowed down, but my visits to the massage parlors had increased.

    My wife finally caught me in late 2012 and like any addict I denied everything. I told her that I will stop going to the massage parlors and would get some professional help.

    I told my wife that I had stopped going to the massage parlors and for her to give me a second chance. (My wife and I have been best friends since junior high and have been married for nearly 22 years.) I have told her many times that I did these things not to hurt her, but to pleasure my addiction. I was unable to stop my addiction.

    When I told her that I had stopped, she put a GPS on my car and found out that I was still visiting the massage paroles. She even put a voice recorded in my car and found that I was still talking to the massage girls after I told her numerous times that I was done with the girls.

    Without a doubt these drugs have have caused me to lose my money, my house and most of all my wife. If I never would have taken these drugs I wouldn’t be in the situation that I’m in today.

    I have tried to find a Lawyer who is still taking on Mirapex lawsuits, but have been unsuccessful finding one. I was also wonder if there are any Lawyers trying to go after the manufacturer of Requip. If anyone knows of a Lawyer, please give it to me.

  29. Dominic Reply

    I was diagnosed with pd in 2005, while I was in the usaf.. I am now in financial ruin because, gambling is the cause. I credit this dangerous drug”pramapexole” the root cause. Now Ive been reading what everyone is saying about Mirapex{pramapexole} and it is very true about the gambling and porno side affects WE can not all be wrong about this dangerous drug , can we?

  30. Alex Reply

    I have RL and was given Requip by my Doctor.
    In the last 3 years I lost about $750,000 gambling I am now broke and at 63 years of age starting all over again. Its hard to believe that a pill can change your life that much but after reading all the other comments its true the pill is a curse and I blame the Doctor for not giving me any information about the side effects.

    Like many other people that are in the same boat if anyone knows a Lawyer that is willing to take a class action suit against the mfg. please let me know I would like to recoup the money I lost.

    My wife always blame be for being a foolish gambler since I put her through hell but after she read all the comments from other people now she knows that the medication I was taking was the root to my addiction.

  31. louis Reply

    time to fight for what requip took.

  32. Walter Reply

    I am 86 years old and started watching child porn. I began taking ropinirole/requip at the same time. I never connected the requip with my deviant computer sexual behavior. I went to the police seeking help for this abhorrent compulsion. They seized my computer and arrested me. My lawyer will not use any of the information about requip in my case.

  33. Michael Reply

    I have been reading through the posts and this is a problem that is nor going away. I have been struggling with the same issues that everyone has on this page for 9 years. I started on Requip in 2005 and changed to Mirapex in 2012. Not knowing any of these issues until now. I have gone into massive debt due to compulsive gambling and like all of you was never a gambler prior to this drug. WE ALL HAVE THE SAME ISSUE AND IT IS TIME THAGT WE ALL GOT TOGETHER ON IT! I am going to bookmark this page and check it everyday for responses. Also, I have also setup a discussion group called dopamine agonist side effects on my Facebook. My name is Michael Leali and you can find me on Facebook. Let’s start doing something about this!

  34. Brad Reply

    I’ve had PD since 2003 and have been on a combination of carbidopa-levodopa and Mirapex (pramipexole). I was taken off of Mirapex then in 2012 was put back on and my life change drastically. I started having homosexual feelings/desires, porn addiction, and out of control spending on E-bay that I NEVER ever had before. I have been attempting to control this behavior but have failed miserably especially being married for 28 yrs. and a Christian. The thing that brought the realism I can’t fight this anymore is a someone who said they were from my church said they had been following my Craigslist post for a long time and called me out on it. What hurts the most is why didn’t they do this earlier if they knew it. I have contacted my Pastor for counseling and got a call into the doctor. My world is upside down and I feel so lost.

  35. Brad Reply

    I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since 2003. I was put on Carbidopa-Levodopa along with Mirapex. Looking back now I had a STRONG fixation on sex and it cause a big problem with my wife and I forcig us to go to counseling. My doctor changed and in 2008 they took me off Mirapex till 2012 when they needed a booster to get me through the night. I started getting strong sexual urges again but this time for the same sex. It got so bad that I was going on Craigslist and making all kinds of post. The request were filled with lies and sneaking about. I would say I did things that never happened and would come up with reasons not to follow through. It has finally come to a head when a person replied to my email saying he was from my church and said I needed to change. I then came to a realization I couldn’t handle this on my own. I have contacted a friend to help and plan to stop taking Merapex. I’m horrified from the persons threats and when i tried to explain the situation he went on as it was an excuse. I am mortified at what I have done to my family. This also sheds some light on why I’m buying worthless things on eBay at large amounts of money with a desire to buy more.

  36. ROGER Reply

    I have taken Bromocriptine(Parlodel) for 17 years for micro-scopic pituitary tumors.. I was 20 years old when I was diagnosed with this apparent ,associated genetic condition called MEN type 1 ….Bromocriptine is a Dopamine Agonist ,just like all PD drugs… (I think) The drug has caused hypersexual /obsessive problems for me.. I am a shattered,lonely man ,with a broken soul. .. There was a CLASS ACTION started here in Australia in 2008, against Permax, and cabergolene ..which is on-going…Unfortunately for a small group of us taking Bromocriptine ,we were not included in the ACTION. I stopped taking this horrible drug after seeing a reputable TV program in 2008, which was reporting the side effects some people were having with PD medication…. my Endocrinologist was not helpful or supportive to me at all,,, When I complained to him about my side effects 6 years ago,,he did not believe me…I refuse to see him ever again,,,Since I stopped taking the Bromocriptine,my side effects stopped,and ,my hormone levels have been fine…They are all at a stable level…. My doctors have trouble trying to explain why ? Without over-reacting, I know this drug has ruined half of my life…..I will seek justice one way or another..

  37. Tina Reply

    I would like some help in regards to Cabergoline by Dostinex that my husband was on being treated for a Pituitary brain tumour. In a relevant short period of time after he stopped using this drug cause it was making him very ill, my husband nearly died from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. When we were in hospital in Brisbane, there were two other cases of people having a brain tumour and were treated with the same drug, and they both were in intensive care from having the same form of Leukaemia as my husband. We would like help to find more people that have been through the same ordeal, and any relevant links to forums, sites or solicitors that can help us further. We live in QLD, Australia. We would like to determine wether there is or is not a definite link between Carbergoline & Cancer.

  38. johnson Reply

    i truly feel for everyone i was prescribed mirapex around 10 years and i called it the miracle drug as i suffered awful with restless leg syndrome and how this medication cured my symptoms i was so happy and slept for the first time in years but about 2 years after taking this medication i become a pathological gambler losing thousands of pounds i become a different person some one i didnt like but nothing or anyone could stop me and not once did i think there was a connection between gambling and mitrapexin until learning it on a news report about another person going through the same thing as me but i was to ashamed to admit i had a serious gambling problem to my gp i used all my daughters and husbands credit cards up i even phoned the police on my self hoping they would charge me i needed serious help maybe it was a cry for help i was even thinking of commiting suicide but eventually i broke down to the gp and at this moment i am in the process of reducing this medication and attending gambling course

  39. Vincent Reply

    I have been taking the drug Requip for about 10 years I never had a gambling addiction problem before now I’m gambling almost every day at the casino I lost two businesses everything I own I feel humiliated depressed a living nightmare I have stolen money from my family so I can gamble I lost the trust of my family and yes I masturbate about 2-3 times a day I’m about to be homeless I have lost thousands upon thousands dollers I also recently went to my doctor and told him about my gambling problem and he said there is no connection between gambling and requip and he also stated there was nothing else l can take for my RLS please help

  40. dave Reply

    I have been on ropinirole for about 7 years and had no problems until it was increased in November last year. Soon after that I started gambling. I have always been very carful about my money and have always saved. Now due to this addiction I have unfortunately used up all my savings ( £50,000+) and am now looking over my shoulder hoping the worst is now done, I spoke to a doctor about this problem, she did not seem at all surprised about my gambling addiction, and has now lowered my dosage, I asked why when I was put on this drug I was not told about the possibilities of addiction, so that then I could have decided weather or not I should take them. The answer to that was that I had made a good point.

  41. Larry Reply

    My brother developed an intense gambling compulsion while taking these medications. It was so bad that he lost everything he and his family had. He refinanced his house over and over until he owed over $600,000 on a house he had almost paid off more than 20 years ago. He borrowed lots of money from whoever would lend it. I estimate that he owes friends and acquaintances more than $100,000 he never had a chance to pay back. What makes it particularly weird though is that it wasn’t truly gambling because he had no chance of winning. It appeared to me that he was addicted to making the bet, not to trying to win. I was one of only a couple of witnesses to his behavior who knows him well and I believe I’m the only one who knew there’s a connection between these meds and gambling. He would become zombie-like with an awful far-away look in his eyes. Nothing else mattered except placing the next bet. He would never place several consecutive bets all at once though the state lottery games he played called for it. He would have to see the result of each bet then make up his next bet then place it. If time was running out, he would walk right through the people in line, pushing them out of the way if he had to in order to place the bet. If he missed that particular game, he would curse at the guy selling the tickets and anyone else who he thought got in his way. There’s more – it goes on and on. Everyone who could have tried to help him thought I was an idiot for proposing this link. One of my brothers said, “He always gambled. You don’t know what you’re talking about”, though I witnessed the behavior both before and after PD. Yes, he used to gamble sometimes and he was very good at it, very smart. He knew all the odds and he bet conservatively. He won more than most. After the medication he gambled every day at lottery games with terrible odds and he never, ever won because even if he was winning he would continue to bet until he lost every dime he had and every dime he could borrow. Once he got me into a poker game he played in 2 or 3 times a week with a couple of guys who gladly started the game as soon as he showed up. In the first 10 hands playing a form of draw poker he stayed in until the end, never folding, even though he never once had even remotely decent cards. He was unable to fold with a bad hand. I tried to make him leave after that. He would not leave until he was totally broke and cursing me for refusing to lend him money to lose. I drove him home and he cursed me the whole way, calling me a cheapskate, etc. It was heartbreaking to watch. He would never allow me to help him and never admit there was any problem. He is now on Medicaid in a nursing home where he doesn’t belong but can’t get out of because he has no money. His wife is still working full-time in her 70s, eking by a living with absolutely no savings at all. It’s pitifully sad.

  42. Maurizzio Reply

    7 years ago was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and
    Was placed on standard levodopa.
    Two years ago my freezings episode starting get worse was placed on a secondary medication
    Rotigotine neuro patch. Soon after being placed on patch. Went from occasionally conservative gambler to out of control gambler, had to spend every cent I could get hands on. Borrowed thousands from friends and family. Also had construction loan for new home. Spent over 300,000 in casinos last two years. Was sexually aggressive towards fiancé. And in last several months criminal behaviour such as theft. I am a current correctional Supervisor for last 25 years never broke the law.
    I have lost my children, lost my fiancé, lost 2 home, tried suicide and currently facing criminal charges.
    When I was at the peak of Rotigotine patch I was on extremely high dose 2 x 6 mg patches. To deal with compulsive behaviour gambling medication was cut I half by Dr. However still was addicted to gambling. Recently with no improvement to condition went and saw another DR. and immediately wants me off the Rotigotine patch. Stating it’s from a dangerous family of Parkinson’s medication that cause compulsive behaviour.
    I have been off the drug For a month now and find myself self having no cravings to gamble. However I’m stuck dealing with everything that has happened to me, separation, loss of employment currently on Long term disability, financially ruined, depression, anxiety, criminal charges and my health deteriorating. Any one else have similar symptoms? Would like to pursue a class action lawsuit.

  43. Scott Reply

    I’m posting a letter from a friend of mine that I’ve been sending to attorneys on his behalf. He’s currently in his almost 5 years of an 18 year prison sentence. He has no option of parole BTW. It appears that Neupro ruined his life and literally cost him everything, family and all. He had a sudden change in his behaviors and the only link we can find is when his Neupro was increased. I’ve removed his name for his family’s and his privacy. If you’ve also been effected in a similar way please reach out to me. We’re trying to save this man who was and still is a good man. What got him sent to prison isn’t his normal way of doing things. He has 3 son’s he wants to be there for while they’re still children. He’s also the type of man to put others needs ahead of his. Now is the time to be there to help him in his time of need. He often tells me the most important things to him in getting the help he needs is so that he can get back to his son’s and helping other’s in need as he’s always done. Please help if you can.

    My name is @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@. I’ve asked a friend to reach out to you on my behalf via emails and calls. I’m contacting you because I believe I have suffered from the side effects of Neupro, Ropineral and Requip. Namely Neupro.

    The side effects of Neupro that have affected me were aggressive behavior, psychotic behavior and impulse control / compulsive behavior.

    I have R.L.S. “Restless Leg Syndrome.” Neupro was given to me to treat my R.L.S. Neupro is also used to treat Parkinson’s Disease. In 2016 I went to my neurologist to do a follow up on my Neupro medication. He then changed my prescription from 3mg per 24Hrs to 6mg per 24Hrs. (B.T.W. The F.D.A. recommends no more than a Max dosage of 3mg of Neupro for R.L.S. I was given double the recommended dosage.) When my wife went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription the pharmacist heavily cautioned her of the side effects of the medication and told her to “watch me closely.” Within about 2 months I begun showing the side effects of aggressive behavior, psychotic behavior Etc. That’s when our typical marital disagreements became much more heated and later became violent. I’d never been physically violent prior to taking the higher dosage of Neupro. Also my wife and I had been together for nearly 16 years at that point without any violence. That’s when I also begun to use excessive amounts of alcohol simply for the purpose of getting drunk nightly and had “Never” used alcohol before. I also went on a binge spending spree which was also unusual behavior for me. These behavior totally changed my life and the lives of those around me and eventually lead to me being sent to prison.

    If you feel you can help me you can reach out to my friend to help you contact me. Also feel free to share my letter with anyone else within your circle that you think might be helpful.

    Thank you for your time and I’m hopeful that you’ll be able to help me.

    End of letter…

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