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DuPont C-8 Lawsuits

Exposure to DuPont’s C-8, which is an industrial chemical that has contaminated the water supply around a plant in West Virginia and the Ohio valley, may cause residents to suffer serious and potentially life-threatening injuries, including cancer, birth defects, kidney disease, thyroid disease and other side effects.…

Top Product Liability Verdicts Of 2017

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2017 was marked by a number of high-profile jury verdicts which often awarded plaintiffs tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, of dollars for physical and financial injuries and illnesses caused by drugs, pollution and other products…

Top 10 Bellwether Verdicts and Settlements of 2016

2016 was marked by a number of huge verdicts in crucial bellwether lawsuits and large settlement agreements over product liability claims that caused consumers to suffer severe injuries, health problems and even death.…

DuPont C-8 Testicular Cancer Lawsuit Ends In $2M Verdict

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A third DuPont C8 trial has ended in a $2 million award for a man who suffered testicular cancer after drinking water contaminated with the chemical. The award may increase based on the results of the punitive damages phase of the trial.…