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Chinese Drywall Damages May Change Foreign Business Laws

A Chinese drywall company is facing increased pressure to compensate thousands of homeowners for selling defective drywall that damaged their homes, but difficulty enforcing U.S. judgments may result in changes to laws regarding foreign companies doing business in this country. …

Wiring Safe from Chinese Drywall Effects: CPSC and HUD Report

  • Written by: Staff Writers

Federal regulators say that wiring blackened by Chinese drywall in homes throughout the United States does not present a safety hazard and does not need to be replaced, potentially saving some homeowners and companies thousands of dollars. …

Jury Awards Damages for Chinese Drywall to Homeowner

A Florida family has been awarded $2.46 million in the first Chinese drywall lawsuit to be heard by a jury. The decision was seen by some as a “bellwether” case, which could forecast how other juries may respond to similar evidence that will be presented in other trials over Chinese drywall that has caused problems for homeowners throughout the United States.…

Chinese Drywall Class Action Suit Certified in Florida

  • Written by: Staff Writers

A class action lawsuit over Chinese drywall has been certified in Florida state court, allowing about 150 Miami-area homeowners to pursue compensation from drywall suppliers and builders who allegedly built homes with toxic wallboard imported from China, which has been found to release foul smells and cause corrosion throughout the home. …

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