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Hepatitis C Damage Awards Against Teva, Baxter Continue to Pile Up

Teva Pharmaceuticals and Baxter International have been hit with a massive punitive damages award for a third time as a result of their role in causing a hepatitis C outbreak that occurred after two Las Vegas endoscopy clinics reused oversized vials of propofol sold by the drug makers. …

Las Vegas Hepatitis Lawsuit Results in $500M Verdict

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In what is believed to be the largest punitive damages award in Nevada history, a jury last week ordered two pharmaceutical companies to pay $500 million to a plaintiff who contracted hepatitis C at a Las Vegas clinic that was found to be reusing medicine vials and dirty needles. …

New Jersey Doctor Linked to 29 Hepatitis B Cases

State health officials in New Jersey say that at least 29 people treated at one doctor’s office have been diagnosed with hepatitis B, and suggest that thousands of other patients treated at the same office need to undergo testing for the blood borne disease.…

Las Vegas Hepatitis Scare Class Action Lawsuit Not Certified by Court

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Nevada District Judge Alan Earl, who is presiding over the Las Vegas endoscopy clinic lawsuits filed as a result of unsafe medical practices that caused over 100 people to develop Hepatitis C, has denied a request to certify a class action lawsuit for thousands of former patients who are claiming emotional distress stemming from the testing they underwent after discovering the problems at the clinics.…

Las Vegas Hepatitis Cases Linked to 2 Clinics is 114

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According to the South Nevada Health District’s senior epidemiologist, there are 114 cases of potentially fatal hepatitis C virus identified among patients treated at two Las Vegas endoscopy clinics which were shut down earlier this year due to dangerous and unsafe medical practices.…

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