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FDA Warns Over Lasik False Marketing Claims

According to a recent warning issued by federal regulators, some LASIK eye care surgeons may not be telling their patients about the full risks associated with the procedure and the FDA is threatening those that fail to advertise properly with fines, injunctions and product seizures. …

Lasik Problems to be Studied by FDA

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The FDA announced last week that they are working with the National Eye Institute and the Department of Defense to study the impact on quality of life from Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK), to determine how frequent corrective eye surgery problems are and to identify potential predictors for the complications.…

Lasik Risks Must be Disclosed in Advertisements Warns FDA

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The FDA has notified healthcare providers that any advertisements for laser eye surgery procedures must adequately disclose the possible risks of Lasik, as many patients have reported suffering blurry vision, double vision and other eye problems.…

Lasik Eye Surgery Lawsuit

LASIK is a common form of corrective laser eye surgery that has been widely used since it was first introduced in 1998. However, a number of patients have experienced serious complications with their vision that could cause debilitating injury. In many cases, these Lasik eye surgery problems were caused by medical malpractice, or the surgeon’s failure to follow the appropriate standard of care. …

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