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Thousands of women who had a vaginal mesh or bladder sling implanted to treat pelvic organ prolapse have experienced severe internal injuries, urinary problems and other complications as a result of problems with the medical devices, which may actually provide no real benefit over other methods of treating pelvic organ prolapse.

STATUS OF TRANSVAGINAL MESH LAWSUITS: Cases have been filed throughout the United States by women who experienced complications as a result of the negligent design of a vaginal mesh pelvic support system, and lawyers are continuing to review new vaginal mesh lawsuits.


OVERVIEW: Vaginal mesh, which is also referred to as a bladder sling, hammock or pelvic mesh, is a surgical product that is commonly implanted into the vaginal area to prevent pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can occur in women after childbirth or surgery. Pelvic organ prolapse causes the womb to fall into the vaginal area, which can also lead to the bladder and bowels slipping out of place and putting pressure on the vagina, causing considerable pain and discomfort, as well as urinary incontinence in some cases.

Lawsuits over vaginal mesh implants allege that negligent designs increase the risk that women may suffer severe complications, physical pain and suffering, deformity and the need for additional corrective surgery. In addition, the FDA acknowledged in July 2011 that there is no evidence that vaginal mesh bladder sling surgery provides any greater clinical benefit than non-mesh surgeries.

VAGINAL MESH PROBLEMS: The FDA issued a statement about all vaginal mesh implants in July 2011, indicating that the agency has received thousands of reports of complications after the bladder sling mesh has been implanted, and also warn of an increased risk of organs being punctured during the surgery to implant the devices. The FDA stated that a review of studies and other literature appeared to show little to no health benefits.

Complications with vaginal sling implants reported by women include:

  • Infection
  • Erosion of the mesh into the vagina
  • Recurrences of prolapse
  • Urinary problems
  • Bowel, bladder and blood-vessel perforations
  • Injury to nearby organs
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

In many cases, transvaginal sling problems have required multiple surgeries to remove the mesh. Even after surgery, women may be left with permanent and disfiguring injuries.

In January 2016, the FDA announced it was reclassifying vaginal mesh as high-risk medical devices and that new and existing vaginal and transvaginal mesh meant to treat pelvic organ prolapse had to go through a premarket approval process.

In November 2017, Australia banned all transvaginal mesh products, indicating that their risks outweighed their benefits.

VAGINAL MESH LAWSUITS: As of October 2015, more than 70,000 complaints had been filed throughout the federal court system involving complications from vaginal mesh or bladder sling products. Most of the cases have been consolidated for pretrial proceedings as part of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, with the cases centralized before U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin in the Southern District of West Virginia for coordinated discovery and early bellwether trials.

Seven different MDLs are currently centralized before Judge Goodwin, including all Bard Avaulta lawsuits, AMS vaginal mesh lawsuits, Boston Scientific pelvic mesh lawsuits, Ethicon Gynecare mesh lawsuitsColoplast sling lawsuits. Neomedic mesh lawsuits, and Cook Surgisis Biodesign mesh lawsuits.

A series of bellwether trials are being held in each of the MDLs to help the parties gauge how juries may respond to certain evidence and testimony that is likely to be repeated throughout the litigation. The preparation and outcomes of these early trials are designed to facilitate a possible vaginal mesh settlement agreement that could resolve cases without the need for thousands of trials to be held throughout the country.

While some manufacturers have settled thousands of these cases, tens of thousands more remain unresolved.

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  1. Barb Reply

    Since having a rectoseal repair where mesh was used I have many large purple circles mainly on my arms and inner thighs that do not itch , no doctor has been able to treat this with any success. Could this possibility be from an allergy to the mesh?

  2. Noreen Reply

    at the Canadian Victims of Transvaginal Mesh Complications we have compiled our research and Diane Fichter has put it together in a blog so you can read it, and print some of it out to take to your doctors. I have lawyered up and so should all of you….. the staute of limitations in Canada started from discovery of the problem , not when the surgery was done… I hope that is the same for you American ladies……..there is no amount of money that can restore the quality of our lives but there should be compensation so we can access the best medical intervention we can get at the expense of the manufacturers. Hang on to hope and join support groups like ours for your dark days. hugs from Nonie

  3. Carol Reply

    My heart breaks for all you ladies. I had the POP & SUI surgery in 2005. I knew something was wwrong the first time my husband and I were intimate. After 3 years I finaly had to say something to my family doctor due to my family coming apart, and she used the word ” DYSPARENIA”. I couldn’t pronounce it so she explained it to me. I had problems one after another compounded. Each doctor woud give me some off the wall excuse ( they don’t won’t to look dumb), I needed the truth. So, I went back to the urologist and gyn. in 2008 to the ones who performed the surgery. I had 4 surgeries in one ). They didn’t mentioned any word about the FDA warings with the mesh, nor could they find anything wrong with me. In fact the gyn. had such a narcissistic attitudel ( you would not believe me if I told you some of his bedside comments, although he did tell my husband He gave him back a 16 year old) I refused to let him make me think this pain is in my head. He made several uncanny remarks. My last visit with him was in 2008. I refuse to never let him touch me again. I have had surgery again from the urologist. I stay in constant lower left pelvic pain radiating to my lower back. My right leg stays numb, I have had two mental breakdowns, had to see phycologist. infections, and forget having an intimate relationship with my husband. and the POP & SUI has returned. I feel my blatter in the vagina. I have severe gastrointestinal problems. I am in the process of being seen by the gastro.dr and surgeon while they discuss taking my colon out, I had the rectocele also which will justify this surgery.. This is not going to happen ladies. I’m not a cadaver to practice on..Not only am I able to have sex with my husband now I be unable to use the bathroom normaly. If you will notice, when you visit so many different doctors trying to get an answer each one has a different diagnosis .Should you detect anger in my message, you are correct. Don’t let the statue so limitations scare you either. I didn’t even know law suits were available until I was looking for information from the FDA and a law firm popped up and contacted them and they put me in contact with a law firm handling Boston -Scientific Lynx. So don’t give up and let these manufactoring companies win. I blame the FDA for their failure to recall these products. The doctors were making millions off of these products, and they can’t be touched. One more thing. Most of these doctors were not properly trained on how to insert those probes. We don’t know how our tissuses were torn or mutilated.

  4. Kasey Reply

    I had a hystorectomy in May 2006 along with placement of the mesh bladder sling. I had 6 pregnancies, 3 C-sections and 3 misscarriages. It took a toll on my bladder and I was starting to leak. It had worked wonderfully up until about 6 months ago. my fiance told me he could feel something in my Vagina and I was starting to have some sharp pains during intercourse on the right side. Besides that I thought I had a UTI because I always felt the need to urinate and when I did go I couldnt get empty. My Doctor said there was a significant amount of blood in my urine and could feel the mesh midline in my vagina. Upon trying to get a catheter put in for a “clean catch” it was discovered that there is a blockage in my urethra. I had an ultrasound today and surgery has been scehduled for August 1st to remove the sling and re-construct my Urethra. They have to go in abdominally and transvaginally to get all the mesh. I am told I will be at home with a catheter in for up to 3 weeks. I have no time off. This will kill me financially, not to mention I am getting married in July… 🙁 The makers of these slings need to pay up! I cant afford this and the pain is ridiculous.

  5. Wanda Reply

    I had vaginal prolapse and bladder suspension Feb 2, 2011. I have had problems since the anesthesia wore off from day one. I was in a five year relationship and could not be intimate with my partner because of the pain, the odor, and the continous infections. My ex started sleeping around and caused a breakup between us. I don’t leave my house unless I’m going to a doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store for something and then I’m back at home. My self-esteem has gone astray and I have no social life. I’ve had accidents due to being unable to hold my urine, got treated for infections with flagyl, which I’ve been taking since the surgery and the infections keeps coming back. I am a 46 year old former active mother of three, who has no life now because of this surgery. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried another doctor who is now sending me to Wake Medical Center for observation and diagnosis. I pray to God that they can fix my problem and I can go back to living a normal life. The new doctor says there is a possibility I may have to get the vaginal sling removed.

  6. carol Reply

    I had mesh/sling surgery in 2010, and have just started having all the the symptoms that the rest of youall are having, when does the statue of limitations run out, or have anyone found any results of anyone winning their case, this is rediculous, that so many women are having the same side effects and there is nothing we can do, have anyone talked to an attourney yet, what were your findings or is the site another one of these sites for advertisement, why cant we get help, i bet if we did a march on the FDA we will get the information that we need and narrow these problems. LOTS OF PAIN

  7. Brenda Reply

    Don’t you find it odd that women are the only ones suffering from this problem and most men don’t give a crap? So you have surgery and return to the doctor time after time to complain with problems. Honestly, do you expect a doctor to volunteer information about what might be the cause of the problem? I have had my gallbladder, appendix, ovarian cysts, and, finally, my ovaries removed in an effort to get rid of the pain. Early on I told my gyno I had pain with sex in any position other than flat on my back. I explained that I didn’t think this was normal. His response was “don’t do it in any other position”. Yes, he is a true gem. Now that I, as many of you, have lived with this for years we are told the statue of limitations is up. Okay, so when did it begin? When the surgery was performed? When we began having problems? When we were last treated for the problem? When a doctor finally admitted that this might be the problem? When, I ask you? People exposed to asbestos twenty years prior to being diagnosed are still eligible to be compensated for the exposure. What is even more incredible is that they don’t even have to go to court. They only have to receive a diagnosis. Could that be because most of patients were men? Women we have to stand together. We should be writing everyone possible, including, the doctors who failed to inform us of the problem. There are elections to elect the law makers who find this fair. I suggest we develop a group to poll them on their opinion of the statue of limitations in these cases. Then we publish those findings!

  8. Nounou Reply

    No, slight baddler leaks after swimming is not normal for a person your age. Please call your family physician, and get an appointment with a urologist. If needed, there is a simple surgery that can stop urine leakage, and you may be a candidate for that. Good luck!References :

  9. babytigger Reply

    I h Lot # 93400200
    I .had a Supris Suprapubic Sling (Coloplast) implanted in August, 2011.
    I have had numerous visits to my urologist, Gynecologist and my family physician since I had this sling implanted. I have had UTI’s, (lots of them), I have had e-coli, I have had headaches, kidney infections. Sharp pains that feel like they are shooting up into me. Pain during intercourse, I have lots of scar tissue, The sling was extruded through my vagina. It feels like chicken wire. I have had bleeding. I have had part of the sling trimmed away 4 mo. after implanted, I got pneumonia afterwards from anesthesia. Every time I had the mesh sling trimmed more extrusion. I finally had to have it removed because it was causing more problems then I previously had. Now I have all of the other problems that having it implanted caused. I also have had so many UTI’s that I am going to be placed on antibiotic as a maintenance prevention for UTI’s. FYI: I was told that Coloplast has had no problems with there slings, I found out that was no true. Besides the fact of having all the physical problems it is very humiliating and embarrassing.

  10. MILLICENT Reply

    I am afraid to even go to the doctor:-( I had the vaginal mesh in 2010 and have been in and out of the hospital and Doctor offices evry since. IMy bladder is not right ,I have migraines, I can’t sleep, afraid of sex because it hurts now, it is affecting my job, my pay,my life was really changed. I dont trust doctors now afraid they may not know what they are doing so I pray hard when I am going. I have to go to Atlanta Ga Nov 14 to check my other organs. My uterus is gone and I am 35 now with four kids ages 5,7,8,and 14 so I need to be here for them in good health ,never thought I would go through this.

  11. Michelle Reply

    In 2011, I discussed with my regular gynecologist about issues with stress urinary incontinence. This was followed up with a urodynamic evaluation, in which the diagnosis was stress incontinence. I was then referred to a urogynecologist in Sept of 2011. During the consultation, the urogynecologist informed me of a pinched bladder and recommended bladder repair in addition to the TVT (not the TVT secur). I told her that I was only interested in the TVT, not bladder repair (since I was not experiencing any problems with the bladder-i.e. bugle, fullness, discomfort or pain). She said she would not perform the TVT without the bladder repair and that it only added 10 extra minutes during surgery. Since my regular gynecologist’s wife also used her services and she came highly recommended, I went ahead with the surgery in Nov. 2011. Results from the surgery: complete failure. The surgery cured my stress incontinence, HOWEVER, it gave me something much worse, and I now have urge urinary incontinence (de novo incontinence). I have been on antibiotic for an entire year, the minute I stop the Rx, the UTI comes back immediately with strong odor (no other symptoms). I cannot control the leakage of urine when the urge hits, so I wear pads EVERY DAY. I have around ten – twelve urge episodes per day. The urogynecologist has offered me pee pills, but I refuse to take them. I was in physical therapy for six months, this only helped me with techniques on what to do once the urge hits, not stopping the urge from happening in the first place. Now that a year has passed, the urogynecologist has recommended a CT scan and another cystoscopy. The CT scan showed nothing and the cystoscopy is scheduled for next week. I also found out recently, that during surgery the doctor performed a posterior colporrhaphy repair and this was not discussed before the surgery. I would like to go back and have my stress urinary incontinence back. I am so humiliated and embarrassed that I had this done to me.

  12. mj Reply

    I too had organ prolapse, bladder repair surgery in april!!!! I am.having a pressure pain, like I am going to give birth! !!!! I have sharp pain inside vagina, and terrible leakage or the oppisite where it takes me bending forward or standing up to.empty my bladder!! I had to self cath for at least a month with utiery week!!!!!! I have migraines everyday and severe bloating! I had knee surgery recently and I am having severe pain down both legs………………the doctors are puzzled but I am beginning to wonder if its this surgery??? What a mess!!!! There has to be some kind of recourse!!!! Its robbing many of us of a and ending up jobless!!!! Someone MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!!! WHY ARE THEY STILL using this??????????????????? Prayers to all

  13. sandy Reply

    i had the transobturator sling system put in 2011 after an injury, then this year i had a revision because of the pain. i just have a question dose any one know why they would put a expiration date on the sling.

  14. mk from socal Reply

    I had rectocele, cystocele, and vaginal wall repair done in March 2012. Same story about horrible pain so severe sexual intercourse is worse than childbirth and my husband can’t even get in all the way. I’m horrified of the surgery outcome my recent consult have suggested I need, as they don’t seem very confident I’ll get any relief from the pain. In addition to the TVT mesh, they used some “mesh” to repair the vagina, and finally sewed up the opening and the entire wall so that one doctor said ” a normal vagina in someone your age is a “4”, whereas you are a “1” now. And it will only get smaller as you age.
    Additionally, it feels like cut glass or 80 grit sandpaper when my husband tries to move inside me. I tried to hide the pain but I just couldn’t and now it’s ruining our intimacy and mental health.
    I totally trusted my doctors [husband wife team- obgyn/urologist- who gave me no indication I should be concerned about the surgery.

  15. bernice Reply

    My urologist used prolene mesh in my POP enterocele and cystocele
    repair through my vagina. Surgery done June 19,2012 since I’ve had bleeding problems, incontenence, had to self cath to retrain my bladder.
    Very embarrassing and painful incident in intimate moment. I screamed the same time he did. His organ had a scratch while I felt like something was tearing me apart. No sex, no intimacy. Constant pain and cramping
    if I move the wrong way. Now my bladder works ok but I actually feel the mesh. Dr. said for me to take siitz baths and learn to relax. I have an option live with it or take it out. He said get through the holidays and next appointment tell him my decision. The he said my stitches had not
    completely disolved and I needed more time to heal , if I would relax I would heal quicker.So what happens if he takes it out. I’m worried. Someone please tell if you have experienced my situation.

  16. Valerie Reply

    Had the bladder lift in 2006, from that day on my nightmare started!! I was told I could go back to work within 2 days … Well I couldn\’t walk for 2 weeks!! My inner thighs were in so much pain.. Felt like my legs were stretched up and around my neck sideways!! I called my dr and I all I got was pain pills and a dr note to stay home for 2 wks..after I went to work it was a uti every month, I didn\’t associate it with the sling because I assumed it was on the outside of my bladder…. My pcp kept encouraging me to go to a urologist.. I finally did after about a year of problems…in and out of my pcp office. Hospial er… Urgent care, im sure they knew me by name….my period also stopped immediately after the procedure.. I was only 44. When I went to the urologist several tests were done and to my surprise the dr that performed the surgery \”installed the lift too high\”. Therefore stretching my urethra (which is only about an inch long) to the point that my urine could barely come out and urine was getting backed up!!! No wonder I couldn\’t walk for 2 weeks!!!!! 2nd surgery was to \”cut\” down a couple of strings to drop it a bit… Well now I can\’t hold my urine in… It\’s worse than before… I have been on antibiotics for over4 years for maintenance and now my infections is resistant to 2 of them. I am in constant throbbing pain, haven\’t had sex with my husband in over a year, before that only 3 times in a year. I could not bear the pain. I live from day to day with pain pills confined to my home! My quality of life is worse than an 80 year old!! I can\’t lift anything with out feeling a \”tuggin\” inside of me… Can\’t walk up my stairs in my home without my urethra tugging inside. I am sure this sling is rotting my insides… I feel the pain every day, I smell horrible when I stop antibiotics.. I cry all the time! I have no medical insurance so I live in the emergency rooms now. I have retained an attorney, and have called them asking for resources for help and they don\’t have any!! They are going to benefit from my pain and they can\’t refer me to anyone!! They are also insensitive….I would love to find some attorney that knows what I am going through… There is so much to mention that there is not enough time to write it all down…. I WANT THIS THING OUT OF MY BODY!!!

  17. Melanie Reply

    I have SPARC sling by AMS and have erosion and infection with surgery scheduled shortly. Why can AMS still advertise on their websites that complications are rare. The FDA has clearly determined that the complications are NOT rare and informed the manufacturers of this. How can AMS get away with this?
    “Inflammation and irritation may occur after surgery. Although rare, some of the most severe risks associated with sling procedures are infection, erosion and vessel or urethra perforation.”
    FDA states the following:
    “The FDA is issuing this update to inform you that serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair of POP are not rare. This is a change from what the FDA previously reported on Oct. 20, 2008. “

  18. Remona Reply

    I had a #2 prolene mesh used as bladder support along with hysterectomy in Sept. 1996 .. within 30 days horrible uti infections .. escalating years .. now diagnosed with LUPUS .. these gyn. docs were not properly trained to do these procedures .. woke up in recovery .. going into shock .. doc said he thought he punctured bowel .. then a week after going home returned to ER for extensive bleeding .. continue to have infections ..painful intercourse .. attorneys will not touch my case due to statue of limitations .. even though I have some of my records ..LIFE will never be the same!!

  19. Laurie Reply

    I had my cystocele repair in 2000 where the Capio Suture Passing device (Pinnacle Pelvic Floor Repair Kit) was used from the manufacture Boston Scientific. I immediately started having UTI’s and the results were always “contamination” I was on antibiotics more than off them and had severe back and pelvic pain. My bladder felt like it was on fire. My physician sent me to a urologist where I would have liquid medication (DMSO) therapy monthly injected via a catheter and put on antibiotic propholactically. My urine always had rare white blood cells and microscopic red blood cells. I continued to work a full time job and soon became hypersensetive to various scents. Started having syncopal episodes at work and was taken by ambulance more times than I can count. I eventually had to leave my place of employment. I was now diagnosed with Asthma. My muscles in my arms and legs became weak and sent to a neurologist where a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was made. It has been one diagnosis after antoher for me over the last 12 years since the implantation of my mesh. Through it all not one single doctor recommended the removal of the monster “mesh” or that it could be the cause of my health issues. A light went on when I heard the commercial of it’s dangers and felt not so alone anymore when I read others were going through the same horrors as me. I recently had my mesh removed with about 80 percent gone. Need major surgery to remove the remaining 20 percent. I was shocked when I found out the mesh had wings and plastic legs and a biologic graft was used. I had no idea this was in me and I am extremely upset to be used as a rat for an experiment. You may have taken away my quality of life but my spirit is not broken!!!

  20. Lisa Reply

    In 2005 I agreed to a partial hysterectomy recommended by my Doctor when I went in for a bladder sling. He put in a mesh while doing the bladder sling, he also reconstructed my rectum as it had fallen down. Since then I have had UTI after UTI, bowel incontinence (at work and other public places), painful intercourse (causing me to lose my husband). Urination would take me 30 to 60 seconds to complete. There are a score other nasty complications also. In 2008 had ovaries with cysts removed, another bladder sling done and massive scar tissue from first surgery removed. Still having problems. Tried to find a lawyer online but no one would touch it. Have been on my own since 2008 and am so devastated by all this that I have been too scared to have any kind of relationship with a man that I have basically a hermit, by this I mean I have gone to work and then home to no one for the last 5 years. Is there anyone who can help?

  21. Deb Reply

    I had my sling put in Nov 2010…2 days after surgery I was in ICU with life threatening infection…My abdomen looked like I had a basketball in it…I had several more surgeries to repair and remove the sling..I was in the hispital 28 days and had a wound vac with a tube hanging out of me for 2 months.sucking out infection…GOOD GRIEF…I have incontinence worse then before..badly prolapsed bladder…sex is painful and usually impossible..this thing ruined me and came very close to killing me…I am suing the bastards for what they did to me….my heart breaks for all of you women who like me are suffering 🙁 I wish I could help you all …Deb

  22. victoria Reply

    I can not believe my eyes!!!! I am in tears…..for so long I have felt alone in all of this. I am in pain and have been for too long. I had my first of many surgeries in 2004, but in 2010 a device created to better my life was used and well… we all are…i am saddened to read that there women who may not receive the help they so desperately need and deserve due to statute of limitations…i feel guilty and relieved at the same time. You are all in my prayers and i do believe that justice will be served in one way or another…..

  23. Julie Reply

    My life has been hell since 2008 when they put the boston scientific sling in me. I am completely incontinent now and also my bowel. I am a young athletic women and I wear diapers. I have not had sex since they damaged me so bad. I am now laying in a hospital bed
    I almist died from appendcitis and I have so much pain I didn’t notice the pain my doctor said would have most people on their knees. Mypelvic floor is littered with the mesh. I am wondering if this caused the appendicitis. All doctors are very reluctant to help. One female er doctor said she thought the migration of the mesh might be the problem. Is it too late for me to get an attorney ? This surgery has ruined me in so many ways, unspeakable shame.

  24. peg Reply

    This is a shame on America, that women are suffering severly and cannot go to these companies because of these cases to find out what happened infections, , damage to other parts of their bodies, the mesh going into their intestines, , etc more, Being allowed to speak bluntly about what is so embarrassing to speak on internet, and why, .



    THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL LIVE WILL BE THE RICH NURSES AND DOCTORS THAT HAVE CASES , THAT IMPLANTED THE MESH AND HAD IT REM,OVED IN A YEAR OR 2 OR LESS, WHILE OTHERS HAVE SUFFERED AND DIED, DAMN THIS FRAUD MESS IN COURTS OF THE RICH. this needs to be stopped, so many have not gone through hell as others have and suffered, begging for medication anti biotics to fight infections, ,




  25. Susan Reply

    I had a LAVH TVT and bladder sling 2/11…I am 46 and wish I never had this done. I can not have sex due to pain tearing and bleeding my doctor cut my vaginal cuff at two in a half inches left me no more I found this out when I went to see a urologist for chronic UTI’S…I also am so depressed it hurt to sit to long or bike ride…my mesh is erroding and I have been told I need more surgery. I am unable to live a normal life any longer due to constant pain and discomfort I feel my life is over.

  26. Trudy Reply

    I had my mesh sling surgery done april of 2011 and been having experiencing symptoms. Was not sure if it had anything to do with the mesh sling.I have been back and forth to see my family doctor with recurring UTI’s have been treated but they keep coming back.I have also seen the surgeon who performed the surgery with a rash and being raw down below. He gave me medication it cleared it up but once I finished the meds it came back again.I did look up on the computer what the medicine was to treat and it said it treats allergic reactions.I did go back to see the surgeon when the reaction happened again and asked him about this could I be having a reaction to the mesh and he said NO. So time has gone by and I am still having the same symptoms I have been unable to have a relationship with my husband since I had the surgery.I do not know what to do because the surgeon I see about these issues keeps telling me that it is not a reaction to the mesh and keeps treating me with medication. I do not want to have to keep taking med’s the rest of my life.So what am I to do this is so embarrasing to talk about with anyone (doctors) and they do not check to see if it could be caused by the sling. ANY ADVISE ANYONE.

  27. Linda Reply

    The way I understand it the statute of limitations is ten years. I contacted a law firm in Houston, Texas that I saw on T.V. My bladder prolapse surgery was done in 2003 and the deadline to file is June 1of this year. So if you haven’t already please do so immediately!!! Good luck to all of us! And I guess it’s nice to know that there is others out there that share our grief and pain and suffering-right?????

  28. nancy Reply

    I had my hysterectomy in 1987 and Ive hard time getting my medical rrcords. The doctor has pass. And they only keep records for ten years. I’ve and another surgery on me in 2002. I had trouble with my bladder and BAD pain. My bladder has drop again. And other organ had to be put back. Now I have a hole in my bladder. The doctor said this will be a sugery that require planning with other doctor. Please tell how it is we can’t find out more about what thay do to us in surgery and any help. Please tyu God bless you all.

  29. Audrey Reply

    I am realizing that what I thought I was alone with, many women are suffering. What is being done, and what can we do for our own health & well being? Is anyone informed as to what is going on and if they can “fix” this? My entire life is on hold now.

  30. audrey Reply

    in response to Peg, I believe, do not worry, I heard that it depends on which state you live in. I heard that the statute of limitations will be 2 years from when a reasonable person should have gotten medical help. Each state is different. I am worried because I dont know what to expect from here out.

  31. audrey Reply

    Linda (I\’m sure) the statute is not 10 years. It is 2 years from the onset of symptoms, so if you need to do it as soon as possible, not all cases will qualify, so be careful who you talk to, they all want u to sign on Then later they\’ll say sorry, u dont qualify, so check around first.

  32. Donna Reply

    Hi everyone, i had my ivs in 2005. It seemed fine for a year probably, but reading some of your cases it wasnt. I had pains down low like a sharp knife cutting. (its hard to describe) from then i have UTI’s on and off constantly. Tired very tired pains down my legs and in my lower back constant bad heads the list goes on. My procedure was “ment to be” a microwave ablation of my uterus, and a bladder sling. When i woke up they ended up having to give me a hystorectomy, they said it was because the microwave burnt through my womb accidentally. but reading more about the sling i wonder whether it wasnt that part that did it but the sling being put in that did it, then the doc was covered under complications of microwave ablation. (its hard to explain) anyway i have gained weight, im getting alot of pain in my stomach, under my ribs in the bottom of left and right pelvis. i feel swollen everywhere. i look about 7 months preg. i tried to get up off the floor last night the the pain was horrific, i ended up having to lie back down. wait for pain to go and roll over. i felt like such an idiot. i have had ultrasound for kidneys, they thought i had ovarian cancer (i thank god i dont) and i feel like such a liar. i have given up going to the doctors. but now i have read all this i maybe going back. problem is this procedure was done in New Zealand. However i now live the England most of the time and America regular. America is for medical treatment for my little girl who is ill. Anyway New Zealand is were you have no right to sue. (government made sure of that) i also can not track down the doctor that did it. so at least i can find out what one she used. im at a loss dont no what to do. hope everyone is doing well.

  33. Donna Reply

    Hi everyone, i had my ivs in 2005. It seemed fine for a year probably, but reading some of your cases it wasnt. I had pains down low like a sharp knife cutting. (its hard to describe) from then i have UTI’s on and off constantly. Tired very tired pains down my legs and in my lower back constant bad heads the list goes on. My procedure was “ment to be” a microwave ablation of my uterus, and a bladder sling. When i woke up they ended up having to give me a hystorectomy, they said it was because the microwave burnt through my womb accidentally. but reading more about the sling i wonder whether it wasnt that part that did it but the sling being put in that did it, then the doc was covered under complications of microwave ablation. (its hard to explain) anyway i have gained weight, im getting alot of pain in my stomach, under my ribs in the bottom of left and right pelvis. i feel swollen everywhere. i look about 7 months preg. i tried to get up off the floor last night the the pain was horrific, i ended up having to lie back down. wait for pain to go and roll over. i felt like such an idiot. i have had ultrasound for kidneys, they thought i had ovarian cancer (i thank god i dont) and i feel like such a liar. i have given up going to the doctors. but now i have read all this i maybe going back. problem is this procedure was done in New Zealand. However i now live the England most of the time and America regular. America is for medical treatment for my little girl who is ill. Anyway New Zealand is were you have no right to sue. (government made sure of that) i also can not track down the doctor that did it. so at least i can find out what one she used. im at a loss dont no what to do.

  34. L Bond Reply

    I had bladder sling surgery on May 17, 2013 for bladder leakage. As of today, I have not had any bladder leakage.However, I have constant heaviness and pressure on my vaginal area. I can feel a protrusion on the back of my vagina which I assume is a rectole. Also, I feel very tight inside and swelled. Now that I am almost 17 weeks post surgery, if this is swelling from my surgery as my doctor says, I think it should have gone away. He does not acknowledge that there is a problem. He is a urologist and and seems to only care about the stopping of the leakage. I am not sure what to do! ?

  35. Sandra Reply

    I had a Hysterectomy and bladder sling on April 23,2008 for stress urinary incontinence,uterine prolapse, wetting myself. They call my Tran vaginal taping or TVT. From day one I could not pee until my bladder was all the way full and no more wetting so I thought this was normal. Then as time went on some days get up and pee a little and still full bladder go drink for a while then it would empty. Some days all day long pee a little bladder empty just pee every little bit a little bladder empty. Then this year started with a rubbing and a sticking down there and my clothes just hurt to be touching me get raw just by wiping with toilet paper. Then when I seen it on T.V. it starting making since I got a lawyer he looking over things now but I bet I went to long. Just not right there should not be a statute of limitations every person is different and some times it\\\’s takes a while for you to say something just not right you don\\\’t want to be to quick to say something wrong and really I thought you could not sue the doctor so you get what you get had no idea you could come back on bad part. I hurt down there to. Got my records went to another doctor knowing not to go to the same one who done it he was not going to tell me the truth. The doctor I did go to check down there he said he could feel it and made me bleed he said that what he put in his people gave me cream to take for 6 months see him again in 3 months. He checking for infection I feel like I\\\’m getting one but don\\\’t burn when I pee get relieve for a while till my bladder starts filling up again then it comes back. My doctor also say my hormones my be out of balance I wanted it out he said be last resort try treat problems first because it been there to long tissue done grow through and over it and he might do more damage then good he said he could put a whole in bladder, intestines or urethra or vaginal wall to late done got that one no sex don\\\’t hurt but I bet it next. I\\\’m pissed I\\\’d like to have back wetting my self now it might cost me my life one one ever let some one put something in you without tons of looking into what they putting in you please don\\\’t trust your doctor no matter how long you use him or her it\\\’s your life. Any way anybody know how we can get together and fight this for our daughters,. I with y\\\’all.

  36. Laura Reply

    I have contacted a legal firm for my continuing problem of urinary incontinence. pelvic pain, urinary infections, leg cramping., and unable to have sexual intercourse due to pain which has affected our relationship. . I have been to a urologist three times, gastroenterologist twice and I have been given antibiotics, pain relievers, but doctor will state the problem. I had a J&J gynecare tvt sling implanted in 2003. One urologist stated after placing a camera in my bladder she had never seen something like this in her 30 years of practice. She felt I had diverticulitis and treated me with levaquin and pain medication. I followed up with 2 other doctors trying to find an answer to what was going on with me but it was 4 months after the 2 severe episodes I had in the past year from 2012 and 2013. Presently for now, I cannot have intercourse due to pain , recurring urinary incontinence to be treated by an oral medication which I am not sure I want to take do to it being a new drug. I feel the doctors are avoiding the issue at hand and reluctant to identify what is really wrong with me. As I sit here writing this blog, I am have lower left groin pain. Soooooo I question our medical pros in the field of doctors and companies if they are there for us or the money.

  37. Sandy Reply

    In April of 2012 I had a AMS sling put in me. Right away I noticed pain. I had UTI\\\’s (something I never ever had in my life before this) bladder infection and lots and lots of pain. I was also told I had IC. I did not. I was catherized at least 1 once a week to handle this condition for almost 6 months. Sex was out of the question as was all of my activities due to pain. I tried to work during all of this. However, due to the pain and frustration I was not a good worker. Finally a friend told me to go see someone else since the doctor who put this in tried to blame everything else. The minute I saw my new doctor he said the mesh was causing the pain and infections and had to come out. That was March of 2013. A year and a half of hell. Since the removal I have had constant pain due to muscle damage. I have lost work due to this and have had so many doctor appointments I cant stand it anymore. No one seems to be able to help me and I have been told I will have to live with this pain the rest of my life!!! OMG, my family time has pretty much stopped, I wasnt able to do much this summer and my marriage is in trouble. How do we put a dollar amount on this? How much is all of this hell worth. I can\\\’t seem to get an answer to this. When someone literly takes your life away how do they decide how much that is worth? A judge out in Virginia decides if I get paid back for all of this. I don\\\’t think I will ever be able to keep a job again. I have back issues and can\\\’t stand long periods so I have to have a job where I sit, which causes pain in my groin and pelvic area. What if AMS files bankruptcy then what!! we say to bad how sad now go live your life in poverty because you cant collect anything from the big medical companies??!! They took my life away. will they ever have to pay? I am upset and lost and all I have been told is I have to just wait and see what happens in court. Meanwhile my bills pile up, my marriage is all but over and I am left with only pain. How can anyone get away with this. I believe every woman should be paid even if their company has to take loans out to do it. Please pray for me to win against my company and I will pray for all the women out there who have also been hurt.

  38. Debra Reply

    I am stunned and saddened by all of our stories. I too had a hysterectomy in 2000. Months later I told my doctor I was feeling very dizzy and sick, he told me to go on a cruise with my husband and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”quit over-feeling my body\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\”. Well months later I wound up in the E.R. with a partial bowel obstruction because staples had gotten loose and pulled my intestines together. Unfortunately after these surgeries I was told all organs prolapsed. I too had a bladder lift, rectal repair. Immediately I noticed a multiple bladder stream. My vaginal vault has never been the same, urine goes into my bladder, and my rectum has prolapsed again. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ve had approximately 4 partial bowel obstructions, repeated infections, bacterial and yeast, and now my bladder holds 1200 cc\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s of urine and is backing into my kidneys. My electrolytes are always off. For years and years, I went to doctors who ignored me, and the symptoms I was having. I noticed a few years ago a stool that looked like it was wrapped like a rib roast and no one could tell me what it was, and they dismissed it, but that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s when my rectum really prolapsed again. Now I read for the first time, that they use rectal meshes. As with all of you, I am looking for a solution, and trying to find doctors that understand this issue. I was told that mesh was not used in the bladder lift, so therefore I didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t have a case for the lawsuit. My life too, has changed so dramatically. I was always so active and busy with my wonderful family, but in the last couple years I can barely function. I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t drive anymore because the pressure is causing my heart to race…and also due to the dehydration my blood pressure is off and I cannot count on my vision. I cannot believe how many woman have been hurt by this. I would have gone on a crusade to tell women to avoid these surgeries, had I ever had a confirmation of what was going on in my body. I saw the changes and showed the doctors but it took 7 years for the doctors to realize the lifts were done too tight and have now lead to extreme physical limitations. I believe we should have a voice and some recourse.

  39. Natosha Reply

    In 2009 I have the bladder sling had pain in intercourse my husband’s still complains of feeling it and he gets scratches on him from it. I told the Dr and he laughed at me. Also 1 year to the date I was diagnosis with intetstcystal cystitis( ic) sorry am not a great speller. Still having pain contacted the lawyers on tv still waiting. Now I’m bleeding when I urinated don’t know what this is from. I have a knot where u can feel the mesh. Complain to two Dr s. Ans they say everything is fine. You cannot even push on my pelvic bone from day one. I guess I’ll live with it

  40. Louise Reply

    I have my ultra sound, this Monday, Oct. O7/ 2013 and then I will have the resuts in 2 weeks.I forgot to tell you that I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to have intercourse for the rest of my life.I’m not sure cause I’m a widow and I never had a boyfriend since his death.I tried to put a tampax once & it hurt so much that not even the tampon could go through.So maybe I won’t be able to be with another man forever/Thank you so much, Carol and I will get back to you, soon.

  41. Louise Reply

    It’s me, Louise.I wrote to you about this awful surgery.I heard that women also suffers from groin. leg. hip problems and so do I .In fact my family DR. said that I’m gonna have a hip replacement surgery but the waiting list is very long.For the time being I walk with a cane and take pain killers,I ahd 3 more bladder infections in a row,August 13 / Sept. 9 / Sept. 30…/ So now I have all those problems: Urinary Incontinence, Stool Incontinence, Urinary infections, groin, leg hip pain, not to mention that I’m gonna need surgery for hip replacement and as for intercourse, well I won’t have any relationships till I die…What a Life.They should pay a lot for their CRIME and for ruining the lives of so many women out there.Because of their Incompetence we don’t have a life anymore.They should give to all American Women and Canadian women at least the same compensation for what we will have to endure for the rest of our lives.I’m always depressed because I don’t know what to do Should I get this Crap out of my body? They say that they can’t get it all out and we are going to need more surgeries.Or, should I leave it there and do more damages.What is the right question.Nobody knows…Please help me and all women out there.Thank you for all the Lawyers including you for fighting for our rights…

  42. Stacey Reply

    I had a vaginal birth four months ago,my daughter was almost 9 pounds – and I am fairly thin. The labor was way too long and strenuous,(prob. Should have been c section) now I have urinary incontinence, bladder damage, pelvic muscle damage and suffer from horrible pelvic cramps. My urologist recommended this mesh surgery, my quality of life is diminished now, but after hearing all of these stories I’m not sure what to do-I am only 29. I am also pursuing med. Malpractice for damage during labor.

  43. Lynne Reply

    Stacey please think carefully about getting the sling placed. Only at the start of this year I had the sling fitted. After surgery the sling pierced my cervix twice and I ended up with a complete hysterectomy. I had lots of pain and infections my immune system had gone and infection is rife in my body. I am now having stabbing and piercing pain deep in my vagina. I have spent this whole year in pain,in hospital and in mental torment I am due to go on holiday for a family Christmas and don’t think I’ll be able to manage it. To all the ladies if you have the sling it causes more problems that we can imagine. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  44. Lynne Reply

    Stacey please think carefully about getting the sling placed. Only at the start of this year I had the sling fitted. After surgery the sling pierced my cervix twice and I ended up with a complete hysterectomy. I had lots of pain and infections my immune system had gone and infection is rife in my body. I am now having stabbing and piercing pain deep in my vagina. I have spent this whole year in pain,in hospital and in mental torment I am due to go on holiday for a family Christmas and don\’t think I\’ll be able to manage it. To all the ladies if you have the sling it causes more problems that we can imagine. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

  45. nina Reply

    Someone tell me what purple circles on arms and thighs has to do with mesh implant. Is this another complication. I am in the same boat as as most of you girls on this web site. Just my breathing puts me, into throbbing,stabbing, burning pain.

  46. phyllis Reply

    Had ophrectomy and bladder sling put in Dec. 2011. Was to have posterior repair that I don’t think was dome. All was done by lap. I have period like discomfort about 50 % of time and difficulty in urinating not completely emptying the bladder. I was told that my bladder was knicked but had an artery bleed after I was sent home that could have killed me had my children had not been there. The artery was also knicked. I was told I could not have sexual relations anymore because of the sling. After numerous UTI’s I refuse to take more antibiotice because I have bad reations to a lot of them. They use cypro. The reason I will not take them right now is because I don’t want to get so used to them that they won’t help me when I REALLY need them. At times the urine just starts to rum down my legs with no urgancy and when I make myself go to the bathroom I have to sit and concentrate for a long time before I can urinate. I try to go to the gathroom at least every 4 hours. The worst part of the whole thing is as soon as I am off the cipro for a week or more I begin to have an odor that gets so bad that I can’t stand my self. I t is a putrid odor. The Dr. that performed dissapeared soom after the surgery was done so it has been a real mental test.

  47. shirl Reply

    I had rectocele endocele surgery with the mess about eight months later started to bleed a small amount. the dr told me that my body did not accept it so i needed some surgery .he operated and put pig tissue in well since then i have fallen again. and am very uncomfortable

  48. Kathryn Reply

    My dr decided on his own without my permission to put a sling in after he did my hysterectomy in 1996. Ive been having pain for awhile now and its getting much worse. I am having severe bladder problems and my vagina is in constant pain and burning and feels like everything is gonna fall out. My stomach is huge and I can’t do much of anything because I stay in constant discomfort.

  49. Brenda Reply

    I had the bladder prolapse surgery in 2009 and I started having a sharp pain that started soon after my surgery. After eight weeks I tried to have intercourse with my husband and the pain was so astounding that I made him stop. I just thought that I hadn’t healed good enough, so I waited another two weeks and it was just as bad. I called my doctor and went in for a check up. He acted like he didn’t know what was wrong with me and gave me a RX for a bladder infection. It never got any better and the sharp pain didn’t either. I missed a lot of work with the pain, headaches and dizziness and my boss eventually fired me. He said that I just wasn’t myself anymore. Imagine a man trying to understand why I wasn’t myself! In the mean time my husband started having an affair with one of his customer’s because I couldn’t take care of his needs anymore. I had a nervous break down and I finally went back to my Urologist and broke down in his office. I begged him to please help me because my life was falling apart. He scheduled surgery the next week and never even told me what he did after the surgery. I eventually got a little better , but I continued to have the pain and incontinence. I have to take pain pills, anti depressants and wear pads, so there isn’t much of life for me anymore. My Grandson’s told me that I just wasn’t the same anymore and they very seldom come see me anymore. Please don’t let this happen to you. Wear pads and don’t have the mesh implant! It will ruin your life!

  50. Linda Reply

    I had the Pelvis Mesh put in 11/5/10 by January of 2011 I started having UTI’s infection after infection. All kinds of antibiotics from Bactrim Cipro Levaquin you name it. 9/ 7/12 I had my first surgery to remove stones that were stuck to the bladder wall due to the mesh, 9/14/12 I had surgery to have the mesh removed. I have had so many types of infections I would have to go back through all medical records from Ecoli to the latest enterobacter clocae. Back on Cipro after being on Bactrim since 12/17/2013. Is anyone else having this problem constant pain I look about 7 months pregnant all the time. I think I have built up an immunity to the antibiotics. Are any of these cases solved in the courts? I have been waiting for almost 2 years.

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