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Thousands of women who had a vaginal mesh or bladder sling implanted to treat pelvic organ prolapse have experienced severe internal injuries, urinary problems and other complications as a result of problems with the medical devices, which may actually provide no real benefit over other methods of treating pelvic organ prolapse.

STATUS OF TRANSVAGINAL MESH LAWSUITS: Cases have been filed throughout the United States by women who experienced complications as a result of the negligent design of a vaginal mesh pelvic support system, and lawyers are continuing to review new vaginal mesh lawsuits.


OVERVIEW: Vaginal mesh, which is also referred to as a bladder sling, hammock or pelvic mesh, is a surgical product that is commonly implanted into the vaginal area to prevent pelvic organ prolapse (POP), which can occur in women after childbirth or surgery. Pelvic organ prolapse causes the womb to fall into the vaginal area, which can also lead to the bladder and bowels slipping out of place and putting pressure on the vagina, causing considerable pain and discomfort, as well as urinary incontinence in some cases.

Lawsuits over vaginal mesh implants allege that negligent designs increase the risk that women may suffer severe complications, physical pain and suffering, deformity and the need for additional corrective surgery. In addition, the FDA acknowledged in July 2011 that there is no evidence that vaginal mesh bladder sling surgery provides any greater clinical benefit than non-mesh surgeries.

VAGINAL MESH PROBLEMS: The FDA issued a statement about all vaginal mesh implants in July 2011, indicating that the agency has received thousands of reports of complications after the bladder sling mesh has been implanted, and also warn of an increased risk of organs being punctured during the surgery to implant the devices. The FDA stated that a review of studies and other literature appeared to show little to no health benefits.

Complications with vaginal sling implants reported by women include:

  • Infection
  • Erosion of the mesh into the vagina
  • Recurrences of prolapse
  • Urinary problems
  • Bowel, bladder and blood-vessel perforations
  • Injury to nearby organs
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

In many cases, transvaginal sling problems have required multiple surgeries to remove the mesh. Even after surgery, women may be left with permanent and disfiguring injuries.

In January 2016, the FDA announced it was reclassifying vaginal mesh as high-risk medical devices and that new and existing vaginal and transvaginal mesh meant to treat pelvic organ prolapse had to go through a premarket approval process.

In November 2017, Australia banned all transvaginal mesh products, indicating that their risks outweighed their benefits.

VAGINAL MESH LAWSUITS: As of October 2015, more than 70,000 complaints had been filed throughout the federal court system involving complications from vaginal mesh or bladder sling products. Most of the cases have been consolidated for pretrial proceedings as part of an MDL, or multidistrict litigation, with the cases centralized before U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin in the Southern District of West Virginia for coordinated discovery and early bellwether trials.

Seven different MDLs are currently centralized before Judge Goodwin, including all Bard Avaulta lawsuits, AMS vaginal mesh lawsuits, Boston Scientific pelvic mesh lawsuits, Ethicon Gynecare mesh lawsuitsColoplast sling lawsuits. Neomedic mesh lawsuits, and Cook Surgisis Biodesign mesh lawsuits.

A series of bellwether trials are being held in each of the MDLs to help the parties gauge how juries may respond to certain evidence and testimony that is likely to be repeated throughout the litigation. The preparation and outcomes of these early trials are designed to facilitate a possible vaginal mesh settlement agreement that could resolve cases without the need for thousands of trials to be held throughout the country.

While some manufacturers have settled thousands of these cases, tens of thousands more remain unresolved.

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  1. sharmain Reply

    I had a complete hysterectomy in 2008 and all my doctor has told me is that he rebuilt the wall of uterus. I’m sure if he used a mesh or a sling in me or not all I know is that having sex with my husband is out of the question. If I’m not being to personal but my sex life is gone and I used to love it. So can someone let me what it is and Can I still do a claim if need be. you can email it to me. please thank you

  2. mihaela Reply

    Hello Ladies Yesterday the Lawyer contacted me to fill my case and I have described by phone my symptoms since I had the mesh. Today checking online the name of my doctors saw this . I feel so bad for every single one of you, because I know exactly what you all going through. I can relate when you mention giving birth pressure, odor, difficulty urinating, allergies, dizziness, UTI, urine starts to rum down my legs, weird bleeding , feeling like a 80 years old woman, etc. I am living with hate for the last 6 years, and I am afraid to remove it, because I can’t afford more complications. I am 44 and I want to live. I can talk for hours about the symptoms that I have but I know you all have same problem.

  3. Jan Reply

    I had my TVT Exact Mesh Sling surgery in December of 2011. It has ruined my life. Right from the start. The biggest problem I have is getting a Doctor to help me. They are all in DENIAL and do not want to be associated with the complications this procedure has cause me. I live in Ohio. I am 60 years old and I was a very active and physically in great shape prior to the TVT surgery. I feel so bad for all you younger women. No one knows the pain and hysteria this has caused us. Take care and Live for Today! And Dream for Tomorrow! J. Urban

  4. angela Reply

    I wet all over the specialist I see is putting in a stimulator,like a pacemaker but to regulate ,my over active bladder,I have a mesh for my vaginal prolapse, a tape sling for my bladder,both defective ,johnson an johnson an i think’bard’well I wake up soaking wet with sweats ,in pain hips back locked up. Hurts to move roll over stiff,legs feet hands swollen, can’t do anything lay down in bed an cry’my heart goes out to u all,wake every hour in pain’great husband great love life not anymore been 2 years he said he would be here no matter what ,thank god for true love I would be lost been together 30 yes,why do I break out in beads of sweat until I am soaked? Don’t get that haven’t heard of it being a symptom, feel pressure pushing doun in my vigina,groin pain.3/4 days straight in bed ,may be something elce there no one else seems to do that,life as I enjoyed it is over ,wish I had it back ,am very angery with the makersv of the torched device’s in me,not fda approved not suppose to be oin us ,monster inside we are torchred for singing to be well where is the justice in that,no crime an we are being punished,pain sevear most days Dr’s look at me like I am crazy ,they need to be explained to how to help us,not make us feel stupid, when I say it is bad pain it is,nothing to joke about.

  5. Nancy Reply

    I feel so badly for all of you dear women. We are all alone with the difficulties we have had and what I would give to be able to be with all of you and talk about it. I had prolapse surgery in 2012 and didn’t think they would use mesh. The dr put a tvt sling in as well although I had no incontinence before. Of course it was too tight and all of it was too tight! The same symptoms as all of you – tightness, shaking, infections, a horrible feeling of tightness! And always tired!! I kept saying it was a horrible feeling and dr kept saying it would get better. Finally I got an appointment with one of the top 2 who fixes these issue, at St Pauls, Vancouver, and she completely removed the tvt sling and all that is better and normal! Thank God. They there was the end bits of the mesh for the prolapse that the dr had left jagged and a lump of scar tissue. She removed that 2 weeks ago. Now just tight from mesh for prolapse and what to do now? Live with it or cut it and have it loose? I don’t like that at all. It’s not that bad but it feels tight and I’m tired most of the time. What should I do? My heart goes out to you all. Nancy

  6. Brenda Reply

    Had surgery In 2007 . Have had trouble ever sentence surgery. I have to wear a pad all the time and kidenys infections all the time .And bladder infections to. And I had pelvic done in the mesh to. A pelvic prolapse surgery at the same time and bladder . And the smell is so bad like something roared dead smell . And bowl. O my God please help me. And no sex and can’t even take a wash.It hurts.

  7. Renee Reply

    I went to an OB doctor with concerned about a cosmetic look of my vagina and tightening. The doctor put me on immediate medical leave, stating urine incontinence (which I did not have) and many other problems. He gave me a DNC first and sex was (Perfect). Then the surgery. He stated I would need an hysterectomy and I made it perfectly clear, if it is a must; Please give me a partial hysterectomy. He did a full hysterectomy, mesh for prolapse and urine incontinence. Sex is very painful now at the top of my vagina. Stop having it for about a year, then when I did have sex a day later loud odor. My doctor retired about three months after my surgery. So when I went to another doctor that is when I found I had a total hysterectomy and went straight into depression as I do not even feel like I even needed a partial. Five day cycle; normal bleeding. This is sad and I do not have time to take off to keep correcting problems. Feel really bad

  8. Christine Reply

    Has anyone with this surgery had a doctor hit the ciatic nerve and cause damage? He went in for a second surgery to remove the sutchers that was rubbing on the ciatic nerve? I currently have a doctor appointment because my bladder won’t empty so I am going every 15 minutes. Always feels like I have a bladder infection but for once there is not infection, so wondering what going on with this.

  9. marrie Reply

    My mother had her first surgery in 2001 and it failed and she had to get another one in 2008 and another recently she just filled out paperwork for a lawyer and is now suing because she is in constant pain and cant pick up anything over 10 pounds

  10. Linda Reply

    I had my mesh sling put in on 2007 three months after it was put in, it stop working, I have been having nothing but pain,,sick all the time and bleeding on and off. I try to get hold of the doctor that put it in and was told he left state, it hurt to have intercourse etc.I went to see another doctor he said [all these lawyers where just sueing to make money] so I stop going to doctors .Then this year it got worst so I saw another doctor and he said I had erosion so sent me to a doctor in St. Louis Missouri he removed it did not get it all but some of the pain is gone.. I still have pain but not as bad I was just one he could not get to it to remove it all.

  11. Kristin Reply

    Has anyone had trouble finding your tvt sling model #. The Dr. And the hospital can’t locate the records

  12. Eileen Reply

    My sling was put in June, 2007…my main problem is extremely painful sex, but I do have some incontinence, both urinary and bowel, which is totally disturbing at 62 🙁 what caught my attention in all of your posts was that a couple of people commented about looking pregnant. That’s what my stomach looks and feels like. When I was younger and laid flat, my stomach would sink in, even though I was overweight, but now it is just big and I look PG! I HATE this! I never thought it might be connected to the mesh sling, but now I’m wondering??? Does anyone know if there is a connection or why this happens?

  13. Lydia. Reply

    Does anyone feel they are getting the comnsation by tv mesh bladder sling lawyers?

  14. Regina Reply

    In January 2001 I had the Gore-Tex sling put in and by July 2001 my OBGYN was cutting a piece of it out because it protruded through the vaginal wall causing major problems. I still have the majority of this sling in which I continue to be in severe pain every day. I was 26 at the time I received this as the doctor told me I would have to eventually have this surgery just to find out that I didn’t need the surgery at all. My life has changed drastically due to the Gore-Tex sling and I can’t get any help to try and fix some of the problems. I filed with different lawyers to see if something could be done as I was just hoping to get help with revision and didn’t care about the compensation and all of them told me that Gore-Tex isn’t one that is involved in any litigation cases. Does anyone know of where I might could go for help or even a lawyer that would be willing to actually take this case to at least help me get medical relief?

  15. K Niksarli Reply

    This is all about informed consent. I install slings every week. Prior to surgery I give the option of the Burch procedure, a Kelly Plication, or simply doing kegels. For prolapses, the alternative is surgery to only plicate the prolapse with natural body tissues.
    All of my patients understand that there is the potential for complication with any device. They choose surgery or no surgery.

    I’m curious, were all of you simply not accepting of the potential for complications?
    Nobody can force a woman to have surgery. If a woman is leaking urine and wants treatment, a sling is the least invasive form of treatment. The alternative is to continue to leak urine, or continue to have a large cystocele or rectocele.

  16. Val Reply

    You are a rude and cold person. Do you tell your patients that they might be pooping out their vagina? That might hurt business a bit. I wasn’t told mesh was put in. NEVER had incontinence until mesh. If you do inform your patients and tell all of them you are using mesh and explain the risks, you are among the few from what it sounds. You are assuming that all patients are told mesh is being used and that the doctor disclosed that fact and any possible complications.

    Mesh mutilated me. Felt cutting and so much pain for years until a Doctor finally told me I had mesh put in for incontinence. Which I never had- prior to the mesh. Got mine out at UCLA. Part broke off and worked its way up groin to hip joint. Had bladder cut on, vagina reconstructed and mesh cut out around urethra. No one wanted to touch me but went ahead as was having constant UTIs.

    I am a financial advisor. Most patients trust and believe their Doctors. So if I sold you a financial product and you lost all your money, is it your fault for trusting me? Or yours for not reading and understanding the product?( Because most people do not understand most of this). To me, I would be responsible because it was my job to take care of my client. Personally I blame my Doctor on this mesh. He failed to disclose any of it to me and then blew me off.( and lied on my records.) I still have chronic pain, can’t have sex because of pain. Can’t work and have little if any social life. And their is no end to this torture. So, show a little compassion. I have been suffering with this since 2007.

  17. Gloria Reply

    I had a bladder sling in 2003-4. I was called a SPARC; it did stop me from peeing on myself….but had flu symptoms with fever. I thought I was actually going to die. I feel that it has affected something in my head, because when I get temp ( which is often) it greatly effects my eyes. I keep a bladder infection……….so many antibiotics. The UTI’s makes me feel so bad and along with the meds…’s overwhelming ! Last summer the doctor gave me a new antibiotic (MICROBID) and I took it and it cleared up the UTI, In a couple of months, the same thing and I called and ask for a REFILL on MICROBID. I took one and come in a hair of dying. I became allergic and barely made it to the phone to call an ambulance, couldn’t even talk to them. They worked on me at the ER for 7 hours. I didn’t remember a thing. I live alone and I’m scarred to take a anything. I stay sore all over and I have a reeking smell and don’t want to get near anyone. I told my doctor that I have a scratching in my vagina and when examined me, it hurt so bad, and he told me that it would probably scratch my partner. I haven’t been intimate with anyone or had sex for years because of the smell and pain. I can live with that, but the body pain makes me move around like I’m a 100 years old. I don’t take pain medication. I only take antibiotics and baby aspirin. Way too many ! I’m scarred to have it removed. When I initially got the SPARC the doctor admitted that he punctured my bladder. I was in the hospital for 8 days and I was in so much pain. I was told before the surgery that the insurance would approve it for a overnight stay, I was also told that it was a minor procedure and that I would go home the next morning, YEAH RIGHT ! Feel like my life’s over. So depressed. I’ll pray for all of us, now that I know that there are so many hurt women.

  18. amy Reply

    i was 32 years old i have a complete hystorectomy a bladder sling a uretha sling and transvaginal mesh and vaginal recunstruction, i was cut open from my belly button to my vagina many many staples. i knew i was haveing this surgery which was july 15 of 2007, but i was not told or warned of what problems i may have after the surgery. recovering from this surgery was rough, i was under anestisa for 10 hours. my family was worried they said aftr surgery i looked like a corpe, i had to spend a week in the hospital and have blood tranfusions , i prayed so hard to jesus to help me , alot of the pain pills they gave me made me so sick and the delodid made me see things crawling on the walls and on my hospital bed, noone ever told me about how hard this recovery was gunna be. but medicade won pay for you to stay long in a hospital or pay for you to go to a rehabilitaion center, which i needed couse i couldnt even sit or walk i felt like i had been gutted like a pig , i guess i was used as aguinie pig. i hope no woamna ever has to suffer this like i did , i pray for you all , there is so much about this surgieres that changed my life i dont know where to begin but i feel much older now and i am only 39

  19. Jason Reply

    My wife had her surgery March 2011 and the several times we went to the urogynecologist and the actual surgeon before she went into surgery We were never told that there have been hundreds if not thousands of complications with the mesh and/or slings. They could have told her and all you other ladies so you could have a choice whether to go on with the surgery or wait till something else. But no the Drs. look at it like if we don’t say anything we can make a few hundred grand off of this surgery and then several hundred thousand more dollars off of having to put all of y’all back in the O.R. Me personally I don’t understand why Drs. don’t get held responsible for crap like this.Why aren’t they being sued or made to give the money they made from all the crooked crap they done back to the person they messed up. It makes me cry typing this comment about this inhumane treatment. It wasn’t 3 months after her surgery that she that she prolapsed again. My wife has never been big anywhere except in her sexy booty 🙂 Now her stomach looks like she’s 8-9 months pregnant. People always ask us when we’re do. So it’s not only physical pain that these women go through it’s mental and emotional pain also. Also the men in their lives go through mental and emotional pain. I know my wife is always telling me now that I’m not attracted to her and I don’t love her anymore because she’s fat and that is the furthest thing from the truth. No matter what I do or how much I tell her I love her she don’t believe me. Before this nightmare of a surgery we used to have sex any and everywhere. On top of the mountain which is right off the side of the road, Driving down the road. Where ever we felt like making love. I miss that so much. We used to have sex more in a week then, than we have had sex all together in the past 41 months.

  20. Mom Reply

    Statute of limitations differs by state. Usually 2 to 4 years. Most states have a discovery rule that means the time starts from when a reasonable person should have known what the problem was. I was lied to for years and believed the docs until after 3 years it was obvious to me and another doc confirmed it to be erosion and infection. The clock started running then and not from the date of implant. Check with an attorney and ask specifically about this discovery rule before you give them the date of implant so they don’t turn you down right off the bat. The saddest thing is that many problems don’t become serious enough for mor us to seek a second opinion until after 5 years. We have to be more proactive. We do not deserve to suffer.

  21. Janet Reply

    Have had left hip issues and pain in groin area, having intercourse causes my left leg to cramp up or lock up. To put weight on my left leg can be painful at times. I though perhaps it was due to the surgery and the position they had me to complete the mesh procedure. I just know I hadn’t had this issue prior to surgery. After surgery I found myself having to lift my left leg to get into a car as well as complication with walking up and down stairs. Now I have days where sitting at my desk I stand up and have great pain in the left hip along with left side of my hip and ab area numbing and aching.

  22. Felicia Reply

    I had hysterectomy in 2004 then a vaginal Vault prolapse back in 2006 after reading all your post I now understand why I hurt so back after intercourse , and bleed to, and why I have to strain so hard to have a bowel movement even if I take something to help me go, it doesn’t help and my back has been hurting me for over a year now and the doctor keep telling me nothing is wrong when I know it is. I am trying to find another doctor to go because they try to stick together when they know they have messed up. I know that this mesh may be the cause of all my problems and they don’t want to own up to it, no one should have to live life like this everyday in pain, stomach looking like you are 7 to 8 months pregnant because you are not emptying your bowels like you should be, something needs to be done about this I know I need help.

  23. Dakeys Reply

    Go to / mesh medical device news desk .com / their is tons of infor for us that suffers from vaginal mesh problems . I had mesh sling put in 2011 and didn’t understand my problems until my husband noticed he was felling a foreign object . I went back to that doctor and he game me cream so after 5 surgeries so far ,I still have pain . I had to found over 7 doctors and still working on these problems, I’m not sitting , walking ,standing, running ,lifting , for over 5 minutes ,burning in my leg ,vaginal bone pain has never stopped . My body locks up and can’t move normally. This is a ongoing battle , these doctors where paid too butcher us and now they don’t want to tell the truth . But you can’t give up . Don’t forget to get a attorney . Take care !!!

  24. Kenny Reply

    My mom died from septic shock after having the mesh removed from around her bowels. I was the saddest thing I have ever had to watch. She went into the hospital for mesh problem so many times. The last time, my wife dropped her off for outpatient surgery, we were going to pick her up that afternoon. She never made it out, 3 days later she was dead because of this mesh that had came loose and wrapped around her bowels and when the doctor tried to remove it, she starting leaking poison into her body and died a slow death. It was painful to her and to me to watch. I will never be able to get her sad eyes out of my head.

  25. Sammy Reply

    I am not a victim of mesh. I just came to realize the travesty of this implant when a friend told me she has one. I started doing research – a lot of research. I cried when I read the stories of what women have had to endure.

    The public needs to be made aware of this problem and not just through the attorney commercials that are on every 5 minutes about victims of transvaginal mesh.

    I sign every petition available, I have written my congress woman and will continue to do whatever I can to get these products off the market.

    You all deserve compensation for your suffering.

  26. Andrea Reply

    Wow! I too am blown away as to all the pain and suffering we have endured! I didn’t have a mesh sling but human tissue with the same results ! I ended up retiring early because as a music teacher you need to participate with the class for them to fully see the value of what you are teaching therefore I would dance, jump twist etc. but the pain from doing so would stop me in my tracks to the point of tears. My female urologist explained away all my discomfort and treated me like it was all in my head. I was in her office regularly, went to the ER a couple of times and like so many of you had pain from day ONE! It has not let up after 6yrs. Now I still suffer from rushing to the bathroom-another reason to quit teaching- pain and sharp pain in my groin. As for sexual activity, there will be none due to pain nor has there been any since. I have constant UTI’s ,foul smelling urine, leakage and all unpleasantness mentioned above. I have a lawsuit in the works but everyday suffering doesn’t seem to be enough. They seem to only interested if new surgeries are required. I feel debilitated by the pain. 🙁

  27. Doris Reply

    I had a bladder sling inserted in 2006. I thought everything was fine until about 6 months ago when my urine stream became a dribble. Then I began to have urgency and leaking. This past week I went to see a doctor in the same urology group that put in the sling. After a painful try at inserting a cath she tried again with a camera probe. That’s when she found the mesh has invaded and crossed my urethra. So it works like a seive. She says the mesh needs to be cut out with a laser and may need to be done more than once. How do I know what doctor has experience with this surgery and can do it without making things worse?

  28. Alice Reply

    I had a bladder sling inserted in 02/26/2008. I have had a urinary track infection constantly ever since the surgery. I could not tolerate sexual activity after the surgery.I never did have the sling removed—just go to my primary doctor for my urinary track infection which is quite often.
    About the time I get over a urinary track infection I have another urinary track infection.

  29. Janae Reply

    Dear Ladies
    My heart goes out to each and every one of you. I had my surgery done in 2006 for urinary incontinence. I started having problems 6 months after the surgery. Excessive bleeding, painful intercourse, UTI’S and debilitating abdominal pain. I had revision surgery in 2013. All of the mesh was not able to be removed. I am no longer able to work and is constantly battling depression. I truly feel like I was forced to try a product that obviously was not properly tested. I am praying for all of you and hope that we get the justice we deserve.

  30. Linda Reply

    I had my mesh sling put in 2007 had nothing but pain could not have intercourse very painful. Had it removed could not get it all out, is still very painful my vaginal area, bleed all the time, blood in my urine all the time, vomit, pain in my groin , wet on my self at least 4 to 5 times a day if I go any where I have to put a hand towel in my underwear, can not be gone long from home in fear I will wet all over in front of people, very depressed very tired just want all pain and suffering to end one way or the other. My heart goes out to all of you. And to you Angela I have and have had the same problems you are having mindis a couple of things. But I truly fill for you all. God Be with all of us

  31. Andie Reply

    I had the vaginal surgery done for prolapse back into thousand 11 I wore a super pubic catheter or for close to eight weeks post op I had to have pelvic wall therapy prior to having sex with my husband sex is still painful I have started having a bad odor I have had several infections I have had some blood tinged discharge. The odor that I experience is so foul that I am afraid others can smell me. I wear a pad daily because I have urin colored discharge. I do not have any sexual urges. I am only 55 and prior to surgery had sex with my husband nightly . Now I have to prepare myself mentally and take muscle relaxers to get prepared. I am currently seeing a doctor who has started me on some cream to help go to the lining of my pelvic wall. Never would have had the surgery if I knew this would be the outcome.

  32. Doris Reply

    I agree with K Niksarli. There are risks with any surgery. For anyone who has had the mesh due to hystorectomy, painful intercourse comes from vaginal atrophy and lubrication helps. The odor can be from hormonal changes as well and boric acid suppositories should do the trick.

  33. Deborah Reply

    I had a bladder sling implanted in 2011. It never felt right. Awful pain with intercourse this caused me to stop having sex with my husband. Problem totally empting my bladder and continued leakage. Sling was removed in Oct 2014, not finished healing so I don’t know what the true outcome will be. I hate that I ever had the surgery wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  34. Elizabeth Reply

    I just had the bladder sling operation October 14th of this year so I’m four weeks out and I have already had two infections, and the mesh had been coming down through my vagina like a string on a tampon. My OBGYN told me not to ever pull on the string because it is the mesh… I am extremely tired all the time, an have a burning, pulling feeling in my vagina all the time… Plus I’m still having the leakage, and an extremely awful odor as well…I wish I never had the surgery

  35. Alicia Reply

    I too have had this surgery. Same problems, additional surgery. Not into sex anymore. Bleeding, UTI’s,pain. Worst of all my husband left me because of this. I am currently going thru the divorce. I now have chronic stage 1 kidney failure. My life has changed drastically. My body will never b the same nor my life. I to have depression. What a horrible device. May God guild us all.

  36. Marie Reply

    I also had a sling put in at the same time I had a complete hysterectomy last year to the date. My urologist did say that it’s not the same kind all the lawsuits are from or shown on TV. However the last 6 months the pain in my joints, all over head to toe, and leg muscles are so bad, day and night, with or without ibuprofen . I constantly wake up during the night in pain and change position and this goes on all night. Only a few times during intercourse I have felt discomfort from “the sling”. I’m making an appointment with my general doctor. I’ve been suspecting arthritis or some kind of autoimmune causing the pain, but just started to investigate the possible connection to the surgery. I had my yearly check up with my OBGYN last week and I’m 100% satisfied with the complete hysterectomy. I pray all of us no matter what the cause/solution may be can overcome it and go back to normal.

  37. Barbara Reply

    I recently had repair Surgery from UCLA by Dr. Raz & Dr. Cohen. Pain is gone! 🙂 When they opened me they found: I had an infection & erosion into my liver,kidneys, stomach, hips besides the 3 1/2 yrs. of non-stop bleeding,plastic poking into my vaginal & intestinal wall. I had to have a new vagina made out of my own tissue & I have to use a catheter the rest of my Life. Beats PAIN! Plus more Surgeries in future. I’m Mad as Hell. BEFORE SURGERY: I heard there were complications with some Mesh Surgeries. My husband used his vaca. time & went with me to every Gynecologist Appt.’s 8 times, we drilled him, came home did research. Drove Doctor crazy. I said, I would prefer not to have this Surgery, if you use one of these products. Please check with the manufacturer before using any products in an emergency. He said, he verified with the J &J Ethicon Mesh Rep. & they said, there weren’t any problems ever filed. I decided not to use a Mesh anyways. He agreed but wasn’t Happy. He said, I’ll make a Sling out of your own tissue. He said, if it won’t work, I’ll use the Ethicon it is safe, I said call the Rep & reverify that there hasn’t been any new filings. He said, I’ve done this 500 plus x’s & only had problems with one but it was minor and she was fine within a few months. I hemorrhaged 5 days after surgery & it started eroding that day. Life has been HELL! Now, I’m asked, why did you wait so long to have repair? I said, I didn’t like the answers to how the 28 different Surgeons. Wanted to fix me & end my Suffering. 26 wanted to remove my Vagina completely, didn’t offer to rebuild it. But Johnson & J knew the Ethicon Mesh eroded in their pre-trials. They didn’t recall their faulty product. I read they had to pay fines for early release by FDA? I’m tired of people acting like I made a mistake by not doing complete research. It took me 11 months to make up my mind the first time.

  38. beth Reply

    Barbara, (post from jan 4 2015)
    Sooo glad to read that you are pain Free!! But so sorry that you need more surgeries… But the pain Free means so much! I’m in knoxville,42 years old, been to 3 dr’s here, had 4 surgeries here. They ALL lied to me! I’m very angry, sounds like you are too. I have appointment with DR RAZ this coming Tuesday.. he is the only hope I have right now… i just want women to read these comments and not have any type of sling put in them!! It Will ruin your life.. it has ruined mine the last 3.5 years..

    Take Care Barbara.. i wish you the very best..

  39. Jean Reply

    THE WAY THAT SOME OF US HAVE BEEN LIED TO AND TREATED SO CRUEL BY DOCTORS AND NURSES, I can’t see why women are given punitive damages from all the doctors and nurses that lied to us, just as guilty as the ones that lied that put mesh in us.. I believe some fraud cases have been filed, no doubt, but by who, chemical companies that want to delay cases, to those sent to states that employ people by cr bard and boston scientific, , ? WHO??? they need to be prosecuted and in prison for life for delaying the help so many women have needed to get to doctors against mesh that are trying to help, not the fraud lying doctors and nurses. women dying, some committed suicide, those damaged severely by mesh feel ,health went to that of 80 year old women I WAS JUST 59 WHEN I had mine, infections and pain, never knowing what is next. it going into nerves, and 1 woman here mentioned the smell of infections, , I REMEMBER THE FIRST NURSE SHE KNEW, I took my bath cleaned very well, but still the infection that is caused by mesh, like you body is rotting inside, and the swelling, and drainage of infections killing us. and NOW FOR YEARS NO JUDGE , NO ATTORNEY HAS EVEN MADE ANY FUNDS TO BE SET UP TO GET WOMEN HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED TO GET TO DOCTORS EVEN AT UCLA TO HELP THEM, ONLY MORE LIES , ANTI BIOTICS THAT DO NOT HELP, IT DOES NOT STOP, HAVE VERY BRIEF TIMES OF A DAY OR 2 SWELLING NOT AS BAD, BUT THEM ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE AGAIN ON GOING FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS, AND NOONE DOES A THING. WOMEN TARGETED MAJORITY FROM WHAT I read were 86% white race women for implants, , death sentence because there is no way women severely damaged will ever go back to their life as it was before mesh, WHAT KIND OF HUMANBEINGS WOULD DO THIS, ??? NO CONSCIOUS TO OTHERS SUFFERING FROM THE IMPLANTS AND DRUGS THEY MAKE??? MEDICAL DOCTOR AND NURSES EVEN LYUING IN RECORDS, , THOSE THAT WE WERE SUPPOSE TO TRUST WITH OUR LIFE. EVIL THAT CRIMINAL CHARGES SHOULD BE BROUGHT ON ALL, POLITICIANS, MY GOVERNOR A COUPLE YEARS BACK SAID THE STATE HAD TO PROTECT THE DOCTORS AND NURSES IN MEDICAL, WHO IS PROTECTING WE THE POEPL FROM LYING DOCTORS AND NURSES THAT WOULD LIE AND DO EVIL, NOT SAVING LIVES, I know what it is like to suffer from mesh and want to die. MY VIEW HAS CHANGED, I have always been a fighter for right, and I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO EVIL THAT DID THIS TO ME, I was not suppose to live, the doctors that did this to me, ordered after my surgery, ordered a capsule after I WENT HOME, an anti biotic, , making the story short, 1 capsule almost took me out of this world 4 days 4 nights, I THOUGHT MY HEART WAS GOING TO STOP, , HIGH FEVER, , CHILLS , AND SO SICK, Had I TOOK ANOTHER ONE BEFORE THAT FIRST 1 GOT OUT OF MY SYSTEM, I would not be here. I WAITED DAYS , AND THOUGHT MAYBE A BUG , VIRUS, NOT KNOWING, SO I took a second capsule and again the same effects. I NEVER WANT TO TAKE ANOTHER CAPSULE AGAIN, I was not aware I EVEN HAD INFECTION WHEN THE DOCTOR THAT IMPLANTED ME WITH MESH THAT LIED. I call them no less murders that got by with murder. they knew, exactly what they had done to me. no doubt and the rest of the story proves it. . those that can lie and get by with lies, in and out of courts. above the law, put their self in god’s place. the greedy for power and money.

  40. lOUISE Reply

    Hi…My name is Louise and I also have this mesh horror in my body and ever since I had problems..Had the surgery in 2008 and right after. my urinary incontinence was worst and I developed Stool incontinence at the same time.I talked to the surgeon about the stool problem and he told me that it’s not his domain.Stupid asshole.I also have a lot of urinary infections but I found a home remedy to stop those as soon as I feel them coming.Not long after I started to have pain in my groin and my leg.Well, guess what? This year I’m gonna have a Hip Replacement Surgery,I’m stressed ever since I had the mesh and it’s hard emotionally, physically and mentally.My children also are stressed to see me, like this.My family Doctor wants me to get a test, for the Stool problem AGAIN but I’ve cancelled it because I’m tired of being poked at again .It’s like we , women. are guinea pigs…Those manufacturers were INCOMPETENT and they should settle Out of Court and send our Money, now…And also,I want to tell women that I know a woman who is in the Vioxx lawsuits, and it’s been 12 years and she’s still waiting for her money…Are we gonna wait 12-15 years to get paid I’m a 64 year widow and if I’m gonna wait that long, I’ll be Dead by then.Women need to get a judge or a politician or something, and get us our money as soon as possible and be done with it. We are stuck with this thing in our bodies and what about other problems, later on, for the rest of our lives…Yeah! right if you can call this a Life! It’s a Loss of quality of Life…Lifelong problems., some infections spread through the whole body and even can lead to Death…For those incompetent manufacturers. who made these meshes, well, it’s better for them to make money by hurting people than by helping them.Well, us, women also want our money , NOW…so we can enjoy a little bit of our lives that’s left of us.Hoping we don’t have to wait years and years and years like the Vioxx lawsuit…What’s the hold up…they did this to us so pay us…They did the Crime so they should pay the fine.Hopefully,this year or next year. while we’re still Alive…I’m from Ontario Canada and I already have my lawyer fighting for me.So, women, let’s rush and fight this…

  41. Marsha Reply

    I’m so sad, mad to read all the above comments. Yet I finally don’t feel alone. ; ( I’ve been trying to find a doctor for 15 years to listen and believe me. I think I finally found someone to listen and believe me. I never realized, that they believed me, they just didn’t want to deal with the problem. I’ve never had a lot of faith in the medical profession, I certainly do not now! Yet I need there help to fix me. What a dilemma . I so hope there is help for me and all the rest of us!!!

    Yes to the above, that asked if I’m having a hard time getting my medical records. What is the solution? My current Doctor is trying again!

    I live with pain 24/7 and daily Bleeding after a hysterectomy 15 years ago. I have never felt right for 15 years. ; (

  42. Joy Reply

    I have a sling put in, in 6/2001, have had blood in the urine every since, also no long after the surery I was unable to the bathroom because of scare tissue, this was cut, urine is a big spray when I go, not a stream.

  43. Sue Reply

    The law firm I hired from a T V ad has caused me more problems than the mesh, and it’s KILLING ME! DO not hire these national firms, you will be harrassed, screamed at, demanded to travel when you’re too ill. They will take all your $ that you might recover as expenses. It’s happening all over the country. Obamacare? STOP voting for lawyers, they do more harm than good!

  44. Diane Reply

    My sister in Canada filed a lawsuit and the mesh has ruined her life with pain and suffering continually. It has caused her several infections.,

    Has anyone received any settlements for the damage this has caused?

  45. Deb Reply

    Oh my, where to begin! Had mesh surgery 5 1/2 years ago and I will never be the same. The Dr. turned a deaf ear to me after the surgery. I have a high pain tolerance, but this post op pain was excruciating! He said ” if we didn’t do a good job it wouldn’t hurt”, verbatim. I have had pain every day since the surgery……. Can’t get away from it, it is my constant companion. I was told getting a few epidurals could help, so I had four with no relief-I’ve tried to be optimistic, but all these years after surgery have shown me I am stuck with pain. I finally was recommended to a specialist URO/GYN. She did a very thorough vag exam that made me cry, said the mesh was a mess, and it needed to come out. That was two years ago. Again I was hopeful. She said I think I can help you, but I had neuropathy to my legs and feet since the day of the first surgery…. she said “I can’t guarantee any help for the legs/feet”. I was told she couldn’t get all of the mesh out-too imbedded. Minor relief, but this lady Doc helped my spirit-she cared and listened. Three days after the mesh removal I became ill- chills 102 temp, I was in horrible pain from the belly button to my toes-more meds and antibiotics-discouraged!!!! We who’ve had this horrible mesh experience are victims of corporate greed, plain and simple….. Hang in there sisters❤️ P.S. I have chronic pain in my girl parts, and the neuropathy that only seems to be getting worse

  46. Barbara Reply

    In 2013 ..I had a large fibroid tumor .2 doctors..1Was his intern..1st surgery for him.other was our best dr in town.I had no insurance and the tumor erupted in the emergency room.after o came out of surgery.I was cut from my belly button to my groin area..i was checked on and had all staples removed in 2 weeks..told to return in one yr for a check up..for the whole year..I thought the dr left something in me..I had a large protruding lump on my left side..i went to my yearly app.the intern dr immediately started to panic and told me,,HIS WORDS EXACTLY..I DIDNT SEW YOU UP ENOUGH SO NOW YOU HAVE A HERNIATED LUMP..He sent me across to the surgeon..and they immediately scheduled the surgery..i am full of a year have an app to go see why o am swelled up on the same side..I stay feeling nauseous..i am only 53..never smoked..never right..but i never feel good any more..all because 2 doctors used my a guinea pig..the first doctor sewed me up like a Frankenstein..i have a lump of sore flesh hanging on one side..and 2 lumps of flesh on the other side of my awful scar.He said its my bodies fault..for not healing right…how can it heal any different than what its sewed..then he blamed the surgeon.anyways today ..i go see the tired of being in pain…I dont do pills or all makes me sick…i know im having complications from the surgery..I was never sick or even had a broken bone in my life…now all i do is hurt…im only a young woman…i used to make chainsaw woodcarvings and rehab houses..they stopped my life with one surgery..i was never able to do heavy work again…thank you for reading this..i was raised in lying is not an option….

  47. nancy Reply

    Dr. SHLOMO RAZ, at UCLA, urology institute … answer to all our prayers!! He is the only dr. That can remove ALL mesh in 1 surgery. After recovering from poison mesh, he relifts your bladder using YOUR OWN TISSUE!! I just had 2 broken mini arc slings removed! Yes, the 2nd dr. Who did my surgery,Left the 1st broken 1 in. DR. Raz saved me!. I have had ALL these problems you all are talking about, also having to catheter myself. Please call him! It is a few months of a wait to get an apt.

  48. Angela Reply

    I had the mesh implant the SPARC sling put in 6 months ago and I’m having a lot of problems !! My dr intimidates me so I don’t want to go back to him ! But I need help I cant handle this pain anymore !! Does anyone know if this kind of mesh is bad or not I’m just tired and want t o be normal !!

  49. Bobbi Reply

    Had the mesh-sling surgery for incontinence, since then have had a hysterectomy. I think before all this occurred I was in less pain and also didnt have urine run down my legs while walking. Was wondering if it affects your sexual desires, cramping , bleeding sometimes like I am in a cycle of my menstrual period., The bloating is worse than when I was pregnant . Are these factors I should be alarmed about in connection with the mesh? Please email me and allow me to understand if I should take this further.

  50. Lisa Reply

    Had cystoceal/rectoseal in 2008. Was hospitalized for several days very sick. Thought it was another flair up of my pancreas/liver cond I suffer from. A cpl weeks later developed lump on breast. Dr told me to be admitted next day so he could remove lump. Er dr decided to remove it right there and that’s the last i remember. Waking up the next day with dr holding my hand shaking his head and apologizing for the other drs actions and I had mrsa and was lucky I made it. That summer I spent time in n out of hosp and had pic line also. Because of my med history (9back surgeries n the liver and pancreas issues) we assumed thats what it was. Long story short my life has been ruined! I was1 class away from my RN degree,had my own cleaning business and had my lifelong dream. Married, 2 kids and my dreamhouse. I now am seperated, have not had sex since 2008 and dealing with a ton of health problems. Been having every test imaginable to find out why my knees are torn, rotator cuff torn, thumb dislocated from wrist, teeth falling out memory loss, charlie horses,feeling like a bug is crawling by my ear and on my back,severe pain from head to toe. Nauseous, and tiredI can barely do things that are easy. My whole life has become cosumed in a web of crippling pain. Recently have been going through tests to see if I have an autoimmune disease but they are coming back just a little off. I have been involved in this lawsuit case but put it on the back burner til we found out what my problem is. Now that I think about it this could all be coming from the bladder mesh sling i have.Recently dr told me to go to Florida were i have been trying to be since November. Can anyone relate to my symptoms and let me know if anything has been found..

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