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St. Joseph Medical Center Lawsuits in Maryland

Former patients of Dr. Mark Midei who received a coronary artery stent procedure at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland may have important legal rights. According to letters sent by the hospital to hundreds of patients, it appears that some patients received a stent when it may not have been needed. STATUS ST. JOSEPH […]

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Baltimore Eye Surgeon Fined $1.4M For Unnecessary Laser Procedures

A Baltimore eye surgeon has been fined $1.4 million for unnecessary laser eye procedures.

Maryland Jury Finds Cardiologist Implanted Unnecessary Heart Stent

A former Maryland cardiologist and the hospital where he worked were found liable this week for implanting an unnecessary heart stent in a Baltimore businessman.

Maryland Malpractice Lawsuit Underway Over Unnecessary Heart Stents

Trial is underway in Maryland for a lawsuit against Mark Midei involving allegations that unnecessary heart stents were implanted.

Settlement Reached for St. Joseph Heart Stent Lawsuits in Maryland

A group of about 250 former patients of a Maryland cardiologist accused of implanting unnecessary heart stents have reached a settlement agreement with St. Joseph Hospital in Baltimore County, resolving lawsuits that allege they underwent heart surgery that they did not actually need.  

Lawsuits Filed Over Unnecessary Heart Stents, Pacemakers at KY Hospital

Saint Joseph-London Hospital in Kentucky faces a number of lawsuits by nearly 300 patients who allege that they underwent unnecessary heart surgery. 

Maryland Doctor Loses License Over Unnecessary Heart Stents

A Maryland doctor accused of implanting hundreds of medically unnecessary coronary stents has been stripped of his license by a state board, after it was determined he falsified patient records and put them unnecessarily at risk. 

Tennessee Lawsuit Alleges Doctor Implanted Unnecessary Heart Stents

A Tennessee doctor faces allegations that he implanted heart stents into patients where they were not medically necessary, mirroring similar charges raised last year against a Maryland doctor who allegedly implanted hundreds of unnecessary stents. 

PA Doctors Investigated For Implanting Unnecessary Coronary Stents

Two Pennsylvania doctors are under investigation due to suspicions that may have implanted coronary stents in patients who did not need them. 

Maryland Stent Scandal Could Lead to Gift Ban for Doctors

Maryland lawmakers are considering a ban on medical company gifts to doctors in the wake of reports that Abbott Laboratories lavished a Maryland doctor with gifts as he implanted heart stents in hundreds of people who did not need them. 

Maryland Hospital Stent Surgeries Raise Questions of Fraud

St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson, Maryland has attempted to label Dr. Mark Midei as a rogue doctor who placed unnecessary heart stents in hundreds of patients who did not need them. However, a new report released by the U.S. Senate suggests he may not have been acting as independently as previously suggested. 

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